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Weekly Question (#15)

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Weekly Question #15 is about niche blogging:

If you are to start a new blog focusing mainly on a particular topic or niche, what would your niche blogging be all about?

I think I would love to be blogging about photography. It would not be entirely about taking pictures (or the cameras and other technical details), though. It would also be about my subjects (mostly the flora and fauna around us) and how we can try to "save" them, if they are already endangered.

The site will sort of educate others (as well as myself, as I do some researching), about the plight of the animals, well as the plants, that are endemic to our country.

Quite an ambitious plan, I guess, since this would need money (for cameras and field trips) as well as time. LOL. Something which I just don't have the luxury of having these days. :)

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Such Nuisance ...

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The first time we actually got our own telephone we were excited about it since that meant that we can call home whenever we wanted, as well as the idea that we can now be easily contacted by family and friends. Of course, we do have cellular phones, but calling through the mobile is expensive. One thing that excited us was that we can connect to the internet, too! Simple pleasures are so delightful. :)

We didn't think there'd be other people out there who play pranks on the phone, though. Sure, we read something about other people being victimized, but we never really thought that it would happen to us! We had a caller ID on our phone, so it was pretty easy to trace the prankster; and I warned him right away that I know his number! He never called back. LOL.

It's a good thing that there's a site out there where you can find out if a certain number that has been bugging you has been reported, and you can even submit the number, if it's not yet listed there. Just visit AnnoyingCallers and check out the number.Or submit the annoying caller's number yourself. That way, you can also inform other phone users about the numbers that do prank calls, or are just plain nuisance even if you tell them not to bother you anymore.

Humidity ...

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Sooo humid again today ... :(


Wish it would rain ... though not that much. Well, there's sort of a drizzle right now, so am hoping that the temperature will drop down for a bit. Good thing we've been to the wet market earlier today; though we still need to go to the supermarket to buy some other necessities.

Weekend stuffs ... :)

Online Presence

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Lately I have noticed that some bloggers have taken to getting their own domains and I think it's really great. The first thing that they have to consider, though, is finding the web host, and I must say there are lots of them online! The different web hosts offer different packages for your different needs, and of course the cost is different, too.

Some offer multiple domain hosting, and I know some bloggers who have taken advantage of that offer. So far, they have been satisfied with their web hosts and have even recommended them to other bloggers.

I believe that there are a lot of advantages to having your own domain; for one, your site will be unique since you're the only one with that internet address! Definitely a good way to make your presence stand out. Another thing, you can do lots of things with your site, too, provided you have an idea how things work. :)

As for me, since I seem to have less time than before to go online, I believe I'll stick with my current situation.... :)

Nothing interesting ... :)

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aged using photoshop

Shot taken a while back ... used photoshop to achieve this "aged" look. :)

Have been away from the computer for a bit ... no longer have loads of time. Oh well. Of course, will still continue to update every now and then, specially with most of the weekly photo posts. Nothing interesting's been happening lately, though. LOL.

Hope everyone's having a great time!

Weekly Question (#14)

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What are your facial or beauty regimens that you do before you go to sleep?

Nothing complicated, really. All I need is soap and water ... I used to put on this moisturizing cream, but now that it's all used up I have stopped. Might buy another one soon, but am not in a hurry. :)

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One Summer ...

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Shot taken one summer when my family and I went home to visit my parents ... such wonderful memories! Am really so glad the camera was invented! lol. :)

Humid, again ...

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It's humid again ... really quite tiring. Am not so sure if there's another typhoon coming along, but I hope not. Though it would be great getting a bit of rain again. :)

I noticed that there was another butterfly in one of my small calamansi plants again. I wish they'd stop laying their eggs there ... there isn't enough leaves to support a single caterpillar! Anyway, will be checking the plant later on and if I see another caterpillar munching on the leaves, then I have to transfer it to my sister's bigger calamansi tree. Sad thing though, is that birds usually love that tree and stay there most of the time ... I fear for the caterpillars. :(

Get that Look!

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Yup, that's me; I normally don't post my picture anywhere (no idea why; I just am not that comfortable having my picture taken. I'd rather be the one behind the camera! lol), but this post requires that I post my picture since it has to do with how you give other people "the Look" if you want them to notice you. As you can see, I need that Extreme Style by VO5. I need to read some more pointers on how to improve my "look", too! I just hope I'm not a lost cause. ;P

What about you? How about taking this Ultimate Flirting Championship game, huh?! I tried it and I must say I had fun! Took a bit of "know-how" on my part since sometimes I have a hard time understanding how and what to click while playing. Online gaming is not really new for me, but there are just times when my mind seems to go blank! But that's just me; I read some posts saying they, too, had fun and even got to achieve the Victory Hair! So how about it? Want to try the game? So go ahead and check it out! How about posting it on your webpage/blog, too! :)

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Hanging Up ...

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I guess that's what I have been doing, lately. That doesn't mean I hang up when people call (LOL), but more of like trying to stay away from the computer ... trying to do something else aside from getting glued to the computer for hours. I miss doing some of the things I used to do, like taking pictures ...

Am glad to have finally gotten the dslr, but now I don't seem to have the time to use it. :)

Thursday Challenge: FESTIVAL

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.... lanterns.

Weekly Questions (#13)

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Weekly Question #13

If you were to decide what advocacy would you like to campaign for as an advocate or being involved in a foundation, what sector of the society would you like to serve?

Ever since I was young I have always been concerned about the animals around us and how they were being affected by the ignorance of some people who were frightened about them, or simply did not know much about them, much less give them the respect that they need. I guess that means that I want to be able to build a foundation (or work with one) that helps the animals as well as educate the people about them.

It's kind of like finding a snake in our midst, and I must admit that the first thing that would come to my mind would be "it's poisonous and it will bite me!". Of course, if you stumbled upon the snake's area there is a big chance that you might be injured, but most of the time it's not us humans who are their intended prey. So, be cautious, but just let them be.

Animals have a right to be here on earth as much as people do, so let's learn to share and respect one another. :)

Clear face ...

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When my older sister went to college, she never had a single pimple on her face; but somehow after about a few months in the university she developed several huge acne on her face which really made her self-conscious. She had to go to a reliable dermatologist where she got this acne cream that made wonders for her. After about a month of using the product her skin really did clear up, and through continued use, acne never bothered her again! She has stopped using it now, and still her face has remained acne-free. :)

Browsing last night ...

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Sometimes I can't help but look around the internet for something that's good for our health (or well-being); of course, I prefer all-natural products, it it's possible. I read an Orovo review last night, noting that they are said to offer premium products without the exorbitant prices that goes with similar health supplements. I think that's really great, and that's why later today I will be checking them out ... :)

Weekend Snapshot: Pizza

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Too lazy to actually cook (as usual, these days), so we ordered some pizza. Had that together with some chicken and soda. :)


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Rained again today ... wasn't expecting it, really, since the sun was up and about at it's usual time! lol.

Still, am glad it rained ... the plants seemed happier and refreshed. ;P

No specific plans for today ... or any day, for that matter. I wish we'd have something planned, but somehow my "condition" limits a lot of things. Am not sick, or anything. I hope. LOL. Sigh ...

Life. ;P

Credit ...

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Do you own a credit card? I'm sure most of us do, and some of us might even have had incurred a delayed payment or something similar. This is supposedly being recorded by your credit company and I'm sure it won't look good if you apply for something that you have set your heart on, like a car or a house. There's a big chance that your application might be denied. It's a good thing that there is such a thing as Credit Repair.

Bad Credit Repair is a service being offered by wherein they help you with your bad credit. Pretty soon after you avail of their services you'll notice that your loans will be easily approved and you can finally get that "something" that you've always wanted! Of course, it is advisable that you try to be responsible so that you won't need any Credit Repair Services any time soon in the near future. :)

Repair Credit is something that most of us should be aware about; specially if you own a credit card yourself. It could be useful in the future. :)

PhotoHunt: Colorful

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stuffed toys
This Saturday's theme calls for something colorful ... and I guess this collection of stuffed toys are colorful enough. :)

Well, I'd like to think so. :D

Spread the Blog Love Fever!

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Thursday Challenge: Outdoors

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Just couldn't resist taking this shot while we were passing through ... took the shot in a moving vehicle so it had to be one of those "fast ones" for me. lol. :D

I must admit I almost always have one of my cameras with me whenever we travel, and I guess seeing something like that is what drives me to make sure that my cameras are always around. Sometimes I get lazy, though, specially the past few months. Haven't been anywhere really far these days ... hopefully, that will change. Soon. ;P

Games We Play ...

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I don't know about you, but I do get sensitive about what I put on my hair every now and then. I used to be happy with a certain shampoo, but after a few years of using it they seemed to have stopped the production. I definitely had no choice but to find another brand after that. I've found out that there's this Extreme Style by VO5 on the market, and they seem to be making waves! They even have this cute game called Ultimate Flirting Championship which I participated in! It was fun, though my internet connection seems to be going loco every few minutes or so. Want to try it yourself? Then do check out the game below:

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Sad to say, I didn't get the Victory Hair (which means I'm not flirty enough, I guess. lol), but I really did have fun playing! I guess I should bone up on my woman-powers!

What about you? Think you can get the prize? Then do go ahead and play! Hmmm, you might even want to post the widget on your own site, huh?! ;P
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Techno Christmas 2008

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Found this at Deranged Insanity's site ... just thought I'd copy it! Early christmas ... :)

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Am tagging Mousey and Moments of Colors... :)
No rush, ladies ... just post when you can.

Just in Time ...

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Woke up just in time today! Well, I guess it's because I didn't stay up late last night ... no dropping of EC, no blog hopping, or blog postings last night. I must say, it was nice ... and the weather cooperated, too. It was raining every now and then, so it was quite cool. The electric fan was still turned on, of coure. lol. Just can't seem to live without it! :D

Going somewhere ...

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Would it be great if you can just go and take one of the cruises available? I haven't been inside a ship (whether it's big, or small) for quite some time now, and I must say I miss it. I miss the endless sea and the feeling of laziness that goes with it. Somehow just staring at the endless sea (with no island in sight) makes me feel like I can just be free and be lazy. lol.

Just me and my imagination. Again. :)

On shoes ...

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The first known earliest shoes were said to have been found in Oregon, USA in 1938. But since shoes those days were mostly made of leather, there is a possibility that shoes may have been around for longer periods. Am not too sure, but I have a hunch that shoes those days were not really meant for comfort, but used more for it's practicality (like during snow).

It's great to know that shoes have evolved through the years and there are even scientific applications to it's designs so that it won't just do what it's supposed to do, like in today's School Shoes, but also provide comfort as well as be stylish.

Getting shoes for kids is sort of a tricky business, for me. Know why? Because they grow so fast and you have to be aware when you need to buy them new shoes again. When my son was younger I used to buy shoes for him that was one size bigger since I know that after about six months he'd be needing new shoes again. He was so much into running and jumping that I decided finding a good pair of children's trainers for him would be more practical.

I found an online store which offers high quality shoes for kids, which includes some very practical advices for parents when it comes to choosing their kids' shoes; the site,, has been in existence since 1792, and are now located in ten countries. The collection of shoes that they have is impressive and I'm sure that once my son sees the available designs he'd want one for himself!

Who knows ... when he needs a new pair (again) we just might get one from! :)

Wordless Wednesday: Just Another Sunset .. :)

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Healthy Inside and Out

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For most of us ladies, we are concerned about our skin and how we look. This is definitely normal (for me, at least) and we take ways to make sure that we look good not only outside, but also inside. It's a good thing that to look and feel good inside what we mostly need would be a healthy and balanced diet, exercise (can't say I do this religiously), and a healthy perspective when it comes to living and relationships. There are other factors, of course, but for me those are some of the important things to consider. But to look good outside some of us need other "products", like Resurgence.

I have heard about this product through the Resurgence infomercial and it certainly got me interested. I'm not yet in my fifties, but I know I'm slowly getting there. I'm not that overly concerned, but I know that I might be needing Murad Resurgence when I get there! It's a product that could help tighten up your facial skin as well as give you that healthy glow; something which I might be needing when I reach my 50's! :)

Healthy Living

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We all know how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle, right? That's why it's a good idea to be conscious of what we eat and how we deal with stress. I guess that that could more or less equate to work and our lifestyle. During work we deal with lots of stressful situations (unless, of course, if you don't consider work as "work", but time to just relax and goof off!), and sometimes we tend to take it out on doing something that relaxes us, like eating. Or if we're too stressed out to prepare our own lunch or snack, so we just grab the next thing available: burger, fries, and soda. Not really a healthy choice. But you know what you could do? Stock up on those healthy snack bars and you'll be doing yourself lots of favor! :)

Finding the best protein bars around could be tricky for some, because some of them might not be personally appealing. In fact, I even have a friend who really decided to do something with her diet and so one of the things that she decided to do was to cut down on her cravings (like chocolates, cakes, and other sweet stuffs) and try those protein bars. She had sheer will power once she found the best tasting protein par that she could find. She really stuck to her diet and it did wonders not only to her weight but also boosted her confidence. Of course, she did exercises and some meditation, too. Yup, she was that determined!

Having a healthy lifestyle and sticking to it is the ideal thing to do. It could be daunting for some, but it's definitely possible. :)

Late ... well, almost.

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Woke up sort of late today ... past six am! I did set my phone alarm to half past five, but somehow I guess I just turned it off and went back to sleep again. lol. I think I need to change my alarm sound since I (including my son) have gotten so used to it already. Or maybe I should just get up and "go" when the alarm rings, huh?! ;P

Good thing our son wasn't late for the school bus!

Weekly Question (#12)

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If you were an Olympian, what sport would you be participating in?

If I were an Olympian ... well, there are lots of sports that I used to be so interested in, when I was younger. lol. I loved watching gymnastics, ice skating, and even equestrian (due to my love of horses, I guess). I never did get to learn any of those sports that I mentioned (except maybe work with some of the horses at Manila Polo Club while on our clinics subject ~but that was EONS ago!), but still I find them interesting.

I guess I still want to be dealing with horses, so I would definitely choose being an equestrian. :)
Swiss rider Tiziana Realini rides her horse Gamou. (Photo credit: Lo Ping Fai/ Xinhua)

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You've got to watch this, it's so cute! Well, for me, anyway. :)

This video's about a fruit and veggie family living together with the humans, and it's really kind of cute (and funny). They are the sproutwells! If I would be a veggie or a fruit, I guess I'd want to be a pineapple. lol. I guess it's because I like the tough exterior and the tarty/sweetish taste inside, plus it's got lots of vitamin C and phytochemicals! Now, isn't that just awesome? Packed with lots of goodness all in just one fruit! ;)

What about you? What would you want to be if you were a vegetable, or a fruit? :)

Sponsored by Fresh Funds

Never a time to get sick ...

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It rained again today ... I must say, I am glad! Well, I definitely hated the humidity, and it's a good thing the electric fan helped. A lot. Slept almost the whole morning; too tired to do anything else!

Now it's almost night time (already past five in the afternoon, and here in the tropics it gets to be dark after six pm, unlike some areas around the world ... lol) and am still sleepy! I hope I'm not going to be sick, or anything.

Heaven knows it's hard to get sick these days ... too expensive! lol. :D

Stem Cell Technology

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Are you familiar with stem cell research? I'm not that an expert with the issue, but I believe that I have read one or a couple of topics which significantly referred to stem cell researching. Not much, I know, and that's why for me it is an important factor, specially when there's a possibility that it can help save lives.

C'elle is one such product that deals with stem cell technology. With the use of a woman's menstrual blood which has been found to differentiate into other cell types (like the heart muscle, nerves, and bone stem cells), there is a possibility that the cells may be used to treat different diseases. Not only to the donor, but also possibly to her relatives. There are some C'elle Client Testimonial which you can view online, as well as additional information About the Science.
Do you know that you can actually save $200 if you order the product online right now? Yes, they are having a promotional sale, so do go and check them out!
Sponsored by C'elle

This coming weekend

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This coming weekend we might be going to the province... but am not so sure if I'll be able to tag along. Long trips are not my "forte" anymore these days. lol. I really prefer visiting areas closer to home, and the thought of staying in the car for around two hours (or more) is not that tempting for me.

But, let's just wait and see ... :)

Having fun and saving lives

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I have always been a fan of different games, whether it be found on a personal computer, internet, or even in one of the gadgets right now, like the PSP, Wii, or the Playstation. I guess you could say I have a soft spot for games.

Finding the right game is important for me, though, and I must admit sometimes it depends on my mood. lol. But hubby and son love war games (as expected, I guess), so am so sure that they will love the new game that I just downloaded (got the free trial) a few minutes ago: Operation Immortality.

It's about saving planet earth and what we can do to help keep ourselves, as well as our planet, safe and thriving. I added my motto, too (ID# 680) .... not much, but it's great to be able to do something than do nothing at all, right? ;)

Think you can do better than me? Then I suggest you go and check out the game at and see for yourself how you might be able to help save humanity! While you're at it, try downloading the free trial (or if you want, the full game!) and witness how the game can really keep you on your toes! Well, I still am have lots of fun with the free trial that I downloaded ... :)
Sponsored by Operation Immortality

Weekend Snapshot: Reading ...

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Read some books, drank hot choco, slept ... had a pretty lazy weekend. :)

Internet connection ...

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Internet connection seems to be pretty hazy these days ... there are times when page loading is sooo slow (yeah, i guess i could do something else like fold the laundry, while waiting for the page to upload completely!) and then sometimes it seems to go back to it's "usual" speed. Wondering why ... or maybe it's because of our router here at home? I hope nobody has hacked into our wi-fi connection, and that's why we have taken precautions. Still, there are some pretty good geeks out there who can hack into any system, so I won't be surprised. lol. Just irritated. ;P

Thursday Challenge: BLUE

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That's rice laced with rat poison which I found outside the house ... the rats are going to be singing the blues when they taste this one! lol. ;)

(sorry, rats!)

Weekly Question (#10 & #11)

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WQ #10: I once chanced upon this little girl walking in front of the house one late summer day. She was wearing an undershirt and an underwear plus a pair of pink flip flops. I immediately took two photos of her and this was one of them (the other photo she was standing up so I didn’t choose to upload because I thought it was a little indecent for a little girl) :


I want to know your thoughts about this photo. What can you say about this?

I agree, girls (or boys) shouldn't be permitted to go outside their own homes and go roaming around public areas wearing such scanty clothing; even if it's humid and hot. Call me prude, but you are courting trouble if your kid goes out like that. It's just not proper, and there are "people" out there who are capable of doing harm to innocent kids.

Let's protect our kids ... teach them the proper way while they are still young and impressionable. Or else it might be too late.

WQ 11:
Should people heed the call of the Catholic Church to not use artificial means of contraception/reproductive health products and services OR should they go ahead, talk to their doctors and plan for how they want to practice family planning?

I must admit I am biased when it comes to something as personal as family planning. I honestly would rather talk to my doctor. No abortion for me, of course, like taking medicines or herbs that would disrupt the ongoing pregnancy (abortifacients). After all, I believe that it is a blessing if you get pregnant.

However, there is such a thing as being responsible, too. If you can't afford to support more than one kid, then precautions should be done to avoid pregnancy. That's where education is pretty important here. Specially in remote areas (or even in squatter areas located in big cities), where some families have more than three kids (and another one along the way!). Parents/couples should be made to understand the pros and cons of having a big family, specially with our current financial/political situation.

Based on my personal experience, some parents want to have more children because they think that their children will help them (usually financially) as the year passes, and take care of their parents when they become old and frail. I really don't believe in this .... sure, some children do that, but there are those who are known to have left their parents, too.

I believe that it's the other way around: I am responsible for my kid(s) and I want to make sure that they will be well-prepared when I'm old and gone. I won't obligate them to take care of me when I'm old and frail (after all, they didn't ask to be brought to this world!), but of course it would be nice if they do! lol. :D

If you want to know more about Weekly Questions, then do click here.

Advance Happy Anniversary, Annie!

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I enjoy dropping EC and finding different blogs with different topics, and that's how I chanced upon Annie's The Journey. It's going to be her blog's first year anniversary this coming August 24th, and she'll be giving the winner the chance to own their own site! Isn't that neat? It's called ANNIE-THE JOURNEY FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY PROMO and am absolutely all for it!

Want to know more about the contest? Here are some basic info:

Who can join the contest?

  • My fellow bloggers, especially those who never fail to drop by in my blog (& sometimes left a comment).
  • My non-blogger regular readers (especially those aspiring cabin crews) whose are interested of having their own site in world wide web.
  • Anyone who wants to have their own site!

What’s the prize?

There will be two winners in this contest & each winner will have two years registered website, in their chosen domain name (subject for domain name’s availability)- 2 years hosting service & 2 years domain name service.

Details are; HD Space - 1000MB, Transfer - 1000MB, Email - 1, Domain - 1, MySQL - 1, CPanel & Fantastico De Luxe

If you want to know more (and I know that you do!), then I suggest you click on the adorable picture above, which I took from Annie's site. Her daughter's an absolute cutie, and another one's along the way! :)

Kick-Ass Bloggers

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Got an award from Sasha. Thanks so much, sis! Really appreciate it. ;).

Kick Ass Blogger Award

Do you know any bloggers that kick ass?

Maybe they’ve got incredible, original content. Or they’re overflowing with creativity. Is it someone that helps you become a better blogger? Or a bloggy friend you know you can count on? Or maybe it’s someone who simply inspires you to be a better person… or someone else who sends you to the floor, laughing your ass off.

Whatever the reason may be, I’m sure you know at least a couple of bloggers that kick ass. Well… why not tell ‘em so?


  • Choose 5 bloggers that you feel are “Kick Ass Bloggers”
  • Let ‘em know via email, twitter or blog comments that they’ve received an award
  • Share the love and link back to both the person who awarded you and back to
  • Pass it on!

To get the code for the image you can go back to - don’t forget to link up the person who nominated you for the Kick Ass Blogger Club. :)

Am sharing this to the following kick-ass bloggers ... you rock!






Dreaming ...

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Ever since I was young my mother have always encouraged us to try cooking and be interested in cooking. I certainly had no qualms with that, since I love cooking and eating. lol. She herself enrolled in some cooking classes just so she'd know firsthand how the proper techniques are executed, but she never was that strict with us. In fact, she wanted us to just be ourself while in the kitchen. That certainly got me looking at cook books and different kitchen wares, including those enclume pot racks which I see in televisions and other cooking magazines. I've always wanted to have one of those enclume potracks for my mom's kitchen! It looks so homey and stylish at the same time. Good way to dry off those pans, too!

Now that I have my own house, my love for those enclume pot rack is something that's still around. I don't have that much pots around, but it sure looks like a convenient way to store them!

Dreaming ..... :)

Audrey Hepburn (singing Moon River)

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Was already in bed last night when I remembered the song "Moon River". Just had to find it in YouTube, and I was looking for the one being sung by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. I am such a fan of hers; she's so elegant even if she features herself as a "night lady" in this movie.

Definitely one of those "feel-good movies", for me. :)

Expert Advice

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If you're like lots of individuals out there (like me), then at least maybe once in your life you have thought of ways regarding how to lose weight. It's not a bad idea, specially if it's obvious that you really need to let go of some of the weight; for some it could be easy, but for others it is quite hard. Lifestyle adjustments are needed, as well as the diet and how we look at food.

We need to be more informed about how to proceed when starting to lose weight, and having expert advice is really one of the best ways to go.

Eye Protection

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Time sure do seems to fly fast. Why, it seems like it was just a few weeks ago that we were still enjoying summer and see lots of people wearing sunglasses almost anywhere. Now it's the rainy season once again, but that doesn't mean that you won't be using your sunglasses around here anymore. We are living in the tropics, so expect the sun to just lazily get away from the clouds ever now and then.

My cousin who lives abroad has been telling me that she enjoys online shopping in Australia since there are lots of sites available for her; and she once asked me if I'd want a pair of Oakley sunglasses. Am not such a big fan of sunglasses (I wear eyeglasses all the time, lol), but I told her to surf anyway and tell me how much it would cost. I won't be using it myself, but just might be giving it as a gift/reward for someone I know.

I still have to wait for her response but am not in a hurry. In fact, there's a typhoon here in our country right now so that specific eye protection won't be of much use today. :)
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