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Staying Grateful Is A SuperPower

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It's literally 6:09am right now, and I just arrived. From the outside, after bringing my son to school. They were supposed to be at school before 5:30am, and good thing we got there at around 5:18am.

Back then, I would have panicked. Unexpected things disturb me. So much that sometimes I'd obsess over that one little tiny itty-bitty thing over my mind and get all irritable and impossible the whole time. I must have caused havoc! It's a good thing real people who actually cared -and still care- for me put up with it! hahaha.

Anyway, walking home from my son's school, I decided at first to eat breakfast or stay somewhere and wait for the first mass. It was still too early and most of the shops were close...yup, even the pizza joint that said they were open 24 hours! Well, they were undergoing renovations, so I guess that's forgivable. Decided to buy pandesal and loaf instead, then walk the rest of the way home. There were tricycles, but walking is so much better. IMO, anyway.

Arriving home... everything's dark and quiet. Sat down. Saw the bluetooth speaker, and decided to listen to music. CHRISTMAS music. Peaceful, not the festive kind. ❤

And now you might be wondering: why that title?

Well, today is not my usual day, but I have learned that obsessing and overthinking over small stuffs will never do any good; to me or to anyone else. I stopped thinking about how things might go wrong (we will arrive late, my son will forget something, etcetera), and not a thing went wrong! In fact, our grab car fare was even Php0.00!

There are days when I find it hard being grateful, but when I really look into it: I have lots and lots of things to be grateful for; both the good and bad stuffs. I was just not looking in the right places.

Life, huh? Now, this post does not mean that I am in a forever state of being grateful! I know, I should, but I don't. I'm not there, yet. I hope I will, eventually.

I hope I will reach that state. One grateful day at a time, friends. 💟
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