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The Little Things Matter. A Lot.

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Taken today, while trying the DSLR {in other words, the HEAVY camera}. It needs some getting used to. Well, it has been years since I used it ... my eldest son used it quite a lot before. But now, it's just "staying over by the corner of the house" and I thought: "Why not use it again!"
Why, indeed not.

But as you can see, I am struggling getting the hang of using the heavy dslr again. Aside from the weight, the size of the camera is way different from my phone camera, too. Well, duh!

I must have made about 4 tries before the shot came out decent. Since I was using my macro lens, a slight wiggle of my arms would cause catastrophic ripples on the shot ... and that was what just happened. I think i should have posted here the failed shots, but I deleted those from the camera. {A way of erasing one's mistakes, I suppose. I wish it was easier in life. *sigh.} Next time I'll post those failed shots here, too. lol. 😄

But on to our journey, eh? Of getting back our true selves. The person that we want to be. Before life happened. 😁

Still continuing ... still living. And always feeling grateful. 💖
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