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Flowers from the wansoy (coriander?) plant...

Sad times...

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We just found out earlier today that a relative died. I never really knew her that much because she was from hubby's side of the family; but still, she was part of the family. We plan to send a comforting sympathy gift by tomorrow, while my sisters-in-law will visit the remaining family members.

Knowing that a family member is no longer there for you physically is such a sad thing. Something that I wouldn't want my sons to experience, but I know it can't be helped.

This is part of life, and we all have to deal with it in our own special way.

However hard and painful it might seem....

Food Friday

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The first Featured Food Friday player was drawn automatically last Monday night (when link collection stopped), and InLinkz' random pick was

...drum roll, please....


Scrumptious post by Ms. Oggi! If you're passionate about food, then you should check out her blog! Delicious recipes coupled with amazing food're in for a yummy treat! :)
ps. I would like to let the players know that I will be using your pictures but will always link it back to your post and give you the credit...hope you're all fine with that. Your picture and link will then be posted in the following:
  • Sidebar of this blog (for a month)
  • Link will appear in the Featured in Food Friday page above (still figuring how to add a picture)
  • Food Friday wall post (Facebook)
  • Featured in Food Friday album (Faceboook)
...and so far that's where I will be using your links and pictures. If the condition doesn't suit you, then do tell me. Like what i mentioned last week, everything is new for me so suggestions are very much welcome.  Will be happy to leave your link and pics where it will generate more clicks/visitors! :)


And now for my Food Friday post... :)

My post this time is about the PILI NUT (Canarium ovatum). I don't plan on talking about the most widely used part of this nut, the kernel (which can be candied, made into pastillas, or simply eaten raw). I'll be mumbling about another edible part of this seed, the pulp.

There it is: fresh ripe pili nuts, straight from the tree:

Some people break them open immediately (to get to the kernel inside) or tend to wait till the nuts are dried and then proceeds to open the shell. But not my family (in the province, since that's where my father planted some pili trees). Usually after picking, we immerse them in hot (not boiling) water for a few minutes; just until the skin retains the slight indention after you press on it. If you place it in the hot water far too long it will harden, so be vigilant; 15-20mins, at most.

Now this is the messy bit: peeling off the thin and shiny skin to reveal the pulp inside. The pulp is soft and clingy, and fibrous. The color's usually brownish with some green tints and removing it from the shell is quite easy. Still, it can get pretty messy! Don't tell me I didn't warn you. Well, of course you can always wear gloves. lol.

Once removed, the pulp can be eaten immediately (they say it's an acquired taste, and I agree). I didn't like it at first, but after I ate it together with fermented raw fish (yeah, doesn't sound very "nice". lol), I was amazed at how good they tasted together! My father said that they eat the pulp as a side dish (and usually with the fermented raw fish...forgot what they call it, but the fishes were small. Unfortunately, you can also feel the crunch of the bones when you eat them. LOL).

It doesn't have an impressive shelf-life, so usually we only prepare a small amount each time. If needed, we store some of the pulp inside the freezer which some say can last for about a week; but we're not really sure, since usually it gets eaten before the week ends. I read somewhere that the pulp can also be pickled or made into spreads...interesting! Will have to read more on that...

The 'cleaned' shell can then be sun dried. Once dried, you can open the hard shell and eat the kernel inside.

Opening it isn't easy, since the shell is really hard. I tried it once and gave up; the nut went flying all over the place! You need the basic tools, like maybe a hammer and some pliers. LOL

UPDATE: 7/30/2011
...would love to add that I forgot to mention another ingredient which makes eating the pili pulp a pleasure: calamansi juice (which is added to the fermented fish). Thanks to Stoic_Khail for pointing that out. :)

...and i remembered the bagoong fish: my father called them 'Kuyog'. I believe it's also similar to ziganid fish or padas. Not too sure, though. But am 100% sure my father called it 'kuyog' and it was always a pleasure getting our supply from Bicol during those days. :D

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Busy ...

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edited using picasa3

I am supposed to be doing a lot of photo editing; my son borrowed my camera a few days ago during a recent school field trip, and he wants to post most of the pics that he took on to his FB account. Am left with the editing bit. It's relatively easy but a bit monotonous specially if you have to edit close to a hundred and fifty shots. But am not complaining, lol. I honestly like some of the shots and who knows...some of them might even land in here! :P

... and now it's time for me to get back to 'work'. :D


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Last Saturday I was too lazy to cook. So, decided to order something to be delivered instead...and my eldest son chose KFC. Food above aren't all mine (lol, but i did taste them all); only the spaghetti's mine. The chicken was for the youngest (he only managed to eat one) while the double down was my eldest son's choice. Everything tasted ok.

Ok, ok, I have to admit: am CRAZY ABOUT THEIR CHICKEN!!! But I chose spaghetti that time since I was craving for spaghetti last weekend... :D

*shots taken using phonecam...too lazy to go up and get the 'real' camera. :P

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Food Friday

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Before I start mumbling about Food Friday, I'd like to announce that starting next week I'll be adding a "Featured in Food Friday" section, which I will be putting on my sidebar (links will stay there for a month). I know, it's nothing original, but I honestly miss adding a deep backlink as a way of thanking our Food Friday players. And that's the truth. I really appreciate the time, linky love, and comments! It's about time I give something back! ♥

I will be using InLinkz random pick (am a foodie, love all the food posts!), which "... uses a well tested random algorithm to pick the number of the submitters requested on (1) as winners. The algorithm is as random as the one from the frequently used" (quote lifted from their blog)

Since this is entirely new for me suggestions are very much welcome. :)


And now, let's continue with the Food Friday post for this week:

The avocado that I bought last Monday was finally ready! Ready for eating, that is...and since I no longer had some salad greens handy, I decided to mix it with what I had: apples and tomatoes. I call that .... uhmmmm ... apple-avocado-tomatoes salad? or AAT salad? or TAA salad? LOL. But whatever it's called, it's now in my 'Favorites List'.

It's really quite simple: halve the ripe (not overripe since it tends to be clingy when really ripe and doesn't hold it's shape) avocados, remove the big seed, remove the skin (I found out that it easily peels off when ripe) and cut into cubes. Next, prepare the apples...I usually remove the skins (am paranoid about the chemicals used, plus my youngest doesn't like eating the skin; if only i can find organically grown ones here!), and the seeds, then slice them into cubes...and next the tomatoes. It's the same: slice and cube. Or you can make any shapes you want. LOL. ;)

For the dressing, I usually make my own: evoo (extra virgin olive oil), dried dill tips, freshly ground black pepper, coarse salt, balsamic vinegar, lime juice (when it's available; if not, I use calamansi juice, but it doesn't taste as nice as the lime juice), granulated garlic, and sesame oil. This time, though, I decided to add chili flakes. I liked it! :)

I so love the the taste of the avocados mixed in with the sweet apples and the tangy that salad dressing....pure bliss! ♥

Preparing it was simple and fast enough. All I had to do was peel, cube, mix, mix, mix...and eat!

Done in less than half an hour (excluding the eating part, of course)! :D
I could have added some nuts to that ... and some salad greens, and mungbean sprouts. Next time.
Hopefully, I'll remember (LOL) to get some, when we go grocery shopping this weekend!

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One day, at the farm

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Sometimes i long for those days when life was pretty simple.
But i have no regrets.
Life is still pretty simple (i choose to believe so),
most of the time. :)

Milo with Reese...♥

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Milo with Reese ... Love it! ♥
Hubby arrived a few days ago from a business trip in Thailand and honestly, I was disappointed he didn't bring any authentic Thai food for me. I mean...di ba? LOL. But anyway, he made up for it by getting me some lovely Thai bags (you know, with the elephant symbol) which I think is perfect for my camera, couple of lenses, and a few other knick-knacks. Aside from that, he also got me some reese (chocolate-peanut butter cups), which I just love! I immediately forgot about the bags when I saw them! lol. Just kidding.

But I do love munching on those little balls of calories...errr, choco-peanut butter cups! Love the saltiness and the sweetness combined...

Love them so much that I thought they'd go well with my Milo drink! I think I tasted a choco-peanut butter shake somewhere...I think it was at Banapple. But anyway, all I did was pour hot (really hot) water on a piece of reese together with milo and mixed it all up. As expected, the peanut butter was still a solid lump after all the mixing, so I had to mash it. It wasn't hard, just lumpy.

Verdict? I loved it! But I already love reese and milo, so it wasn't really much of a surprise. Will continue to mix reese with my milo until i've used them all up...hopefully, not too soon! :D

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Food Friday

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Last weekend I decided to buy chicken since I wanted to make this dish...Tinolang Manok (Chicken Ginger Stew), with Unripe Papaya, this week.

As usual, I don't follow recipes to the letter, and I even have this irritating habit of adding in (or omitting) some ingredients. LOL. In this case, I think bell peppers and spring onions aren't normally part of this dish; I omitted the onions. Weird, huh? :D

Shots above are some of the ingredients I used: Chicken, unripe papaya, bell pepper, ginger, garlic, spring onions, and chili leaves. I sliced the ginger, bell pepper, and garlic in small cubes since I wanted to mix them with my rice and eat them (once the dish was cooked). I like their taste. Period. ;P

First, I sauteed the ginger, garlic, and bell pepper for a few seconds in canola oil, then added in the chicken parts. Cooked them for a few minutes in low heat (I didn't want the other ingredients to burn) until the chicken changed color. Water was then added, and salt and pepper. Left it on to simmer for about twenty minutes then added the papayas. Once the papayas were almost cooked the chili leaves came next and fish sauce (this is usually the part where I adjust the taste).  The last ingredient to be added was the spring onions....

Here's the result:

Perfect on a rainy day, with steamed rice. For me it's perfect as it is, too ... and sometimes you can even find me happily slurping my share in front of my computer. lol. :D

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Experimenting with some of the textures from FC. Still have to do a gazillion more practicing before I am fully satisfied...

This was the first time I tried using one texture twice. Weird result.

Oh well. Back to practicing!

Ice Cream in Pandesal

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We usually buy our bread over at Pan de Manila, and I was intrigued when I saw their advertisement about using ice cream as a filling. Sure, I tried that before (using another ice cream brand, and loved it!) but I wanted to try their version: peanut butter ice cream with pandesal.

So, bought their pandesal and ice cream....then made these:

Honestly, we didn't like it. Even if i am a peanut butter fan. The ice cream wasn't as peanut-butter-y as what I expected/wanted. There was something lacking....yeah, more peanut butter taste! lol.

Looks like I won't be buying their peanut butter ice cream any time soon....

Loved the idea, though! :P

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That's the pier...such a familiar yet foreign place for me. Grew up seeing that place; everything seems the same, but totally different. I know, I don't make any sense.

I do love visiting the place, specially early mornings...

Loving it...

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There used to be a time when owning a computer was a luxury. You were simply "up there" if you own one of those bulky mysterious contraptions. A laptop was even unheard of back then. And the screen was black! Yeah, I was already around by then. LOL. Not a very friendly gadget back then...for me, anyway.

It's a good thing that those types of computers are now a thing of the past. Computers are now faster and friendlier...easier to customize, too. Making you feel that it's really yours.

Am mighty glad that things are different now...they are more affordable, smaller, faster, and color! :P


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Another shot by my twelve-year old...
I like how he framed it, using the "limited" capacity of the 50mm lens..

I actually couldn't grasp what that's supposed to mean, though. My head's thick like that sometimes.


Day Dreaming

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Growing up on a coastal city, I always felt that I have had enough of the sun. I dreamed of log cabins with a fireplace that's got one of those fireplace mantels littered with rustic bric-a-bracs. A cozy couch with my favorite book and my camera and laptop on the coffee table.

I know, am dreaming. And I actually am not that fed up with the sun yet (got to love the sun, specially during laundry day! lol), but I think it would be nice living in a house with a fireplace. A working fireplace, that is.

I know, I'll keep on dreaming.... :D


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Shot taken by my twelve-year old, Gelo.
LOL. Love this find! :D
Taken when we went on a morning walk together...


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Nobody's getting any younger. I certainly am not (haha, what a surprise!), and that's why I (as much as possible), want to be prepared. I don't want the people I love that gets left behind to worry much once I'm gone, so I have been thinking of getting another life insurance. Yup, I already have one but I took it decades ago and the amount that I'm going to get is really quite ... insignificant. I have been looking online for life insurance quotes a couple of days now, and some looks promising. Am still not finished browsing, though.

Hopefully I'll find the 'perfect one' within the next couple of months.... :)

Food Friday

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This was again another experiment...tofu with ground pork.

I have always liked tofu, but hubby isn't much of a fan, so buying tofu isn't always on my to-buy list. However, since hubby's rarely at home now (it's job related, and not what you might think. LOL) I thought I'd indulge myself. So, got myself a block of Japanese tofu (the soft kind) and some ground pork...

I know I have read somewhere something about pork-filled tofu and since I couldn't remember the exact recipe I thought I'd just "improvise". First I divided the tofu into four equal parts then placed each one in an aluminum-like container which was brushed with olive oil. The ground pork was mixed with rock salt, freshly ground black pepper, some mixed herbs (rosemary, thyme, marjoram, basil, oregano, and sage), smoked paprika, soy sauce, and loads of mashed garlic. I made a small slit on top of the tofu and placed some meat inside, then proceeded to place some more on to the sides...did the same thing to the three tofu left, too. Steamed it for around 30mins (I wanted to make sure the meat was cooked thoroughly)...and when it was done I sprinkled some fresh spring onions and dried chili flakes on top.

Verdict: Even if the tofu went out of shape, my twelve-year old and I loved it! My two-year old found it weird, but he still ate some, together with steamed rice. lol.

Will definitely cook this again, though this time maybe I should check online for recipes about pork-filled tofu. I think I should have used the 'hard' tofu too, so that it wouldn't go 'melting' on me! lol

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Suddenly rained yesterday....good thing we arrived home by then and avoided the floods (which caused traffic everywhere, as usual...)!
We went to the DFA yesterday to have our passports renewed, and get a new one for our two-year old...

Relax...and play

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There are times when I just want to do nothing except curl up and read a good book. Or maybe play with one of my son's gaming console. He's got a few, though lately he was asking about an upgrade....a new ps3. That's why he went online looking for a ps3 bundle, but so far he hasn't decided on anything yet. He also wants to upgrade his other game consoles! I know, choosing them all would be extravagant, but he knows that he can choose only one.

In the meantime, while he's choosing and browsing, I get to curl contentedly on my bed and read! Hmmmm, I just might play later. :P

Am hooked!

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I know, I posted avocado just recently, but I just couldn't resist posting another one is currently my fave fruit! :P

I never did like this fruit before, but when I had it salad-like, I was hooked! Back at my parent's house we used to eat this as a dessert (with milk and sugar) or as a drink (avocado shake), which I wasn't too fond of...and I wasn't too happy about it either since we had some trees at the farm and had an abundant supply! LOL

However, I decided to give this fruit another try...I also wanted to see if my sons would like it. The 12year-old went like "....uhm, it's ok..." and proceeded to eat the rest of his portion, while the 2year-old only managed to swallow a couple. Obviously, avocado seems to be an acquired taste in my family! ...not everyone likes it.

As for me, the moment i mixed it together with cucumber, tomatoes, fresh spring onions and my dressing (extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, dried dill, calamansi juice, and a drop of sesame oil), I was hooked! :D

ps. the shots above were taken last saturday (breakfast), when stocks were running more cucumber and spring onions. lol. the dressing was the same, though. paired that off with cinnamon french toast and tea. :)

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Food Friday

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After that artery clogging post last week I thought it would be a good thing to post something different this time: a sandwich-salad thingy. :)

This was my breakfast: bread with liver spread topped with some salad greens (arugula, lettuce, and spinach), sauteed mungbean sprouts, and leftover chicken strips, drizzled with balsamic vinegar (mixed with a drop of sesame oil) and freshly ground black pepper.

Had that together with my morning tea and some cherry tomatoes. :)

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