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Most Days a Week

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Most days of the week I wake up early to fix breakfast for the kids. Nothing terribly fancy, but I like to make sure that they don't go to school on an empty stomach!

My teen has the school bus, while the first grader I need to accompany to the school. They both have to be in school before seven in the morning, so you can just imagine how I feel every school day: harried! lol. But am glad it only happens in the morning ... after I get my first grader to school, I get my "me" time. Actually, it's not totally "me" time, since that's the time when I do the groceries, or do odd stuffs. Occasionally, I do get to do what I really want ... SLEEP! But not for long, though. I've got to be up and running again to fetch my first grader come lunch time!

Shot was taken while I was walking, and I noticed the "banderitas". Must have been a fiesta, or something. But that tall building is going to be one of those condominiums that has been sprouting here and there lately. It is quite tempting - buying a condominium, specially if it is near our son's schools. I am not totally sold out with the idea of living in a condominium (or anything high-rise) at the moment, though. But am not closing the idea, either. If possible, I'd like to live in a building all my own. :)

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