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Weekend Snapshot: Fly

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fly on plant

Last weekend, aside from buying disposable diapers, I also decided to take pictures. I wanted to take some shots of the flowers in my mother's garden but this fly intrigued me. It wasn't scared at all, even if my camera lens was already THAT close! My son and a niece wanted to see how close my lens could go before the fly got scared, but we were surprised when the fly decided to stay put for the picture-taking! lol. :D

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Vacation time

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Since I am on vacation, I think that I have gained additional weight ... I don't think that's too bad. I won't be needing any diet pills like Anoretix soon since I was told that I need to gain more weight! I just have to eat in moderation now, though. It is quite expensive buying new clothes every now and then, you know. LOL

The sad part is that the vacation is drawing to an end...sigh.

On vacation

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Going online these days is getting to be quite tedious, instead of fun! I guess it's because am so used to using my own computer and the wifi...oh well. I guess that's part of going on vacation. LOL

Weekly Questions (#47)

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weekly questions

WQ #47: Are you a patient person? Has your patience been tested a lot of times? What have you done about it?

Oh my ... yes, my patience has been tested countless of times! I am was initially a short-tempered person, and so unmindful of others. But I have learned how to be patient and be more considerate and understanding. I am not perfect (and never will be, I know, lol) but I do try my darnest to be patient and understanding. Besides, being angry most of the time is not good for one's health and I might need to search the internet for cheap life insurance rates sooner than I think, so I have decided to just let things be and continue with my life. There will always be things that will irk me, but they won't really affect me as long as I won't let them. :)

It is a continuing process for me ... learning how to be more patient, understanding and tolerant. :)

Looking around ...

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Now that I'm back home again, I can't help but look at the "ancient" housewares we've got. I can still remember we first got one of our kitchen stuffs. Not all of them, of course, but it would be nice to see something relatively different here at home, like maybe a couple or so of copper kitchen sinks. Or maybe I am going overboard with that since it might not look good with the other kitchen stuffs. Besides, where will be able to get one of those super new kitchen wares here in the province? Via the internet, I guess, but that would be too expensive.

Oh well. Home is home. :)

Back home again ..

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My family and I just recently went on a trip; off for our summer vacation, and our favorite destination is my hometown! We'll be staying here till next month. Yup, it feels great to be back home again, after about two years of being away. We couldn't make it last year because I was then pregnant with our youngest, but now we're back again. Together with my two sons. Hubby stayed only for a few days.

Initially I was thinking of getting some new luggage for the trip (I had my eyes set on one of those Samsonite luggage sets being offered in the mall), but hubby pointed out that we can mail our everyday clothes instead of carrying them around with us. Excellent idea! Though it would have been nice to have new bags ... :P

Shot below was taken while we were on the trip and I had a rare chance to play with my phonecam. lol. Posted this picture on my other blog, too; hence the different watermark. :)

Yummy ...

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This was a shot a took a while back (come to think of it ... it has been ages since I had one of these!!!) ...

Nope, I didn't use Sylvania light bulbs for this (though it would have been an interesting experience), but just my four year old mobile phone. Which explains why the picture looks kind of 'weird'. I actually wanted to highlight the chocolate on the cream, but am not so sure if I got the desired effect. lol.

Anyway, that drink tasted so good I actually didn't care much how the shot turned out! :D

Silly Me ... :D

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When my classmates and I had our veterinary clinics subject ages ago (back when I was still in college), I never really thought much about where the horse owners get their horse supplies. I mean, owning a horse is an expensive hobby so you can't just find stuffs for your pet here in the city. I was thinking that maybe they get them abroad; never did thought that they could have used the internet to do that! lol.

Silly silly me, huh?! Now I know better. I think. :P

Weekend Snapshot: Summer!

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Getting to be hotter than the usual ... of course, since it's summer here already! :)

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Weekly Question (#46)

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weekly questions

WQ #46: How did you spend Palm Sunday and what were your thoughts during that day?

Last Palm Sunday I spent the day packing and getting into a state of panic. lol. Nothing dramatic, really. My family and I were scheduled to leave for the province the next day, and since I have a feisty seven month old kiddo, packing was sort of 'forgotten'; till the very last minute. I had to think of the things that my kids will be needing for our month long vacation, as well as those things that they'll need while we're traveling. It was my baby's first time to ride a plane, too, so I was really worried how he'd react. Sad to say, we never did get to go to church that day ... but the trip went well. :)


Food for thought ... ;P

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I'm not really sure what NO2 Black is, but I think it has to do with nutrition. We should be concerned with what we eat, I know, but sometimes when you see your favorite food (which some would consider as 'junk'), you just can't help but crave for it! Well, I do. lol. But that doesn't really bother me much. I mean, at least avoiding it helps keep those unwanted pounds away! :D

Weekend Snapshot: Shrike

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So happy to be seeing this 'old friend', a shrike, again. :)

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