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Autumn Is The Time Of Letting Go

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"Every leaf speaks bliss to me, 
fluttering from the autumn tree."
- Emily Brontë

...shot taken last 20Oct2019.

Animal Monday ... moving on.

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Another Monday.

And just like the kitten on the shot, we move on. Choosing to move on in spite of the anxieties and whatever-else-is-there-to-stop-you is always a good choice. Not that it is going to be easy. Not that just because you chose to move on, everyday will be cheery and sunny. {But we wish it were.}

Oh, by no means am I an expert in moving on. In fact, I have difficulties moving on. It has been years since I've been in my comfort zone. And believe me, I thought I would stay there forever. But life has it's own plan. That I have to accept. And own.

So for now, I choose to take itsy-little bits of steps to move on. Hard, but definitely doable.

I just wish our neighbor's music isn't so sad, though. Yup, their music is loud. Am used to it by now. 😁
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