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Have YOU been ON PAUSE?

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I have never liked tea as a young child. We were given tea if we were sick. Bad association, huh? Besides, the tea given to us were different from the tea that is available right now. The tea then were tasteless ... nope, not Lipton. The Lipton brand arrived a few years later. I just felt like I was slurping on hot water with black leaves! Being an obedient child, I always drank the whole cup. Couldn't say if it made me better or not, though. 😉

Now as an adult, I must say I enjoy drinking tea more than coffee or any other beverage. My current fave is Twinings (Green Tea and Cranberry). I have always liked green tea, but the addition of cranberry makes it so much more interesting! Plus the health benefits of both the green tea and cranberry are awesome, too.

Sipping tea whatever time of the day always makes me pause. And makes me feel good. 🍵

This is not a sponsored post; but I honestly wish it is sponsored! lol.

How Are You?

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That's exactly what we ask when we haven't been around and bumped into someone familiar along the road. Right? 😊

Well, I have been gone for so long! It would be great getting myself familiar and doing something again that brought so much familiarity, purpose {for lack of a more appropriate term right now} and gratefulness into my otherwise "robotic" life. Oh, don't get me wrong: my life the past couple of years have been very meaningful. Not perfect {nobody's life is perfect, ever}, but it gave so much meaning to the words "Live, Love and Learn" 💖

I still love taking pictures ...


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Had lunch a while back with in-laws. Even if we live in one country (lol), seeing them takes planning. They live more or less around 2hours away from us; and that's if traffic is at a minimum. It would have been great seeing them again this weekend, but ever since Inay and Itay have passed on we seldom sleep there (at my in-law's house) anymore. My youngest (and sometimes me, too) gets into a fit when the area is dusty and since nobody sleeps in our old rooms... well, just imagine the dust accumulated after a couple or so of months. ugh. Such a pity. The house needs to be fixed. Unfortunately, that would need some funds, something which is not in abundance right now. :-/

Anyway, it was great seeing them again..even if it was just for a short lunch. After all, nothing can really replace family. 
Reflection :)

Getting there ... Soon Enough.

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AGES since I last posted here. Am so sorry, bloggy. Things these days are just not that conducive to blogging anymore. Well, there are still days (like today) when I do get the chance to sit down and blog. But there's always something that takes me away. Like ... cooking, cleaning, sleeping (yes, it does), and other worldly chores. It's summer now. So I can indulge in being a procrastinator every once in a while.

That is ... Until summer ends. :P

Most Days a Week

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Most days of the week I wake up early to fix breakfast for the kids. Nothing terribly fancy, but I like to make sure that they don't go to school on an empty stomach!

My teen has the school bus, while the first grader I need to accompany to the school. They both have to be in school before seven in the morning, so you can just imagine how I feel every school day: harried! lol. But am glad it only happens in the morning ... after I get my first grader to school, I get my "me" time. Actually, it's not totally "me" time, since that's the time when I do the groceries, or do odd stuffs. Occasionally, I do get to do what I really want ... SLEEP! But not for long, though. I've got to be up and running again to fetch my first grader come lunch time!

Shot was taken while I was walking, and I noticed the "banderitas". Must have been a fiesta, or something. But that tall building is going to be one of those condominiums that has been sprouting here and there lately. It is quite tempting - buying a condominium, specially if it is near our son's schools. I am not totally sold out with the idea of living in a condominium (or anything high-rise) at the moment, though. But am not closing the idea, either. If possible, I'd like to live in a building all my own. :)

Gone So Long

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Have been gone a long time. Blame it all on the crappy internet and my recently unreliable computer! I think it's asking for a replacement ... or maybe I'll just have this fixed. The thought of having a new computer is tempting, though. But, not really a necessity. :P

Things have been kind of "unsettling", lately. My mom died; something that I totally didn't see coming. I mean, not this year, anyway. It just made me realize that life is really that fragile and we musn't take it for granted. Her leaving us happened two months ago, and my sons and I were fortunate enough to visit her while she was still earth-bound. Actually, we arrived on a Friday (caught a plane on a Friday, had to let them skip school) and she left us the next day. It was really heart and gut wrenching ... that was how I felt. Still feel, sometimes. Am sure my siblings feel the same way, too .. and we are all coping with it in our own different ways.

Our Papa is also dealing with the pain ... and I wish we can be with him. We're fortunate that we have one sibling who is willing to drop everything and stay at home with Papa. Taking care of an ageing parent is not easy, am sure. We will forever be grateful to her and the sacrifices that she was/is willing to take ... all for the family.

Getting overly sentimental here. I just miss Mama. And Papa. Really miss them so much; already got plane three tickets for our Christmas break at home!

I pray and hope that she is all right wherever she is right now. Huggsss

My Eldest

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My son was given a violin during his birthday a while back, and sad to say, we haven't gotten round to finding him a teacher nearby. Plus, his school activities these days take so much of his time (including the weekends, at times). I know he keeps his violin inside his cabinet near his bed, and am guessing he hasn't checked it in a while. No idea if he is going to need a violin bridge or something similar. He just doesn't seem to have the time to laze around, tinker with his things, and do nothing. When he's here at home, he spends lots of time in front of the computer ... playing. What else is new? LOL.

We miss him right now ... he's at school, in one of this camping school activities. He'll be back Monday. :)
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