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Still with the flowers ...

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Another shot of my sister's flowers ... just couldn't get the "blue" hue from my shot. Forgot what they are called! Maybe I'll remember next time.

After another round of picture

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Our Weekend Memoirs

Reminiscing ...

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I like going outdoors! Specially if there's a garden around. I used to have a lawn and garden when we were living in the province. I would tend to it for hours and feel satisfied after seeing the results. It was kind of back-breaking sometimes (LOL), but definitely well worth it. Some of my neighbors even commented on my garden and asked for my gardener's name (I had none)! All it was lacking, though, were some outdoor furnitures. Now that would have been perfect! :)

Clean ...

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Back when I was still working at a cattle farm (yup, I worked in one! actually, in two farms! lol), we sometimes had problems with our drainage system. It would get clogged. My boss then wanted to get one of those pressure washers another farm owner recommended. We looked everywhere for a good deal (it was kind of hard, since they weren't as common as they are now); believe me, it took as weeks! We found some, but they were pretty expensive and hard to handle.

Finally, we settle for a slightly expensive brand but it was well worth it! The incidence of clogging was dramatically reduced. :)

Our Weekend Memoirs

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boca de tigre

Had the chance to take this shot of my sister's plant (i believe it's called boca de tigre) before the rains kicked in ... :)

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Our Weekend Memoirs

Weekend Snapshot: Silhouette

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Took this shot when the sun was going down ... can you see the two birds? :)


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hot burger

Posted this shot on my other blog. This was part of a collage ...

Hot Hot Hot!
Luv 'em hot burgers! :D

Dreaming ...

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Here in my country owning a house and lot is pretty expensive. Well, I guess that's the same EVERYWHERE around the globe, lol. The people here have to get used to the idea of getting a manufactured home, though. That's equivalent to a mobile home, something which I know is also not popular here. Blame it all on the rising cost of commodities, including petrol. I think it would be really cool getting to ride in a mobile home; it would be like going camping all the time!

Or is it? Maybe. :P

Weekend Snapshot: Rambutan

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It's that time of year again ... when our neighbor's rambutan trees are getting all "fruity". :D

Comment Moderation (ON)

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comment moderation

Decided to turn on the comment moderation ... because of spammy comments!

Just a quick "update". :D
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