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Maybe ...

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Decided to play with one of my old shots ... again. :)

Weekend Snapshot: Early post ...

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Decided to post this early (it's only Sunday evening here. lol) since there is a chance that I might not be able to go online during the actual weekend snapshot day. Maybe. But there's always a chance that I might... LOL.

Anyway, that's a shot taken from one of my sister's plants; i believe that that's what you call "Violet". I have toned down the color (just a bit), though. I think it looks more interesting that way. For me, that is. ;P

Are you looking at me??!!

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Another kitty shot ... our neighbor's cats seems to be my fave subject these past few weeks. lol. I think they are adorable, and i just love they way they seem to take life "un-seriously". :D

Fashion? ;P

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When I was younger I have always wanted to have a pair of boots, like those UGG boots you see online. I think they are pretty cute and nifty. What's more, nobody in my class had one. Well, of course we don't normally wear boots at school since it wasn't allowed. But still, I think that it's really cool to own one. Now that I am older I would still love to get one for myself. It's just not that practical, though. But who says anything about being practical? It's simply about looking and feeling good! :)

I wish ...

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sleepy cat

... that i could sleep right now, too! :D

Weekly Questions

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weekly questions

WQ #22:
Did the mother do the right thing, giving her daughter money in secrecy, to add to what has to be paid from that stolen fund?

Was the mother able to teach her daughter a lesson or not?

Do you think the daughter is a responsible person?

~ i don't think that the mother did the right thing ... helping her daughter in secret. i believe that it should be out in the open, specially in the family. the daughter sounds like a responsible person, but like everyone else, she made a mistake and she has to pay for it (literally!). :)

WQ #21:
Do you think NOW is really the time to patronize our locally made milk and milk products or would you still trust products manufactured in other countries?

~ i would still trust the milk from other countries ... but it is also a good thing to patronize locally produced milk and milk products. have you tried the ice cream being made over at DTRI in UP Los Ba┼łos? tastes really good, including their other products. though am not so sure if they still make them to this day ... :)

on going online...

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My sister has been wanting to get her own notebook computer, but she ended up with a desktop computer! The notebook computer that was available that time was not what she really wanted, so she opted to get the desktop instead, with all the works. Too bad she's too busy these days to get online, or dabble with her computer. Most of the time it's my niece who's online and dabbles with the computer! :)

No post ... again!

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I know I have been away for quite a few days, which isn't really the "usual" thing for me to do. Though lately that has been the norm when it comes to my posting. I wish it wasn't so, but that's just the way it is. Hopefully, after a couple or so of months I will be back to "blogging" again, and enjoying all the meme I used to make entries for. Hehe, am not holding my breath, though.

So, ECL and Jean, thank you for your patience with the tags that you sent my way. Will really do them, though it might take some time. ;P

Weekend Snapshot: Reese's peanut butter cups ... again!

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I must admit this weekend was spent eating more of this (reese's peanut butter cups) again ... lol. :D

*frame by Tracey Monette, Clever Monkey Graphics

Prescription Eyeglasses

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Our helper has been having problems with her eyes ever since she was young (or so she told us), and so she asked me where I got my eyeglasses. I told her that we visit our optometrist at least once a year and she has been the one who usually gets my glasses for my son and I. Admittedly, it is a bit expensive than the ones I usually find in optical shops, but I trust our doctor and support her, so it's fine by me.

I informed our helper, though, about finding cheap and affordable eyeglasses online, which was even featured at; if you want to check it out, then do click this link: I am of course talking about Zenni Optical, a site where you can really get affordable prescription eyeglasses since they have eliminated the "middlemen" and instead go directly to their customers. I believe that's really a great idea since this way more and more people will be encouraged to visit their site as well as use their services. My helper is actually thinking of checking them out since her cousin also have the same problem: finding cheaper but quality eyeglasses.

What about you? In need of good quality but affordable eyeglasses? Then do check out as well, and you'll see why they get featured in some sites every now and then! :)

Getting Online

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It's really quite sad that I haven't had the chance to go online whenever I want to. Yup, things are still kind of hectic around here, and so some of the meme (will try to do it whenever i have more time, ECL!!! really so sorry for the delay) that I was given are still on hold. Haven't even gotten to participate in some of my favorite daily "posts" anymore.

But am not bitter, lol. Just sad. :)

Anyway, will of course still log-in every now and then. I like blogging, that's why. ;P

Patience ...

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Hubby and I were talking one time about car insurance and how much it would cost us if we do decide to buy a new car. Sure, we have a vehicle already, but it's a company car. Though of course eventually it will be hubby's car soon after about two years (yup, it's on a "car plan" wherein the user will pay a certain percentage of the car's worth in about five years). It is a pick-up, and kind of big for our garage, that's why we thought of getting a car on our own. Or maybe we'll think about that seriously after the pick-up gets to be ours ... two years isn't such a long long time. :)

Dream Visit...

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My aunt and uncle who used to live in the USA have always wanted to visit Las Vegas before they retire. It's a good thing they found out about las vegas nv, and they did get the chance to visit the place! They said that they had a fun time there and were certainly glad that they had the chance before coming back home. I've seen some pictures of them in Las Vegas together with some friends and they sure looked like they all had a fun time! How I wish I'd have the chance to do that one of these days, too. :)

Weekend Snapshot: Reese's peanut butter cups

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Reese's peanut butter cups
Weekend was spent just trying to relax and eating more than my share of Reese's peanut butter cups. Can't help it ... I just love eating them. ;P

Rambling ...

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At the rate that I seem to be eating these days, I feel like I'll be needing one of those diet pills! Am not so sure why, but food somehow seems to be tasting real good these past few days. Or maybe it's because we've been eating take outs more too often. lol. Still, I know I should be more careful. I'm not as young (or as active!) as I used to be ... :)

nice and cozy

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My son and I love eating here ... it's just a small cafe-like eatery with lots of good food. My son specially likes their pandesal with ham and egg while I usually order something with rice. I am an avid rice eater, since I feel like nothing completes a good meal like rice. Of course, lots will disagree with me, but it's a personal thing, so I'm fine with that. lol.

It's a good thing they use these type of chairs, instead of office chairs, like some eateries out there ... :)
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