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Yup, that's me; I normally don't post my picture anywhere (no idea why; I just am not that comfortable having my picture taken. I'd rather be the one behind the camera! lol), but this post requires that I post my picture since it has to do with how you give other people "the Look" if you want them to notice you. As you can see, I need that Extreme Style by VO5. I need to read some more pointers on how to improve my "look", too! I just hope I'm not a lost cause. ;P

What about you? How about taking this Ultimate Flirting Championship game, huh?! I tried it and I must say I had fun! Took a bit of "know-how" on my part since sometimes I have a hard time understanding how and what to click while playing. Online gaming is not really new for me, but there are just times when my mind seems to go blank! But that's just me; I read some posts saying they, too, had fun and even got to achieve the Victory Hair! So how about it? Want to try the game? So go ahead and check it out! How about posting it on your webpage/blog, too! :)

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1 shared thoughts:

Anonymous at: Sun Aug 24, 09:30:00 AM GMT+8 said...

hi sis, yeah it's the very first time na makita kita. You look great!!! ikaw ha,shy ka lang siguro. Ganyan din ako dati hindi nagpopost ng picture...kaso nag-eeb eb na ayun. lol!
Nice to see you sis mai *wink*

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