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This is the first time I've heard of, and I'm glad I got the chance to find out about them. If you want blueprints, wall murals, project plans, home related books, magazines, and other products relating to building and improving your homes, then this site is definitely for you, too!

I am specially interested about their plans such as the English Cottage House Plans, Log Cabin House Plans and the Small Ranch House Plans. The site also offers a free search by estimated price. In some sites you need to pay a certain amount for this service, so finding one for free was really a pleasant surprise.

What about you? Tired of the way your house has looked the same for a couple years? If you're thinking of improving your home, then I suggest you really do check them out. It's quite informative and reading the site is really worth your time.

Weekend Snapshot

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weekend snapshot

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Yesterday we went on an out-of-town trip; we left the house early, around past five in the morning, so we decided to eat in one of the fast food joints located along the expressway.

I had coffee and these teeny hash browns; the small hash browns was an instant hit with my son! :)

Off to Adelaide and then to Brisbane

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Having lived for almost twenty years in Australia since they migrated, my aunt has been asking my parents if they plan on visiting Australia soon. They haven't seen each other for years now, and I guess my aunt misses them. We used to be neighbors in the province; but not really next door, since they were located a couple of blocks away from us. Every now and then our families visit each other, though, and had gotten a bit close.

My aunt lives in Melbourne, but she likes traveling. So far, she has already been to Adelaide and has visited Adelaide Zoo together with some of her grandchildren. First they had to find Hotels in Adelaide, though, and it's a good thing that Adelaide Hotels were very accommodating since sometimes her grandkids could be difficult to handle. The pictures that they sent were proof enough! They are adorable, though. :)

I know that before the year ends they plan on visiting Brisbane, and that's why they were asking if my parents can make the trip. They are now on the lookout for great deals on Brisbane accomodation, and that's why they want confirmation from my parents.

What a great occasion it would be if there could be a reunion again!

What about you, interested in visiting Australia? Then visit and see the amazing deals that they have to offer!

Brisbane Trip

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Having a cousin and her family living in Australia, my sister decided one time to visit them. Actually, she wanted to have a short vacation after working non-stop for around two years, and since they were both close (they more or less were of the same age bracket), my cousin suggested she visit them abroad. She loved the idea, that she took care of her papers and she was there in less than two months.

While staying there, they visited different parts of Australia. Since her visa was good for a year, they did just that ~ tour the country! I seem to remember distinctly that when she was in Brisbane she visited some sites like Mt. Coot-tha lookout, and the South Bank. They found time to look for great Hotels in Brisbane with good deals, too. They liked their Brisbane Accomodation so much that I know they took lots of shots both inside and outside the hotel, including the staff.

They didn't want to leave, but after visiting the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, they had to go since it was their last day in Brisbane. They both felt sad about leaving, but they were happy since they both had a chance to visit Brisbane.

One thing for sure, I know they won't forget easily their Gold Coast Accomodation! They just had so much fun!

Fred Astaire

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was trying to find an oldie YouTube video of Nat King Cole, but I found this instead.
Short and funny. Hubby and I laughed when we were watching it, waiting to know what would happen next.

those were the days .... when humour wasn't so complicated. lol

Need Credit Card Debt Help and Consolidation?

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It is a good thing if you have a credit card. But that is my personal opinion only. Knowing that you have "money to spend" while holding that piece of plastic can be tempting, specially if you have no cash on hand and you need to pay someone right away. Using the credit card can really get you off tight spots, but if you don't know when to stop using it, then you will be trapped on that tight spot. When that happens, then it is a sign that you need help. Badly. Getting help is the only option, since if not, your dues will continue to raise because of the interest that it's accumulating while you still can't pay your principal credit card debt.

It's a good thing there are sites now that can help those who are in tight spots, like Credit Card Debt Help as well as Credit Card Debt Consolidation. They can help you with credit cards, unsecured loans, medical bills, unsecured personal loans, unsecured personal lines of credit, and collections, like in autos in repossession. They can't help, though with the following: lawsuits (IRS debts/taxes), utility bills or auto loans, government loans, student loans, secured debts, and home loans (mortgages).

So if you think that they can help you with your credit card debt, then go and check them out!

A Friend Chose

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When you're an independent single and you feel like going to Hawaii for some well-earned relaxation and fun, then you made the right choice! I know of such a friend who did just that! But she didn't go alone, she went with her parents; it was like her gift for her parents during their anniversary. Initially, she didn't want to go, but her parents insisted since they wanted it to be a family thing. They had the sweetest experience ever, she told me!

She first found out about when she chanced upon Hawaiian Vacation Kailua and Kauai Vacation Rentals while surfing the internet. She liked the different choices that anybody can make, depending on their preferences and budget. She also read some more at the Kauai Travel Blog and I guess that after reading all those she came to the conclusion that she wanted to try out their vacation deals.

She never had any problems, she told me. Most probably she will book future vacations with them again ... she had so much fun, and the budget was perfect!

Choose Your Hawaii Beach House

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My friend who left just a couple of months ago (together with her sons) for the USA to finish her doctorate studies told me one time that she has always dreamed of visiting Hawaii. She wasn't that determined before, since her sons wasn't with her; but now that they're together, she is actually planning for them to go have a vacation, and rent a Hawaii beach house!

She said that after reading a Hawaii Travel Blog online, she liked what she read, so she searched some more. That's how she found this Kauai Travel Info site that helped made her decide to go ahead and to plan their vacation. She liked the shots that were shown on the sites, including the reviews that were made by those who actually experienced staying there.

Being new to everything, since her sons just arrived a month before school started, she thought that she owes her son something that will ease their homesickness. As well as help her relax, too! Taking care of two kids all alone can be hard, specially if, like her, she is studying, too.

I really admire her for the strength to go on each day, and that's why I believe that they all deserve to go to the beach and get to choose which beach house they wanted! :)

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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If you only knock long enough and loud enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I guess it's more or less the same with perfecting something ... practice will make you become an expert real soon, and then when that happens, people will take notice.

Oh my, am I reading between the lines? And doing a bad job at it! LOL.

I had better go and "practice" some more! lol

Dream Vacation in Hawaii

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It's late at night, you arrived home without eating dinner, and you still have a bag full of work which you had to finish before tomorrow's work starts! That's such a tough situation, but that could be reality for some. If it is your reality, then you need a vacation!

Kona vacation rentals as well as Kauai Vacation Rentals are just the sites to check if you want to get away from your work for a few days. Imagine yourself just lazing around, waking up whenever you want to, soaking up the sun, getting drenched with salt water, and getting to bed tired but not "dead" tired! Isn't that just about something that you need right now? Somewhere far away from all that is stressful for you. You need a vacation one of these days, and maybe you should think about having it somewhere in Hawaii.

Want to know more? Then visit the Kona Travel Blog and you'll see why you need a vacation! :)

Hawaii Dream Vacation

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Isn't it nice to wake up to the sound of the waves that gently lulled you to sleep the night before, and see the bright blue sky with it's fluffy clouds? For me, that would be really heavenly! If you and I think the same way, then we are both thinking of taking a vacation somewhere in beautiful Hawaii!

I was informed that Hawaii home rentals boasts of one of the best places to stay while taking your vacation in Hawaii. At their site they have these thumbnail pictures which for me is a real advantage since at least now I have the picture that will go with the descriptions! In situations like taking vacations, I really like it if we can see what it is we are paying for, and I guess that that's fair enough.

If you want to know more about, then do check out the Kauai Travel Blog; it has great information about what you will be expecting if you do decide to book your Hawaii vacation with them. For additional information, try visiting Oahu Vacation Info, too!

My Friend and France

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My classmate who lives in France right now is having the time of her life! It has always been her ambition to live there ever since college, and so when an opportunity came for her to work at an embassy, she grabbed the chance.

She told me that the first time she arrived, she was so excited that she didn't care if she and her other co-worker was going to be placed in separate France hotels, or not. Besides, she said, she was so overwhelmed that she didn't actually care if Paris hotels were great, or not. Yes, she was that excited. She didn't actually get to sleep the night she arrived.
It has been almost ten years since she's been to Paris, and she told me that she had been to almost all the sights around Paris that she can think of: Eiffel Tower at night,The Arc de Triumph, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Louvres, and a whole lot of others! She had after all, the opportunity to travel during those years.
She has been telling me to visit her whenever I get the chance, and she assured me not to worry about where I will be staying; if I don't like her place, she said jokingly, I can always find nice hotels in Paris!

Vacation Time Again!

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Christmas is fast approaching, and the cool days are just around the corner. So it's possible that another vacation is being planned; somewhere warm, perhaps? If it is, then check out Kauai vacation rentals.

Hawaii is exotic enough to have more or less the same environment as other tropical islands, and if you live in the USA, then it is definitely the right place to go to if you want to have your vacation nearer your home.

Do you want to know What to Do in Kauai when you get there? This year is the 25th year of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, which will start on November 12; and it will end on December 20. That means there are going to be lots of visitors to the island. If you book ahead now, you'll be assured of getting the deal that you want, as well as a place to stay during the competition!

Want to learn more what to expect when you get there? Then read the Kauai Travel Blog. After reading it, I'm sure you'll want to book a reservation right away! :)

Green Thumb Sunday

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Join Green Thumb Sunday

Visit As the Garden Grows for more info about Green Thumb Sunday
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Found these two weeds while we were in the cemetery ... I think they look real nice together that way.
We went there to check up on the resting place of my FIL. It's going to be All Soul's Day soon (Nov.2), but usually we are there on Nov. 1st.

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Visiting Las Vegas

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When I hear the word Las Vegas I immediately think of casinos, gambling, great shows, and the famous hotel: Wynn Las Vegas. I believe that some famous celebrities have already slept there; no wonder, since the hotel is famous in it's own right.

A friend who recently arrived in the US to finish her masteral studies plan to visit Las Vegas real soon. I guess she is intrigued by the lights and gambling that are constantly happening there.

Lots of luck with your trip! :)

Dream House

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Hubby and I have been thinking of getting our own place here in the city; we have been on the lookout for places which seems appealing to us. One real estate agent showed us this house which was located near our son's school; the first time we saw it, we immediately fell in love with it!

The interior design of the house was beautiful, and the quality of the workmanship was amazing. But, when we asked for the price, our hearts sank. It was too expensive for us!

We still dream of owning that house someday; I just hope that nobody will beat us to it! :)

PhotoHunt: Pink

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About │ Theme: Pink │Roll

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took this shot at a pond ... the flower was just beginning to bloom.
love the "pinky-ness"! :)

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Life Insurance

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It is inevitable: people die. It could be because of old age, sickness, accidents, or maybe because it was just the time to leave. I have witnessed some families wherein it was the breadwinner in the house who died; and usually when that happens the ones left behind are the ones who suffer. I believe that it could have been prevented if only they had life insurance.

Life insurance is something that we should really be serious about, since it can help make sure that your loved ones' financial status won't be disrupted. That reason alone should make you think more seriously about life insurance and how it will benefit you and your family.

So, want to learn more about life insurance and how you might be able to get one? Then check out and see how getting a life insurance can help you, not only when you leave your loved ones, but also while you're still with them!

My Aunt and her Travel Abroad

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My Aunt had a penpal from Germany before she got married, and after a few years of correspondence, they each decided to visit one another's country. So, after a few months of preparation, the much-awaited day finally arrived.

The plan was that my aunt's penpal friend would visit her first, and then stay here for about a week. Then after that my aunt will accompany her penpal friend to Germany and stay there for two weeks.

Egon (my aunt's penpal) enjoyed her stay at my aunt's place and I remember they went to the beach almost everyday! She thoroughly enjoyed her stay here, she thought that one week wasn't enough; but she missed her sons, so after a week she and my aunt went back to Germany.
I know that they stayed in one of the Hotels in Berlin the first day that they arrived; her friend was too tired to drive to her house, which was around an hour's drive away from the airport, so they decided to try the Hotels in Berlin. They promptly traveled to Egon's house the next day.

My aunt not only got a tour of some of the scenic spots in Germany, but they decided to try and visit Vienna, too! This time, they found out about the Hotels in Vienna through (same as while they were looking specifically for Hotels in Vienna through a search engine. They had a blast doing the touring bit, and the pictures that she sent were proof enough for us here at home.

I tell you, my aunt couldn't stop talking about her fabulous trip abroad when she got back! Me, I enjoyed listening to her talk since the way she described it made me feel like I was with her on that trip, too! :)

Groucho Marx

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A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.
Groucho Marx

LOL ... i really had to laugh out loud when i read this ...
That's really true, right?

Sometimes we read so much between the lines when actually there isn't anything written there. But I don't know about the black cat crossing your path, though ... it might mean something else.


Grant Application Letter

0 shared thoughts offers writing services not only to students but also to anybody who would want to have a paper done on any topic. They are well-known for the excellent works that they have done for their clients.

However, they are not just a site to go to if you want to have your papers written for you. They also offer to write grant application letter; if you are the writer, it is an advantage if you have an idea what the money will be used for. To go to the site where it talks about making grant application letters, do click here:

The next time you are in a tight spot and you needed to submit a paper right away, go and visit You won't be disappointed!

Friday's Feast (#166)

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Friday's Feast

Name a great website you would recommend to others.

I love browsing through the quotes over at

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 as highest), how often do you dream at night?

too tired to notice ... lol

Did you have a pet as a child? If so, what kind and what was its name?

as a child, we had a dozen dogs; I had my favorite, but they were just mostly "everybody's dogs". when i was older i had a German Shepherd, though. I called her Bagheera.

Main Course
If you had the chance to star in a commercial, what would you choose to advertise?

no idea ...

What is your favorite kind of hard candy?

anything that's minty, i suppose. but I hardly eat them.

to see other participants, click here.

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Online Casino

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I have been seeing online casino advertisements every now and then, and honestly, it has made online casino intriguing, for me. I know some get irritated with all these advertisements about gambling, but I haven no problems with that. I haven't tried them, but still, I am interested.

Good thing I have a friend who loves playing online games, and not just those role-playing-games, but he also frequents those online casinos. Well, not really always, but whenver he has the chance (both the time and money), expect to see him there. Nope, he's not what I'd call an addict, since he still has his work and goes out with his family, which occupies most of his time, really. He just likes having a bit of fun while he's surfing the internet.

I asked him about those online casinos, and he told me about this site, Golden Palace Casino, where you are automatically eligible for a $300 sign-up bonus with your first deposit. That really sounded interesting! All you had to do was download their online casino software and then you're set for a real Las Vegas style gambling in your place! That is indeed quite tempting!

Am not too sure if I'll be joining soon, but it sure is quite an informative site. If you have money to spare and quite game about losing it (or doubling it!), then you should go and visit their site. My friend enjoyed the times that he has played there, and he told me he'll be back for more, soon!

Wall Bracket

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Hubby and I have always wanted to get ourselves a plasma, or lcd, television. That's why we are trying to save some money so that we can have one placed in our living room. I know that our son would want to watch tv, too, so the idea of putting it in someone's bedroom is out of the question. lol.

I have seen commercials of the televisions being placed on walls, and I have always been intrigued how they can be kept there securely! Found out that they use a plasma wall bracket, and that they are really made for those type of televisions. Interesting!
I just recently found out that is the leading maker of those plasma and lcd screen wall-mount brackets (and accessories); and it's great that their products are backed with an 18-month guarantee! Now I know what wall bracket brand to choose once we get to buy the plasma television.

Hopefully, we will have the television by Christmas. :)

Thursday Challenge: Scary

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Am not too sure if this looks scary ... is it? :)
Took this shot when we went to a zoo; this python was actually quite tame. Look how near I got! I only did a bit of cropping and contrast, using picasa2.

But that doesn't mean i'd want it hanging on my neck, though. lol.

to join Thursday Challenge, just submit your entry here.
no prizes, or anything. just for fun. :)

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Get More Website Traffic!

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Do you have website that doesn't seem to be performing as much as you would like it to be? Not giving you the revenue that you hoped it would have generated? Or do you think your site is just so-so?

In other words, you are not satisfied with how your website is performing, and you had such big plans for it! Well, don't lose hope because there's an online firm that can give your site more website traffic than it already has right now. is a website optimization firm that can help you generate more website traffic because of their advanced linking and SEO strategies. This will of course give your site more exposure as well as more traffic and possible clients/buyers. Their unique process can enhance search engine rankings as well, and help your site get on top of it's competitors. This will, of course, ultimately give you the revenue that you've been hoping you'd get.

So, do you want to increase traffic and get the returns that you know you deserve? Then go and check out; a firm that is continually helping making waves in the blogosphere, and so is way ahead of their peers in the business, and one that will definitely help boost your website to the top!

Henry Ford

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Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.
Henry Ford

Yeah, I definitely believe in that!
Don't you? :)

Need A Website Optimization Firm?

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Having your very own domain and building your own website can be daunting, specially to someone new. Aside from thinking about the design, you would certainly want your site to be visited by the search engines, too. Being visible in such a short time would be the target. But again, if you're a newbie, this could cause headaches.

If your site gets indexed by search engines, that could mean that your site will be exposed to more searches and hence more exposure. More exposure could lead to more visitors, and ultimately more buyers/possible clients. More buyers would of course mean more revenues. Isn't that just great? Unfortunately that's not how it goes, if your site is new. You need to keep updating your site to attract more visitors, and learn more about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But don't be scared by all that!

There is a website optimization firm that can help: It is a company that can help you with web development, business web design, and what's great is that it is also a website optimization firm. Let them help you with the specifics on how you will be able to get your site it's desired ranking for internet search engines. You'll be glad you did! ;)

Internet Anagram Server

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Had a fun time playing at this site earlier today:

Look at the result for "Picture Clusters":

21816 found. Displaying first 1000:
Securest Culprit
Surplices Cutter
Surplice Curtest
Surplice Cutters
Splice Structure
Crispest Culture
Triceps Cultures
Pictures Cluster
Pictures Cutlers
Picture Clusters
Trices Sculpture
Trice Sculptures
Electric Spurt Us .....

Well, you get the idea. Sooo funny! The first result really had me laughing ... Securest Culprit??!!!

Want to have fun, too? Just visit the site and see what it will produce once you write your blog's name, or your name (or whatever word) there! lol.

Actually, you can write any word there. ;P

Visit London

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My husband's friend decided to try his luck in London a few years back, and it's a good thing he is lucky there! Initially, he had a hard time adapting to the weather (so different from our tropical weather!) and to his London accomodations, but after a few months he has come to love it. He stayed there for two years and worked as an engineer, then after that he got his family to stay with him there, too. It was one happy family reunion, he told us. He sent us pictures, and it did look like they had a fabulous time! Of course, his children had to adapt to the cold weather, too, but they adapted quickly enough; specially since they were enjoying their stay there, too!

He told us that while his family was quite new to London, they decided to go on trips to learn more about their adopted country. So far, they have already visited some of the Royal Gardens, the HMS Belfast, London Wetland Centre. They even got a London Pass so that they can have free entries and discounts on some theaters and other attractions.

When I asked about London accomodation, he said that they were fairly satisfied with it. He said that he gets his London accomodation deals from every time they go on trips. They have always been satisfied, specially with the low deals they've been getting. He really is lucky!
What about you? Going on a trip somewhere? Then visit and see what amazing deals they have over at their site! :)

Detoxify Your Body

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It's great that we are now more informed about how to be healthy and how to make sure that we stay that way. Medical sciences have certainly come a long way since the dark ages! We do exercises at the gym or in the park, eat the right food, and try to maintain a relatively stress-free lifestyle just so we stay fit and trim.

But, sometimes even if we do all those healthy activities we still get sick. One reason could be the toxins which have accumulated inside our body, causing our system to go haywire. The toxins we can get through different factors; possibly, like through our food (the additives) and the air (air pollutants). Of course, there could be other ways, but the fact is that toxins could get into our body without our ever knowing it. That's why it's important that we devise a way to get rid of those impurities from our system!

It's a good thing there is DtoxPatch™, a natural way of releasing all those toxins from your body which have accumulated for some time. What's great about this product is that you can place this patch on your foot while you sleep, and then it will work through the night. Want to know where you can get this great product (and even get a free trial sample!)? Then visit and see for yourself what other benefits this interesting product has to offer!

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It's great to be making new friends! Not only in real life, but also when we go online. Finding new things about another person and knowing that you have something in common is a wonderful surprise. Sometimes the relationship may grow into something more, and then you want to meet the other person in real life. Eventually, if you are both serious about the relationship, you might get married. Sounds far fetched to you? Not to me. This has actually happened to one of my friends, and right now they have two kids, a lovely home, and a great family!

However, that doesn't happen everyday, I know. They were just lucky they found each other. But there are interesting Online Dating Sites that you can find in the internet, if you want to find another person and plan to cultivate the relationship into something more. is one such site to visit if you want to learn more about dating online. They have great tips on how you might go about dating another person through the internet, which of course includes the DOs and DON'Ts to a successful relationship. They also have their list of top dating sites, as well as their other recommended sites. Really a great site to visit if you want to learn more about online dating!

Loretta Lynn

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I ain't got much education, but I got some sense.
Loretta Lynn

I first read a book about her when I was still in high school ... It was just on the library table, and since I had nothing else to do while I was there (but of course, it's a library!LOL), I decided to skim through the pages .. it got me interested. It had pictures! lol.

So, decided to borrow it ... I'm sure I finished it after two days. I find her life pretty amazing ...

I sitll have to hear her sing, though. Maybe she's in YouTube? ;)

Getting a Home Equity Loan

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Do you want to know more about Home Equity Loans? I do, that's why I have been browsing the internet searching for sites that can help me understand what I should expect (and maybe not what to expect!) if ever I want to get a home equity loan myself. I know that I should arm myself with some basic ideas before getting into it, and it's a good thing I found just a while ago.

The site answers some really important questions you should know before getting into a home equity loan; and it's great that browsing through the site is easy. If you really need cash, a loan of this kind might be helpful, but it is important to know what you are expected to do. You wouldn't want to be left without a home now, would you? I certainly wouldn't!

So if you want to find out more, then I suggest you visit their site. If you, or anybody that you know, are thinking of getting a home equity loan, you'll find this site pretty useful.

Paul Simon

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It's a big error to think that because you like somebody's work, you're going to like him.
Paul Simon

Yeah, have to agree on that one! The artist could be quite different from what he has portrayed on his works ... kind of like in the movies, huh? I mean, they are just there playing a role. It would be great if we get swayed by the movie, but the thing is: they are all just acting.

Nothing wrong with that; in fact, I think it's great if a movie can bring us somewhere for a short time. That's what they are there for, anyway. lol.

Just something to make us forget ... for a short time. :)

First Time Buyers

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Some of us might be interested about mortgages, and so would love to get information about First Time Buyer Mortgage. I think it must be a good idea first what you want to get into, if you really want to get a mortgage. It could be hard for first-timers, too, since they might initially think that the monthly payments far exceeds their monthly rent allowance. Still, it is a good idea to check out the option of getting a mortgage to get yourself a place which you can actually call as home.

There's this site,, who can help. They have connections to other mortgage sites who can give you a no-obligation quote. Really, as easy as that! If you're interested, you can try reaching them at this number:

Elvis Presley

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I like to sing ballads the way Eddie Fisher does and the way Perry Como does. But the way I'm singing now is what makes the money.
Elvis Presley

Interesting ... I guess a lot of people does that, too. Doing something "practical" instead of doing what they really love/like doing. Just a though~ why not do both, huh? If you can do it ...

Specially when you can afford to do it, right?

But like I said, it's just a thought. :)

Wordless Wednesday: Snake

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Wordless Wednesday

More Wordless Wednesday participants here

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Term Insurance

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I have always been intrigued about insurance, specially when it comes to term insurance. Term insurance is a type of insurance that only provides protection on a specified period of time. I guess an example would be if I travel somewhere and then decide to get insurance only for the time while I was travelling.

I remember, everytime we rode a ferry boat or any other sea vessel, we were required to buy these insurance tickets. It costs a bit, but at least we were insured.

Some passengers were heard grumbling about the additional cost, but honestly, I was glad that the management decided to implement the insurance policy towards it's passengers. It's really better to be safe than sorry.

Don't you think so? :)

Erma Bombeck

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Dreams have only one owner at a time. That's why dreamers are lonely.
Erma Bombeck

Awwwww .... really??
That sounds so sad. Or maybe i'm interpreting that quote wrong; maybe it's just a matter of letting someone else into your dream, huh?! Maybe.

... and maybe my name's not maiylah. LOL

my ramblings. again. :)

Autonet Insurance Group

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Have you ever tried applying for car insurance online? A friend tried, and he had such a hard time (and he got a bad quote, too, he said), that he vowed never to try doing anything like that online again. I haven't tried applying for an insurance online yet, but I heard that you can get Cheap Van Insurance at

They not only offer van insurance, but they can also provide quotes and insurance for cars, bikes, quads, trucks, travel, courier, commercial and home. Having formed good relationship with leading insurance companies, they can help you get the quote that is tailored for your needs, and the cheapest, too! Their site is easy to browse through, and am sure that applying for a quote online is easy. They do prefer calls, though, since some quotes are too low to be given online. So go ahead, give them a call!

Louis Armstrong

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Musicians don't retire; they stop when there's no more music in them.
Louis Armstrong

I think this goes true for writers, too. It's just something that's in the heart of every artist ... this need to let your feelings out in a certain medium (writing, music, photography ... ). I believe that true artists are really good at what they do, and don't really care much if they earn from it, or not.

It's just something that they do. and they do it real well.

The Big Blue Hotel

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Don't you just love going on trips? I do, specially when it's for a long overdue vacation and you want to go out there and just have some fun. Wouldn't it be great if you arrive at a hotel and feel so relaxed that you won't have to think about anything else except having fun?

Blackpool Hotels can provide just that to any travelers coming their way. The Big Blue Hotel located at Blackpool (UK) is located conveniently near Pleasure Beach's very own railway station, and just a short stroll away from Blackpool Airport.

So for those who plan on having fun and wants to keep it that way, try The Big Blue Hotel! You're sure to be thinking of nothing else except having fun!

Steve Allen

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Humor is a social lubricant that helps us get over some of the bad spots.

Asthma doesn't seem to bother me any more unless I'm around cigars or dogs. The thing that would bother me most would be a dog smoking a cigar.

Steve Allen

I just love both of these quotes from Steve Allen. The first quote is really true ... while the second quote is just hilarious! I wonder what would he say about an animal drinking beer! yup, that's true. We had a dog once who drank beer. Not too much, though, but he liked to drink a few licks.

He had water all the time, so it wasn't because he was thirsty. ;P

Btw, that dog's dead now. Old age. Not because of an alcohol problem, or anything. lol.

French Beds Online

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Coming home tired, the first thing that you'd really want to go would be somewhere relaxing, where you can just rest and take your mind off things. Usually, that's the bed in our bedrooms since it's much bigger than the couch.

I think it's essential that we get a good night's sleep so that we will have that much energy to face the coming day; and I'm sure my sleep will be much better, too, if I could just try and sleep on those French Beds!
I really like the designs that have made on their french beds! It looks so luxurious and reminiscent of a certain era.

Interested, like me? Then do visit their site (they have great pictures of each product) and order online. Or if you want, you can call 08707 602553. A friendly customer service personnel will be around to answer your call.

William James

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Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing.
William James

I think this quote is really nice ...
What a nice way to describe "common sense", don't you think so? But personally, I haven't thought of common sense to be connected to "sense of humor". Really quite interesting!

Now if only i can find my sense of humor somewhere .... or my common sense! lol.

Pleasure Beach, Blackpool

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Are you the type of person who loves going on rides, eating popcorn, hotdogs, cotton candies, and just having a good time while doing all those? Then I'm sure you love going to Theme Parks!

You shouldn't miss going to Pleasure Beach, Blackpool (UK), with over 125 rides to thrill you! Try their Pepsi Max Big One (picture above), and if you're not dizzy yet, try their newest ride to date, the Infusion. With five incredible loops and rolls, wicked double line twist, and great water effects (be prepared to somehow get wet), you'd get yourself one rip-roaring ride!

If you want to really maximize your trip, try their wristband offers, where you can have the privilege to ride again and again! Cool, huh?!

So visit their site and see for yourself the other rides that they have to offer! Admission is free! :)

Robert Byrne

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One reason people get divorced is that they run out of gift ideas.
Robert Byrne

Is this true? Hmmmm .... i think that this could be true ... One reason too, is the motivation to make the union work. Sure we get tired sometimes, but if you think that the marriage isn't worth saving anymore, then ... it isn't. It takes two to make a marriage work, so two minds are necessary to think about those "gift ideas".

I'm sure there are lots of reason why divorce happens. It just does, for some.

Gâc Fruit Benefits

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We all want to look and feel good inside out, don't we? That's why there are lots of products being made to make us look good and when we know that we look good, we feel good inside. We have to be aware about the products that we use, though. As much as possible, it is much better if the source of the product is all natural, and less synthetic.

There is one such product that not only makes us look good outside, but from the inside, too! R.G. Skin Revitalizer is one such product available that is made from the Gâc fruit (Momordica cochinchinensis Spreng.)

The gâc fruit is a spiny fruit found in Asia which turns red when ripe. Inside is a cluster of fleshy pulp and seeds which is considered to be rich in phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are phytochemicals (chemical derived from a fruit or plant) that come from edible plants. They are said to reduce the risk of cancer through it's being antioxidant and it's anti-inflammatory effects.

Utilizing nature's natural produce is much better than using synthetic products to make us look and feel good. RedGac utilizes the natural properties of gac which is rich in beta carotenes and lycopenes. This is what makes our skin glow and protects us from free radicals which causes our skin to "age".

So if you are not only concerned with how you look, but also with what you take to make you feel and look good, try the power of the gâc fruit; and see your skin glow and feel it work from the inside out .... naturally!
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