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Had lunch a while back with in-laws. Even if we live in one country (lol), seeing them takes planning. They live more or less around 2hours away from us; and that's if traffic is at a minimum. It would have been great seeing them again this weekend, but ever since Inay and Itay have passed on we seldom sleep there (at my in-law's house) anymore. My youngest (and sometimes me, too) gets into a fit when the area is dusty and since nobody sleeps in our old rooms... well, just imagine the dust accumulated after a couple or so of months. ugh. Such a pity. The house needs to be fixed. Unfortunately, that would need some funds, something which is not in abundance right now. :-/

Anyway, it was great seeing them again..even if it was just for a short lunch. After all, nothing can really replace family. 
Reflection :)

Getting there ... Soon Enough.

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AGES since I last posted here. Am so sorry, bloggy. Things these days are just not that conducive to blogging anymore. Well, there are still days (like today) when I do get the chance to sit down and blog. But there's always something that takes me away. Like ... cooking, cleaning, sleeping (yes, it does), and other worldly chores. It's summer now. So I can indulge in being a procrastinator every once in a while.

That is ... Until summer ends. :P

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