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Schizophrenic :D

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...yeah, this fly must really be desperate. Or just confused. 

Featured in Food Friday buttons

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Yup, new buttons for those who got featured in Food Friday. 

Finally, after more than a month since Featured in Food Friday started, I (at long last! LOL) sat down and made the buttons above. Would you believe I finished only two buttons in about eight hours? Well, the first two buttons were a disaster so I didn't count those. LOL. Plus, I also had to eat, warm some food, had food delivered, watched tv, and of course, play for a bit in FB. 


Putting the buttons on your site is optional (the button will be directed to the Featured in Food Friday page). I just thought I'd make some buttons, and I think the end result turned out pretty cute. Of course...I'm supposed to say that. Hahaha.  

Till then ... 

Food Friday

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This week's Featured in Food Friday player is.....

Ms. Sherry of I Am A Cooking Show Fan with her post:
Pad Thai

Being a relatively new blog (started March 2011), I believe "I Am A Cooking Show Fan" started out as just that: a foodie blog which will deal mostly with cooking shows. That Pad Thai (from My Thai) which she shared with us last week actually had me drooling...and made me want to get myself a plateful that day! lol. I encourage you to check out her site and have a look around...leave her some comment love, and maybe include a link (or two) to one of your favorite food shows!


This week's Food Friday post is something really simple: Tofu with Tomatoes and Peas

My mother never really liked tofu, so it was something that we never saw on our dining table. I only found out about it when I left home and started college; and when one of my sisters started buying it on a weekly basis, I got hooked. Am glad that my sons also like tofu (hubby's basically an all-meat-type of guy, lol, but he eats tofu every now and then) so now we have it at least once a week.

Ingredients were simple:

Tomatoes, peas and marinated tofu
  • marinated tofu (around a half kilo block, which I sliced and marinated in soy sauce, smoked paprika, vinegar, and freshly ground black pepper)
  • tomatoes 
  • cooked peas (canned)
  • canola oil (for frying the tofu as well as for sautéing), salt, pepper, sesame oil

Here's what I did:
  • Fried the sliced marinated tofu, then set them aside to cool before slicing them into strips.
  • Removed some of the oil and sauteed the sliced tomatoes and then lowered the fire; I wanted the tomatoes to be really mushy so I continued cooking for about five more minutes. If it gets dry, you just add in a bit of water.
  • Peas came next. Simmered for around three more minutes.
  • Tofu (which were fried and sliced by now) were mixed in. 

Taste-testing and adjusting. I actually wanted my dish to be a bit soupy (but not too much), so I added in more water. Chicken stock could be another option, but I didn't have it that time. Sesame oil (just a few drops) was added last. We just love the aroma of sesame oil... :)

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Yummy Slice

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Cake slice from Red Ribbon...Mocha Choco Crumble

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Weekday Potluck

Start 'em young ...

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My two-year old, using the camera* (those are my hands, trying to steady his hold)...he wanted to take a shot of himself in front of the mirror, with the flash on! LOL

*canon eos 550D with 50mm lens

Accidents are Expensive!

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A few weeks back we had a car accident. Nope, my sons and I weren't around that was only hubby who was inside the car. It happened early evening, at around past seven. Or was it earlier? I wasn't too sure, but I do know that it was drizzling the whole day and the fog was really thick. Hubby was just dropping off some of his former classmates and he was heading home when the incident happened. I had a bad feeling when he left that night...and the dreaded call came.

We were relieved that nobody was hurt, but still, an accident is an accident. No automobile lifts were necessary, and only the vehicles were damaged. It was not hubby's fault and the owner of the other vehicle had to admit it was his fault and he will pay for the damages.

part of the damage...left side, with the side mirror literally ripped off

Know how much everything costs for the repairs? Roughly around Php80K.


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...a common sight around the house. I think we need to really weed out what we need and what we don't need! Those are books, notebooks, and even some playthings found on a corner of one of our rooms. A fire hazard, actually. lol

I hope to get rid of those real soon...but am not holding my breath. :D

Rambling, again.

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Does anybody know any diet pills that work? I might be using them one of these days. lol. After all the bingeing being done in this house (actually, I think I'm the only one who's doing the bingeing thing. lol), I just might be needing them sooner than I think!

Yup, the past few weeks have been kind of "fun" around here. Well, for me food is fun! And I like taking pictures of food...what I like best is that you can eat them afterwards. ;)

I know, I should lessen the amount I take in...and do some exercising. But honestly, saying it is so much easier than doing it!

I need lots of willpower... :F


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Brunch last Sunday... :D

Tinapa (Smoked Fish) with Brown Rice and Mungbean Sprouts Omelette

LOL...look at that lone rice near the fish! :D

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...macro shot of a weed flower. :)

Food Friday

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The fourth player to be featured in Food Friday is.....

Ms. Arlene of beatingheartbaby, with her post:
Home made PUTO for Snack

Puto (rice cake) is one of my fave snacks and this post just made me drool! Ms. Arlene not only blogs about food, but also about life in general. Like me and my blog! lol. I encourage you to visit her blog and see what's keeping her busy these days.


My food post today will be something that's dear to me: eggs and breakfast.

I am one of those who believe that eating a substantial breakfast can help kick-start the day and may even put you in a good mood. Having kids in the house means I need to wake up early and prepare food early, too (specially since the eldest leaves early for school). That's where the eggs come in...they are convenient and I can cook them in a lot of ways!

This was what we had yesterday morning: Scrambled Eggs in Pandesal.

The ingredients used were the following:
  • eggs, of course (i used 2 med eggs)
  • yellow bellpepper (i only used half of it)
  • one ripe tomato
  • parsley (chopped, around 2 tbsps)
  • pandesal (store-bought that morning)
  • cheddar cheese, coarse salt, pepper, and canola oil

Some of the ingredients used for this dish

Here's what I did:
  • Sliced and diced the tomato and bellpepper.
  • Chopped the parsley.
  • Beat the eggs (that sounds with a bit of salt added.
  • Placed oil on the pan and when hot I added in the diced tomato and bellpepper; left them alone in low fire till they were soft and a bit mushy. 
  • Next came the parsley, and the beaten eggs were immediately poured in. Added pepper. Waited for a few seconds. Using a fork, I flipped a side here, flipped another side there, a couple or so of more flipping, and it was done!
  • Transferred to a plate, and cheddar cheese was placed on top. It melted conveniently, since the eggs were still hot.

We had that together with some fresh orange pieces, and hot chocolate.

We decided to eat the scrambled eggs tucked in pandesal since it was convenient. lol. The bland bread together with the savoury scrambled eggs tasted good together, too! :)

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Sports, you say?

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When my body was limber enough (LOL), as a child I was constantly running around. Yeah, just running around. Usually you'd find me hopping and jumping and frisking about with our eight dogs (all mongrels, i can proudly say! lol) behind (or in front) of me. I guess I was a bit of a handful then. ;)

But what I also liked doing then was to get wet and swim in the sea. Yes, I prefer the much easier to float compared to swimming in fresh water. Guess because it has something to do with density and bouyancy, among other things. But that's too technical for me. lol.

No picture of me swimming in the water, though. But the shot below was taken in one of the places where I used to swim as a young child. :)

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GMirage's post about her Golf and New Blog Giveaway

Banana Cue

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Nothing fancy for this week's Weekday Potluck for me.

That's what I had as a snack a few afternoons back. We call it banana cue. Basically, just plantain banana deep fried and coated in caramelized brown sugar, then skewered on a bamboo stick. I haven't tried cooking it myself (i have tried frying the plantains before, but no idea how to coat them with caramelized brown sugar), since someone is almost always selling them near us. lol.

I love this with ice cream! But it's also good eaten as it is. :D

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Foggiest that i've encountered, so far...

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It was really quite foggy that morning (around 11:15am) in Tagaytay...
shot taken last Aug. 1, 2011

Weekend Bingeing

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This weekend wasn't so good..i ate a lot of these!

I love chocolates. Most of us do. lol. This particular chocolate isn't my fave, though. We just got a pack and it seemed such a waste not to eat them. Rigggghhhhtt. :D

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Fleeting thoughts

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When I was in college I smoked. Yeah, not pretty, but I did it...just because. lol. Am not really sure. Maybe it was because I felt rebellious (yeah, the bane of every teenager! lol) or maybe because everyone back then was doing it. Well, not really EVERYONE, but most of my close friends were doing it. You can just imagine the crowd I was constantly running with, huh? But anyway, it's sad that I didn't get to try one of those premium cigars out there, like the Cohiba. I guess it wasn't easily available back then. Or maybe it's because my culture is just different. Back then at home I used to see these old people selling dried tobacco leaves on the sidewalk, in the market (no malls back then). No cigars, but I guess they are slightly the same.

Or are they?

I so agree!

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...yup, that quote is soooooooo true! :D
...i can so relate to that, me being a SAHM. lol
...but it has it's priceless rewards, too. :)

Off Road Adventure

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When hubby was assigned in Mindanao, he got the chance to go off-roading with his officemates every once in a while...and usually when they get back home they'd be smeared with mud all over! But I pity their all terrain vehicle the most. lol. I did wonder if it had atv power steering or was visible even if they were quite far. Those are some of the things which I think is advantageous when you go on adventures using your atv. Am not an expert on those stuffs, though. I just think that if you want to enjoy a hobby, you'd want to make sure you're in control, you know what you're doing, and above all, you take precautions. :)

Food Friday

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The third Featured in Food Friday player is ....

Manang Kim of @ my tabletop with her post, Sun Tea.

This was the first time that I've heard of Sun Tea, and at first I thought it was a brand! Silly me! lol. Found out from this unique post of Manang Kim that she actually used the sun's 'power' to make this tea! I love drinking tea (usually the hot kind), so I just mght try this myself one of these days. What about you? If you want to learn something new today, then check her out!


This week's Food Friday post is ...uhm, something. I guess this can be categorized under soup, so I'll call it Meatballs, Mushroom, and Corn Soup. :D

I had my first taste of this soupy dish when my father cooked it for lunch eons ago. He used fresh corn kernels (corn was plentiful that time), straight from the cob, mixed it with ground pork, some salt, spices, and added lots of water. Pretty simple, really. The simple procedure, coupled with the delicious taste, made an impression on me. Actually, I love how my father cooks: everything is usually fast, easy, and delicious! But we're straying away from the topic, lol.

My father didn't add mushrooms, but I got the idea when I worked at a farm and the boys cooked their corn soup, which had wild mushrooms and some type of veggies in it. I forgot the name of the plant, but it was growing wild at the farm, together with the mushrooms. I tell you, eating it straight from the pot was highly didn't stay full for long!

My recipe, though, is a combination of both dishes. Shot below are the main ingredients used:
  • mushrooms (you can use fresh or canned, and any type of mushroom will do), 
  • meatballs (seasoned it with salt, pepper, soy sauce, mixed herbs {basil, rosemary, and thyme}, minced garlic, and spanish paprika), 
  • ... and corn (fresh or canned, and any type will also do).

... i also added a carrot, but it was added late so it's not in the shot. :D

The procedure was fairly simple:

  • dump the corn in a pot with a bit of water (it was a bit thick for me), together with the meatballs. let it boil for a bit, then when the meatballs starts floating on top it's cooked.
  • i drained and sliced the straw mushrooms in half and then placed them in the pot together with the floating meatballs and corn.
  • found a carrot and added that too (diced). adjusted the taste (i added fish sauce).
  • after a couple of minutes it was done.

Fast, easy and am happy to say, we all loved it! :D

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Thank you!

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Rules for these awards:
  1. Link back and thank the person who tagged you.
  2. Post seven things about yourself and answer the list of favorite questions.
  3. Pass these awards to 15 bloggers.
  4. Notify the lucky bloggers who got these awards.
I would love to thank Angelica Gomez of Telepathy for these overwhelming awards.
Maraming salamat po!

Seven Things:

  1. I like taking pictures. Almost everybody does, I guess. lol
  2. I have a twelve-year old, and a two-{soon-to-be-three}-year old.
  3. I almost always go for the desserts section first in buffets.
  4. I am a light sleeper.
  5. I am biased towards Canon cameras. lol.
  6. Am a self-confessed Scrooge. Except when it comes to food or my 'toys'. :D
  7. Sometimes I worry too much.
...whew. revealing stuffs about me is harder than i thought it would be! LOL

The Favorite Questions:
Name your favorite colors: Blue, Brown, Purple 

Name your favorite song: ..too many to mention... 
Name your favorite dessert: frozen yoghurt with mochi, fruits, and nuts 
What pisses you off: slow internet and computer 
When you're upset you: surf the internet some more, listen to music, tweak my shots 
Favorite pet: ...not one, but lots (dog, cat, fish, mostly); would love a horse, but maintenance is expensive. lol 
Black or White: white 
Your biggest fear: not being there for my kids/family 
Best feature: i have one? LOL 
Everyday Attitude: Do the best that you can, while you still can. :P 
What is perfection: GOD 
Guilty pleasures: lenses for my camera, computer, sweets, and buying online stuffs

... and now i am supposed to pass on these awards to other bloggers out there.
But I can't, for now. There are just too many awesome bloggers out there!

Many many thanks again, AG! ♥


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The other weekend my family and I visited SyenSaya (Science Exhibit) at UP Los Baňos (Laguna). I wanted my sons to experience science the fun way as well as show them their parent's Alma Mater (it was my youngest's first time, while the eldest had been there a couple of times before). Yup, hubby and I met (we were classmates in some subjects), and graduated there. But that's not the topic here. LOL :)

The first food that came to mind was this:

It was raining, and since we chose to buy from their stall near the university  (relatively near where they cook the pies, too), getting the pie meant you had to get wet. But I tell you, it was definitely worth it! I only took one shot of the packaging and the pie inside, and immediately grabbed a slice. Hubby did the same thing, too (grabbed a slice, i mean) ...and oh my goodness! Biting into that warm pie really brought back such an immense feeling of warmth, happiness, and just plain "this was one of those good ol' times" thing.

Studying in Laguna meant buko pie was relatively common, but honestly, nothing comes close to Lety's Buko Pie, specially if you get them warm. All those homemade goodness....YUMMY! :)

... and since we were going to be spending that weekend with hubby's family, we also bought another box of pie for them. :D

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