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Morning Moon

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Was supposed to join yesterday's photo hunt (the theme was HIGH), but since we had to do some 'errands' (like go to the mall, lol), I didn't have time. So, am posting this today, instead. :)

I really like the way the moon seemed to be watching over us, way up high, even if it's not yet night time. Took that shot around slightly past four in the afternoon...

Discipline and Payments

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I remember one time when my dad had to take a house mortgage, and the years it took to paying them off. We weren't really broke, but since my father isn't really the extravagant type (he loves wearing his old shirts and pants wherever he went, to the dismay of my mother! lol), he didn't have a hard time paying them off.

Mortgages is a sensitive topic for some, specially those who are in more of a debt because of it. But I believe that if you really are disciplined enough to pay it off, then you can! Just like my dad. :)

Tasty ...!

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Yesterday I ate the most delicious dinner I've been craving for ... fried fish, rice, and vegetables in coconut milk! It might not taste (and sound) yummy for some, but since I really refrain from frying fish at home (too many oil spillage!), having the opportunity to eat freshly fried fish at a restaurant felt like heaven! :)

Hope we'll go back there again. Hopefully. :)

Bed ...

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Hubby and I are thinking of choosing some platform beds and the different designs that are being offered at the local mall. Our son doesn't like it, though, since he really prefers sleeping on the floor. Yeah, weird, isn't it? lol. I guess that's because he can move his 'bed' wherever he wants, or have it positioned in whatever direction he likes! :D

Kalapana - For You I'd Chase a Rainbow

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Listening to something as 'easy' as this during a hot summer day is really nice ... :)

Going home ...

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My sister and a niece will be going back to the province this summer, and I was wondering if they managed to avail of the cheap flights being offered by traveling agencies nowadays. I know another sister, together with her family, did avail some similar offers when they went abroad.

It would be nice going back home again, and taste my family's home-cooked meals while sitting at the table and talking about those "good ol' days"! :)

Summer Decisions ...

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Since summer is already starting here in my country, most families nowadays are thinking of staying away from the urban heat. Well, most of us, anyway. lol. Some might opt to go somewhere far, like checking out the Pigeon Forge cabin rentals, or maybe somewhere near, like a local beach resort. :)

As for my family and I, a few days ago we were definitely thinking of going somewhere cooler and away from the city heat. No definite plans, yet. Thinking of going back to the province, but if my son's going to take summer lessons, well, that wouldn't be possible. Whatever our final decision, I am positive that my family and I will all enjoy the results!


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It's summer time here in our place and what perfect timing for venturing into a business which you know is really great during this time: Wholesale Sunglasses! I know most of my friends are going to the beach one time or another, and believe me, having sunglasses (not only to protect our eyes, but also makes us look 'different' from the other beach-goers around!) is a must nowadays. Some friends not only have one but at least two in their possessions, and they were quite expensive. But the sunglasses that you can get online, like Shutter Shades, are relatively cheaper and they come in different designs, too! Not only that, if you Buy Shutter Shades, you can make a business selling them! Isn't that just neat? Like getting two for the price of one! :)

As for my family and I, we're not too sure where we'll be heading this summer. My son wants to take summer classes, and I think that's really great. Not too definite, though, since when it's summer time, anything can happen! :)

Yellow Clover

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clover flower

Played around with this shot, using photoshop. All I did was just desaturate everything except for the yellow clover-leaf flower. That's my son standing there ... with just his pajamas showing (wearing his crocs), lol. He went with me while I took some shots around the house (nope, not our house, but my MIL's).

Had our short 'vacation' there last week. :)

Losing Those Pounds

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It's a common problem these days: obesity. I have even seen some children as young as ten who are obese. It's really quite sad, but I believe that obesity is caused by a lot of factors, such as the genes and the person's lifestyle (diet and exercise). I'm no expert, it's just what I have read in some of the articles. Of course, there could be other causes, like an underlying disease, or something. Lots of factors, but the most obvious one would be the diet. For me, anyway. :)

Some people have tried dieting and it never worked for them. I believe it's because they were not able to sustain it after losing a couple or so of pounds. You can accomplish weight loss success with the best diet plans, but equally important must be the discipline to stay on it!

I have a very good friend who tried those different diets, and she did manage to lose some significant pounds off her weight. Sad thing though, is that after losing those pounds she went back to her usual lifestyle again! She's trying to lose weight again, and so I have told her about this site,, where she can choose from the different diets that would suit her best. I have found some really good sites there, like Medifast, Weight Watchers, South Beach Diet, and more.

Last I heard from her was that she did visit the site and plans to start with another program again. I really do hope that she'll stick with it this time; I'm hopeful. :)


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It's my son's birthday today! Yeah, something to celebrate about; no expensive stuffs ... he got them already. LOL. :D

We did get him a nintendo lite DS days before his birthday, since we didn't know then that we would have the time to buy the game console on his birthday. Anyway, we definitely have the time, so we just might go to the mall today. Will be buying his birthday cake and some 'noodles' (which is supposed to signify long life); maybe spaghetti, or pancit malabon (we have a favorite restaurant nearby).

All of this is just a plan ... hopefully things will turn out well! :)

Wordless Wednesday: Church Window

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That's a detail from a church window (below):

church window

Affiliate Marketing

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These days it's really a good idea to have additional knowledge when it comes to marketing. Usually there are plenty of competitions out there, specially if you want to get into something that's already quite popular. I guess that's where affiliate marketing will come in handy.

There's a site where you can find a Marketplace for affiliate marketing partnerships, and that's at This idea started as a school project and will be launched in a few days. I believe this idea is really sound and will prove to be of help to those who want to go into online marketing. It's going to be a great place where different sectors and businesses can get together and benefit from it. You can even increase your site's traffic (and hence more possible clients), or maybe get to cooperate with other similar business sectors; there are definitely lots of possibilities to get your business noticed and increase sales!

Interested? Then do go and check them out! :)

Summer Jobs

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As the weather warms up, these are the two thing to remember: You don’t wanna get burned – on your face on in your summer job search. That’s why you should check out, the top website for finding summer jobs. specializes in hourly and part-time jobs including retail and restaurant work. And best of all, you don’t need to leave the house to land a job. You just need to enter your ZIP code in their website, find the jobs that look like a good match and complete the free registration. is the fastest and easiest way ever to find summer employment, including teen summer jobs. Get started today and beat the rush!

Weed on the Ground

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That's a shot of a weed commonly found here ... but took this shot at a cemetery last weekend. I used to have a really hard time taking shots of this small weed flower, but not anymore after I got my S3. :)

Would love to get a new camera, though. Hopefully, a dslr. Still saving up for that. LOL.

Finding A Job

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Frustrated with checking out the same old boring jobs in the newspaper classifieds or driving around looking for “Help Wanted” signs? Now there’s a better way to find jobs that doesn’t involve wasting time or gas. is the largest part-time and hourly job search website, and they make it easy to find jobs in your area, whether you’re looking for Hartford jobs in Connecticut, Denver jobs or work anywhere else in the country. Once you find a job you like, you can apply online for free. And if you’re looking for job tips and advice, then check out, their job search advice blog.

Going Places

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When my older sister lived abroad for a while we used to call her long distance every now and then. We would have wanted to call her every week, but that wasn't just possible since it was quite expensive that time. The internet was just starting, too, so it wasn't as accessible yet (and pretty expensive, too!). Sometimes she would be the one to initiate the call, though, using those prepaid calling cards; she says they were cheaper. :)

Now my other sister has a close friend who lives in India and they still keep in contact; telling each other what's been going on with each other's lives. Am not too sure if her friend uses india prepaid calling card from, but it's possible. Being a member of the Tata Group (one of the largest telecommunications group in India), you can be assured that when you call india you will be connected right away!

Going to India is actually one of my sister's dreams and personally I would want to go there, too! I think it's such an interesting place, and the first thing that I would want to try would be their food! I've read and watched some documentaries about their culture and it has strengthened my resolve to accompany my sister when she gets the chance to go there. :)

Spider ... again.

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Yup, that's another spider shot again.
I was lucky I saw the spider hiding there, lol. :D

Did I ever mention that I'm scared of them?! Well, now I'm telling you. hahaha. They interest me, though, so I can't help but take their shots whenever I can. :D

Web Hosting

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I have a domain of my own, and in the beginning they were really great. I mean, it was up all the time and whenever I wanted technical help they would respond within twenty-four hours. I was really impressed that time. But after about five months of web contentment, suddenly my site experienced multiple times of being offline; definitely made me irritable, specially if I wanted to post something, and I couldn't since my site was down! I am thinking about transferring to another web hosting company, and it's a good thing I found a nice article about best web hosting over at

The site owner seemed to be having similar problems that I had with my site (being down for countless times!), and it's a good thing he had back-ups. As for me, am not so sure if I have a back-up, but I will certainly look into it!

I can't transfer yet because I still have around five months before my contract expires, but am really interested about moving; it's a good thing I still have a few months before I make my final decision.

Mackey Feary (Kalapana) - Nightbird

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I just love the way Mackey Feary sings this song ... so raw and true. I like the one together with the group, too, but this one so different. Well, for me, anyway. :)

Formal Dressing ...

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During our Junior-Senior Prom (which was eons ago, by the way, lol) my classmates and I weren't really that concerned with what we were wearing. Of course, we were concerned, but not like the way the kids are right now; most of them these days prefer their Prom Dresses to be different and elegant. There's nothing wrong with that, of course. Just that it's probably more expensive! My niece even had to go to the mall and look at the different Evening Dresses and Evening Gowns offered by the stores; she finally found one which she liked, but since it was a tad too revealing for her mom (and grandad), she was forced to choose another gown.

I was with them when they were choosing for the dress, and we got talking about what her friends will be wearing that day; I must say, their JS Prom is now so different from ours! Boys, too, wear more formal clothes. Of course, my JS prom was eons ago, so you can just imagine the difference! ;P

Links Around the World Tag

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Elaine tagged me with this this PR boosting game.

Instruction:1. Place your link after the list. If you have more than 1 blog, feel free to add them all here!2. After placing your blog’s address/es, you must tag 5 or more bloggers that is not yet in the list, this is to keep the ball rolling.Links around the world tag (update as of Mar. 11, 2008)

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Am tagging She, Mousey, Melai, Raquel, and Yennygirl's Little Peanut.

Hope you can continue the tag! :)

Reminiscing ...

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When my son was young he enjoyed playing in one of those trampoline which can be found in some kiddy stores. Whenever he knows we were going to pass by the place he'd be so excited. He just loved bouncing around and usually it's me who gets tired first before he does! lol.

Those were the days ... he's bigger now, and his idea of fun is a bit different these days; he prefers soccer now. :)

Life ..

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Sometimes it happens in a family which you thought was perfect, and when you do find out that it's the truth, you get shocked. I know I was, when I found out that one of my good friends at school had a brother which had a problem with Substance Abuse. Nobody really expected it of him, since he seemed so perfect! I mean, great grades, the teachers and students liked him, and he was active in most of the school activities, too! I guess something in him 'broke' and rebelled against all those expectations, both from the school and at home.

The greatest shock of all was that when news leaked out that he was gay! I have nothing against people who choose to become different from the usual 'set', in fact, some of my good friends are gay! It just came as a shock, though, since he seemed so perfect and not 'unusual'. I'm not sure if his family sent him to a drug rehab center, but I hope that they did, and it did him good.

I haven't heard from my friend after we went to college, but I've heard some stuffs here and there; no news regarding his brother though. I really hope, though, that his brother has recovered now and doing good with his life.

Perry Como - Ave Maria

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Saw this just a few minutes ago over at YouTube; heard this rendition before, but never knew it was him!

This was the song that kept on playing when my grandmother died ... this always reminds me of her. Have tried playing this on piano together with my younger sister, and we did finish the piece (it was a duet); have forgotten most of the notes now, though.

Calming, but sad, for me....

Wishes ...

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Wouldn't it be awesome if you have your very own home theater seating at home? I'm really not such a fan when it comes to watching movies, but I'm sure my family would love to have one at home! Too bad our apartment now is so small, though. Hopefully, when we have saved enough, we can get to choose a place of our own (and hopefully it will be big enough to accommodate a home theater, too!).

Lighting Fixture ...

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I believe that having sufficient lights both inside and outside our houses is important; not only to help ward off possible thieves, but also to make the place look 'homely' and inviting. I've seen some houses with great lighting fixtures and I must admit they really help with the ambiance. I have thought of adding wall sconce inside our apartment, but still undecided since I'm sure I'd need help with that and everyone's so busy these days.

Hopefully, we'll reach a decision real soon.

Take Off The Chlorine ...

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These days our waters from the tap are being 'cleaned' at treatment stations before they actually reach our house, but honestly, after the news about water-borne disease which happened just a while back, I believe we can really never be too careful. Having a water filter would be an added comfort (and security) for me, and I found a site, Pink Shower & Bath Filter Information, where I can do some browsing. This site, Pink Shower & Bath Filters, offer different filters which we might find useful, like a pink bathtub water filter which removes chlorine. They also offer showerheads which can help you save water and energy; something which I am definitely interested in!

If you want to know where you might be able to find these great filters, then I suggest you take the time to visit! I must admit I like their pink filters, and the fact that 5% of revenues are donated to breast cancer (research and/or information dissemination) makes it even more tempting! :)

Wordless Wednesday: Kitty

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Tomorrow ...

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Plan to go to the province tomorrow (where it's going to be cooler, hopefully) ... and I think that's really nice since it's getting to be quite hot here in the city! That's why the electric fans (or air conditioners) have been running for hours on end!

Hopefully ... things will go as planned. Anything can happen, you know. lol. :D

Summer Vacation ...

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It's already the start of the summer vacation for some of the families here in our place, and what a great way to spend it somewhere far from your place together with your family, right? Some of my son's classmates will be taking their vacation abroad and that's why immediately after their final exams they had to leave. Some will not be able to attend their closing ceremony, but their directress understands. :)

If you happen to go to Alberta (USA) and need a hotel, then Calgary Hotel might be a good choice. My sister's former classmate used to live in Alberta before they moved to Canada, and she says that she loved the place. Too bad they had to leave, though, since her husband had to switch jobs and that job was located in Canada. They don't have any regrets, thank goodness, since now they are happier than ever!

It's really great if you can go on a vacation together with your family, and we are definitely thinking of taking one during summer. Nothing far like leaving the country, but somewhere closer to home. It might be my hometown, or maybe at hubby's place. Or maybe somewhere a bit farther, like going to the northern part of the country. Wherever our plans take us, I just know that we'll have great fun, as long as we are safe and together! :)

Easter Time ...

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It's that time of the year when we are supposed to contemplate about Jesus and the sufferings he went through ... back when I was younger, we used to visit the church and do the "Way of the Cross" with the family. We weren't supposed to have 'fun', like watch television, or play noisy games. It was part of the tradition. Meat was strictly prohibited, too. However, while living here in the city, I noticed that most families go on vacations instead. lol.

Quite different, but I believe that as long as people don't hurt others then they can do what they want. But that's just my thoughts ... yours may be different. :)

Housing Options

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If you already have a family, it's really a great blessing if you have a home of your own. Some of my friends and their families live in rented apartments since they feel that they just can't afford to buy a place of their own, yet. I think that's really sad, and I feel lucky that my dad has provided a place for us here in the city. Still, it would be nice getting a place all our own, using our own finances. That's quite a long way off, though, but I have been reading about Construction Loans for some time now. There are some really good articles which deals with important topics such as Construction Loan Information.

I'm sure that some of my friends would like to read on Construction Loan Information themselves, so I'm going to tell them all about it. Hopefully they will be encouraged to take a construction loan or make them understand it more. I know some of the topics online have helped me and my husband understand it more. :)

Vacation Time!

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If you want to set yourself up a beautiful vacation spot, try Massanutten rentals in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains. The condos Massanutten House Rentals offer are top quality and I know you'll love the view. The Shenandoah Valley is an amazing place with serene outdoors and a very modern resort. Whether your thing is biking, hiking, or skiing there's something for you at Massanutten. Check out their website and see what's available for when you're ready to go on a Massanutten vacation rental.

PhotoHunt: I Spy

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Took this shot one morning; can you see the busy bee? :)

I wanted to get closer, but they were so busy and didn't stay long in one flower for me to take their shot properly. So, I had to be content with this one. Looks like the bee has already visited a number of flowers already (look at the amount of pollen it has already collected!).

No retail mark-up!

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I believe that if you can save money while buying something that you want, then I say go for it! That's the same thing with directbuy, where you can buy merchandise without retail mark-up! Of course, you have to be a member to avail of their products (appliances and furnishings, among others) and I believe that that's only fair. After all, if you buy directly from the manufacturer that's already a good deal! :)

School Decision

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I have heard that there are really great fashion schools in california, as well as equally great fashion schools in los angeles, too. I have heard some high school graduates said that they want to try a certain fashion school in california where some of their cousins were studying. I think it's really wonderful that they already have an idea where they want to study after graduation; some are still undecided.

During my time I already had an idea what course I wanted to take up and I was pretty lucky to be accepted at the university of my choice. I hope that the same thing will happen to the current graduates, too ... :)

Dental check-up

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In a while my son and I will be visiting the dentist; nope, nothing drastic like a tooth extraction, but only a check-up with his expansion plates (they placed it last weekend). It's been a week now since they placed it, and I must admit there were times when my son felt a bit uncomfortable (specially after I 'tightened' after four days). But he's ok now. :)

Still, I believe that a check-up is important, so in about two hours we'll be going out!

Own business

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Trying to put up your own business these days is one of the available options that the current young professionals are thinking about. Not only that, but it's also because our government are encouraging those who are capable to put up their own business and manage it themselves instead of working for others. Of course, there will always be work for those who prefer to be employed, but I believe that if you can indeed have a business of your own, then why not try it out, right? Most of my friends are still employed in different companies, but some are seriously thinking of quitting and putting up their own business instead. They are still in the process of saving, though, so that's why they can't quit yet.

One important thing for a business to continue running is to have a steady means of communication to it's customers and one way would be to have a dedicated business phone that's always open for customers. That's really important, specially if you want your clients to know that you are available for them if ever they have any questions or inquiries. One site to look for communication systems products would be at They have a wide range of communication products that you might be interested and would most probably help you and your company. :)

A former college classmate of mine just recently started her own company and even if it is still quite small for now, she plans to scout out for more resources and hopefully hire more competent people. Nope, I don't plan to apply at her company since I don't think I'm competent enough. lol. But seriously, it's because I honestly don't have the time to work outside the house. If only it was possible that I work at home, then that's more convenient for me. :)

Friday's Feast

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Friday's Feast


On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 as highest), how much do you like your own handwriting?

LOL. It's ok, I guess .. so I'd say an 8. :)


Do you prefer baths or showers?

I prefer showers ... :)


What was the last bad movie you watched?

Oh my ... can't remember! Don't watch them much ...

Main Course

Name something you are addicted to and describe how it affects your life.

Am addicted to taking pictures (is there such a thing??!) and so my camera's always with me; my family knows this and sometimes they even call me (mostly my nieces) when they find something interesting, like a new bug, or something. They know I love taking macro shots. :)


Which instrument is your favorite to listen to?

I love listening to different musical instruments ... like the piano, guitar, and even the saxophone (specially if it's Kenny G who's playing it!).


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This seems to be the most common spider I've seen in different locations these days. Even saw one being posted (same country as mine, but in a different place) just recently. I have to admire the way these spiders seem to be able to multiply even with most of the population (people) not caring a fig about them.

I guess it's more or less the same with cockroaches, huh?! LOL. But somehow the cockroaches are not as interesting for me, though, compared to the spiders and their diversity. :)

Musically inclined ...?

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When we were young, my parents were the type that wanted their kids to learn the piano. Admittedly, I was not one of the happy ones. lol. Most of my sisters (even our youngest) had the knack in play the piano effortlessly, but I always had such a hard time playing good music. Sure, I remembered and managed to memorize the pieces that were assigned to me, but somehow it just didn't sound special. For me, at least. Or maybe I just didn't have the right 'feelings' for the instrument. I liked listening to my sisters play, though, and really so proud of them. They even got awards for their efforts and I was really proud to be associated with them those times! Sometimes people wanted me to play for them, but since I have stopped practicing for years now, I don't know if I can still play at least a single piece!

Hubby, too, was taught how to play the piano (and he loved it!), so every time we visit my mother-in-law's place he always manages to play the piano. I do a bit of tinkering, but not too much, lol. It's fun, but I must admit, not really me. My son does a bit of dabbling, too, but he prefers not to take piano lessons; he'd rather take taekwondo lessons! He does play a certain instrument, though, which we call anklung. It's a musical instrument made from bamboo. :)

Our piano got destroyed during a very serious flooding in our city, and since our youngest sister loved to play the piano, they decided to buy something similar, like the portable keyboards found in the malls (or you can find some online, too, like at At first she didn't like it since of course it was actually different from a 'true' piano. Eventually, though, she agreed since she really needed to practice for her lessons. She never regretted that decision and until now she still uses the original portable keyboard that they bought! It's so wonderful listening to her play it everytime we go back home for a visit! :)

On planning ...

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Tomorrow, a Saturday, my family and I have already planned half of the day. Or maybe it's just me who did the planning. lol. Usually I want things to be planned before starting things out, but I do know that sometimes our plans don't go the way we want them to; there are always glitches. (Like my plan to give myself a digital camera last December! lol. It's still in the plan and I'm slowly working at it...)

At first I really got so angry when things don't go as planned, but as the years passed by I have really realized that things, however meticulously planned, don't always turn out the way we want them to ... i have realized that everything happens for a reason and in the long run it might be the right one for you! :)

GPS tracking

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With the start of emerging newer and bolder technologies, it is indeed a good idea to use them whenever they are applicable and if you can afford them. Take for example GPS Tracking. For some it might not be that important, but if you view the video below it is certainly helpful.

Some GPS tracking devices are so small that they can be easily concealed. It can then be placed inside a car (or whatever your valuables are) without being observed; and since it's magnet is so powerful, placing it under the car is possible, and it wouldn't matter if it gets wet since it is water resistant. What's really great about some of these tracking devices is that they are so easy to use, and they are even Google Earth compatible! Really neat, huh?

But do you know that you can also use them for tracking your teen's driving habits? Yes, that's definitely a good idea, specially if you are concerned about how or where your teenager hangs out. Not only that, it can also monitor the speed, location, time, and time duration the device remains stationary. Definitely a good way to monitor your teen's driving behavior without you being inside the car! :)

What is Computer Forensic?

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Would you believe there was a time when I was hesitant in using the computer since I didn't have any idea what and how to operate it? It sounds unbelievable to some kids but the computers those days were not exactly customer-friendly. But I had to learn, since I had to make some term papers during college. The first time those internet cafes boomed near the university was the time when term papers and thesis papers were almost due! The traffic inside the shops then was so great and people had to cue for their turn; there were times when the owner had to extend their working time since there were just too many students needing to use the computer! And would you believe there wasn't even internet connection at that time?! We've come a long way, since then. :)

These days the computers are really so computer friendly that you can even personalize your own computers! And they are also relatively cheaper and more accessible these days, too! I guess that's why there are more persons who have their own computers and rely heavily on them. Some personal and important data may be stored in them, too! And that's where a computer forensic might be a big help!

Computer Forensics is actually the retrieval of data stored in your computer which may be used as evidence in a court of law. Yes, that's possible now these days, but I believe totally unheard of during the earlier days of the computer. If you believe that you need their services, then I suggest you visit and see how they may be able to give you a solution to your situation!

It just fell off!

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Something great happened today: my son managed to 'take out' his baby tooth himself! Nope, nothing drastic like using pliers or something like that. lol. It was really already wobbly last week and in fact, when we visited the dentist last week I suggested that they remove the tooth, but he said, "no."

So, the dentist said it's ok, it will just fall off by itself. And that's what exactly happened! :)

Emergency Cases

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I believe that a person's life is really important, and that's why I think it's really great that somebody thought of putting up an air ambulance. There was a time when my mom's life was critical and the doctors at our local hospital was baffled with her condition. She seemed to be slipping real fast and so they were thinking of airlifting her to another hospital which they believed was more equipped to treat her. They even thought of airlifting her internationally! My mom disagreed, though, so they couldn't push through with the plan. Eventually, my mom did get well and a year later she's now almost back to her usual self.

In places where air ambulance is available, patients who need emergency care (or needed surgery but the place is quite far) are given the immediate treatment that they require. That's really important, specially if time is crucial. They needed to be transported immediately, like in trauma cases, or maybe if a person got bitten by a snake and needed anti-venom immediately (which was available only at a certain hospital). There could be plenty of reasons why air ambulance is crucial and I am really glad that they are now available these days! :)

Rays of Light

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rays of light

Wasn't trying to take a shot of anything here, until my camera passed by a certain angle and I noticed the rays of light on the upper-ish right side. I liked it, so I clicked! :)

That's a part of a plant's body with a couple or so of ants (yeah, I like them as subjects! quite difficult at times, though ... but definitely interesting and challenging for me! lol); obviously, the ants are not visible. LOL

Strategy and Online Games

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Whenever my son finishes his homeworks after arriving from school he enjoys playing on the computer. He visits the sites which he and some of his classmates play; they don't get to play together, though, but in some of the sites they do. I monitor those sites and he even discusses the strategies required to play those games! I must admit it interests me, and I believe that that's a good thing since it helps me understand my son much more. He is quite open with me regarding his friends, too, and that's really great.

The first time I heard that he also enjoys those strategy games, I also thought of
Online Casinos. Think it's far-fetched? I don't think so, since I learned that you need to learn a bit of strategy, too, when it comes to online betting. I was surprised when I first read about that, I must admit. But it seems logical. Kind of like some of the games my son has been playing online. But of course, there's no betting when it comes to his games; except maybe with their life points, or something. :)

I don't play on those online casino games since I don't know much about them. But they are interesting and that's why every now and then I try to read about some of the games. :)

Researching and stuffs ...

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Being a newbie when it comes to Online Casinos, I am grateful towards a very helpful online friend who introduced me to the game. I have noticed most of the online casino advertisements on the internet, but really hesitant about visiting them since I had absolutely no idea how the games are being played! So, when I casually asked my online friend about it I was surprised to know that he was a fan! Nope, he doesn't spend millions, but he says that he 'dabbles' into a few games every once in a while. He tried explaining to me some of the pointers, and the first thing that he actually said (which I remember until this day!) was discipline. At first I was baffled, but eventually I got what he meant.

He then told me to do some researching on my own, but to hold off actually playing since most probably I would just lose. I believe that that would happen, too, so I went off and did some researching here and there. It didn't happen overnight, of course. I just did some readings when I had the additional time online and he even sent me some nice links, including the one from

Until now I am still doing my researching and it looks like it will still continue; admittedly, I am still a newbie at it. But that's fine with me, am in no hurry. Besides, it's fun learning! :)

Jim Croce - These Dreams

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Heard him so so many years ago ... back when my older sisters were then in college (and I was, like, still in elementary school. lol). He was quite famous then and for those who really liked playing the guitar, well, he was their idol!

I like the way he seems to play the guitar effortlessly and his lyrics are unpretentious. Love the melody, too!

I just wish he didn't die young ... he'd have churned out more hits if he lived to a ripe old age.

Finding Someone Special Online

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I have a friend who used to enjoy browsing through different online dating services and singles personals because she was really genuinely trying to look for a friend online. I remember, she went to the internet cafe almost everyday just so she'd get to chat with most of her online friends. Some of the sites which she tried were Lavalife, and Friend Finder. I guess she was also looking for a person that understood her and was willing to spend his life with her. It all turned out well since she did find somebody special in one of the sites and pretty soon her friend arrived in the country to visit her. It all seemed pretty romantic the first time they met; I wasn't there, but the way she described it was really so beautiful. I guess it was love at first sight for both of them! :)

Know where she is right now? Well, after a few months they got married at her church and they stayed in her place for almost a year. Then after that they moved to another country and that's where they've been for about some time now, together with their kid. The last I heard from her was that she was learning to cook different types of food famous for that area and having a wonderful time! :)

Wordless Wednesday: Buying Bread ...

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buying bread

*shot taken with camera phone ... pardon the grittiness.

Still undecided ...

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comparison (40D/450D)

still totally undecided!

since i had to use some of my camera money a while back, that means it's back to 'saving time' again! hahaha. that's a blessing in disguise, I believe, since that will give me more time to think about which camera to buy. For now, am really undecided between the 40D and the 450D...

*photo from

Online Gaming...

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It has been some time since an online friend introduced me how to Play Casino Games online. I must admit, at the start I was quite hesitant since I know that you need money to play in one of those sites, but I'm glad to say I was wrong! Know why? Because some sites offer games wherein you don't need to actually use 'real' money for betting! It's something like an initiation, or a trial; something that will make you feel comfortable about online casino games and make things sort of 'familiar'. It's not exactly like the 'real thing', of course, but it's similar. I tried a game once and I must admit, I liked it! My online friend told me to be cautious, though, when it comes to actual gambling. I readily agreed with him!

I know some people get annoyed with those gambling sites, since there are some people who love to gamble, but don't know how to stop! That's the first lesson my online friend told me: learn when to stop. I mean, you can get so caught up in the game that you might not know that you're losing more than you care to admit!

Just remember that it's all just a game, and if you win some, you're bound to lose some, too! Hopefully, it won't be much. :)

Domain Registration

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Last year I have thought about domain name registration and after doing a teeny bit of research (I must admit I wasn't really that thorough in trying to find a good site where I can register a domain name) I finally got one! It's a good thing an online friend helped me with the initial stuffs since I was really stumped after getting my own domain! After a bit I slowly got used to it, but I still falter when it comes to some of the technical details.

There have been some problems recently with that site, though. I mean, it gets offline every now and then and to me that's really inconvenient! That's why I'm thinking of transferring the domain to another site. A friend did just that, and she said that the transfer is quite easy; your site will be down for about six hours and then after that it's back to normal again. I hope I can be as confident as her when I do decide to shift to another server! :)

Update ...

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The inline text link ads are finally off from my site. Or at least I'd like to think so! Am really glad that Clicksor replied to my email and here's their answer:


The reason our ads displayed on your page might be caused by the widgets you used. One of the widgets you are using might be our publisher. So he is serving our ads through his widget to sites that uses his application. We have already asked the owner of the widget to clearly state to his users that they will have pop-unders when using his widget.

Thank you for your input and understanding.


Alan Wong | Account Manager

350 Highway 7 East, Suite 308

Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 3N2, Canada

What I did yesterday was to take out the other advertisements I had on my site (wasn't getting anything from them, anyway. lol) and I think one of the publishers there was the 'culprit'. Didn't know which one, but this has certainly taught me a lesson: before putting anyone's advertisement on your blog make sure you know what it can do to your site! Most of them are probably "harmless" but I've seen some sites with pop-under ads and I don't think the blog owner was responsible for that!

Anyway, lesson learned. So on with blogging. :)

Clicksor - how come?!

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Opened my site today and found out that somebody has placed those greenish links here!!!! I didn't do anything yesterday after posting, and so am really surprised (and totally annoyed!!!) that this happened.

Have already contacted the site and asked them how I may be able to remove the ads. I have nothing against them, but I didn't sign up at their site...

I hope they'll give me a reply soon and tell me how to remove the ads.

Those pop-under ads are annoying, too! aaarrggghhhh!!!

Hope blogspot can do something about this ...

New Site!

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Found something new today: Snapbomb! It's a great place where you can help create buzz by reviewing and blogging about certain topics; and what's really cool is that bloggers can earn while blogging, too! Isn't that just neat? So perfect for those who want to earn while doing something that they do on a regular basis - like blogging!

Want to sign-up, too? It's so easy! To go to the site just click on the Snapbomb logo below. Have fun earning! :)

Internet, Chatting, and Emails

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I have never visited any teen chat rooms, like the one at, but I guess my niece has visited a couple or so. Am not so sure if she chats with those she doesn't know, but I'm sure she chats with most of her former classmates there. It's one of the sites where she keeps in contact with most of her high school classmates. I think that's really great that they still keep in touch, since most of them are studying quite far form each other.

I remember, my former classmates and I used to keep in touch, too, but not through the internet. The internet then was quite unheard of (well, we know the internet was there, but we just had no easy access to it) so of course we communicated through snail mail. I used to make regular trips to the post office back then, and have grown quite familiar to the workers there. They were a nice lot and pretty friendly. But after the internet got more accessible I'm afraid I stopped writing letters frequently. Now, it's only an occasional card or two for some friends who don't have an email address. I guess sending emails is more convenient, specially if you have a computer and a reliable internet connection at home. :)

Jewelry ...

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Have you ever wanted Designer Earrings with Diamonds? I guess most girls have, including me! I prefer diamonds (compared to other gems) since that's also my birthstone; and I just like the purity, simplicity, and elegance that a brilliantly cut diamond can exude!

My mom and a sister are fond of jewelries, and they each have this wonderful collection which they really treasure. As for me, since my budget doesn't include extravagant jewelries, I am just content poring and browsing through their collections and commenting on one or two pairs. I wouldn't dare wearing them to any social function myself since there is a possibility that I might lose them! My mom and my sister have encouraged me to try wearing my birthstone, but somehow walking along the road with a very expensive earring/necklace is just not my style. Or maybe when I get to buy my own set of diamond earrings I will wear them, someday. :)

If you want to get a really awesome pair of diamond jewelries, then do check out! They have lots to offer, and I'm so sure you'll like at least one of their elegant designs! Not only do they have earrings, necklaces, rings, pendants, and bracelets, but they also make men's jewelry and bridal sets, too! :)

Weekend Snapshot: Ant

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Saw this type of ant again, while I was watering some plants. They are quite big and their mandibles can be quite intimidating. Some of the kids are actually quite scared of them because of their size. Wouldn't want to be bitten, of course, but I just love taking their picture. :)

Need Warehousing Services?

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Before I got married, I encountered different types of people in my work and one of them were those who needed warehousing solutions as well as a warehousing service. Those were the pre-internet days so what was important then was that you had contacts. Since I was still a newbie then (almost fresh from college!), I had so few contacts so I relied mostly on my superiors to give me the names. It's a good thing there is the internet these days! Something like warehousing service can be covered with just a few clicks on your computer and then you can immediately get results! Of course, you still have to consider a lot of things, and one of them could be the location. It helps greatly, of course, if the warehousing site is near your area, to minimize the cost of transporting them. However, there is always a solution for everything! Sometimes it might not be the one that we think that we need (we sometimes have this idea that our way is almost always the best one, lol), but in the long run it might be the perfect solution! :)

Andrea Bocelli and Elmo

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This is just sooo cute! :)

I miss listening to Andrea Bocelli ... I should go and find my cds. :D

Finding space ...

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These days if you plan to have an online store and your products are bulky, it is important to have a warehouse. A really safe place where you can store your wares as well as a place where you can easily check whether you still have enough stocks, or not. There's just a site that can help you with your warehouse needs, and not only that, it offers an automated warehouse service, too! They can also serve as a wholesale clothing distributor, if you need one. Being a wholesale clothing distributor definitely needs space and if you deal with clothing and you need space then is one such site where you can get it!

Some people have problems with their inventory, specially if the area is small. But if you have enough space you won't be having that problem! Arranging and checking your stocks would be easier, with enough space.

So, are you trying to find a warehouse that fits you? Then do go and check out and see how they may be able to help you with your business solutions! :)

Passing on ...

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Lately I've been seeing advertisements for Patek Philippe and it reminds me so much of a former college classmate! Her dad had this watch with that brand and when he passed away it was given to her. I remember her telling me all about it, with tears falling from her eyes. She and her dad were very close and when he passed away she felt so alone; her mom lived far from her, as well as her other sibling.

Now that she's got a family of her own, she told me that she plans to give the watch to her eldest son, my godchild. :)

Kathie Green - Alone Again and Free

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It's been ages since I've heard this song! Nice that the person who made this video decided to add the lyrics. :)

Storing data ...

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Gone are the days when you had to bring bulky floppy disks just so you can store a bit of your data! Well, there just might be someone out there who does just that, but when the USB was introduced into our computers, the flash drive naturally had to follow! I think it's really great since they can really be pretty handy and another great thing is that you can store plenty of data in a single flash drive, if you buy the one with the highest capacity! So cool, and so convenient! :)

Some thoughts ...

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We all know that an antioxidant can do wonders for our body! I guess that's why there are now different products available online (and even offline) since a lot of people are interested. Of course, if you know that a certain substance can help boost your immune system and help fight off existing diseases, then you'd definitely be interested! I know I would be!

Let's just be cautious about what products to buy, though, since of course some of them might just be marketing ploys and might not even work! It's good to do some research about the product first and then if you believe that they are worthy of your hard-earned money, then go ahead and try the product! :)

Watches online ...

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Would you like to have your very own patek phillipe watches? I know my husband would! They are just so elegantly made that you know you'll feel different when you wear one! Unless, maybe, that you're so used to wearing expensive watches that it doesn't really matter to you anymore! However, am so sure there are only a handful of people who feels like that! :)

If you want to buy breitling watches or maybe a patek philippe, then you should visit! They have these incredibly amazing (though expensive) watches online which are really guaranteed to make you feel good, specially if you know that you can afford to buy even at least one! Those who like the feeling of elegance will be sure to love owning one of these exclusive watches!

Interested? Or just want to know more? Then do go and check them out! You'll love the site, I'm sure!:)

Alfred Lord Tennyson quote

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I am a part of all that I have seen.
Alfred Lord Tennyson

Quite another interesting quote ... I have to agree with that! We do learn from our experiences, and everything that you've experienced you try to understand and in the process it becomes a part of you, no matter how small. Or trivial.

Warehouse for your Online Store

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Are you thinking of having your own online store? Or trying to find a distributor for your products? Or how about wanting a space where you can place your stocks for your online store? There are plenty of questions that needs to be answered when it comes to having an online business and if your products are quite bulky, then storage can be a problem if you don't have it! It's a good thing that there's a fulfillment center where you can do just that! can also be a wholesale book distributors as well as manage your purchase order processing for you so that means you will have more time to deal with the other aspects of your business!

Having a business doesn't necessarily mean that you have to do everything yourself; as long as you know that your other business associates are as competent as you, then you don't need to worry! :)

Heirloom ...

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Isn't it great owning a timepiece that you really love? Like a patek philippe, perhaps? I know my husband would love the idea of having some patek phillipe watches in his wardrobe! Of course, they can be pretty expensive, though. But if you really want one patek watch and you know that you can afford it, then I suggest you go ahead and buy one! :)

I remember a former classmate who was given by her late father a similar watch and she cherished it even if the straps were quite frayed and drab already. I told her to have the straps replaced, but she said that she just couldn't, since it reminded her of her father so much. I'm not sure if she finally had the straps replaced, but I do know that she still keeps that watch. I did ask her about it last year (yeah, that long! lol), and she said that she plans to pass it to one of her sons soon.

What a wonderful heirloom! :)

John Dryden quote

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It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.
John Dryden

Quite an interesting quote ... but I guess that that's true. I mean, you can never imagine a friend stabbing you behind your back, so if he/she does that then it seems unforgivable! Whereas if an enemy does that ... well, since you were expecting it, you can forgive him/her because you know he/she was capable of doing such an act.

Am I being sane here? LOL

Compensation ....

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Have you ever been in an accident and you needed to get compensation? I know some people who didn't know that it was their right to be compensated! Some said that they were fine and didn't want any trouble. But the fact is that if it wasn't their fault, they had to be compensated; eventually some of them did demand compensation, while the others who suffered minor bruises just walked away. They weren't bitter, they said. They were ok, and just glad to be alive!

I remember my sister who was riding in one of those public utility vehicles roaming around our area and when there was a big bump my sister fell flat on her back! It was a good thing there was no vehicle behind them, or else she would have been run over! The driver was really kind enough to stop and ask how she was feeling. He said that he will pay for any medical bills that she will incur and after accompanying her to a clinic (and finding out she was fine), he did pay the bill. I wish all drivers (involved in accidents) would be like that man!

All that happened here in our place, but if you're in UK, and if you want to know more about legal services in UK Accident Claims, then do check out!

Weekend ...

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Last weekend we didn't do much except just go to the groceries and visit my son's dentist. Quite boring, huh?! But we had to go to the dentist since my son had to have his expansion plates fitted. At first he really found it quite uncomfortable (and once or twice he started to look like he was gagging!), but after about an hour wearing it, he said he was ok.

Indeed, he says he likes playing with it using his tongue, and I told him not to get so used to playing with it. hahaha. Anyway, it's really a good thing that he has such a good relationship with his dentist that he's not afraid everytime we schedule a visit....

Quite unlike me when I was younger .... LOL. :D

Friday's Feast

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Friday's Feast


If you could be any current celebrity for one whole week, who would you want to be?

No idea, really. Am not that updated when it comes to celebrities and their lives. ;P


On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how much do you enjoy talking on the phone?

Honestly, not so much. LOL. So I'd give it a 4. :D


Name a charitable organization to which you have donated (or would like to).

Have donated to some of them, but mostly local ones. :)

Main Course

What is a food you like so much you could eat it every single day for a month?

I like rice .... and I eat it every single day! :D


Have you or anyone in your family had the flu this year?

I think I'm feeling the onset of the flu right now ... ugh!

Peeking through the window ...

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Took that shot while I was peeking through our glass jalousie windows (hence the white upper and lower backgrounds) a while back. It was the first time I saw that bird there (i just love bird-watching, though I actually have to go out there and visit those bird-watching sites! lol) and I was just lucky I had my camera nearby.

It helps to have your camera always beside you. LOL.

Business ...

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These days getting into business for oneself is really a very tempting idea, specially if you know and feel like you can really make a go for it! However, it helps if you know a really good Telemarketing firm for you and your business since they could really be a huge help. They could help with lead generation, sales training, and even with database cleaning, among other things! It helps to know that there's a firm behind your business that can help you grow and achieve the heights that you want to reach.

My father has been a very good business man for many years, and till now he is still managing a part of the farm, in his 80s. I guess it's just in his blood: being in command and seeing something fruitful come out of his work. He still manages the rice fields and is always in contact with the workers there. Every week he visits the farm, though he doesn't stay long unless it's absolutely necessary, like during paydays. He didn't hire any telemarketing firms, though, since they were quite unheard of during those days.

Am not too sure, but maybe there were already similar firms back then, but just not that popular in our place. It's a good thing you can avail of their services these days! :)

Simon's Cat 'Let Me In!'

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I think this one's so cute! I like the way it was done, and honestly, I wouldn't have thought that that would be the ending! LOL.

I really admire people who can think up of things like these ... it takes a lot of time, dedication and love for your job to do something like this! Well, some would not really consider this as a job, I suppose; specially if they love their working place as well! :)

On Owning a House ...

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Have you ever taken Homeowner Loans, or something similar? I know it's a tough decision for some (since they are not that sure if they will be able to pay the amount monthly) but if you're really bent on improving your house (or getting a new one), and you have no other choice, then getting a loan is your best choice. You just have to make sure you will be able to pay the dues, though.

Hubby and I took out a loan a few years back for our house in the province and we did pay the dues religiously. I just am the type of person that hates owning somebody anything, so I make sure we pay on time. lol. It's a good thing my dad decided to help us with the payments, though, so now we are debt-free from that company! Our house is currenly being used by another family but hubby and I have been thinking of renovating it, like this news about homeowners renovating their properties so that more sellers/buyers will be attracted. I really believe that's a neat idea! However, since we're quite far from our previous house that idea will have to wait.

That's fine with us, though. Anway, we're not in a hurry. :)

Lost hope!

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I have totally lost hope when it comes to technorati ...!!! Well, I guess I should consider myself "lucky" since my number hasn't gone down below a hundred, but I remember a few months ago it was almost 300! I know, somebody mentioned that they keep tabs only on the 6mos. links that you have, but I was really surprised since my blog wasn't six months yet (a couple of months ago) and my number was dropping really fast! Like, almost a hundred the first time it dropped!

Have already told them about my situation, but nobody even bothered to answer me. Oh well. Guess there must be a hundred queries over at their site and they're pretty busy answering them all. If they find the time to answer them at all ...

Oh well.

On with life ... and blogging! :)

Available time ..

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I honestly don't know much about slots and how they are being played, but I guess one of my online friends have an idea! I believe it has something to do with gambling, and if it does, then that's why I don't have that much idea about the subject! Online gaming does interest me at times, but not so much anymore since things have been pretty hectic these days: not much time available for internet browsing!

I only get to go online specially during morning, since that's the time when I have less household chores ... yeah, they get piled up during the afternoons, so I am busier during those times! But that's okay, though. Hopefully we'll have a helper soon, and my workload will be a little lighter.

It would be great having the time to go online whenever I want to, again! Having the available time to browse through the internet and learn lots of stuffs (for free! lol) is a wonderful opportunity! :)

Vegas Online Casino

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Are you interested about online casino and similar types of online games? I must admit, at first they were really irritating (specially the pop-ups back then!) but after an online friend showed me how to have fun while playing in one of their sites, I was hooked! Though of course I still haven't really played in one of those casino games using actual money! I just don't have the extra cash yet to reach that level! :)

But my online friend has been telling me that there's this vegas casino that I should try, and it sounds interesting enough. I will, of course, be back later when I have more time to actually browse the site in a leisurely manner. This day is just so full; too many to accomplish, and somehow the time doesn't seem to be enough!

What about you? Are you interested? Or not? lol. If you are, then do go and visit them! If you enjoy playing at online casinos as much as an online friend does, then I'm sure you'll enjoy visiting the site, too! :)

Going back ...

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Tomorrow my son and I will be going to the dentist again ... not for me, though. But for my son, and he's really excited about it. Weird, huh? I mean, most kids would dread the idea of going to the dentist, since sometimes it could be painful, specially if it's a tooth extraction! It's a good thing my son's first experience with the dentist was great, and that's why he doesn't mind going back there again! :)

Mercedes Crazy ... :)

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Most of my male friends have this crazy interest when it comes to cars; I must admit sometimes hubby displays the same attitude, too! lol. That's why it's no wonder sometimes the wallpapers on their computers are usually shots of a car (and sometimes with a very sexy girl in it! lol). But not all of them are into it, though. Everyone has their own personal preferences.

I'm sure that if most of them find a Mercedes Body Kit on the internet they'd visit the site right away! Some of those who are lucky to have a Mercedes would certainly love that site since they'd be able to find all the accessories they'd need for their car!

Do you own a Mercedes, or just like browsing anything concerning them? Then do go and visit the site! :)

Thoughts3 ...

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Yesterday I was supposed to go online, but I just couldn't. Didn't feel too well enough to turn on the computer and do some blogging. I did manage to go out a bit and take pictures, though. hahaha. Taking pictures is not as "stressful" as blogging, I guess. Anyway, I always bring my camera with me so taking pictures is just like second nature for me. I just wish I can now buy that dslr, though. Well, I'm sure I'll get one soon... in HIS time. :)

Wordless Wednesday: Bare and Blue

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Get your contents noticed!

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Have you heard of It's a site for those who want to have their page contents get noticed! I'm sure we all want someone to see what we've been up to! What's more, they can help you monetize and market your work, too! Isn't that neat?

Joining is easy, simple, and free! So for those who hasn't joined yet, do go and check them out! Better yet, do sign-up at the site, too! :)
Use Buzzfuse* to easily rate, review, and share this item

Thoughts2 ...

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I was just browsing through some of my photos which I have posted in a photo site and it has certainly brought back wonderful memories ... I mean, it feels like it's been ages since I've cajoled my family into going on photo trips with me! Usually every weekend we used to go to parks or somewhere interesting just so I can use my camera; but nowadays we usually just go to the malls or do some mundane stuffs like buying grocery (supplies). How boring, huh?!

But I guess one reason why I'm not so keen on "going out there" is because I seem to have outgrown my camera; I think I want something more. Too bad that "something more" is expensive! LOL

Anyway ... hopefully things will turn out well. :)

Insurance ...

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I just found out from hubby that a friend's brand new car has just been stolen and the owners are devastated since they just got it that day! It's a good thing it was insured, but still, it's a very painful experience! I asked hubby if it had an alarm, and he said that he wasn't sure. What's doubly terrible is that inside the stolen vehicle were their personal belongings, like a laptop and some other nifty gadgets. The owners were just eating out (and celebrating, most probably), and when they finished and returned to the car park, they were surprised and horrified to learn that their brand new car was nowhere to be found! Really terrible!

I guess that's why insurance, like a Van Insurance, is really important. Not only for our cars, but also for our houses, too. We really will never know what's going to happen so it's a good thing to have a "back-up plan" like a good insurance. But of course we should be aware of the different insurance companies out there and try to check out which company offer is more favorable for us. If you still haven't had your car (or house, or business) insured, then I think this is the best time to do some researching regarding insurance benefits. :)

Thoughts ...

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It's really great because the past couple of days have been cooler than the usual ... that means we don't use the electric fans as much! It has been raining more than the usual, too, and I think it's great since that means that I wouldn't need to water the plants! LOL.

But seriously, I am loving this cooler weather ... I just hope that our summer wouldn't be so hot. It would be nice if we can go somewhere cooler this summer (if it's really that humid and hot); maybe go home to the province, perhaps?

We'll see ... :)

Keeping Communications Open ...

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When my sister left the country to work abroad, we used to call her because we didn't have a computer (and internet connection), then. So, we purchased phone cards at a local telecommunications office; usually, though, it was my sister who did the calling since getting a phone card there was much easier. She said that it was relatively cheaper, too.

Then my aunt went to live abroad, and since she and my mom were quite close, communication between them never stopped. I remember my aunt calling almost every week and then she and my mom would talk for what seemed like hours! I tell you, those phone cards were really a blessing for them ... until now, whenever my aunt calls, they still talk on the phone for hours! :)

Perry Como - And I Love You So

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We're waiting for our yellow cab pizza right now and I believe that it's almost an hour since I last called them ... oh well. They did say that the order will take around 45mins to an hour to arrive. An hour! Oh well ... if I really didn't like their pizza I would never order a delivery from them!

Anyway, about that video ... well, was browsing through YouTube and found this ... Perry Como's And I Love You So. I've listened to Helen Reddy's rendition, and also the one sung by Don McClean. I must admit, I liked both Helen Reddy's and Perry Como's versions. :)

Am getting hungry ... hope the pizza's coming now!

Earning from your house ...

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I have never really thought about it much, but getting additional money from your existing home is possible. If you are a retiree and you feel that your home is too big for you, then maybe downsizing to a smaller home (but within the same vicinity) can make you a nice profit. That is certainly a possibility that is available to most homeowners and maybe they won't be needing Homeowner Loans. But of course, for some people who have developed some attachments to their home of ten years (or longer), this might not be a very good option. It is actually a personal decision. I just never thought that possible, until I read about that here in the internet.

My parents are retired now, and if they are the only ones living in our house it would really be too big for them. It's a good thing that some of my sisters and their family still live with them, so the house is just enough for them all. The house serves as the place where we hold our reunions also, so it fits all of us when we go and visit them. I guess the house is a warmer place because of the many memories it has witnessed so far. :)

Canon EOS 40D

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Yup, have finally decided to get this one. I know, I know ... I have been saying this for the longest time (about getting a dslr), but I have finally decided to get this one. Know why it took me such a long time to decide? Simple, really: the price! LOL. Actually, the size deterred me at first, too ...

DSLRs costs more than the point and shoot cameras and since this is a major cash-out for me, I had to take time to decide. I guess that after this purchase it will be about five years before I get to buy another newer model! hahaha ...

*picture courtesy of

Dream Vacation ...

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One of my childhood friends have always wanted to live abroad and when she was given the chance to work at an embassy which was located outside the country, she immediately took the chance. Things weren't really that great in the beginning since she had to adjust to a lot of things, like the different language and culture. But still, she persisted and eventually settled down. She has since had a divorce, though, and switched different jobs. I know it must have been hard for her at times, living in a foreign country with a kid. But since she had always wanted to live in France, she continued living there.

Every now and then we chat online and she has even invited me to stay at her place when I do decide to take a vacation in Paris! She said that if we schedule it just right she might be able to take a leave of absence from her work and show us around the place. She has been living there for around twenty years now, and I'm sure she's familiar with the best places to visit!

Tours in Paris are being advertised in the internet and I must say, it's really inviting! Now if only my family and I will be able to save enough money for a Paris vacation! :)

Parking Problems?

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A college friend of mine was sent to London for an education grant and I must say, she really loved it there! She said that the people in the university were really nice and helpful, including the ones where she lived (which was a bit far from the university). She said that she had to buy a car since it was much more convenient for her. Parking London area was a bit of a problem, though. I mean her apartment was a bit small and she had no garage. Know what she did? She asked a friend there if she can park her car at their place! It was a good thing that her friend consented, or else owning a car would really be a problem for her.

It's a good thing that you can rent parking spaces these days, though. Yup, that's really true and much safer than leaving your car outside and unprotected! I bet the thieves will have a fun time choosing which car to steal! Even if your car is equipped with an alarm some car thieves know what to do to disable it; so better be safe: place it in a garage! You'll be able to sleep much better, too, knowing that you car is safe, and is sure to be around the next day! :)

Renting Parking Space

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If you live in a small apartment with no garage and you have a car (or decides to buy one), then that could really be a problem. Parking for rent is now available these days and really, I think that it's a splendid idea! I mean, if you can find a garage that you can rent and it's near your place, then that's just like having your own garage! Of course, you could be renting it, but at least you don't need to move just so you can accommodate your new car!

I see lots of cars here being parked along the street just outside the owner's houses, and I must say that that is definitely not a good idea! I mean, some car thieves these days may find that easy picking and you just might wake up to find that your car has been stolen! Not a very nice scenario, I know. That's why it is much safer to park your car in a garage.

But do you know that if you have a spare garage you can rent that out? Sure, that's possible these days, too! Just visit and see how they may be able to help you set that up! :)


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It's a strawberry, again. I remember, I posted something similar to this one a while back. Maybe it last week. Or the week before. I forgot, lol. But I found this in my collection and just thought of posting it. I just liked the color of the strawberry in this shot.

Of course, it tasted good, too! :)

Decisions ...

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Ever since hubby had one of the rooms converted into his semi-office, he has been thinking of getting a bed for that room. I think it's great since the room could also double as a guest room if ever we'll have friends or family dropping by. We've been thinking of getting one of those Divan Beds, but we're not really so sure since it might be too expensive for us. I do so like the design, though, so if we can find one that we can afford over at, then we just might check them out and see if things will work! :)
When my sister saw the converted room she said that she liked it, though she just might end up sleeping rather than working! lol. At first I thought the same thing, too, and that's why I was a bit hesitant about putting a bed in that room. However, I believe that if you're really serious about what you're working on, then you wouldn't dare fall asleep!

We had other choices for the different types of bed which might fit the room, and we are really seriously considering them all. The room isn't that big, so if possible the bed should also serve as a storage area, too. And of course, the price should be affordable, too! :)

Yesterday ...

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Yesterday we went to the dentist for my son's appointment: he had to have one of his baby teeth extracted. It's a good thing he wasn't being difficult (so lucky to have a son like him! ;P) since the dentist said that some kids are so afraid that they wouldn't go to the dentist and just endure the pain... I have to say, I was one of those kids! LOL

After the extraction, he had to have some of his teeth filled, then we were all set to go. However, the dentist recommended that he start with his expansion plates and since my son was excited about it (or maybe he just wants it to be done and over with, hahaha), we agreed. So, he had his fitting and this Saturday we'll be back again ... :)

Family Garage

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We have a small garage here in our house, but it sure needs improvement! For one, it's actually an "open" garage, since when the house was built the garage wasn't part of the plan. Of course there was a space for the car (actually, around two to three cars can fit in) but no concrete or roof was considered that time. I guess it was because the house was costing too much already, so the garage had to be done later.

Actually, hubby and I thought of having a garage constructed, but just not sure how to start. Good thing we found out about Sectional Garage and I really do believe that their products are great! They have different designs, some of them I actually like. Hubby still have to view some of the designs, though. So, when he gets back from work we'll definitely think things over...

Hopefully, when we've finally decided about the design the other family members will like the idea. They will be affected, too, since we just live in one compound. Besides, they will also be using the garage, so it's definitely going to be a family thing. Hopefully, they just might help with the finances and the planning that goes with it, too! :)
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