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Friday's Feast

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Friday's Feast


Who was the last person you hugged?

Hubby, before he left for work. :)


Share a beauty or grooming trick or tip with us.

To look good inside and out, try being at peace with yourself first. lol. Am not sure if that's even a beauty tip! :D


What does the color yellow make you think of?

The jackfruit or maybe the durian! lol

Main Course

If you were to make your living as a photographer, what subject would your pictures revolve around?

Nature, definitely. Could be macro shots of insects or some wild animals ...


What was the longest book you ever read?

I guess it had to be the complete book of the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis ... it was quite thick and took me days to finish.

Thinking ...

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Am really serious about getting myself a dslr soon ... it was the reason why I decided to monetize my blog, after all. :)

However, after I got the amount (actually, more than what I had hoped for!), I (yeah, it was really my decision) decided to "give" some of them away first. I mean, I know that I can raise the same amount again after a few more months anyway. Besides, it really felt great being able to give something to our loved ones, and something that you know that they really appreciate! Not just something that you give because you had to give something. lol. That's the reason, really, why I failed to get the dslr last Christmas (2007).

Anyway, I received an email today about the price of one of the cameras that I am really interested in ... the canon 40D. The price was reasonable enough, and hopefully before the summer starts I will have that piece of "toy" on my hands, soon!

Unless, of course, something makes me change my mind. :D

Need Help with Bad Credit?

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Just because you got a bad credit from your other credit card doesn't mean that it's the end of everything, you know. I used to think that there were no credit cards for bad credit, whether online, or not. Really depressing, specially since there was a time when hubby and I were having difficulties paying off our credit card! Good thing a family member helped us out! But I found out that there are now sites online that can help, too. is one such site where you can go if you want help with bad credit! Want to know more about them? Then do check them out! :)

Helen Reddy - I Didn't Mean To Love You

1 shared thoughts first heard this when I was really quite young. Helen Reddy was already famous by then. A cousin from abroad sent us this cassette tape and the family loved it!

Couldn't find any original video done by Helen Reddy herself (with this song) so opted to post this instead; I liked the way "dokskii" did this video. If you want to sing-along you can do that ... some people really love doing that. Singing-along, I mean. I admit I like doing that, too, but not too much. lol.

Web Development Services

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Web Development is something that really interests me. Some web designers are really so good that they receive awards and recognitions for their works; and I believe that they do really deserve those awards! I mean, it's no easy thing to develop a web page! Well, for me, anyway. I've seen some templates (and those were fairly simple ones, I was informed) and they really make my head ache at times just trying to understand them! lol.
If you and your company need web development services, then do try and check out and see how they may be able to help you with your specific needs! If you are a law firm, or want flash design, then they can definitely help! Not only that, being in the business for over ten years, they certainly know what it is they are doing! You can be assured that you will get what you really wanted! :)

Jackie Kennedy quote

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Even though people may be well known, they hold in their hearts the emotions of a simple person for the moments that are the most important of those we know on earth: birth, marriage and death.
Jackie Kennedy

I agree ... after all, they are also just human, too. Same as the "normal" people with the same feelings. They just deal with different situations in a different way, maybe because of their different outlook on life, or because of their stature. Being somebody known (and almost always in the public eye) gives you a bigger than life reputation at times ...

One time ...

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It happened ages ago, but I can never forget it: my mom and I were in a vehicular accident. It all started off as a usual ride; we rode in one of those public transportation vehicles, since we had to go visit my aunt around a two and a half hours ride away from our place. Nothing unusual about that trip, except I guess for the driver. He sounded like he was in a foul mood and I guess we should have waited for the next ride; but since we were in a hurry (it was almost lunch time by then, and we might not catch my aunt at her house), we decided to ride anyway.

The trip went well, at the start, but halfway through the trip we suddenly noticed that the speed of the vehicle was going faster. Some passengers cautioned the driver about being careful, but the driver didn't mind them. Suddenly another car tried to pass by a much slower vehicle and to do that he had to cross on our side of the lane! Since our vehicle was really fast, our driver tried to veer away from the other vehicle, but still there was a terrible crash and we were suddenly pushed forward! I wasn't harmed, but some passengers had bumped their heads, and my mom suffered a fractured arm! We were brought to the hospital, and my mom was treated. We tried filling for Accident Compensation and it was a good thing that the insurance company paid for everything!

We weren't that lucky since my mom got hurt, but I guess we were really lucky in the sense that our lives are still intact. Good thing no lives were lost that day, but maybe the next time we ride public transportation again we should be more careful! :)

Jackie Kennedy quote

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Now, I think that I should have known that he was magic all along. I did know it - but I should have guessed that it would be too much to ask to grow old with and see our children grow up together. So now, he is a legend when he would have preferred to be a man.
Jackie Kennedy

Quite an interesting quote there, by Jackie Kennedy. I guess she didn't like being a widow (of course!!) but I guess she really didn't foresee that her husband was a man of the limelight. I mean, there were many others around them that wanted his attention, and I must admit, I guess he liked it, too! He was pretty good at it ...

Such a shame that he went away in such a tragic way... :(

Browsing Online

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A former high school classmate who just recently moved to another country if finding herself more techno-savvy these days. Before, she never really touched the computer except when she needs to input her students' grades at the school's computer, or maybe to chat with some online friends. She said that computers then looked kind of scary and complex. But now, after getting her first notebook, she's no longer that afraid with experimenting online! In fact, she's an expert when it comes to sublime savings on trendy clothing from Gap, Old Navy, Aeropostale and Urban Outfitters! I guess it's because she's online most of her free time and have the luxury of browsing around for great deals.

One time, while she was looking for electronic gadgets online, as a surprise for her hubby, she also chanced to find some neat pet treats for their puppy! So cool! She managed to surprise both of them that day. :)

It's really great if you've got extra time to browse around the internet for great deals and bargains since you can save money. Sometimes, though, the coupons or deals are limited so it's a good thing if you get to it first!

As for me, maybe I should start surfing around, too! :)

Thursday Challenge: Travel

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Something which I took around last year while on an early morning flight ... got lucky and caught the sunrise! :)

I guess it will be ages before I can get something like this again ... usually the flights that we take these days are no longer the early morning ones. Much more convenient at times, though the traffic during those times (mid-morning and afterwards) could be horrendous!

Oh well. ;)

 Thursday Challenge

5 Star Blog Award

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I would love to thank GreenBucks (T. Julie) for blessing me with this 5 Star Blog Award ... :)

I, in turn, am passing this on to the following fellow bloggers; who, in their own special ways, have developed their own blogging styles and truly deserves this award:

Stopover (Mousey)
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Saving and Spending

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About three months ago we decided to change our desktop personal computer to a newer model since we've had it for around five years already. Yeah, that long! We were surprised it lasted that long, but I guess since we bought the latest model five years ago, all we did was just do some updates every now and then. However, since we wanted a computer with the Vista operating system, we finally decided to buy a new one, with our own specifications. It costs quite a bit, but well worth it! I just wish that we could have taken some discount PC laptops deals from Newegg,,, HP Store and Dell, though. We didn't think that that was possible when we decided to purchase our new personal computer.

These days, though, I always try to browse the internet, looking for good deals, great sales, or maybe a great offer for a dslr kit! I hope that I might be able to find something that could help me save some money so that I might be able to "stretch" the money a bit and buy something for hubby and my son! :)

Indiana Jones

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This is the latest Indiana Jones movie, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I have watched all the previous episodes, and I have loved them! I'm so sure that even if Harrison Ford is 20 years older here, I'd still love the film!

It might not be much about being so high-tech and everything, but I love the drama and the witty dialogue that usually goes with films like these. :)

Just a personal opinion. Can't wait to watch the movie!!!

Wordless Wednesday: Busy Ants

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Ants: Macro

Need Cash Now?

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These days there are times when we know that we need cash immediately, specially when you need to pay something like hospital bills. There are many ways that you might be able to generate the cash, and if you're pretty lucky a family member could loan you the amount. However, that's not always the case, so something like a faxless payday loan could help!

I remember when a family member had to be hospitalized because of a lingering illness, and so he stayed at the hospital for about a week. It was a good thing that his condition stabilized. The hospital fee was another matter, though. I mean, we had to pay a huge amount before he had to be released. It was a good thing that we all helped pay the bill (the insurance money wasn't enough, but at least it helped) and we were quite lucky to have reached the amount. Payday loan would have helped, too!

Now there's a faxless payday loan wherein you don't need to fax any documents (depending on the lender that accepts your data)! Signing up is easy and is confidential, secure, and discreet. Just visit and see how they may be able to help! :)

Canon EOS 40D

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I just watched this a couple of minutes ago ... and one made a comment about getting this 40d for his/her first dslr. Then somebody made a "laughing" comment (hahahahahahahahaah 40D for your first SLR?!)!!! Hey, are we first-time dslr owners NOT entitled to buy something like a 40d if we can afford it??!!!

hahaha ... anyway, to each his own (opinion), I guess. :D

I just think that this camera is quite huge, though. But the photo quality's really wonderful!

Still thinking ...

Being informed ...

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I have read about Mortgages UK and together with that site is a news article about informing home buyers if the house that they are going to buy has asbestos, or not. Since exposure to asbestos for a long time has some adverse effects, I believe that it is just fair that the homebuyer be informed about it. Since some houses that were made earlier on could be built with asbestos, each buyer has to be aware about it, and let them decide for themselves if they really want to buy the house, or not.

What about you? Would you be willing to buy a house with asbestos, or not?

On With Life!

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It has been a few days since I updated my blog ... blame it all on plain laziness! LOL. :D

Actually, since I haven't been feeling so well the past few weeks, I have decided to really rest for a while. It wasn't hard, trying to stay away from the computer. hahaha. When a family member turns on the computer I didn't find it hard NOT to visit my blog. I did check my emails, though. But made no blog entires, or anything.

Know what I did during my "rest"? Sleep, mostly; and take pictures. Am really still quite bent on buying myself a dslr. Sigh.

Anyway, on with life! ;P

Looking and Feeling Younger

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I have noticed a long time ago that some women want larger breasts (I guess this makes them feel good about themselves) and so you might find some advertisements like Breast Enlargement UK, or something similar. Botox, too, seems to be one of the preferred cosmetic procedures for some actresses, like Vanessa Williams.

Personally, I don't mind if people love taking care of themselves and wants to look younger. I think that's really nice, but we just have to know when to stop, or try to moderate things. It might end up looking so artificial, and instead of enhancing one's features, it might actually make it look uglier!

In all of the procedures, it is always a good idea to consult with experts. They might cost more, but you'll be assured that they will deliver expert results, too! :)

Make Love, Not War

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Got this tag from Bittersweet Collide (Alexis).

War has always been around us, but that doesn't mean that we can't stop it. Every effort (whether it's earth shattering, or not) means a lot to everyone.

Personally, what's important is that we make the effort to stop senseless violence around us and instead try to focus on the good things that we can do.

Tagging the following bloggers, who, I hope, will continue this ...

Greenbucks (T. Julie)
It's Not A Weekend; It's a Lifestyle (Elaine)
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Better be safe ...

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These days it's really quite a good idea to be having quality air purifiers, specially if you live in a city where the smog can be quite terrible at times. Some children (as well as adults) have been known to develop respiratory problems because of polluted air and I guess that it can weaken one's immune system, too.

It's a good thing that my family and I aren't that susceptible to respiratory problems, but it never hurts to be safe. :)

interesting ...

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One of my sister-in-laws have this safety cutters which she really treasures. She got them a couple of years ago and since it does help her with some of her projects she takes good care of it.

A couple of months ago when she went on a trip far from home she missed having it within her reach ... it was a good thing that her co-teacher who lives there had the exact same thing! Pretty interesting, don't you think so? :)

My Lensbabies (again)

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That's the full view of my lensbabies ... everytime I see them I am so tempted to buy myself a dslr RIGHT AWAY! LOL. Just can't wait to experiment with these lenses!

Thinking of getting a cheaper one (definitely less "guilt" there, hahaha!), but one that's still of good quality. Just not the recent model. They do seem to change/add models these days at a very fast rate! I mean, my almost two-year old camera feels like an antique already!

I hope i won't feel the same thing after buying myself a dslr ... ;)

Honestly, am still having doubts about buying ... better just keep on saving.

Still ...

Vacation Planning

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Here in our place summer time is fast approaching (yeah, we don't have four seasons here like in some countries ... we've only got two: wet and the dry season! lol) and so some people are starting to think about where they want to go during the holidays.

I was chatting with a friend online who's now living in the United States together with her family, and she mentioned that they want to try one of those California vacation rentals, or maybe those Laguna Beach vacation rentals she's been seeing on the internet. I said that maybe she'd like to try Malibu vacation rentals, too! I know that they really needed the break since she and her husband has been working so hard the past year so that their sons could go to a good school.

Hopefully, when they manage to find the time, they just might try one of those vacation rentals. It would be something that they'd all treasure for the rest of their stay there! :)

Want To Know More About Structured Settlement and some Alternatives?

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Have you ever won something big (like half a million dollars, or more!) in your life? I haven't, but I know most of us would love to have the opportunity! Once we win, though, I know that usually it's in a Structured Settlement. Meaning you get the money through time, and usually not in a lump sum. That's really fine but sometimes we just know that we need the money, like if there was an accident and you just can't get the money from your insurance immediately. Or if there was a calamity in your area and you, your house, and your family were affected. It's really during these times that you need the money right away. Structured Settlements is just not enough.

It's a good thing that can help you in situations like those; they can help you get your structured settlements in a lump sum! That's a really great alternative, in my opinion. With a lump sum, you can then pay off your debts, or maybe pay off those medical bills that have been piling up; there are lots of reasons why you might prefer the lump sum.

If you want to know more, just visit or you can even call them at 1-800-LUMP-SUM (800-586-7786) for a free quote, or just to ask about their services.

Erma Bombeck quote

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On vacations: We hit the sunny beaches where we occupy ourselves keeping the sun off our skin, the saltwater off our bodies, and the sand out of our belongings.
Erma Bombeck

Hahahaha ... something to keep me smiling this cloudy, drizzling, moody day! I really love the way Erma Bombeck seems to rattle off things like these. Funny but in a truthful sort of way, don't you think so?

She makes fun of the normal things around us that sometimes we don't even notice them! Finding humour in any situation takes some talent. And a pretty unusual disposition! :)

Wonderful Recipes Online

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I have always been interested about cooking, but that doesn't mean I'm a good cook! I just wish I was, though. lol. Sometimes I go on a look-out for food blogs online and recently I've just found out about this wonderful NY Food Blog by Patty:

She's got these wonderful recipes (with mouth-watering shots!) for everyone to share, and her honeycomb candy, chocolate covered candy, and chocolate honeycomb looks like to die for! For a chocoholic like me, I can't resist temptations such as those! I know some have already ordered them, and if only it was possible, I'd order some bags from her, too!

If you're a foodie like me, I suggest you go and visit her site! You'd love it! :)

Canon EOS 450D (Digital Rebel XSi)

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Yup, am still doing additional research with this new camera ... it is bigger than it's previous model, but lighter. It uses SD card (instead of a CF card), too. what I really like about this is the image stabilizer lens that goes with the kit. I just hope that there won't be many firmware updates or anything. Or problems along the way, since this is still new.

Western Cowboy Stuffs

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Anything western used to interest me so much when I was younger that I even dreamed of living in a ranch house! It's a good thing there's a site which offers western fabric which you can use to make a bed quilt! Isn't that really neat?

Want to know more where you may be able to get one? Then do visit and see for yourself what other goodies they have in store for you! :)

Last night ...

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Last night I was browsing the internet for anything about the new canon eos 450D (digital rebel XSi) and I chanced upon a seller which, I believe, was going to sell them here locally once she gets their products from Japan. I was fairly interested, since I have been wanting a dslr for ages! I texted her and she told me that she'll inform me once their shipment arrives. Hopefully the money I've saved would still be around when they do arrive! LOL

Know why I like it? Because it's relatively lighter than the previous 400D, and the lens already has an image stabilizer (which, I believe, I really need!). Other things like a bigger LCD also helps, together with a battery that is said to be able to take more pictures compared to the last model ... :)

But ... am still thinking of the 30D ... :D

*picture courtesy of*

Any Day Can Be Valentine's Day (For Me, that is ...)

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You know, Valentine's Day has already passed by, but since hubby and I were so busy we didn't get the chance to get cozy together; and honestly, I was so tired I couldn't think of any romantic idea that day! However, I wasn't hurt or anything, since for us any day could be Valentine's Day! :)

He occasionally surprises me with his love letters that are not only endearing but also kind of funny at times. One time he even gave me an inspiring short love story which really brought tears to my eyes. I just loved the story!

For some we might not be the usual lovey-dovey couple you'd see everyday, but deep inside I know that hubby and I are really meant for each other! :)

My Lensbabies

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Yup, got that around three weeks ago. Since I was supposed to buy myself a dslr last december (2007), I ordered these lensbabies online. However, I failed to get myself the dslr (the canon eos 40D was just plain huge for my taste!! ugh) and am still dslr-less.

So now these babies (that's the lensbaby with macro lens attached) are still in their original box, waiting for a dslr. They just wouldn't work with my point and shoot camera! LOL.

Now am again on the look-out for a dslr ... Oh well. Hopefully I'll get one this summer (and hopefully the prices would have plummeted by then! hahaha).

Getting Out of Debt

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We had a family friend who was so much into debt that the husband was forced to quit his current job and find a much higher-paying job abroad. I know it must have taken quite a bit of adjusting, working in another country with a different culture. However, after about two years they did get to pay their debt. That was a wonderful success story, but they had to make sacrifices. The last I heard from them was that they had migrated to another country and trying to stay off any large debts!

Some people need advices, specially when it comes to money matters. I don't profess to being an expert, and at some point in our lives we've had some financial difficulties; but I guess we were lucky, since a relative helped us out. But not everyone has a very willing relative (or friend) to help them out financially, so I believe that it's a good decision that you try to get professional help when it comes to Debt Management. is one such site that can help! Whatever financial difficulties you're in right now, I'm sure that they are willing to extend a helping hand. You can reach an advisor on Freephone 0800 043 2444. If you believe that you need their help, then I suggest you check them out now. :)

Voltaire quote

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Behind every successful man stands a surprised mother-in-law.

Hahahaha .... I really had to laugh out loud when I read that! I mean, I am so used to reading and hearing that in comedy programmes these days that I just never imagined Voltaire to be saying something like that!

I guess during those days mother-in-law jokes were already plentiful, huh?

Just surprised me, that's all. ;P

Decisions ...

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Mortgages these days are kind of a touchy subject for some people. I remember the time when my dad had to mortgage the house to finance a business. I was really worried about that since where would we be living if our dad fails to pay his dues? As it turned out, I shouldn't have worried my young head that time since we overcame the debt and my dad's business even flourished! I guess we were pretty lucky, or maybe the heavens was watching over us. :)

I read this news over at about some families opting to find homes at the suburbs instead of staying in the heart of the city. Admittedly, since they are living a bit far from the city, then they had to commute daily (and earlier than the usual). Choosing a house relatively far from the city would also of course be cheaper, but the travel time should be considered.

Personally, I think having a bigger house in the suburbs, compared to having a small flat in the city, is much better. I would choose owning a house that's comparatively bigger and cheaper against paying for something that's more expensive (and most probably smaller); the amount of traveling I'd be doing wouldn't really matter much. But of course, it would also depend on how far you are from your work!

What about you? :)

Curing ...

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About a decade ago (yeah, THAT long! LOL) i used to enjoy curing my own meat (usually bacon and longganiza) ... but after a couple of years I must admit i got tired of it. I mean, it is much more convenient (and definitely faster!) buying them at the supermarket!

But those were the days when I wasn't really that concerned with the additives they put on those processed food these days ... so now I am thinking of curing my own bacon again. Since I seem to have lost my recipe (and my mom's recipe isn't around) ... I have decided to search for one that will suite my taste.

Here's what I read from a certain site:

Curing ingredients

Salt is the primary ingredient. Sugar is added to offset some of the salt's harshness. A combination of 3 pounds salt and 1-1/2 pounds sugar, either white or brown, is a basic mixture. There are several commercially prepared cures comprised of this basic mixture. Some have added spices and flavoring to give a characteristic flavor, aroma or appearance.

A cure mixture that performs well under home curing conditions consists of 7 pounds meat curing salt, 4 pounds sugar (white or brown) and 3 ounces of nitrate (saltpeter -- optional). This cure produces a milk-flavored bacon.

Applying cure

If commercially prepared cure is used, apply according to the manufacturer's instructions. If you prepare your cure according to the suggested recipe, apply the cure at rate of 1/2 ounce per pound fresh belly. If you cannot weigh the ingredients and bellies, you can put the cure on by sprinkling the skin side and by rubbing the sides and inside well with the cure. Hold the belly on edge and tap gently on table to remove excess cure. The amount applied will equal about 1/2 ounce per pound.

Curing time

Stack the bellies crisscross no more than four layers deep on a table that is tilted to allow the moisture to drain away. Plywood on a set of sawhorses works well. Place the bellies in a well-ventilated, odor-free room and allow to cure 7 days. If the bellies freeze before 7 days, allow them to defrost and add one day to cure for each day they were frozen. After curing, the product should be smoked.

I don't have a smokehouse, so maybe I'll just do some more revisions after that. Hopefully, my family and I will get to enjoy processed food with less (or zero!) harmful additives someday! :)

Canon DSLR kit lens upgrade group test

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Thinking about getting myself a canon dslr, and I think that this one's a pretty good review if you want to buy additional lenses.

They are using the canon 400D here, though, but am thinking of getting myself the 30D (the 40D was just too big!!!!). Of course, nothing's still definite, specially when we're saving for some family stuffs first ... :)

I just hope that by the time I do get to have the opportunity to buy a dslr the prices would have gone down already! :)

Meeting Somebody Special Online

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This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Basic Photography tips: Understanding Aperture

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Found this at YouTube just now; interesting tutorial here. I think it's really neat the way this guy explains it. Not boring, unlike some of the tutorials I've seen! LOL.

I know I still have to buy a dslr, but I think it's great if I read/do some research on how a camera works. Not that it's really THAT interesting for me, though. I just love taking pictures and sometimes all those technical stuffs just takes the fun away!

I know it's necessary, though. :)

Handy ...

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Isn't it just convenient if you have a rechargeable flashlight? We don't have one right now, but it would be great if we can find one in one of our local stores. It would really come in handy in whatever situations!

What about you? Fancy yourself owning a pair of rechargeable flashlights anytime soon? If so, then that makes two of us! :)

Reminiscing ...

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When I was really small (I was still too young to go to school), I remember watching my parents getting ready for work every morning. Watching them hurrying around the rooms and talking really got me interested; I'd just trail behind and ask one or two questions. They were never irritated, even if they were almost always in a hurry. Sometimes if my father had to attend an important meeting he'd be wearing a pair of his gold cufflinks before they left, and my mother would spray on her favorite perfume.

Those were the days. :)

New Canon EOS 450D/Rebel Xsi

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Yeah .. that's the latest canon eos series (the 450D at the left while the 400D at the right) ... am so sure it's still pretty expensive since it's just new (the 450D). It would be nice if I can get one of those, but maybe after a few months later ... when it's price has gone down a bit. LOL.

I don't really fancy a big camera, though. But I know that I want a dslr ... I was all ready to get myself the 40D a while back, but the size just surprised me! I mean, I sometimes find it cumbersome carrying my powershot S3 IS ... and it's much smaller! hahaha ...

Anyway, let's see. It just feels nice to be "updated" again. :)

Visiting Online Casinos

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I have been writing about online casino for some time now, but I still feel like a newbie when I think about it and how much I've known about the subject! Pretty pathetic, huh? I guess that's why I still continue doing additional readings, though lately things have been pretty hectic and that's why I haven't had the chance to visit those sites. My online friend suggested I visit, though, and I did just that!

They have a link to some of the casino sites with best bonuses, as well as some reviews of the top online casinos. Really helpful for those who are interested! But do you know what really got my attention? Their beginner's guide is really great! And of course, pretty useful for newbies like me! Just because I've read some guides doesn't mean I'll be betting anytime soon, though. I just don't have the additional/spare money for that, yet.

So for now, I have to be content with just visiting some sites and trying their free games. Without betting real money, of course! :)

Saint Thomas Aquinas quote

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There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.
Saint Thomas Aquinas

I agree! Lucky is the person who has found TRUE friendship!

I'm not sure what true friendship means, but i believe that it's one of those things that hubby and I have ... it might mean differently for each person, though.

What about you? Think you've found it already, too?

I honestly hope that you have. :)

Want Quality Furnitures Online?

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Do you want to know where you can get good quality furniture online? Or would you like to have a gorgeous Dark Brown Old World Distressed Wood King Queen Sleigh Beds Bedroom Furniture Set? How about a new living room furniture, or a storage bed?

I know I would! Want to know where you can get them? Then do visit! They have a wide selection of furnitures for you to choose from, and what's great about it is that delivery is free, all the time! You may call them toll free at 877-232-0783 if you want to learn more!

Don't hesitate ... visit/call them now! :)

Saint Thomas Aquinas quote

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The things that we love tell us what we are.
Saint Thomas Aquinas

Yeah ... I believe that that's really true. For some, if they value money more than family, well, they might be rich, but there won't be that much love surrounding them. But for those who prefer human relationships over earnings, well ... let's just say that they are most probably surrounded by lots and lots of love (though they might go hungry at times).

I really admire people who manage to balance both.

But I believe that there are only a few of them....

Want Online Coupons and Discounts?

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I know somebody who would absolutely have a great time if given a chance to shop at luxury department stores with online coupons and discount offers for Nordstroms, Macy's, Bloomingdales and eLuxury: myself, of course! But I'm sure lots of internet surfers out there would love to be given the chance, too!

Having a discount coupon for a dslr camera would really be nice, as well as a fascinating toy for my son! I know that hubby would appreciate a new laptop; since he thinks that his current laptop is not that up-to-date anymore!

Lots of things that you can get at a discount! Know where you can get them? Just go visit!

Saint Thomas Aquinas quote

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Faith has to do with things that are not seen and hope with things that are not at hand.
Saint Thomas Aquinas

Lately I have been struggling with accepting some things that has happened around us, and I must say that my faith has really helped a great deal. There are a million questions buzzing inside my head right now, and some of them are quite "unlady-like".

But I know that I need to have just more faith ... and a bit of luck. :)

Betting Online (some thoughts)

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Would you like to know more about online Casino? Admittedly, some people get irritated when they read advertisements about online casinos, but for me they are fine. I mean, it's the surfer's choice if they want to visit the sites, or not. I definitely prefer them (online casinos and other online role-playing games) than those pornography sites out there!

If you are interested and would like to know more about them, then I suggest you visit sites that not only offer legitimate links but also have reviews, like An online friend who's into online casinos have told me that since the games can be pretty addicting, you have to know what you're getting yourself into! For starters, don't dash immediately to the first site that you see and start betting. Most probably you'd lose, specially if you have no idea or no strategy at all while playing. I must admit, I was surprised when I learned that you needed a strategy too, while playing in some of the games being offered by those online casinos. That just shows that I need to do some more research before I start betting real money into any of those sites!

So, if you're a newbie like me, let's do some more researching first! :)

Weekend Snapshot: Love ...

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Love is in the air .... but somehow I wish that that cigarette isn't there! :)

ps. didn't want to get rid of the cigarette through photoshop since I wanted to show what's really quite "normal" for some people these days...

credits: words of love by lisbonlioness

How to Make Word Art (Digital Scrapbooking)

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I still haven't fully watched this, since in about a few minutes I need to leave ... Will watch this later when I have more time.

Have been interested in digital scrapbooking for a few months now, and have even gotten to the point of purchasing some elements (and fonts) online! I think this hobby needs time (of course, like most hobbies ... LOL), something which I seem to lack. But that's not going to stop me, of course.

On with the hobby .... :)

Internet ...

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Would you like to have free internet? If you don't use the internet too much (around less than ten hours per month), then that would work well for you! However, these days ten hours of internet per month doesn't really sound appealing, so I believe that it's a good idea to look into dsl paid subscriptions. is one such where you can compare different digital subscriber line companies like Verizon, AT&T Yahoo and Qwest and see which company offers will fit you and your internet habits. The site's a good place for learning, too, like how you can properly choose an internet provider as well as how you may be able to avoid online scams.

We first subscribed to unlimited dial-up since dsl was then so outrageously expensive the first time they were offered. At first I was just mostly answering emails and researching, but later on when video streaming was becoming popular I found out that it was nearly impossible to watch one with our existing subscription! I had to pass watching those videos, then. But after around a year the dsl subscription began getting to be economically possible, so my family and I immediately switched!

We are happy that we have switched, but for some families it might not be worth it; specially if you use the internet sparingly. If you can, it would be best to avail of the free internet, but if not, then you should just see which subscription will fit you and your family best. :)

Muhammad Ali quote

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The man who has no imagination has no wings.
Muhammad Ali

Yes, I do believe in that! With imagination we can go anywhere and even really fly if we want to! I just love the old movies wherein the writers really let their imaginations soar and create such outrageous plots and characters!

Take for example The Chronicles of Narnia ... who would have thought that one of the main characters would be a talking lion? I guess I wouldn't have thought of that myself! But I love the result! :)

Online Games

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I have always been interested in online gaming, but I haven't really tried them myself. I've seen my nephew play in one of those rpg (role playing games) online, and I must admit he's really quite good at it! It would be nice, too, if I get to play, but I don't think I'm that techno-savvy enough! LOL. Or maybe I just need to learn some more, huh?!

Do you know that you can now purchase Wow Accounts (World of Warcraft accounts) legally? Yes, they are legitimate and if you buy an account from them you won't need to be afraid of having your account reclaimed! They can guarantee a hundred percent that the account that you purchased won't be reclaimed by anyone, and customer support is 24/7! So you can purchase with confidence, and know that what you're buying is legitimate. You can also sell your account, and if you want, you can even have a live representative call you.

I'm not too sure if I will create an account of my own in those online role playing games; I guess I just don't have that much time the way I used to back then. But then, who knows? Maybe one of these days I just might visit those familiar sites once again. :)

Autumn Leaves

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"jazz classic arranged by Berimbau. Performed live at Holley Hall, Sarasota, Florida 2005 ..."

Just listened to this a few minutes ago, and I must admit I like the really subtle approach ... not too flamboyant or anything; I think it's even kind of like those music which you sometimes hear in chic restaurants. :)

Haven't learned how to play the guitar, though we were "forced" to learn the piano when we were younger. LOL. Thinking about it, I'm glad we were taught how to play the piano. It did help a lot, specially during our music subjects. :)

When I was in college ..

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When I was still in college, I was fortunate enough not to have taken student loans because our university was then subsidized by the government; and so our tuition fee was really quite small. However, after a few years we were forced to pay higher tuition fees, specially for those with laboratory subjects.

I must admit, some of my classmates were forced to avail of those student loans, but it's a good thing they all managed to pay them off before the semester ended. They also graduated on time! :)

Money thoughts ...

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Hubby and I have always wondered about those businesses which offer franchise as one of the options to consider, if you want to get into a business on "your own". Actually you're not going to be "on your own" since you will just follow some rules being given by the franchising company while you're setting up the business.

For some it seems to have really worked, but I've seen some businesses fold over in just a matter of three months. I'm not too sure if I'm ready for that, though. Maybe after I've done some more research, I just might. :)

Flower (again) ...

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Flower (again)

The same flower as the one three posts ago ... and again, still no idea what those are called. I like them, though. It's a good thing my sister takes really good care of them ... I've seen them flowering over at her garden all the time! :)

If you know what they're called, well, maybe you can tell me! My sister forgot the name, too ... :D

Online Gambling ...

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Honestly, I don't mind the advertisements made by some of the online casino or gambling sites out there. In fact, they interest me. Initially I was kind of wary about them, but after an online friend who loves online gambling began teaching me some of the basics, I got really interested.

First, he said, I have to familiarize myself with the sites and then do some researching, before I really get into the betting thing. Those are really good advices and am doing just that: researching. I found out that there are some online casino with good bonuses and even others who are voted as the top when it comes to users votes. Some sites also offer gambling tips and that's really great for newbies like me!

I still don't have enough courage to go out there and do some actual betting since I know that I'm not yet ready. I just might try one of those "games" that are being offered in some sites, though. But it's not really a priority these days ... will do that only when I've got the extra time. :)

Looking for a Mortgage Calculator?

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I wasn't really aware that people sometimes tend to write wrongly spelled words while using search engine (because I always check mine before pressing the "go" button), until I came upon this site about mortgage calculator. They noticed that people tend to write Morgage Calculator (I wasn't fully aware at first that the word mortgage wasn't spelled right! I guess that's why it's the most common mistake made), Mortgage Calclater, as well as Mortgage Calclater! Really interesting!

Well, whether you spell it right or wrong, you can always go and visit their site if you're in need of a mortgage calculator. At the site you can compute for rate comparison, consolidation and refinancing, home refinancing, and of course your monthly payments, including an amortization schedule. Really neat and convenient, huh?!

The site not only offers a mortgage calculator, but also some advices regarding how you can get a free credit report as well as how you can pay off your mortgage with a very limited budget.

So, if you need a mortgage calculator and you mispelled it in the search engines, you don't need to worry; am so sure you'll still get what you were searching for! :)

Flower ...

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Forgot what this flower's called, but I think it has something to do with butterflies, or something. The petals are the ones seen behind the flower and it does resemble a butterfly, doesn't it?

Or maybe I'm just imagining things. I do tend to have an overly active imagination sometimes. :)

Keeping Warm

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Am not so crazy about fleece jackets, but a former classmate loves them! In most of the pictures that she has sent me, I noticed that most of her jackets are fleece jackets! Of course, she needs them since they are warmer and more comfortable. Looks good on her, too!

Am not so sure if she buys the same thing for her sons, though. Maybe... :)

Sports Coupons

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Would you be interested in Sports Authority coupons? I know some sports buffs who are really interested, and I think that that's great! A former classmate who's now taking her doctorate is really so interested in watching her favorite games live, so sometimes she really takes time to arrange her hectic schedule just so she'd be able to watch the games!

As for me, well, not so much. I like the idea of taking some sports shots, that's all. Am more of the gardening/cooking/photo-hobby type. :)

Willy Wonka - Pure Imagination (2)

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This is the new version of the movie Willy Wonka from two posts ago ... haven't watched this one yet. Not too sure when I'd get the chance to watch it ... not really a priority. :)

But it would be nice if I get a hold of a copy and see the movie. Really different from the first version!

Exercising ...

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Honestly, I have no actual idea what ellipticals is all about, but I think it has something to do with working out. Now that gets us to the topic about exercising; something which I should really be serious about! I mean, we all want to be healthy, right? And that means getting sufficient amounts of exercise ... something which I certainly lack!

I should really start on it. Right now!

Willy Wonka - Pure Imagination

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Oh my ... saw this EONS ago! i just love the music ... am more familiar with Kenny Loggins' version, though.

Brings back wonderful memories ... :)

My Life Insurance ...

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I just recently updated my life insurance and was surprised at how small it was. Well, I did get it almost ten years ago so I guess that's why it seems too little now. Still, I think that it's better than having none at all, so it's a good idea to get life insurance quotes right now. We just have to be sure that the company is still there and able to pay for it, though. :)

Couple's Understanding

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Hubby and I like visiting furniture stores whenever we can. We don't actually have the same tastes, but sometimes it's surprisingly fun when I find out that he likes a certain design, while I didn't like it! Sometimes it also happens the other way; obviously, we wouldn't be buying anything that the other doesn't like. It's a (sort of) understanding between us. :)

About Online Gambling ...

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Casinos are interesting. Well, for me, anyway. Some might think that they are there just to pester some people, but for me it really depends each person's point of view. Besides, they are not forcing anyone to join; it's anybody's decision. What's important, though, like what an online casino player told me, is that you must have discipline.

At first I wasn't quite sure what he meant by that, but as he went along and explained some more, I got the idea. He said that playing online casino can be addictive, that's why it's important that you be disciplined enough to stop when you need to stop. Even if you've got tons of money and you're still loosing, then maybe it's time to end the session. I believe that that's a really sound advice, coming from a self-proclaimed online casino player addict. :)

Another thing that he mentioned was that before I actually go into playing, I need to familiarize myself with the different sites out there, and one site that he mentioned that I try to visit was It's a site where I can get reviews about some online gambling sites including the links.

I think it's really a good idea to do some research first instead of going to a site and betting immediately. I don't have tons of money, so I have to be really careful. :)

Mohandas Gandhi quote

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An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.
Mohandas Gandhi

Yeah ... I agree. Sometimes I think it applies to some situations, but personally, I'd rather not follow that. I'm not trying to be a martyr or anything (since if someone does try to do something bad to me, well, I'm not going to say that I won't retaliate...) but I believe that sometimes it's good to just let it pass.

Not even bothering to think about it might even irritate the offender more. LOL

Weekend Snapshot: Stray Cat (again)

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stray cat

Took this shot the other weekend ... was surprised when I saw the tongue! LOL. ;P
The cat seems to blend quite well with it's sorroundings, too ... and that's one of the stray cats that our neighbors feed, every once in a while.

Henry Ward Beecher quote

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Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle of faith.
Henry Ward Beecher

Just this weekend, something happened which really affected all of us (my family and I). It is too private to be actually mentioned here, but suffice it to say that the revelation really created some ripples ... I was surprised.

This quote actually answers most of the questions that raged my mind when I found out. I hope to be able to handle it with faith, and entrust everything to the Lord. But somehow ... the anxiety is still there. Lurking.

I need to have more faith, I know. But sometimes it's just so hard... sigh.

Blog Traffic

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It's great if our blogs have more traffic and people (not spam!) leave comments, but sometimes it's quite difficult achieving just that. There are countless of blog sites out there, and getting yours to be noticed needs work! But doo you know that there's a site where you can get more blog traffic? Try Buzzfuse! This site can actually help you increase your blog traffic, and the best thing is that you can sign up for free!

All you have to do after signing up is to upload and activate your original music, photo, or video! There are sure to be visitors pretty soon and what's great about it is that fans of your site will be kept updated so that they'll know immediately what's the latest on your blog! Isn't that neat? So go ahead, go and check them out! Better yet, sign up for free! :)

Blue Sky

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afternoon sky

thought of posting this for my weekend snapshot, but since I took this NOT on a weekend, but a few days ago (last wednesday), well .... :)

I just like the way the the silhouette and the sky with the sun behind it seems to look kind of dramatic.

Lucky shot, as usual. but that's just a personal opinion. :)

Need Free Credit Reports?

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Every 8th of the month, I mark it on my calendar as my payment date for my credit card. You don't want to be late or else you get financial charges for late payment. I hardly even notice my remaining balance go down in spite of my monthly payments. There are times that I have to pay even without seeing my monthly billing just to avoid paying late. How I'd wish we have the same system in the U.S . where consumers can get Free Credit Report. They have this Fair Credit Registry Act by the Federal Trade Commission giving consumers free access to their financial figures.

Really, credit cards are good. Especially during emergency situations. I remember one time I had dinner with a friend. I brought with me some extra cash knowing that I'll be paying the bill. But when I saw the bill, I almost fell out of my chair! Good thing I had my credit card with me. Whew! I couldn't imagine myself washing the dishes for the rest of the night... :)
One thing I've learned though about using credit cards is that you should only make use of Secured Credit Cards. With our fast paced world today, a lot of hackers can fool you into buying things online, not knowing that they are just after your credit card details. You'll just be shocked comes your next monthly billing.

A lot of credible credit card companies are available, but its always better to Compare Credit Cards and see which one has a better and secured offering. At the end of the day, we are still the consumers and should be enjoying the benefits they all provide. :)

Dream House ...

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When you live in a small space in the city, it often makes you wonder how nice it would be to have your own home. A lot of real estate company are available in the market where you could choose the design you like. We browsed the net, we found plenty of good looking houses at Branson real estate.

At least the picture of our dream home can now be complete. Saving for our dream house is another story, though. :)
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