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Having fun and saving lives

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I have always been a fan of different games, whether it be found on a personal computer, internet, or even in one of the gadgets right now, like the PSP, Wii, or the Playstation. I guess you could say I have a soft spot for games.

Finding the right game is important for me, though, and I must admit sometimes it depends on my mood. lol. But hubby and son love war games (as expected, I guess), so am so sure that they will love the new game that I just downloaded (got the free trial) a few minutes ago: Operation Immortality.

It's about saving planet earth and what we can do to help keep ourselves, as well as our planet, safe and thriving. I added my motto, too (ID# 680) .... not much, but it's great to be able to do something than do nothing at all, right? ;)

Think you can do better than me? Then I suggest you go and check out the game at and see for yourself how you might be able to help save humanity! While you're at it, try downloading the free trial (or if you want, the full game!) and witness how the game can really keep you on your toes! Well, I still am have lots of fun with the free trial that I downloaded ... :)
Sponsored by Operation Immortality

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