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Thursday Challenge: Sky

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Shot taken a while back while I was at my sister's house, just doing nothing. The sunset was kind of dramatic that day, and I just had to take a shot. :)

Help from a Third Party

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If you intend to go into business yourself, it is important that you not only know about your inventory, but that you must also have a safe place for your products. Some companies prefer a third party fulfillment service for their needs since this will give them more time to tackle other company issues, rather than think of product fulfillment, or even order fulfillment. Some fulfillment services, like, can help you with your inventory, including warehousing. You can be assured that they will help you stay within your budget as well as make sure that your products stay safe and secure.

If you can afford to hire something similar for your company, then I think it's a good idea to look into it. I mean, think of all the time saved (as well as the space needed), made by the company. There will then be more time to find additional clients, or even time to think of other marketing ventures/ideas so that the company will continue to grow. :)

Keeping Occupied ...

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I have getting my share of rest for the past couple of days, but I must admit it's really not enough. I still feel sleepy most of the time. Nope, it's not because of an game online, like Bingo Online, that's keeping me occupied. Though an online friend told me a couple of weeks ago that that was what was keeping him occupied through the wee hours of the morning!

He's the gambling type, and he says that he likes browsing through different websites in search of good gaming links, like those found at I believe him, since he has been active on similar sites for a couple of years now. It's a good thing that he has the discipline to stop when he really needs to; and that was what he told me the very first time I asked him about online gambling. I don't play using real money (no budget for that, yet), but some links are really great for newbies like me. You can learn a lot of things, just by visiting different sites, and if you really want to know more, than that's what you should be doing. Never start betting right away, since the chances that you would lose is far greater, specially if you only have an inkling about the game. Do some research first, and read reviews. You'd be glad you did! :)

Wordless Wednesday: Jasmine, Moss and Others

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Lazy ... again.

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Yesterday wasn't anything special, really. Spent half of the day dropping ECs. hahaha. Now am here in front of the computer again ... but not dropping ECs. Am just browsing, lazing around.

Honestly, it's humid again today, and am feeling so lazy. Again. :D

Weekend Snapshot: Taekwondo

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Attended this yesterday ... :)

Nope, am not one of the players, lol. I just wish! :D

Keeping it Bright

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We all know how important it is for us to have sufficient lighting both inside and outside our homes. There is this sense of security, specially at nights, since you'll see and know what's out there within your vicinity. My family and I usually turn some of our outdoor lights on at night, thinking it might somehow deter some would-be burglars. Good thing nothing bad has happened, yet; and I pray and hope it stays that way!

Some indoor lights not only serve to make the ambiance better, but also give it a touch of elegance, like some of the ceiling fans being offered over at They offer different designs, such as the casablanca fans, as well as the monte carlo fans which am so sure will add a touch of personality to each and every homes. My family and I would love to have one of those, too, and that's why in a bit I will be going to their site and check them out! :)

PhotoHunt: Hanging

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I like the way the spider seems to be HANGING on it's flimsy-like looking web ... :)

Time to play ...

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Do you enjoy playing online games? I must admit, I do. I haven't had the chance to play online lately, but believe me, if I have the available time I will play online to my heart's content! I like playing just because it somehow kind of challenges me; some games are more challenging than others, though, and I must admit that one of those would be USA online casinos. I haven't really tried playing using real money, since I just don't have the budget for that. But playing even without real money is fun, just the same.

An online friend who enjoys real gambling (and I mean he uses real money!) has been telling me about online casino USA, which he has visited a few days back. He says that they have a list of online casinos which are reputable and accepts players from the USA. Having good customer support is one feature which is important for every player and they also take that into consideration.

Personally, I still have to visit some of the online casino US being mentioned at that site since these days I really don't have much time to go online. Hopefully, when things are more settled I will have all the time that I want to playing all those online games that I have on my list. :)

Help, for me...

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While I was still in high school I never knew the feeling of getting pimples. Nope, am not bragging, or anything. Since I had the dreaded pimples after I delivered my son at a later age! Now am on the look-out for good and reliable acne cures.

My sister had this dermatologist for her pimple problem and I am thinking of visiting her. Hopefully, she'll be able to help me deal with this! :)

Remembering ...

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I remember, my former boss had this pool table in his house and whenever my officemates and I decide to drop by his house (he used to invite us every now and then since he loved playing pool and wanted us to learn), we'd have a fun time trying out the basics. I believe he got the pool table when his second son was born, and since then that pool table has been kind of busy. His wife, too, enjoyed the sport. Quite a family, don't you think so?

He has been telling me that he needs new pool cues and so have been trying to find them at the malls. Sometimes, though, he's not satisfied with the brand that he's found, and that's why I told him to try visiting, where he is bound to find the one that he really wants. He is quite picky with his supplies, and am sure he takes care of them so well. But after some time, they are bound to break or the performance lessens.

Am not so sure if he has had the time to check out the site because it has just been a few days since I told him. It would be great going back there again and play pool with him and his family! Of course, I don't play the game quite well, but that's fine by me. I love the company more than the game. :)

Offline ...

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Was offline pretty much of the day yesterday. Just wanted to really give myself a rest, and of course, I had to go visit the doctor. Nope, nothing's wrong with me; just one of those routine thingys. Today my son's going to the dentist and hopefully hubby will be here on time so that I won't have to go. Yeah, lazy me! :D


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Are you a fan of wakeboarding? I know my nephew would love to have the chance to learn something like that! Why, even a few of my nieces would love to jump at the chance, too! They are an active bunch, and something as challenging as wakeboarding would certainly catch their attention. With adult supervision, of course. I know their moms and dads wouldn't want them playing with just themselves since it can be dangerous when used the wrong way.

If they want to learn how to play, then of course they have to have the equipments. Know where you might be able to find the supplies? Then try visiting Have personally visited the site, and for my Wakenskate Website Review, I'd say I'd give it a high score. Browsing through the site is fairly easy, and you can not only get the supplies that you need, they also offer news about the sports, too. Quite informative, really. Lessons are also being offered, which you can purchase online. If you really want to learn more about the sport, then am so sure that you'll avail of the products being offered at the site.

So, are you interested about learning more regarding the said sport? If you are, then I suggest you go and check them out! :)

Finding Customers

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When you have your own business it is important that you have a list of your potential or existing customers. Finding new clients is important, too, and that's why having a marketing list is also a must.

My cousin works for a multi-national company, and they have their own consumer mailing lists which they try to keep in touch every now and then. I believe that they also ask for their customer's birth dates, and try to send birthday wishes yearly. I know some companies do that because I, too, receive birthday cards from some of the companies wherein I patronize their products. I personally think it's really great, since it makes you feel like you are special! :)

There are different list brokers that you can hire if you want a list of potential customers for your business. In fact, I believe that is one of them. If you want to increase your current mailing list, then I suggest you go and check them out!

Thursday Challenge: Yellow

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Shot taken a while back, along one of the highways while going to the province ... happened to see this busy bee on a bright yellow flower while we stopped for a quick photo op (so sorry, no idea what the flower's called, but it's pretty common among some of the highways around here).

*played with my shot using photoshop.

Tag Question

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Earlier this week I received a tag which had lots of questions about myself, and one of the questions was if I plan to drive this year. I thought it was a weird question, but if you're a teenager and eager to get your driving license, then it must have been a perfect question. I'm no longer a teenager, though, and I definitely don't plan to drive any car in this city! lol. I did drive when I was younger, but not in this city; sometimes the drivers are just so reckless it makes me nervous. Besides, it has been so long since I have driven, that am no longer that confident when it comes to doing that task.

However, hubby loves driving, and am sure he knows what a power steering rack means. For now I am content with just being the passenger, and when I do feel like driving the car myself, well ... I will take the plunge when the time comes. :)

Peace Lily

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This is a pretty common plant, though we don't have them here at home. The first time I saw them I was really amazed at the shape and I instantly fell in love with the color. Sometimes I have difficulty taking shots when the subject's color is mostly white (they tend to get overexposed sometimes), but through constant practice am getting the hang of it. Though after getting my dslr I felt like I had to start all over again with the adjusting and everything.

Took this shot with my canon 450D using the kit lens that came with it. Am not really overly satisfied with the lens but hey, it's much better than nothing! lol. :P

Internet Traffic

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If you are a blogger, like me, then you know what it feels like if people visit your site (and leave comments, as long as they are not from spammy sites). It helps if your site has been around for ages, but if you're relatively a newbie, then it would be great if you do something that would generate traffic. Of course, it has to be something that most people would do willingly for you, and one way to do that would be to register over at Zookoda. Want to know what that is?

Well, it's a site where you can register for free so that your blog posts will be delivered to your visitor's inbox. What's really neat about their service is that you can take lots of control to how you want your blog posts delivered, whether it's daily, weekly, or mothly. Not only that, you can also design your newsletter to match your blog design! So cool, huh?! That would definitely help catch your subscriber's interest. Oh, did I mention it's FREE? :)

These days there are lots of ways where you can increase blog traffic, and if you want your blog to be noticed, then it really is a good idea to browse through the different sites and see which one would work for you. Some might be too expensive for you, or their way of driving traffic might sound "illegal", but however you view it, it is still a good idea to check them out. Who knows, one of these days your blog's audience might just soar using one (or two, or more) of these traffic-driving sites!
Sponsored by Zookoda

Pardon me ...

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Haven't had the chance to really get to bloghopping these past few days ... as well as dropping my EC. I guess it's because I needed to rest and one of the things I do when I need a rest is to get some much needed sleep! :)

But not to worry, pretty soon I'll be up and about again ... bloghopping and dropping EC like crazy. :D

Lights ..

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We all know how important it is to have sufficient lightning, not only inside out house, but also outside. For me it gives a sense of security, specially at night. Aside from that, I believe that having the proper light can also deter some of the burglars that might be planning on doing their bad acts, since the light can let everyone know and see what's happening.

Of course, it will greatly help if your light's design is also meant for the situation, like if it's appropriate for the outdoors, then you should look for Outdoor Light Fixtures. Similarly, lights to be used inside the house, like Bathroom Lighting, or Ceiling Lights are important, too. Lights which will be used for different locations are designed differently since they will also be subjected to different environments. It is then advisable to buy and use the light where they are intended to be used.
As for me, whatever their use, I just know that they are important. They have been there for as long as I can remember and I know that they are here to stay. If you get one with great designs, than it's much better, but if not, then as long as they serve their purpose then it's fine with me. :)

Get Noticed

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I started having a blog of my own around a year ago because of an online friend. We both liked taking pictures, so she thought it would be a great idea to join some of the groups online who also were interested in photography. At first I was hesitant since I had no idea how the blogging process went. Sure, I was a member of a photoblog, but there was no template to tweak, or even links to add. All I had to do was post some pictures, and that was it! It was fairly easy, compared to having a blog of your own where you can change your template, add links and even earn from it. Which, eventually where I ended up. :)

One thing I learned if you want to earn online was your visitor statistics. It's important that you have visitors, and that's where Search Engine Optimization Companies come in. They can help you put your site on top search engines; am not really sure how, but I believe that it has to do with link building, or something similar. is one such site that offers Search Engine Optimization Consulting as well as Search Engine Optimization Services. If you want your presence to be known on the web, then you can try their services and witness your site get more and more visitors each day! :)

Sepia Plumbago ...

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Playing with one of the plumbago shots I took ... before the heavy rain. Right now we can hear thunder (and it's only past three in the afternoon), and quite humid. Am hoping it will rain. Not a typhoon, or anything. Just so the humidity might go down for a bit. lol. :D

Just a thought ...

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I know I am a newbie when it comes to online gaming, specially when it comes to gambling, so whenever an opportunity comes for me to learn something new, I take the chance. I haven't tried playing online casino using real money, but from what I have heard from an online friend who's a certified fan, he keeps telling me it's really fun. I must admit I like playing games of chance every now and then, but somehow, using real money (and there is a great chance that I might lose it!) makes me more cautious. It's a good thing there are sites that can help, like Casinos Online.

They are a site that have links to different casinos online as well as the latest news when it concerns online gambling. Not only that, they also have casino game guides as well as online casino suite links. Quite helpful, really, for those who want to know more.

I don't think I'll be playing using real money any time soon, since money is just tight these days, mainly because of the rising prices! I just enjoy watching other people play and see what type of strategies they use just so they'd win. :)

Not a good time to get sick ...

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These days I have been feeling kind of "lazy" lately ... I hope I'm not going to be sick, or anything!!! It's just not the time to be sick these days. Well, there's actually no "good" time to be sick, of course.

Am sure not all of us would want to be sick. But somehow, the weather seems to be acting up and it's not helping. One time it's so sunny, then after less than an hour it gets so humid. It would be great if it rains, but sometimes it doesn't!

Oh well ... trying to adjust.


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Do you play online? I guess most of us do. But of course, there are different games that are available online, and some you need to pay (just so you can play! I know, I find that really interesting; but of course, they are legitimate) while some are absolutely free. I don't really play much while online (because I do still have to finish some household tasks), and I choose the free ones. But if you have time, and you love online gambling, specially blackjack, then you should visit Blackjack Stats. are said to have a link to numerous online blackjack casinos as well as a collection of online blackjack statistics and probabilities. If you want to know more about how to increase your chances of winning, then this is definitely the site to visit!

Of course, for some this might not be important but for me who's a total newbie when it comes to online gambling, this is important. I want to know more about the different strategies being used and how it might be used to a gamer's advantage. Too bad I don't have much time these days to browse through the internet, though.

What about you? Got loads of time and want to know more about online blackjack casinos and their stats? Then do go and check out now!

Tracking Systems

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Are you the type of person who wants to know how or where your loved ones are? If you are, then you can find out their whereabouts using GPS Tracking. LandAirSea Systems, Inc. offers different tracking devices for your specific use, like if you want to track specific persons, or if you intend to keep track of your vehicle. You can actually place a tracking device on your vehicle, and if you don't want it to be visible, then you choose one that is small but has good magnetic ability that even when submerged in water it will still stay put and send signals. You can also actually keep track of your vehicle using Google Earth, something that some think might not be possible. Isn't that just great? I believe that right now they are being used not only by civilians but also by military/government agencies.

Personally, though, what's really awesome is the fact that it can even help in a murder investigation! I read about this case regarding a 12-year old girl who was supposedly ran over by George Ford in Chenango County. Since his wife has placed a tracking device on his vehicle, the police could then verify if what he said in his testimony was accurate, or not. Below is a YouTube post about the news, if you want to know more:

I believe that we can find some more practical use with similar tracking devices. But what's great is that they are definitely here to stay!

Weekend Snapshot: Plumbago

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Last Saturday it rained ... and I must admit I loved it. It made the air cooler; but look what happened to the plumbago in my sister's garden .... they "recovered" the next day, though. :)

Dancing ...

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I've got a niece who loves dancing, and last summer she was supposed to attend summer school; she failed to attend, though, since her family unexpectedly had to go to the province. They were already on the verge of looking for some dancewear for her, and since she wanted to attend ballet class, they went looking for a good pair of soft ballet shoes. I know she was really excited about it, and imagined herself wearing her very first leotards to school. We were so sorry that her dreams had to be dashed last summer, but it looks like she will be getting ballet lessons this school year. Her mom had already asked at her school and it looks like they offer ballet lessons, too! Am so happy for them!

Since I have the opportunity to browse the internet more often, I found a site that I know they'll love: It offers different dancewear products and at a lower price, too! I know they'll be happy once they know that they can get my niece's ballet shoes and leotards online. Browsing through the site is easy and since their products are well-categorized, then she'll find what she wants in a snap!

Now all I have to do is text my sister and tell her the good news! :)

My type of watch ...

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I have always been an admirer of Guess watches. In fact, I've got quite a few of them. I need to change the batteries, though, and that's why lately I haven't gotten to wear them. But I do love their designs and even if they are a bit expensive I try to save money just so I can get the ones that catch my attention. Too bad I haven't had the time lately to browse through their new designs at the mall, though. In fact, I haven't had the time to visit the mall in days!

Oh well, I know I can always browse online and check them out. :)

Tomorrow's a Monday ... yeah.

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It drizzled today ... but didn't really get to enjoy the day since I had to do lots of things. Not really manual labor, but I felt like I was glued to this computer the whole day! lol. Had to finish some online stuffs, plus our helper had her day off. She deserved it, of course.

Tomorrow's a Monday again ... and am still not done with some of the housework! Oh well, it will always be there ... so no need to worry much about it. It will be resolved ... eventually. ;P

Personal ...

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I just love handcrafted jewelry! Nope, I don't own lots of those since I hardly wear any piece of jewelry except my simple wedding band. I just love looking at jewelries that are handcrafted since they do have their own charm.

My sister had this friend who made her own jewelries and they were really awesome. I admired her talent, and eventually she sold some of her pieces. Too bad they were a bit expensive for me, so I had to refrain from buying. I do know, though, that she gave my sister a piece. It was beautiful!

A Place Of Your Own

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Having a house of your own is really a dream come true for most families. Well, it would be, with mine. We do have our own house and lot, but it's located in the province, somewhere quite far from where we are right now. We honestly haven't thought of selling it (because right now we are renting it out to some friends there), since we like the idea of having a holiday home. Of course, for now we couldn't use it because our friends are still renting it. But there will come a time when we do have to decide what we will be doing with that piece of real estate.

If you really ask me, I would love to be having my own space in places like those Real Estate in Naperville, or even like those in Real Estate Chicago Land. A friend who's now living in Kentucky went to Chicago once and she said that it was quite windy there. She absolutely loved it, and have even looked at some Real Estate in Chicago Il. I told her to check out since they can help her. Too bad her plan had to be postponed because of her hubby's work. Eventually, though, I know they'll get their dream house. They are still actually looking around, and hope to find a space of their own someday. :)

Weekly Questions (#8 and #9)

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How would you like to spend your special day, your birthday?

- I would love to be able to spend it with my loved ones ... no grand parties or anything. In fact, I want to spend it somewhere quiet with just the family. Maybe at a secluded beach, or something. Or on a nature trip. No crowds, please. But good food, yes. :)

Weekly Question #9:

What are the 5 simple pleasures that will give you, well, simple pleasures?

  1. - the first would be the time I get to have with my family ... specially now that hubby's work assignment is a bit far from home, which means that he's usually gone every two weeks. doesn't have to be anywhere extravagant; am happy even if we're just here at home, as long as we're together.
  2. - time for myself ... :)
  3. - i love going out with my family, specially the nature trips we used to have ...
  4. - being able to do my bit for the environment .... and one of which is to take some shots of the critters before they are gone for good!
  5. - last, but never the least, time between me and my Creator. :)

To learn more about Weekly Questions, please click here.


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My brother is a Certified Public Accountant, and right now he works for the government. Before that, though, he worked at a bank, but decided that he wanted something different. It's a good thing that when he applied for the government he was accepted. Now his work is indeed different since he and some of his co-workers get to go to different establishments and do their job. He loves it and I believe that he will be staying there a long time. His wife understands because she, too, is a certified public accountant. Am not too sure, but I think she works at the bank, though.

If you have your own business, it is important that you have an accountant. Your accountant will help you present your finances in a legible matter as well as submit it for legal purposes. Sometimes you would need an Auditor, too. Like my father who had his farms to manage, he needed both an accountant and an auditor. My father also worked at a bank as a cashier, so he is quite familiar accounting. Still, he needed some help with his personal business.

If you, too, need help with Accounting Services then why don't you visit They can help you find the best accountant or auditor for you and your business. Finding the right accountant/auditor for your type of business is crucial and that is where they may be able to help. Don't gamble with just any accountant/auditor out there. Trust to find the perfect person for you!

Sunday, today.

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Still hot and humid today. It's getting to be the norm these days. It's kind of a sad day for us since my sister and her family just left; they'll be going back to the province, and staying there. We'll definitely miss them here. I never really know the real reason why they decided to transfer, but it's their choice. Just kind of sad, though. I mean, the kids hved already started school, and now they are forced to transfer to another one.

Oh well, it's their decision. We'll really miss them, for sure.

PhotoHunt: What IS that??

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While we were clearing the garden we found this little critter ... :)

I think it looks cute. LOL. Or scary. :D

Thursday Filler Tag

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Got tagged by Liza a few minutes ago ... thanks, sis!

Players: buhaymisis | kathycot | whenmomspeaks | kathycotcooks | Quicker8 | Me and Mine | Creative in Me | For the LOVE of Food | Little Peanut | Pea in a Pod | La Place de Cherie | Chez Francine | Le bric à brac de Cherie | A Simple Life | Picture Clusters | your site here!

1. whats your latest addiction?
- dropping ECs (LOL)

2. What are you listening to?
- nothing ... watching tv while blogging

3. How late did you stay up last night and why?
- was up till past 1am only ... waiting for an email.

4. Who were you with last friday night?
- with son and helper. lol.

5. Do you think you will be in a relationship 3 months from now?
- I’m already in a relationship ... :)

6. When is the next time you’ll see your close friends?
- my close friends are my sisters and we almost always see each other every day.

7. What were you doing this morning at 7am?
- reading my emails.

8. What radio station do you listen to the most?
- none, really.

9. What was the reason you last cried?
- read a very sad story.

10. Have you ever talked to someone when they were high?
- high, as in with dope? or high as in because they're just naturally happy? well, i have, with both. lol. it's a different experience because usually the person i'm talking with no longer has the usual inhibitions. can be quite embarrassing, though.

11. What’s the fifth text in your inbox say?
- absolutely no idea ... i know i need to erase most of the messages there.

12.Where was the last coffee shop u went to?
- Starbucks along T. Morato

13.Whats ur outfit right now?
- shorts and an oversized old shirt

16. What were you doing at 11pm last night?
- I believe I was already in bed ... with the laptop (still on) beside me.

17. Who was the last person you talked to last night before bed?
- hubby; he called from Davao.

18. Will you be driving in a year?
- i have no idea ...

19. Is there anything that you are craving right now?
- mexican food. lol.

20. When did your last hug take place?
- this morning .. from my son.

22. Have you ever started a sentence with “No offense, but…”?
- yup

23. Do you drink tea?
- yup, love tea!

24.Have you ever been arrested?
- my goodness .. nope, and don't plan to!

25. Have you rode in someone else’s car today?
- nope ... stayed in the house all day!

26. Have you made a mistake this past week?
- lots of times ... hahaha.

27. Who was the last person you texted?
- hubby.

28. Are you happy with your life right now?
- things aren't going the way i planned, but am satisfied. it could be worse!

29. In the past 72 hours have you been under the influence?
- what type of influence?

30. What’s the connection between you and the last person you texted?
- he's my hubby ... we're married. :)

Am tagging Sasha's Corner and Making sense ... (somehow).

Get Certified!

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We are definitely at that time when technology is relatively available almost anywhere in the world. Who would have thought that within a remote jungle you can also get wireless connection, or that you can take your phone with you anywhere and still be connected! This seems to be the time for all the high-tech gadgetry anyone can possibly think and invent, which one only sees in movies around twenty years ago. Or maybe earlier. That's precisely the reason why getting a Cisco certification can help you.

I am not that techie myself, but I know a couple of friends who are in the business. They enjoy doing their work even if it takes so much of their time. I guess it helps that they are not yet married, but still, they want to know more. One of them has already taken his IT certification and you can immediately notice how it helped him raise up the ranks. I think that's really great, but what's more important is that he's now more confident with his work, and even recommends that his co-workers get their certification, too. I know that more than a few are already interested about the idea, and once she's got the time she will definitely take her co-worker's advice. Your training program will depend on which field you specialize in, so be sure to check them out.

Being IT certified is not only good for the individual, but also beneficial for the company. In fact, I believe that even some companies prefer that their employees obtain an IT certification to their name.

So how about it? Want to raise among the ranks, or be more confident with your current position in this techy world? If so, then get IT certified! :)
Sponsored by Cisco


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Woke up quite early today ... after all that sleeping time I had yesterday ... well, it really left me feeling refreshed! Looks like it's going to be a sunny weekend for us folks here. I just hope it won't be so humid this afternoon, though ... like yesterday.

But hey ... humidity is not really an issue here ... we are sort of used to it already. lol. After all, we are situated in the tropics! :D

Still, I wish it wasn't as humid ... a girl can dream, can't she? :P

Chance to learn a game ...

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Even during college days I have always been fascinated by billiards. The university had a gaming room (which was actually located at the basement in one of the buildings; where students can rent out the equipments needed to play different games available, like billiards, chess, and table tennis) and my friends and I used to frequent the place. Too bad none of us knew how to play billiards, so we were there mostly to play table tennis. I saw some familiar faces playing billiards, though, and used to watch them play and have fun. How I wished I had the guts to play with them that time!

Billiards is one of the favorite sports played around the world and I'm proud to say that we even have some of the best players around! Champions, I mean. My former boss even had a pool table in his house, but some of his billiard supplies need updating, though. I mean some were really worn out because his family loved playing the game and so you can just imagine the condition of the table (as well as the pool cues) after two years of constant use! It's a good thing finding them online over at is easy; and they even have an ongoing clearance sale, too!

Now, if only I'd have the chance to learn how to play billiards in the near future ... :)

Just Another Bug ...

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*shot taken using my point and shoot Canon Powershot S3 IS*

Shot taken yesterday while we were cleaning out a portion of the garden; it looked like a mini-forest already! lol ...

I've been seeing this type of bug in one of the plants for years now, and it's honestly fine with us. I mean, they didn't seem to be eating the plant (unlike the caterpillars); or maybe they do, but only in small quantities. Anyway, the plant doesn't seem to be overly affected. Not too sure what they are called, though.

This bug is just a juvenile ... it's only about a quarter of an inch long (without it's antennae). The big ones weren't around yesterday ... maybe they were off on a vacation somewhere else. ;P

Printer and Ink Thoughts ...

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We've had our HP printer for years now, and it looks like it's going to need a replacement, soon. Oh, the trouble started when a paper got stuck in it, then the ink started acting funny. Then it refused to print, telling us that the "black ink" needed replacement, when in fact we just bought a new one less than a week ago! Now we're printing without the black ink, and sometimes it's fine, but most of the time I'd rather have the black color there. We went to the mall to find some discount savings on Hewlett Packard Laserjets, and we found quite a few. We're just not sure which to choose, yet. We are actually still in the process of looking for that printer which will be suitable for us. We don't really need the complicated ones, since we'll be using it to print mostly documents and stuffs. It would be great if it has a scanner, though.

Another thing that I know we must consider should be the ink. Finding good quality inkjet refills is a must. I think I've seen more than one in the malls, and that's really great. Of course, you can find them online, too, like at They not only have discount coupons but also tips on how you can save ink!

Now am off to see what I can do with our current printer ... maybe have it fixed? Or just buy a new one? ;)

Just gotten out of bed ... well, sort of.

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Woke up feeling like I still lacked sleep, today. But I had no choice since I had to help my son prepare for school ... know what I did after his school bus arrived and I had breakfast? Sleep, of course! LOL

Just actually "woke" up and it's already past noon! Am still in bed, though. lol. Oh well ... my son will arrive in a bit and I hope our helper has already had food prepared. I tell you, having a reliable helper around is really a huge blessing! :)

Never Thought Possible ...

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Look what I found ... gross, I know. LOL.

That's a small jumping spider taking a bite out of that cricket (the cricket was still alive when I took this shot) ... never thought that that was possible. ;P

No Electricity Yesterday ...

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Yesterday it rained; almost the whole day! We were scheduled to go visit the doctor, and when we went there the hospital had no electricity! Well, actually not the whole hospital, but only at the doctor's office. It felt kind of eerie. But I guess that's just me. My imagination can be quite "wild" sometimes, specially when it comes to the supernatural. LOL.

Here's hoping that this day won't be quite as "exciting" as yesterday ... :)

Saving Money Through Coupons

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These days it's really important that we get to save, specially when prices for commodities are getting high. There have been some complaints thrown towards the government, but I guess there's not much anyone can do since it's seems to be a global thing. It's not only located in one country, but around the world. Sad, but true. It's a good thing that you can actually save money if you want to; and one way to do that would be to find discount coupons every time you buy some necessities (or indulge in one of your hobbies).

Speaking of hobbies, I know that my digital camera needs new lenses, so am trying to save money for that. It is expensive (for me, since I am just a SAHM! lol), but since I just love taking pictures, then, I save money for the lenses. Hopefully I'll get one before the year ends. Hubby, too, has been wanting to get himself a new computer, and just last night he went browsing for some discount coupons. Keeping healthy is a must these days, too, and we found some over at So, If you want to get vitamins online, you should visit them! As for our son, well, since school just started, I suggested we find his school clothes online, too, since we can actually get them cheaper, if we know where to look.

I must say our internet browsing last night went quite well. We found most of the stuffs that we wanted, and at discounted prices, too! Now I really believe that if you want to save money, then you can! :)

Weekend Snapshot

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Not really surprised when I found these on one of the plants in my sister's garden. It's THAT time of year again. :)

Want a Cookie?

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This cookie is supposed to be healthier ... and I don't know if I believe it. One thing, though ... I love the taste! :)

Normally I don't buy cookies for myself (it would be great if I get to cook my own ... too bad I don't have the equipments needed), but for my son. He loves having them for his snack, together with fresh milk.

Ready for the Change?

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The first time I tried using the internet I was so excited about it. I immediately got my own email address and tried surfing the internet for whatever interesting stuffs I could find. The speed was quite sluggish, but that didn't stop me. However, today that speed would be so frustrating for the modern day surfers.

If you find that your current internet connection is not up to par with your internet appetite, then I suggest you try out Charter internet! You can download all that you want, with your always-on and always fast connection, with no worries from viruses, hackers and spam (they have their own high speed security protection). What's great about their service is that you're not required to get a long term contract from them, and you can try the first 30-days risk free!

So how about it, ready for the change? :)
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Today's a Sunday

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It's a Sunday today!

Well, nothing that exciting, I know. It's just another day where people (most of us, anyway) get the day off. You can pretty much do whatever you want; unless, of course, you have something really pressing to do. Like maybe do the laundry, or something? ;P

As for me ... time to hit the mall; nope, not to buy clothes or anything. But to buy some supplies for the kitchen! :D

PhotoHunt: Support

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It's a good thing that the web made by this big (it was around 3.5 inches, so I think it's big! lol) spider can support it! :)

Online Fun

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Are you a fan of Bingo Games? I have to admit, I haven't actually tried playing that game, yet. Whether online, or not. But I have seen lots of people play that game, though not online. It does interest me, though I just don't have the time, for now.

An online friend first told me about bingo games (as well as other similar games), and one site that he mentioned was It is a great site for those who are looking for reliable gaming sites online, as well as some reviews and the latest news about the different games. Definitely a great site for newbies like me!

I have visited other similar sites, and believe me, some of them are not as full of information and links as! Aside from the reviews and links, they also offer free casino games, and I just love it! No need for me to use real money while playing, and it gives me an idea how a game goes, too!

What about you? Interested in having a bit of fun while going online? Then do visit the site and see which free games (or the real games, if you're feeling more adventurous) you'd like to try for yourself! :)

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it's still humid .... hoping that it will really rain this time! I can see some dark clouds in the sky; wishing that the air will be cooler soon!

Hey ... I can see some little bits of rain now! Yeheyyy! :D

Finding Auto Parts

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My sister and her husband just recently bought a second-hand pick-up truck and they have been having some problems since the first week that they bought it. They got the truck at a good price, so I guess they were expecting the small problems. It was really more of an inconvenience, really. Like, they needed to replace some certain lights or some wirings. My brother-in-law likes finding for discount auto parts, so he scoured some of the areas where they can find the parts for their pick-up. It took him quite a while, so there were times when their truck couldn't be used. He asked around some stores and found some with genuine Toyota Parts, but that wasn't actually what he was looking for; still, he kept on.

It's a good thing that these days you can find discount auto parts online. You can find specific brands, too, like some Jeep Parts, something which I know some of the Jeep-owners over at my province would appreciate. Some sites, like, even sells them at low prices! Isn't that just great? Finding the one that you're looking for, and knowing the it is priced lower than other competitors! I know I would certainly jump at the chance!

I know, I should be telling my brother-in-law about this, and I bet he'll appreciate it! My sister and her hubby will be arriving tomorrow, so I'll tell them the good news, then! :)

Silver Jewellery Online

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Just recently I saw a young woman sporting Silver Jewellery and I was really impressed with her choices. They were a bit extravant-looking, but they looked quite good on her. I'm sure some women would have looked the opposite, but she really carried them like royalty. I have a few pieces of silver accessories myself (I personally think that they look fantastic!), which was given to me by my sister a few years ago. I admit I don't buy them myself, since I really have no way of knowing which brand or company makes the best ones (I know only one or two that I know I can trust!). I trust my sister because she enjoys buying jewelleries and am sure she already has the knack for finding the best ones with the best prices.

Finding good quality silver jewellery these days is kind of hard, since you really never know how much silver is present in each piece. Unless, of course if you trust the brand.
One brand that sells good quality silver pieces like Silver Bracelets, would be If you want guaranteed 92.5% silver in your silver accessories, then you should try visiting their site and see the different collections they have in store for you. Silver Pendants, bangles, chains, and a lot of other pieces are there, with different designs to choose from! You can easily browse through the different designer pieces yourself and order through their site. They ship all over the world and doesn't charge any delivery fee! Isn't that neat?

Want to get some silver jewelleries for yourself with a brand that you can trust? Then go and check out now! :)

Good Morning!

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The morning started off quite well today ... it wasn't as humid as yesterday! But now that the day has progressed, am not so sure anymore. It's getting hotter as the minute drags by, and it's making me drowsy! I should be doing some household chores, but seems like blogging is taking my time again! lol.

I'll do the household chores later ... :D

Too Lazy ...

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Unfortunately, I have never been a fan of exercising at gyms. Of course, I enjoy going on hikes or walking whenever I can, but when it comes to exercising equipments, like a folding treadmill, then I ask the web. It's a good thing that we can find reviews and guides to choosing the best one that would fit you, your space, budget, and your lifestyle; I will be doing that, soon. :)

Something better to do ...

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It's not yet raining here right now ... this shot was taken a couple of weeks ago while we were inside the car. Yup, that's from our car's window pane. I had nothing to do, and since the camera was nearby, decided to take this shot. Make the most of your situation, right? lol.

So, instead of getting bored (we were just inside the car, waiting) ... I had something better to do! ;P

Shopping Online

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Have you ever tried online shopping? I have tried shopping online, but not much. The ones that I bought are not that big, though, or needed to be shipped to my address. Yup, the ones that I have bought are those that I can download to my computer. Mostly softwares, or digiscrapping materials.

Lately, though, hubby and I have been thinking of buying some of our stuffs online, and just a couple of days ago we went searching for some men's shoes. At first we were quite hesitant since we had no idea which sites to visit. Good thing a friend recommended and after a while we went happily searching from one shoe to the next! They have lots of available designs and brands to choose from, and they even have golf shoes for gents and ladies, too!

He's still undecided which shoe to choose, but at least he now has an idea which site to go to! What about you? Have you already tried shopping online? :)

Afternoon thoughts ...

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Am feeling so lazy right now ... would it be great if you aren't tied to anything for the day? I mean, just sit and absolutely do nothing? Of course, if you want to take a bath or eat, then that's fine. Or you can just tinker with one of your hobbies all day long! sigh.

Which reminds me ... it has been ages since I've actually gotten out and taken some decent shots. Most of the time am here at home. Doing things that a SAHM does ... cleaning, among other things. It's a good thing that we finally managed to hire a helper. Makes my life a bit easier. :)

Still Affordable

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I have been wearing eyeglasses since I started high school, so usually every year I have my eyes checked and that's the time that I need to change my eyeglasses, too. Lately I have noticed that the price for the frames that I have been getting seems to be going up, so I was really glad that I found out about Would you believe that they have these frames for only $8 each?
With the rising prices these days you can't help but be relieved to know that some necessities in life are still affordable! :)

It's Cloudy again ...

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It's again cloudy outside. But it's so humid here inside the house! My electric fan's been running since early morning today ... I just hope that it will rain soon. Just took a peek outside, and it looks like it might rain, but not for a couple or so of hours from now. There is still a bit of sunshine there ... but it's mostly cloudy.

This is making me sleepy! :D

Me, Lose Weight? LOL

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Yup, you read that right. Am not sure why, but I don't think I need to lose weight. In fact, after a few trips from my doctor I was advised to gain weight! And do some exercise. However, this just might be a temporary thing (the gaining of weight), so I won't be needing any diet pills for now. I was given some B-vitamins and still, my appetite isn't improving. To gain some weight I need to eat more, I guess. That means I can now eat all the pizza and pasta that I want! :D

Losing Weight

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Do you know what's Fenphedra? It's actually a diet pill. I have known some people in our community who do take diet pills and I have seen them go from this big to that "small"! I was really amazed at the results. I mean, they seemed to have lost weight in such a short time, and still they looked so healthy! Some of them went back to their original weights, though, and I guess it's because they were not able to change their lifestyle. Like their diets, perhaps.

Still, I guess they had those days to look back to, when they did manage to get to that size that they wanted. :)

Sometimes ...

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Don't you ever wish that sometimes things are different? I do. But not overly different, of course. I mean, I somethings want things to be done in a specific way (yeah, that's one of the weird about me), so that I will get the specific results, too. But somehow some people just do things differently. I must admit, it sometimes gets into my nerves. lol. But what can I do except accept it; that's just the way they are! :)

It has nothing to do with this video by the Carpenters, though ... I just liked the "freshness" that this song seems to inspire in me. :D

Online Pharmacy

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I know some people prefer buying their medicines from an online pharmacy, specially if they have good relations with that site, as well as have gotten the actual medicines that they needed. These days it is not really advisable to just buy from the first internet drugstore that you encounter since the drug that you get might be a fake. Or worse, just placebo. In fact, I have heard and learned that some people buying Viagra online has been duped by scrupulous online pharmacies! Since that drug, Viagra, seems to be on high demand, then I guess that's the reason why some people try to cash in on it.

If you want to get authentic and FDA-approved medications, then you should try checking out for your medicines. They value their customer's health and safety, so they make sure that what you need is what you will be getting. If you want to find out more, then I suggest you go and check them out!

Wordless Wednesday: Nowhere To Go

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Humidity ...

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It did rain today ... though just a bit. Not much, though I think it lowered the temperature for a bit. Just a bit. It made me kind of drowsy, but I didn't get to sleep much. It was still quite humid.

I hope that tonight it's going to be cooler than last night. The electric fan was turned on till the wee hours of the morning!

Political Comedy Blog

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Some of my friends living abroad are familiar with Glenn Beck and they never fail to mention him more than once when we chat. I guess they are his fans, and enjoy his type of comedy. There is something true about what he says, though, and my friends agree with him.

I guess they are familiar with his blog and website; and that he's currently on a summer political tour. If not, then I should tell them, and that they should watch his Dallas show on July 17th. Am sure they'll thank me for it! Of course, there is a big possibility that they already know, though. :)

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Weekly Questions (#7)

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If we set aside an extra hour each day to do what we would rather do and not what we should be doing, what would you choose to do?

I guess I would want to be able to take pictures to my hearts content! I wish it would be more than an hour, though, since I would want to go somewhere different to take shots. :D

It need not be somewhere really far and exotic; because for me to take good shots doesn't mean that you need to be in a picturesque area. In fact, in my opinion, if a photographer can show something "different" which he took from a common enough place (like a market or at a park) then I'd say he's done his "job" well! :)

Weekly Question #7 by T. Julie

Pampered and Refreshed

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We all know how important it is to have a good night rest (or even a power nap, every now and then). Specially if you have to work the next day, you need your rest to be able to function well and make the right decisions. If you don't get the much needed rest, then there is a possibility that you might make hasty decisions, or feel like your day isn't going well for you. One way to get that much needed sleep is if you have a luxury mattress. Of course, not just any mattress. If you want one that lasts long and has the Advanced Pocketed Coil™, then you should check out those offered by

If you're looking for affordable luxury mattress for you and your family, then you should really do some research and check out which would be most beneficial for you and your family. You should consider not only the budget but also the longevity as well as the design of the bed. There's nothing like knowing that you'll truly have a good night sleep and feel refreshed and pampered upon waking up the next day!

The mattresses found over at are one of the best online, and if you want to know more, then do click here.

Drops on the Window Pane

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We were on our way to the province when the rain started falling. It wasn't really heavy, but enough for me to take this shot. :)

Honestly, I love it when it rains. Makes everything feel and look so fresh somehow. Not too much rain, of course. That would not be good for everything and for everyone.


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If you are a frequent flyer, then it's an added bonus if you know the Best Airline Credit Card that's available these days. Rewards are sometimes given to different providers and it would be great if you can get the best bonus available, don't you think so? Found out about this while browsing online. Hubby does a lot of traveling, and it usually includes long flights, so I should inform him about this. :)

waking up ...

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Woke up quite late today ... not really THAT late, since my phone's alarm is always turned "on" from Mondays till Fridays. Wouldn't want my son to be late for his school, of course. Usually I get up at around 5:30 am, but now that we already have one helper around, I get the luxury of staying in bed for a few more minutes ... so sometimes I get up at around 5:55 am. Not much, but it feels good to be able to stay in bed some more! :D

... specially if I slept late the night before!

Only $8

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Have you ever heard of Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses? If you frequent the internet like I do, then I guess you must have read about them! Some people might think that that's really impossible, since who would have thought that those Incredible Stylish New Frames from Zenni, like the picture below, would cost only $8?

It's true, of course. If you don't believe that the Variable Dimension Frames from Zenni are cheaper than other optical shops, then I suggest you check them out! :)

Swing Out Sister : Waiting Game

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It has been ages since I've heard/seen this video!!! LOL ... brings back wonderful memories. I was still a bit young (and highly impressionable. lol) when I first heard this. Loved it!

Still love it, in fact. :)

Learn to Stop

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Like what I posted earlier, I am not really that familiar with online casinos and the different games available. I think it's interesting, though I know that some people will tell me otherwise. But to each his own opinion, of course. Some people are quite fascinated and addicted to it, while others totally avoid it. I just admire those people who are fascinated and addicted to it without letting it affect their normal lives. I mean, playing is fun, but once it looks like you're already losing, then you have to learn how to stop. That, I believe, is the best advice that an online friend ever told me about playing Casino online.

If you want to know the sites where you can play, then it's a good idea to check out, a site where you can see reviews about the best online casinos, poker rooms, and bingo sites. They have their own list of the different casino sites that they have found to be quick to pay winnings, fair, and provides player support.

So, if you're interested about online casinos and want to learn more, I suggest you do some researching first (like me) and read all you can about the game, including some strategies. It could help, a lot. And always remember: when you know that you're already losing, then you need to stop! :)

Online and Playing

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Some people find great satisfaction in playing online, and it could be a role playing game (like the one that my son plays when he's got the time), or something as simple as a java game that's freely available. Of course, online casinos kind of fall into that online gaming category, too. I haven't had the chance to actually play online using real money, but a friend has and he told me that it's really fun. He has introduced me to another level of online playing, like Mac Poker. I am not really that familiar with the game, and consider myself as a newbie. Even the ones being shown on the television still gets me muddled and sometimes I have to ask hubby what and why it happened.

There are different sites that offer Poker Bonus, and is one of them. They also offer poker rules and strategy tips as well as Online Casino Bonuses. It's a good thing my friend told me about this site. It's definitely a great site if you want to know more about poker!

Luxury Time

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It's almost midnight right now and am still here ... not necessarily tinkering with my blog, but doing a bit of research. Nothing that important, really. Maybe I just feel like wasting my time, instead of sleeping. LOL. Sleeping is not wasting time, for me. It's a luxury. :D

Time to wrap things up now ... and get that luxury time!

Do You Know Glenn Beck?

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Are you familiar with Glenn Beck? I'm sure most of you are, specially if you live in the US. Came to know about him when a friend who moved abroad mentioned his name. It certainly got me interested, so I did some online searching. Turns out that his political satire comedy is quite popular and he even has some videos on his site. The one regarding the right to bear arms got my attention. I never knew that something like that happened! I hope that things were resolved and the residents satisfied with the result.

If you want to listen more of him, then you shouldn't miss his summer comedy tour and the Dallas show on July 17th! It will be broadcasted live via FathomEvents to select movie theaters nationwide!

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Weekend Snapshot: Teddy

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Didn't go anywhere special this weekend ... stayed at home. Tinkered with the computer, slept, and ate. LOL. Found this while going through some stuffs and decided to take it's shot. The small teddy looked so cute; it was actually a gift for my son from one of his uncles.

Forgot to take a shot of it's back ... there's a prayer written there: The Lord's Prayer. :)

Magic Lamp of Luck

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The mighty Genie King and the beautiful Genie Princess from the magical Land of Faraway are back! Upon escaping the clutches of their Evil Master after being held captive for 1000 years, the magical genies have been busy flying on their Magical Flying Carpet, granting wishes and spreading love throughout the blogosphere.

And now, the genies are back with a special gift for everyone! Behold the sacred, Magic Lamp of Luck! With this magic lamp, your blog will enjoy much good luck and fortune, warding off all things evil lurking around in the blogosphere. We would like to share this magic lamp with you so please pass on the Magic Lamp of Luck to those in need of some good luck. Remember, do not be greedy or unkind, evil or vengeful and good luck & fortune will always be with you! Join us on another exciting magical adventure as we spread goodwill and good luck to one and all!

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Here's hoping good luck will follow us wherever we go! :)

Photography Bug

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Ever since I got to shoot some pictures using my sister's camera I have been hooked on photography. It wasn't even the digital age, then. Then when the first digital cameras arrived they were so expensive I never imagined I'd have the additional money to get one for myself! So, it took some time before I finally decided that I wanted one. Of course, I had to surf the internet and search for the one that I know I would need. It wasn't really easy, since the one that I wanted was quite expensive. What made it enticing, though, was the free shipping and outlet center discounts on electronics products which I found on some stores. I still continued to do my research and also visited electronic sites like Best Buy as well as Circuit City. It helped that I had a friend who was staying near those stores, so she helped me with the actual buying. I was really so excited when I finally got the camera (she shipped it to me); I could hardly contain myself, so I hurried with my chores and when everything was done I got to practicing.

After trying it out I wasn't disappointed! In fact, I marveled at the wonderful colors as well as the fact that you can see the picture right away! Definitely a plus factor, when it comes to digital cameras. Now, am on my fourth digital camera, and still loving it!

Hubby has caught the photography bug, too, and wants to get buy his own camera. He recently peeked through Ritz Camera and was delighted to have found some discount coupons. I'm sure he'll get his own camera soon! :)

Drop ...

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Shot last weekend ... i love it when it rains. Not too much rain, of course. Just enough to get results such as this. :)

It didn't rain at all today ... was so hot! Well, not as humid as before, but still it was quite hot. Good thing there are electric fans! And air conditioners! And cool drinks! :)

Digital Camera Thoughts

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I love taking pictures, even during those days when digital cameras were not yet the "norm". Most of the time I got disappointed with the results, though, but still I tried to do my best. Well, the cameras that I used were the point and shoot type, so I actually had no way to adjust whatever settings I wanted to change. My father had his own camera (wherein you can adjust some of the settings), but I rarely used it since they were using it themselves. It's a good thing that digital cameras are now readily available!

If you want to know the best digital camera for you, then it's important that you have an idea what and how you plan to use it. Like, if you are a frequent traveler, then you may want to know the best travel digital camera that's being recommended by some consumers. Or if you are concerned about how big or heavy the camera is, then you might opt to choose the best ultra compact digital camera available on the market today.

Personally, I like to be able to change some of the settings myself, so I would prefer a digital single lens reflex camera. However, they do need a bit of a learning curve to handle, so newbies might not be so enthusiastic. Whatever your personal decision, it is important that you know how you want to use your camera, so that your expectations will be met and you won't be disappointed when the camera is already in your hands.

Red and Green ... and Rain... and Porn? LOL

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Another shot taken last weekend ... yeah, I was pretty busy at my MIL's garden. :D

I have been uploading most of my blog pictures using photobucket, and lately I have noticed that their advertisements are kind of on the "porn" side. It's their decision, of course, but am just put off by those lewd advertisements. Well, not all of their advertisements are like that, of course. I have just noticed that there seem to be more icky advertisements like that, compared to the first time I signed up with them.

Oh well. To each his own, I guess. Can't do much since my account's just free. :D
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