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Advance Happy Anniversary, Annie!

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I enjoy dropping EC and finding different blogs with different topics, and that's how I chanced upon Annie's The Journey. It's going to be her blog's first year anniversary this coming August 24th, and she'll be giving the winner the chance to own their own site! Isn't that neat? It's called ANNIE-THE JOURNEY FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY PROMO and am absolutely all for it!

Want to know more about the contest? Here are some basic info:

Who can join the contest?

  • My fellow bloggers, especially those who never fail to drop by in my blog (& sometimes left a comment).
  • My non-blogger regular readers (especially those aspiring cabin crews) whose are interested of having their own site in world wide web.
  • Anyone who wants to have their own site!

What’s the prize?

There will be two winners in this contest & each winner will have two years registered website, in their chosen domain name (subject for domain name’s availability)- 2 years hosting service & 2 years domain name service.

Details are; HD Space - 1000MB, Transfer - 1000MB, Email - 1, Domain - 1, MySQL - 1, CPanel & Fantastico De Luxe

If you want to know more (and I know that you do!), then I suggest you click on the adorable picture above, which I took from Annie's site. Her daughter's an absolute cutie, and another one's along the way! :)

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