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I don't know about you, but I do get sensitive about what I put on my hair every now and then. I used to be happy with a certain shampoo, but after a few years of using it they seemed to have stopped the production. I definitely had no choice but to find another brand after that. I've found out that there's this Extreme Style by VO5 on the market, and they seem to be making waves! They even have this cute game called Ultimate Flirting Championship which I participated in! It was fun, though my internet connection seems to be going loco every few minutes or so. Want to try it yourself? Then do check out the game below:

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Sad to say, I didn't get the Victory Hair (which means I'm not flirty enough, I guess. lol), but I really did have fun playing! I guess I should bone up on my woman-powers!

What about you? Think you can get the prize? Then do go ahead and play! Hmmm, you might even want to post the widget on your own site, huh?! ;P
Sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5

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