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I'm A Newbie ...

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Being a newbie when it comes to online casinos and gambling, it's really great if I find a site that explains things legibly for me. I am interested about online gambling, admittedly, but I know that I have to do research and read up about those sites which offer the best when it comes to getting that online gambling experience. I know that Rushmore Casino comes highly recommended on several sites, and that's because it's one of the best designed casino websites!

My online friend told me more than once that if I want to play in one of the online casinos, I should do some research since if I don't, then I am sure to lose money! I heartily agree with him, specially after checking out! I really never knew that you need strategies in order to win some games! The site is also owned and managed by an online player; and that's great since that means that all his reviews will be based on his experience on that particular online gambling site!

My friend cautioned me about betting online without thinking it over, and since I am definitely a newbie at this, I know I need to do some more reading! Fast ... :)

ABBA (Happy New Year)

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an oldie this time ... lol.

Happy New Year!

well, almost new year's eve here right now ... :)

Learning More ...

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Do you want to know where you might be able to find the Best Online Casinos? I didn't at first, too, until an online friend who is "sort of" an online casino fan told me: I can find some of the best online casinos over at!

I first learned about these online casinos a while back, when I noticed all these advertisements about them. This is big business, and something which shouldn't really be taken lightly, my online friend told me. That's why he suggested I do some research and visit some sites which offers tips and reviews about some of the best online casinos these days. I found out that does just that: offers some of the best reviews regarding which online casinos are the best, including some poker rooms and tips! Interesting site, really.

My friend mentioned that he likes playing poker also, but before he actually went online to bet, he had to do tons of research. He, like me, doesn't like parting with his hard-earned money easily, but if he manages to save a bit just for his online casino games, he tries to make decisions based on strategies he has learned. I never knew that online gambling also requires strategies!

That just shows how much I need to read up more about online gambling, huh?! ;)

Heeding a Friend's Advice

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Learning more about Online Casinos is pretty interesting. For me, at least. I've got this online friend who told me (more than once!) that he enjoys playing at these online casinos whenever he has the time and budget available. It's a good thing he knows when he needs to stop, since he said that he knows his limitations. It's just something that he does occasionally, though, to quench his gambling spirit every once in a while.

When I asked him about it, he said that I must not just bet my hard-earned money everywhere. I should research some more and read some reviews which I can easily find in gambling/online casino review sites, like at It's interesting, since this site can also help you with some tips like strategies. I never knew strategies are needed! That just shows how much I really know about these online gambling sites, huh?! LOL.

I know it will take some more time for me to really incorporate all the information I need to be able to make informed decisions when it comes to online gambling, but I'm not in a hurry. After all, if my online friend who likes playing at these gambling sites thinks that this is serious enough to warrant research, then I believe him! :)

Josh Groban

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It's almost New Year's Eve here right now ... and as I was about to log off, i saw this youtube presentation about Josh Groban (one of my fave artists!).

So cool!

A very Josh Groban-filled 2007 year it was! :)

Researching More ...

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I have always known that there are slot machines in casinos for those who love playing them, but have never known that Online Slots are available these days, too! I was really amazed when I checked out since they are one of those sites who offer online slot machines where you can play to your hearts content! Of course, it isn't for free; it is a gambling activity, after all.
An online friend who enjoys playing these online gambling sites have mentioned that if I want to engage in online games which deals with money, I have to do some research first. I believe that that was a very sound advice, and so I have done just that: do some researching myself. That's how I found out about!

They not only offer the best online slot machines, but also ten online casinos which they have reviewed and found to be one of the very best online. Interesting, huh?! Of course, just because I am researching about online casinos doesn't mean that I will be playing in one, soon. It's just important for me that I know the pros and cons of these online gambling sites.

I'm sure most of you will agree with that! :)

On Researching About Casinos ...

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I have always been interested about those Casino sites which you can see online these days. Unfortunately, I am not that knowledgeable when it comes to these things. I guess that's why it's important that I do some research, or read some reviews, first.

A friend told me that is one such site where you can read reviews and do some research when it comes to online casinos. What's interesting about that particular site is that the creators (of the site) are also online players! They also say that they have played at all of the online casinos listed there before making their reviews! Now, that's something that I believe is really great since they can vouch for their listed sites themselves!

Before plunging into something that could be costly (like gambling), it is important to learn more. I know a lot of internet surfers would agree with me on that one! That's why I am on the lookout for research/review sites regarding casinos. That doesn't mean that tomorrow I will start betting, though. I am cautious when it comes to parting with my hard-earned money, that's why I know I need to do some more research; and that includes asking some online friends who are online casino players! :)

Weekend Snapshot: Church

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Attended Holy Mass yesterday ... after the Mass, I decided to take a picture of their Nativity decor, and some people flocking towards a statue.

Happy New Year! :)

PhotoHunt: Messy

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The theme for today is MeSsY.

Everytime we pass by this street I can't help but notice the cluttered (and MESSY!) wires and all those other hazards, but i know I shouldn't condone them because of that.

I know they have their reasons why they ended up living there. Am hoping and praying that one of these days this area will improve. :)

Good Service

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There are lots of sites in the internet right now, and while some of them are there just for making a profit, some sites are there to help others. is one such site that's really worth a visit (or visits!) since they aim to help kids and teens. With their donate car program, your tax-exempt donation can help them help other kids and teens out there! Just check out the video below; something which they made to help further their services to those kids and teens out there who do really need it.

Friday's Feast

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Friday's Feast

Name 2 things you would like to accomplish in 2008.

Buy the dslr that I really like (for now, lol) and start a healthier lifestyle!

With which cartoon character do you share personality traits?

hahaha ... maybe Gwen Tennyson in the cartoon Ben 10. ;P

What time of day (or night) were you born?

not too sure, but I think it was just barely past midnight ...

Main Course
Tell us something special about your hometown.

it's a coastal area with lots of fresh fish and sea produce ... i miss the place.

If you could receive a letter from anyone in the world, who would you want to get one from?

too many to mention, but I guess right now a letter from a former classmate would be nice ... :)

I know ...

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I don't know much about cars, but hubby certainly does! He isn't into it so much, thought, but I know he'd be interested in a site which sells those Chrysler 300 accessory and similar stuffs.

I know he'll find them interesting since everytime we visit the mall, he always drops by this auto shop and looks around for something to put into his car. Nope, he doesn't buy them outright, but if he knows he needs it, he'll buy it; no matter the cost.

Is that a typical man thing? :)

I know some women would do the same thing, too. Not with their cars, maybe, but when it comes to looking good and feeling good! :)

Finding a Place

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Hubby and I have been thinking of getting ourselves a house of our own here in the city. We are currently staying in a house provided by my parents, and we are really greatly about that. But I think it would be great if we find a place which we can really call as our own, don't you think so?

So we have been looking for a good real estate deal which is within our budget. There are many out there, but since we feel that this is really one of those major decisions to consider, we have been taking our time.

Hopefully, one of these days our dream will come true. :)

Weekend Snapshot: Moon

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My WS post isn't really Christmassy today ...
took this shot this weekend, since I think the moon looked so clear and full. Haven't had the chance to go around at night much and see the Christmas decors, though ... maybe next time. :)

Merry Christmas!

My Kind of Furnitures

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When it comes to furnitures, I must admit I like the idea of combining both the traditional and contemporary furniture designs together. I like those heavy woods and light/metallic materials to blend in together into a relaxing set-up.

I know that that might result in mismatched furnitures, but I guess if you know how to choose them, it will look real good. It might take some time, but I know that it will be worth it; and I would have created a look and feel that is truly my own! :)

One of my fave brands ...

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You know, I would love to get myself a Samsonite backpack! The first time I saw them (the brand) was when my parents got themselves a luggage set. I really liked the quality as well as the color and design that I told myself that I'd get one someday, too!

I forgot all about that until we went to the mall this weekend ... I just love their designs, and the quality is awesome! Too bad they are a bit expensive, though, but I guess that that's what makes them so worth it!

One of these days ... :)

Tea Leaves again

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another shot from my musings a while back ... :)

Finding a Home

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For anybody with a family, it is really one of our dreams to have a home of our own. Not a rented apartment, or staying with your parents, but a place which you and your own family can call as truly your own. Stepping towards that direction can be a drastic change as well as a really big decision; it's not something that you should take lightly.

It's great, though, that if you're looking for Real Estate for Sale, and in specific places like a Los Angeles Real Estate, you can find it at the You can even search for Los Angeles Apartments and most probably you'd find the one that suits you! They have such an extensive list of homes and apartments not only locally, but also internationally.

So, if you and your family plan to move to another place, or is just simply looking for a place of your own, then do check out and see for yourself the different options that you have in choosing which place suits you and your family best.

Tea Leaves

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took this shot when i was on "leave". :)

was drinking my tea (Celestial Seasonings Decaf Mint Green Tea) and doing nothing when I suddenly wanted to find out what I was drinking! lol ... yeah, kind of drastic, but I think interesting.

Might be doing the same thing to some of my future tea drinks here at home ... maybe. :)


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Sunglasses are being used everywhere by almost anybody! I don't have one, though (yes, I don't), because I have my own eyeglasses. I did own a fine pair before, though, when I still wore contact lenses, but I gave them to my sister. She needed it more than I did, after I got my eyeglasses. But do you know that you can make big bucks selling sunglasses?

If you want to know where you may be able to get good quality Wholesale Sunglasses, then check out! They offer good quality sunglasses which are patterned after those designer ones, so I'm so sure you will have lots of customers that will be interested! Being affordable, people won't hesitate to pick at least a pair from your lot, and that's great since that way you will be earning more! Cool, huh?

So what are you waiting for? Let's not waste time, let's go check them out! :)

Richard Bach

Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you're alive, it isn't.
Richard Bach

Now how about that ... i guess it means something. Somehow I don't believe in that a hundred percent. hahaha.

How come we read sometimes about those souls who seem to be earthbound even after a couple or so of years? i mean, they're dead already, aren't they? so am not so sure why they can't seem to "move on"... maybe they still have unfinished business. ;)

Maybe. or maybe i have just been watching too many "Supernaturals" episodes. LOL

Interesting Diet ...

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I'm sure most, if not all, of us are familiar with different diet programs that offer to help us look good and feel good! However, since there are countless programs floating around for us to choose, it is important that we know specifically what we want.

First, it is a known fact: we have to be more consciouse of what we eat, and the book illustrated below can help.

Yes, it is another weight loss program, but something which you might find interesting. Well, I find it interesting, since it talks more about food and explains to you how the different food you take in can actually attract either health or disease!

I think that's really great, and if you're like me who want to know more, then go and check them out, too!

He He He ... :D

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looks like my page rank went zero! oh well, guess there's nothing more I can do about that. that's life, huh? one time you're up there, and the next you're down there (really down!). hahaha. honestly, it was fun while it lasted.

definitely no regrets about me monetizing my blog. it has helped me achieve something which i thought wasn't really possible...

ahhhh .... that's life! :)

Choosing A Web Host

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These days most people want to have their own websites (and that includes me, too!), a place where they can do whatever they want, on the internet. If you get your own site you can have more flexibility and lots of choices, compared to getting one for free.

Sometimes, though, it is quite a chore to be choosing which web host you need. It's a good thing that there's this site,, which can help. It is a good site for those who are still new with web hosting, and they explained there the basics; something which is really important for newbies like me! But they haven't explained only the basics, they have some answers for those who want to know more, too.

So, want to know more about web hosting and which web host might work for you? Then go and visit! :)

Almost there ...

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Was gone for around a week ... our desktop computer conked out and I just couldn't go online. On top of that ... my son got sick! Well, I guess our computer was really meant to "rest", so that I will have all the time to take care of my son. :)

Hubby and I decided on buying a new desktop cpu. Yup, still a desktop. We just recently bought this widescreen lcd monitor (samsung syncmaster 225BW), and so ... would be a shame buying a laptop and what would we do with the monitor? LOL

So I guess my laptop will have to wait. lol.

Now I'm busy trying to download all my former programs ... still a long way to go. But we're loving the new cpu ... :)

Just a Thought ...

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These days it is quite common to be seeing people who are a bit larger than the people, say, fifty years ago. I guess it's mostly because of our diet, and our lifesyle. The rich food and having all those fancy gadgets easily available for those who have the means is one of the reason, too. Not that I don't like it. In fact, I am loving all the different gadgets that one can see these days! I don't buy them all, of course. My budget is terribly limited. ;P

My sister had this former college classmate who was really not that comfortable shopping in the local malls because of her size, and so she buys her clothes, including those plus size lingerie, through the internet. She eventually managed to lessen her weight, though.

I just hope that I will be more consciouse of my intakes, but I have to admit, sometimes it is hard. For me, anyway. lol.

Saint Augustine

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What then is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know.
Saint Augustine

that's really true ... lol. :D

Eating Less...

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This time of the year is one of my favorites, and do you know why? Yup, you've guessed it: because of the food! Unfortunately, though, that means additional weights along the tummy area, too. I guess that means that more people will be hitting their gyms and use those equipments, like those treadmills.

As for me, I have never really been a gym fan, but I am hoping that I will be able to refuse some of those delicious food on our table! ;)

Life Situation ...

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People sometimes can't control themselves and get into situations that isn't really favorable; not good for themselves, or for their family and friends. Actually, not really favorable for everybody, including the society. Nobody wants to be a burden to anyone, but if you have an addiction problem, it actually is everyone's problem. Everybody is affected.

It's a good thing that drug rehab centers are now actually taking steps to implement innovative procedures to help their clients. Different centers are known to offer different procedures and ways, and the problem now is finding one that suits each individual.

Personally, I'm glad about the latest developments, and hope that with each new innovation, more and more indivduals will be free of their addictions.

Safe Driving

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Hubby is constanly on the move, and due to the nature of his job, his phone is almost always ringing. Most of the time he is driving, too, so I have suggested that he get himself a Bluetooth headset for his phone.

He uses his phone's handfree feature while driving, though, but I have noticed that most of his callers are having a bit of a problem hearing him. I guess it's because of all those background noises inside the car, like the radio/engine, or people chatting.

This weekend we'll be going to the mall, and hopefully, we will find a bluetooth headset there that will fit our budget! :)

Thursday Challenge: Body

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Today's Thursday Challenge theme is BODY.
Actually, it was the scars on this man's body that got my attention ... wonder how he got those! Didn't have the courage to ask. lol.


Keeping Connected ...

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Staying online, we see sites who offer free chat for those who wants to stay connected in this huge world wide web. I must admit, utilizing those chat lines is a great way to meet other internet surfers; and some sites even offer phone chat features. Isn't that neat?

I personally haven't tried one of those sites, yet. Maybe it's because I get kind of busy when I go online. Maybe when I have the time, I will. :)

Leo Rosten

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A writer writes not because he is educated but because he is driven by the need to communicate. Behind the need to communicate is the need to share. Behind the need to share is the need to be understood.
Leo Rosten

Exactly! Everytime we write something, it's because we want to communicate to somebody else (and whoever is watching/listening/reading!) what our thoughts are; the need to be understood. Sometimes we get misunderstood, though, but that's one of the risks of writing; since everybody is entitled to their own opinions and ideas.

I still like writing, though. Not that I get any awards or anything. LOL.
I just like wrting. :)

.... and taking pictures, of course! ;P

Wordless Wednesday: Crocs {Smile!}

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wordless wednesday

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Vacation Time!

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It's another vacation time again ... and one of my favorites, too! In some places (temperate countries) Christmas is pretty cold, with lots of snow and everything seems so white. I know I'd love to experience that one of these days! But in other parts of the world (specially in tropical areas) it is quite warm with the sun watching every activity that you make! I know that sounds tempting for those who live in snow covered places.

You can visit some resorts where you can get that warmth that you need for this chilly season; but do you know where you can not only get the full sunshine and the warmth, but also the third day absolutely free? Where else but at Amelia Island!

Amelia Island's Lodging Special holiday treat is already ongoing, and it ends on the 29th of February 2008. Imagine yourself lounging on your beach chair, listening to the sound of the waves and getting all droopy-eyed because of the sun's warmth! Of course, your favorite music is playing on the background, too! That sounds like bliss to me!

So what are you waiting for? Try and check them out; and get to experience that warm, sunny Christmas vacation yourself! :)

Jane Austen

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To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment.
Jane Austen

Honestly, I had to look up what "verdure" meant ... lol. Found out that it means "green foliage"! Really interesting to be finding something new today. But I have to agree with Jane Austen (one of my fave authors) about that quote. Staring at something green sort of calms my nerves, too. I guess it does for most people. :)

Getting Around ...

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For some people, getting around their house could already be a chore, specially if something is wrong with them physically, or if the are already getting on with age. Imagine going up and down the stairs in weak knees or a broken thigh bone, or on just operated-on hip bones! Just because they find it difficult going around the house doesn't mean that they have to stay in one place only! On the contrary, they need the exercise; going around and having the ability to do something for one's self is good for the psyche, too! It's a good thing that something like starlifts are being sold online!

Stairlifts can really help people who find it difficult navigating their houses. So sites like is a blessing for those who find it difficult to move around their house, but want to be able to gain control once more. The company wants to ensure that what they will be offering the best possible stairlift for your needs, and so they appreciate any details that you will be able to give them regarding your request. I think that's really great since you will get the best value for your money.

So for those out there who has difficulty moving about the house (or you have a family member who's in more or less the same predicament), then do check out; you'll be glad that you did! :)

Internet Find ...

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Sometimes when we go online we feel so alone amongst all these strangers; like being physically alone in a crowd. Which is more or less true, anyway. I mean, there are possibly millions of people going online right now, but unless I make contact with any one of them, I am basically on my own.

I guess that's why chat lines are quite popular. I didn't know that teen chat sites existed, though; and that it also features free chat. Really interesting! :)

Art ... is Father and Son

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Wow .... this is amazing! Love what they were doing here!
The son kept fidgeting for a while, like he wasn't used to the piano seat. lol.

Love it ... had me tapping my toes together with the beat!
Cool ...

I really admire people who can perform something like this, and make it look like they were just having "a bit of fun"! :)

Lesser Price and Better Rate

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Personally, getting insurance for whatever it is that you hold dear is great (and important) since you know that there is always something/someone that can help you when you need it. I mean, like if something happened to our car, and we needed to have it fixed right away, then the insurance company can help take care of it. If ever I need to get additional money from my pocket it would definitely be lesser compared to not getting an insurance.

It's a good thing that nowadays it is easier to get quotes on whatever type of insurance you might be interested in; it could be car insurance, house insurance, or life insurance. Know where you might be able to get an offer with a lesser price and with a better rate? Check out!

Weekend Snapshot: Toy Soldier

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Passed by this building yesterday with one of it's cute (actually they were large; much taller than me! lol) toy soldier Christmas decorations. Was in the car and the first shot came out blurry; we went past the building again and hubby slowed down so that I can take a "proper" shot. ;P

I really like those buildings/establishments who take the time to decorate their place. Me, I must admit I am too lazy. Am not done with my Christmas decorations yet!

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An Online Dating Site ...

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We all love having company. Well, I do. That's why I love it when friends come over for a chat, or we meet somewhere and do something fun together. Usually it's the latter. :)

Doing something fun can be as simple as finding shopping bargains together, watching a movie, or just having tea/coffee together. We try to catch up on each other's happenings, and escapades. Well, not so much the escapades these days ... we are trying to be good girls now. ;P

Going online is more or less the same thing, too: we love hooking up with someone which we find interesting. Sometimes, though, we feel all alone, so there are sites that can help you dispel the loneliness. is one such site that you should check out! It's actually an online dating site for those who love meeting people online. It's a free site, so you don't need to pay just to meet someone! Finding someone with the personality/looks that you like is easy, too. All you have to do is search by location, interests, looks, and more! Another great thing about that site is that you can send instant messages, too! Really neat ... :)

So if you feel like you want to meet others online, then do visit FlirtVibes .com! You'll definitely meet other same-minded persons there, and who knows? You might meet there the "perfect one" that you've been looking for! :)

Dale Carnegie

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Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.
Dale Carnegie

I think that's really nice ... I mean, usually if we fail, we get discouraged. Well, I don't know about you, but I do feel discouraged. But it's quotes like this that really helps me to get going until I get (or surpass) what it is that I set out to do.

I guess everybody fails one time or another, but not everyone gets the courage to get up again and again ... and again. :)

All Inclusive Resort Offer!

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Wouldn't it be great if you can go somewhere warm this chilly Christmas season? Of course, not everybody would appreciate the thought, but some would, specially if it's an all inclusive jamaica package! I would definitely be interested! If we are of the same mind regarding that all inclusive jamaica package offer, then check out!

They certainly offer one of the best deals when it comes to holiday vacations, including offers regarding all inclusive resorts not only in Jamaica, but in the Caribbean! Neat, huh?! Just imagine yourself lounging in one of the beach chairs, getting a tan while waiting for your drink, and listening to reggae music on the background ... I think that's so cool!

I know a friend who has been dying to go to Jamaica and I will certainly tell her about this; she will definitely be interested!

What about you? Interested, too? Then hop on over to and check them out! It's definiltely one site that you shouldn't miss! :)

Finding Insurance Online

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Nowadays it is important that we secure our family and our way of life. Of course, it has been important before, but now that there are a million things that could happen to any one of us, I think it is a good idea to be thinking about family insurance. I have definitely been thinking about it lately, and am interested about insurance which can give us insurance quotes online.

Searching for a good insurance company online that can meet your needs as well as give you insurance plans pros and cons can be quite tiring. There are lots out there. But if a friend can suggest a couple or so (which is of course reputable), then I think that's really great!

I was informed by a friend about, and I will be visiting their site soon. I hope that they meet my needs (as well as my budget!). :)

On Honeymoons and Weddings ...

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Not all of my friends are married, and I know some who are thinking of taking the "leap" in the near future. Getting married and committing yourself to just one person (in my culture, anyway) can be quite daunting for some, and really scary, if you're not used to the idea of staying exclusive for one person only. But for those who knows what marriage is all about, I know they can hardly wait till the day arrives! :)
For those who would love to have a really perfect and romantic wedding, check out! You'll love their destination weddings as well as their all inclusive honeymoons which are packaged just right for those who want to experience something different during this very important part of their lives. And do you know that they can take care of your passports for you, too? Now isn't that really wonderful! Wedding preparations really takes time to prepare, if you want things to be perfect; and certainly thinking of something like a passport can add to that load! So this offer by is really neat!

If you want to know more, then do visit, or you can contact them at the number below:

PhotoHunt: Long

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This is the North Luzon Exressway ... it's basically a long highway leading to the provinces (or towards the city; depends on which way you're going). :)

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Two Words

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Found this sometime ago ... what do you see/read?

The first word that I read was GOOD ...
had to look harder for the second word. lol.

Can you see both words? :)

Getting Fit (a thought)

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These past few months I have been thinking of buying an exercise equipment, but no idea which one. I want something that is manageable and easy to store. I don't want the huge ones (and they costs a lot, too!), since it might just clutter our small apartment.

Hubby has been encouraging me to get a membership in one of the gyms near our place, but I don't know why, I keep putting it off.

Maybe I will, after I get to buy an exercise equipment. :)

Just Reminiscing

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When I was in high school, we were taught about electronics in one of our subjects. I must admit, I enjoyed it so much; I believe I knew what HDMI switches were all about. Now I only have a vague idea about the terminologies, but those days I really had fun memorizing those terms and dabbling with our projects.

Most of my girl classmates didn't enjoy the subject, though. I guess they preferred cooking and those housekeeping stuffs. Typical, huh?! ;P

My Brother ...

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My brother took a Business Management course, so I'm pretty sure he knows what good business performance management practices are needed so that your business will remain long in the industry.

He doesn't have his own business now, though, since he decided to pursue another career in law. So right now he's taking up Law subjects at a local university.

He seems to be enjoying it so much; so that his wife, too, is taking the same course! :)

House Lights Christmas Eve Sarajevo-Trans Siberian Orchestra

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I just had to post this ... another house with Christmas Lights "dancing" to a christmas song.

I wonder how they do this; it's really pretty neat! I bet doing this took a lot of work; not just with the computer (I am guessing here, lol), but also with the wires involved to create all those lights in the house.

Fun, and cool! :)

Quality Furnitures Online

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Since we've experienced moving for around three times now, sometimes we can't help it if our furniture from a previous house is different from the ones that we have now. But we really don't mind, since we are already comfortable with the ones that we have; mismatched, but comfortable. :)

One thing that I really am kind of particular about, though, is the bed. I am not that comfortable with some beds that are too soft! Weird, huh?!

I know there are some great furnitures online, and one site is definitely! I just love their living room furniture designs as well as some of their sofa sectionals. My current living room is small, though, so maybe if we transfer to another house (again! lol) some of their designs might just fit!

Looking for quality furnitures online? Then visit! :)

Lord Acton

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Learn as much by writing as by reading.
Lord Acton

Writing is really different ... it's a way to express one's self. Expressing yourself in such a way that your message gets across and received properly. And understood properly, too. Sometimes when we write (or say, for that matter) something it can get muddled in the translations.

Reading is different because it's like you're just a spectator. All you can do is just watch and take it all in.

Giving and receiving. :)

Finding Furnitures Online

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Christmas Day is fast approaching, and my former classmate who's living abroad is still not done with her living room and bedroom! So far, she has already bought her own sofa, but still needs some more furnitures.

I know where she can get good quality furniture for her house, and that's at! I like their furniture designs as well as their offers in shipping time, damage rate, and delivery! Their site is easy to browse through, too ... and finding that one furniture that you're looking for is so easy because of the categories.

I have to admit, finding a great bed trundle design can be a bit tricky for me, but I love the idea of a "storage" bed to increase space in the bedroom. A bed should be comfortable as well as practical, and I have certainly found some good ones over at!

The next time my former classmate chats with me, I'll inform her about this site ... I'm so sure she'll love it, too! :)

Christmas Dancing Lights

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I know I've seen this before, but found this just recently at YouTube. It's really neat the way the lights do seem to "dance" to the beat. Of course, could be computer manipulated, but still, it's quite cool the way this video came out!

Awesome! :)

Now I wonder if anyone here in our neighborhood can duplicate something like that!

Thursday Challenge: Red

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I like my son's small red dice ... it's cute! lol ...
The dice is on top of an abaca fan, which is quite common here (the fan, I mean). :)

My "red" Thursday Challenge post ... :)
No prizes or anything ... all just for learning and fun!

Other participants can be found here.
You, too, can join. :)

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Amazing Blogger Award

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I got this award from Teacher Julie ... thank you so much! :)

So sorry for the late "response" ... but I want you to know that
I really appreciate the gesture! :)

Document Scanning Service Online

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These days if you want to have a business of your own it is important not only that you are knowledgeable of your craft, but also when it comes to paper works. All those filing and paper storage could take up a significant space in your office after a couple of weeks. Honestly, aside from looking so unprofessional, it could look messy, too. But in this high technology age of ours, we can eliminate those messy and space consuming filing cabinets; just try a Document Scanning Service!

Document Scanning Service is the answer to those messy papers and filing cabinets that take up precious space. Getting a hard drive that costs $100 is far cheaper than buying lots of filing cabinets for your paper storage! One hard drive which can store 2.7 million documents is definitely cheaper than 68 4-drawer filing cabinets!

Once your documents are scanned and transferred into electronic copies, you will have more space around your office (lessens the clutter, too!). Of course, retrieval of the documents will also be faster since once it's scanned it gets filed, too. No need for additional file clerks which will only be additional cost for the company; all you need now will be fewer people which gets the job done faster!

So save yourself the trouble and additional expenses: try a document scanning service now!

Plan on Selling your House?

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Sometimes there will come a time when you need to decide on something and it requires a major change, like selling your house. There could be a million of reasons why you need to sell your house, and if you had it since day one, then selling it would be hard. But still, decisions have to be made, and if it is necessary to sell your house, then it's important that you know who can help you sell your house. Try, they can help!

If you want to sell a house fast, then they are the people to go to; all you have to do is visit their website and fill out the necessary form so that pretty soon one of their professional home investors will get in touch with you.

Yes, it is now possible to sell your house yourself. No need for costly real estate agents, or listings to sell for later. You won't get stressed waiting, too.

So why stress yourself waiting for someone to buy your house? Try, and save yourself the trouble and additional expenses! :)

William James

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To change ones life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly.
William James

That's real nice ...

Though I wouldn't be real flamboyant about it. lol.

Really ... live life like it's your last. Don't dwell too much on the anger and what you haven't got ... think more of the good things. :)

Don't think too much of the problems .. it'll right itself, eventually. :)

Goji Berries Online

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I have heard of Goji Berries before, but haven't really thought about them much. Lately, though, I have been thinking of changing my lifestyle a bit (more exercise, and eating healthier) for the better. When I came upon what Goji Berry Juice and other Goji Products can do for one's health, I was definitely interested!
Did you know that goji berries have the highest amount of antioxidants in any food source on earth? And if you touch them by hand they lose some of their healthful benefits? Really interesting information, and I read that at, one site which sells dried goji berries and their products.

Their goji berries are grown in fertile and pollution-free valleys of the Tibetan and Mongolian Himalayas, ensuring that you will get the full benefits offered by the fruit. You can buy wholesale and retail over at their site, too.

As for me, I am definitely interested, and will be researching more about this amazing fruit. Finding something as amazing as this deserves to be taken seriously, specially since it may benefit all of us! :)

Choosing Christmas Lights ...

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We still haven't had our christmas lights out, but we will finish all the decorations by this weekend. Out neighbors have got their led christmas lights all set-up, though. It does shine so prettily at night, whenever we pass by their house.

One thing that's keeping us from putting our christmas lights out, though, is because we need more of them. It worked fine at our previous apartment, but since this house have more windows, we though that maybe we need more lights.
I learned that have lots of choices when it comes to christmas light decors, and so I checked them out! I was in for a big surprise: I didn't know there were that many choices! lol ...

I still haven't decided which one to get, since I want this to be a family decision. I am still waiting for hubby and my son to get home. I will be asking them later which one that they like ... and hopefully have things done by this weekend!

I know my sisters will be putting up their Christmas decorations this weekend, too, so hopefully we will both have our decorations up together! This is certainly one ritual that we love doing together with our families; probably one of the reasons why families love this time of the year! :)
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