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Had lunch a while back with in-laws. Even if we live in one country (lol), seeing them takes planning. They live more or less around 2hours away from us; and that's if traffic is at a minimum. It would have been great seeing them again this weekend, but ever since Inay and Itay have passed on we seldom sleep there (at my in-law's house) anymore. My youngest (and sometimes me, too) gets into a fit when the area is dusty and since nobody sleeps in our old rooms... well, just imagine the dust accumulated after a couple or so of months. ugh. Such a pity. The house needs to be fixed. Unfortunately, that would need some funds, something which is not in abundance right now. :-/

Anyway, it was great seeing them again..even if it was just for a short lunch. After all, nothing can really replace family. 
Reflection :)

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