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The Person Who Loves You Will Never Leave You

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The title can be interpreted in a lot of ways, don't you think so?

Some people are here for us. But that doesn't mean they will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Sometimes you get separated. Sometimes the other one dies. Sometimes you transfer to another place. But the ones that love you, will always be with you. In your heart.

Life can really be what we feed our minds on what it looks like. I mean, sometimes it's awesome, and at other times it sucks. Big Time. But I believe that life is constantly changing. And our attitude towards those stimulus can determine how our hours will be for the rest of the day. Oh, I am not perfect. In fact, some triggers can make me blow my top so fast I won't even know the words that go out of my mouth! I'd regret it later on, but what can I do? The unwanted deed has been done. I just need to move on. And hope it won't happen again.

That sounded pathetic. 🙊


Happy Days are Here Again.

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These past few days I have felt calm. That is kind of unusual for me. Yep, I am the early-morning-madness and all that jazz kind of person. 😂😅 The past few months, anyway. Oh wait. Years, maybe. I can't be entirely sure.

I would like to believe that I have accepted things. And started to move on. No more jittery thoughts and all that overthinking sh*t. Life is what you make of it. It should not depend entirely on one -or two- person(s) in your life. It entirely depends on YOU (or me, for that matter). Sure, there are days that I slip and take two steps backward, but... I'm not perfect. And during those days, I just rest.

"Sing. Sing a song. Sing out loud. Sing out strong. Sing of good things, not bad. Sing of happy, not sad...." Listening to Barbra Streisand right now. Just me being me.

Happy Days are Here Again. 😊💕

Rain, Rain .... Thank You for Staying

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Some of you might not like me right now ... because I thanked the rain for staying. 💦💧😁

I read that some places currently are close to being flooded and some are already flooded! I am so sorry for the places that are flooded; trust me, I know how that feels! But there is just something about the rain that kind of balances me. I don't know if it is the pitter-patter or the cool temperature. But I do know that watching the rain (without the strong winds, thunder, and lightning, of course) makes me calm. 

Oh, I read and finished a new book yesterday. The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart by Anna Bell. It was a very light read. Kind of like the "feel-good" movies. I had to laugh in some part of the book since it was so similar to what I have been experiencing these past few months. I mean, guess it is a universal thing. lol. But it definitely encouraged me to make my own bucket list! A newer version. Had one before, but .... you know how your plans sometimes seems to have a mind of it's own. That's the universe telling me something, I know. 

Will post a pic of the book next time. The cool weather and the drizzle is making me want to go back to my bed and sleep .... 😄

update: Friday December 20, 2019
... I never did post a pic of that book, did i? 😱

Have YOU been ON PAUSE?

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I have never liked tea as a young child. We were given tea if we were sick. Bad association, huh? Besides, the tea given to us were different from the tea that is available right now. The tea then were tasteless ... nope, not Lipton. The Lipton brand arrived a few years later. I just felt like I was slurping on hot water with black leaves! Being an obedient child, I always drank the whole cup. Couldn't say if it made me better or not, though. 😉

Now as an adult, I must say I enjoy drinking tea more than coffee or any other beverage. My current fave is Twinings (Green Tea and Cranberry). I have always liked green tea, but the addition of cranberry makes it so much more interesting! Plus the health benefits of both the green tea and cranberry are awesome, too.

Sipping tea whatever time of the day always makes me pause. And makes me feel good. 🍵

This is not a sponsored post; but I honestly wish it is sponsored! lol.
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