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The first time we actually got our own telephone we were excited about it since that meant that we can call home whenever we wanted, as well as the idea that we can now be easily contacted by family and friends. Of course, we do have cellular phones, but calling through the mobile is expensive. One thing that excited us was that we can connect to the internet, too! Simple pleasures are so delightful. :)

We didn't think there'd be other people out there who play pranks on the phone, though. Sure, we read something about other people being victimized, but we never really thought that it would happen to us! We had a caller ID on our phone, so it was pretty easy to trace the prankster; and I warned him right away that I know his number! He never called back. LOL.

It's a good thing that there's a site out there where you can find out if a certain number that has been bugging you has been reported, and you can even submit the number, if it's not yet listed there. Just visit AnnoyingCallers and check out the number.Or submit the annoying caller's number yourself. That way, you can also inform other phone users about the numbers that do prank calls, or are just plain nuisance even if you tell them not to bother you anymore.

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