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Just waiting ...

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light rail transit

I have had my phone for almost four years now, and I have always thought of getting a new and higher capacity memory stick. I used to take lots and lots of pictures when I first got my phone, but as the years progressed I guess the novelty has worn off. It still manages to take decent pictures (like the one above), and I guess that's why I haven't thought of changing it. I am satisfied with the quality of the shots and how fairly easy it is to operate ... let's just hope that my phone won't die out on me soon! lol. :)


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The first time I tried those treadmills I was intimidated. Not because I was heavy and couldn't make it, but because it had lots of buttons and I didn't know what and which buttons to push! Silly me, huh?! Hubby and I were thinking of buying one, then. But, as expected, we didn't get it. Instead, hubby enrolled in one of those fitness gyms with a trainer while I decided to melt away my excess blubber (lol) walking (and taking pictures at the same time) in one of the universities near our home. Am not sure if I got rid of the excess weight at that time but I had lots of fun walking and taking pictures.

If only I could do that again ... without the excess weight this time. :)

Sooo long ...

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I have been away from the internet for soooo long! Well, actually I do still go online, but I couldn't use my computer. But now that we're home I feel happy that I can go online whenever I want to (except, of course, if I just couldn't! LOL); and the best part: I get to use my computer!!!! :D

... just me rambling away. ;P

Eating ...

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After all the eating that I have been doing during our vacation (more or less two months ...) I think that it's about time I should be serious about colon cleanser! lol. Though I haven't really been eating junk food much (just your usual chips and sweet desserts every now and then), since my parents don't really approve of those; so they seldom serve them at home. Actually, it was my sister (who also has a sweet tooth like me) and I who bought those sweet snacks almost every afternoon... we just couldn't resist the temptation! ;P

Or maybe I should just stop eating junk food for a while ... ;)

Still here, but ...

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It has been more than a month now and I must admit that there are certainly times during our vacation that I have really splurged on food! I guess it's because we're on vacation right now and somehow thinking about your waistline can easily be forgotten. I just hope that I won't be needing any diet pills soon! lol. If I continue with my present "eating style" I know I will search the internet soon for diet pill reviews!

Oh well .. our vacation's coming to a close anyway, since my son's classes starts on the first week of June. So early ... and so soon!

Weekly Questions (#48)

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It is a scary thought (being diagnosed with any disease), but we normally don't let it affect us that much. Of course, we have to be extra careful (more vigilant that the kids ~ as well as the adults ~ wash their hands, eat nourishing foods, take their vitamins, and change shirts specially when they perspire), but we still go through our usual routines. I must admit though, that I now take the time to "de-stress" regularly (i think that that will help boost one's immune system). And that means sleeping regularly! LOL.

I just hope that the disease will be "stopped" soon.
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