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Weekend Snapshot: Church

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(Sacred Heart Parish, Kamuning, Quezon City, Philippines)

Attended Holy Mass during the weekend ... :)

PhotoHunt: Unique/Funny Signs

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Couldn't find any funny/unique signs, but did find this one ... and I think it's great! :)

Healthy Bars

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I don't know about much about other people's lifestyle, but I must admit there are times I tend to skip breakfast. I know it's not a good thing, but somehow when I wake up at around nine in the morning I don't feel like eating breakfast anymore. Well, nothing that heavy. Just drinking milk is fine with me, or even a simple toast. That's definitely not enough, so was thinking of getting those all natural energy bar to help me start the day.

Good thing there are healthy snack bars which you can find online! I have really thought about it, but haven't had the time do some real searching until a friend told me that she eats those high protein bars whenever she doesn't have enough time for meals.

So far she said that it's working for her, and she's been doing that for a year now. She even has them in her car, just in case. I think I should inform hubby about this ... he is the one who's almost always on the road and doesn't get to eat properly at times! :)

Strict List

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I know some people don't like gambling sites, so they don't try visiting them. I must admit, I do visit gambling sites, but I'm afraid I don't have the means yet to actually gamble using real money. I mean I prefer using the money that I have saved, for something else, like for my camera and it's accessories. Or maybe for something that we need here at home. Not for gambling, though. But maybe when I've got more than enough money saved I would try my luck with Gambling Online!

I found a good source of online gambling sites, (Online Gambling Database), where you can go visit reliable and trusted online casinos. What's great about this database is that they don't just accept any gambling-related sites (they also have a list of poker blogs, casino review sites, and gambling directories, among others) to their list; they have a strict process that the site must pass before the editors approve them to be included in the list. I think that's really great since there are lots of sites on the internet right now that might just be a scam. I believe it's better to be safe, than sorry! Don't you think so? :)

Almost like Christmas ...

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Shot taken a couple of months ago ... this plant turns white during christmas time ... so you can more or less guess what month I took this! Ok, ok ... took this last January, when we still didn't have the dslr. :D

Online Banking

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Since I am the type of person who don't cherish waiting in lines (who does? lol), my husband and I decided about half a decade ago to go into online banking. It was still quite new in our country, but since we lived a bit far from the main city (and hence quite a distance from the banks), we thought we'd try it. What we did was enroll his bank account online and after a few days it took effect. We use it mostly to pay our bills, until now. It's a good thing there hasn't been any glitch in the process and I have complete confidence in the bank's online service.

Savings Accounts these days can now be accessed online if you choose to, and when you open an account they give you the options. I think that's really great. Like WaMu (Washington Mutual Bank), they offer online services, too. You not only get to pay your bills online, but you can do that anytime of the day, and wherever you might be! As long as you have your computer and internet connection, of course.

So even if you're in your favorite cafe, or miles away from your bank, you can do your transactions safely online! I think that's really convenient and saves you time to do more important things, like spending quality time with your family. :)

Healthier ...

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Trying to stay healthy and live a much longer and productive life is probably what most of us want (though sometimes we might find it hard to shake off 'unwanted habits', like smoking, excessive drinking, or leading stressful lifestyles). However, that doesn't stop us from trying, right? I mean we can always change for the better! :)

I read that consuming sufficient amounts of antioxidants could help and this is where Goji Berry Juice comes in; it is said that they contain great numbers of antioxidants, which can help us slow aging. Goji Juice has other benefits, too, like increase one's resistance to diseases, regulates weight, and even helps memory function, among others. Isn't that great? All found in this wonderful berry!

Personally, I would want to try something like this; I do know, of course, that drinking/eating these berries isn't going to be the solution to everyone's health problems. Other factors need to be considered, too, like your lifestyle and the amount of exercise that you do. This is just one of those ways where you can achieve a healthier diet, and hopefully, a healthier body, too!

Friday's Feast

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Friday's Feast


Name something you would categorize as weird.

Nothing really is that weird anymore .... lol.


What color was the last piece of food you ate?

Yellow ... I had pancakes.


On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy being alone?

I like being alone ... so I guess an 8. :)

Main Course

Fill in the blank: I will _________ vote for ___________ in _______.

I will always vote for the responsible one in elections. ;P


Describe your sleeping habits.

Nothing unusual ... I always go to the bathroom before sleeping. LOL.

Thursday Challenge: EARTH

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Ripples and reflections while on a garden...

Cloudy ..

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If you ask me, these days I would definitely prefer cloudy days to sunny days! Don't get me wrong, I love sunny days, but somehow it can get to be too much sometimes. Too humid and hot, too. I guess I want a balance, somehow.

Yesterday it rained for a bit, but not enough. I mean, I've seen some of the grasses around turn brown and it's more dusty these days. I just wish that the ground will be nicely soaked ...

Wishful thinking. I know, the rainy season will be here soon and then you'll hear me complain about too much water around! LOL. :D

Rare Coin Business

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If you're a rare coin dealer, then Monaco Rare Coin representatives can help you with rare coin trading online, as well as help you find resources when you need them. You will be on top of the game and even see opportunities where you thought weren't there before! I believe that when it comes to something that interests you (and you want to make a business out of it), then you should do all that you can so that you will get the most benefit.

I don't personally know anybody who deals with rare coins (maybe because it is quite an expensive trade), but I have seen some shops that deal with them. In fact, just last weekend we passed by this shop that deals with rare money, and I must say I was intrigued! We didn't get to go inside though, since we were in a bit of a hurry. Next time, when we've got the chance, I'll definitely go inside! :)

Lenses ...

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I still haven't bought any lenses for the new camera ... really thinking of getting both the canon macro and telephoto lenses. But just not possible this time, though. Still need to save for other household expenses. Oh well.

Hopefully around two months from now I might be able to buy at least one of those lenses ... thinking of getting the macro lens first. Less expensive. hahaha.

Exhibits and Such ...

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Having attended conventions before, I am quite familiar with the booths that one can see while browsing through a hall filled with different products on display by different companies. You can see them at trade show displays, too. I am quite amazed with the creativity of some booths and how their pictures/logos seem to be so well-designed. However, I have no idea how one can go about assembling them, though.

If you (or your company) needs help, then you should try and check out They can help you in different ways, from heavy duty displays like needing a truss, or something as simple as banner stands. If you want professional help with your presentations, then they are definitely the site you need!

I know my husband had to help his company at an exhibit once, and they had a hard time finding the proper stuffs at reasonable prices. Next time, I'll tell him the site to visit, if they need help again. :)


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It's been another hot day again today... though it did rain for a little bit during the afternoon. Still, it wasn't enough really to lower the temperature inside the house. Maybe it got cooler outside, but inside the house the fan still kept running! lol ...

Would be great going somewhere for a change ... but that's not possible, for now. Too bad. Oh well. That's life. :D

Available Business

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Wouldn't it be great if you can get additional cash for you and your family? I know I would be ecstatic if I can do something like that! Well, blogging has given me that opportunity, but I believe that if an opportunity presents itself, like selling Discount Sunglasses, then for someone with an entrepreneurial mind this is something that should be grabbed!

Most of my friends sports their own sunglasses and some of them even buy the expensive ones, only to lose them a month or two later. I believe that sunglasses are important, specially during those times when the sun's quite hard to bear, but that they don't need to be expensive. As long as they fit you, you're comfortable with it, and it protects your eyes from the harmful rays, then buying Replica Wholesale Sunglasses is a good decision. I think some sunglasses are even patterned towards some Celebrity Sunglasses, so you can just imagine the different designs available!

Interested? Then do go and visit right now! :)

Meeting Online

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I know some friends who love meeting people online, coming from anywhere around the world, and they just love joining vast number of online communities! Am not too sure if they are still involved in all of their online communities, but I sure am positive that they have their favorite sites. I used to joke around, telling them that they might meet someone that they'll like, and eventually love. We would all go laughing since we never thought that something like that would be possible! I mean, they were all doing it just for fun. But I guess we were wrong, because two of them did get to marry their online friend. Now one of them is still here (together with her hubby), while the other one went abroad with her husband.
Some of them are still active online, and they even told me to join 3gb community since it's such a great site, they said. You can have your own blog, upload pictures to your own photo album, and even listen to the latest mp3 music! Isn't that sweet? Of course, you get to meet new friends as well as still get in touch with your current friends, too!

Am thinking of visiting the site later and checking out what a friend has been uploading there. :)

Wordless Wednesday: Houses ...

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(shot taken: April 2008, Quezon City, Philippines)

Weekend Snapshot: Ice Cream!

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ice cream

So hot these days (of course, since it's summer, lol), so decided to buy some pints of ice cream. We chose chocolate and mocha. Had to eat it fast since it was melting at an equally fast rate! :)

Lensbaby 3G summer shot (again)

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Tried experimenting with the lensbaby 3G again ... having difficulties. Also having fun since I don't know what's going to happen next when i click on the shutter button! LOL.

This time tried to make the center part look sharp, compared to it's surroundings. Looks ok, I guess. I just need more (and more, and more, and more ... well, you get the idea. lol) practice. :)

Family Thing

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I love listening to music, including my brothers and sisters. One brother even went to the bother of really looking for the best speaker mount that he can find (which also fitted his budget as well as the design of his room). It took him months to find the one that he liked, and I remember that he even had some revisions made to the stand before he actually purchased it. Yup, he is that meticulous when it comes to his 'music'! :)


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I know that hubby is interested in different tools, even air tools! Usually when we have more than enough time at the mall and we happen to pass by a hardware store or something similar, he'd want to go inside. I sometimes like it, too, though not too much. lol. Still, they have interesting stuffs for the house, too, so usually I tag along. :)

Daniel Bedingfield (If You're Not The One)

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Got this one on my ipod ... and loving it. I know, I know ... it is an 'oldie'. hahaha. I just can't seem to get this song out of my head after listening to it again last night ... :)

medical insurance

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Having medical insurance these days is really an advantage, and it could even help you save money, too. Having medicare advantage, sometimes whenever I go to the hospital for a check-up I don't have to pay for anything, because it's already taken cared for. Of course, I still bring a bit of cash since some of the tests that might be required isn't part of the plan. But having not to pay the consultation fee is satisfying enough for me! :)

Keeping Safe

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These days sometimes it feels like all of the people in the city have cars of their own; parking spaces are so hard to find! I remember one time while we went to attend service, we had a hard time trying to find a parking space near the building, so we were forced to find another parking space quite far. It was quite a walking distance, but I guess it was much better than finding not one single parking space at all!

It's a good thing that something like Rent a Parking Space is now available. It might cost you, but what's neat about it is that you are assured of a parking space! If you live in an area where your car isn't that safe, or there are just no space, then I guess paying for a space where your car's safe is much better. I would definitely choose that, compared to parking it where the probability of it being stolen is high. Logical, really. :)

Our parking area here at home is quite small, and tight. But at least it's inside our gate and safe from robbers. Well, much safer than leaving it parked outside! I have seen some cars parked outside overnight, and I really don't think it's safe; what with the crime rate rising these days! So keep it safe: either have your cars parked inside, or if you can afford it, rent a parking space. :)

Water Drops

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Shot taken yesterday ... the drops intrigued me, with the sun shining 'through' the water. :)

Too bad the new camera (with the kit lens) can't focus quite well if I place it too near the subject. I need new lenses!!! ;P

Planning a Vacation

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A friend who just recently moved abroad has been thinking of getting a vacation from her studies. She has thought of Hilton Head rentals, and a few other sites. She can't decide yet, though, since she has to consider the other family members, too. I mean, she has a husband, two kids, and a dog! :)

Hopefully they will all get the vacation that they know they deserve .... real soon!

Hidden Talent

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Your Hidden Talent

You have the natural talent of rocking the boat, thwarting the system.

And while this may not seem big, it can be.

It's people like you who serve as the catalysts to major cultural changes.

You're just a bit behind the scenes, so no one really notices.


After the vacation ...

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Are you looking for top diet pills? My friend was, the other day, and I laughingly asked her why she wanted to find diet pills. She said that she has eaten so much during her two-week vacation that she feels so bloated and wants to get rid of the weight she has gained! :D

Am not so sure if she did find any diet pills, but last time I heard was that she has been frequenting a gym at the mall. I guess she was really serious about losing all those pounds!

Quit Now!

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I have never actually gotten to visit any drug rehab center, but I believe that they are necessary today. I think that there are more drug dependent users today than before, and I really think that that's sad. Some may have started out just experimenting, and liked it. Or maybe it was due to peer pressure. But whatever their initial reasons, they must have more reasons now why they ought to quit.

Not just for their family and friends, but mostly for themselves.

Blogger down for a bit?

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Just a few minutes ago I couldn't find my blog! Wonder what happened ... I got worried. Good thing I just finished publishing my previous post before it went down! Am glad it's back up again .. but now I can't seem to get into any wordpress blogs!

Oh my ... what seems to be happening...!! :O


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Do you know a friend who needs drug treatment? I don't personally know any person who needs it, but I know that there are a growing number of persons out there who do! I just wish that they can get the required treatment that they need, and be responsible enough to follow what's needed of them.

But I really do wish that in the first place they didn't get into the trap!

Tiny Flowers

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tiny flowers

I have no idea what these tiny flowers are, but I saw them at my sister's garden and I think they are pretty. Was trying with the new lens, so still getting the hang of things. :)

The leaves look like purple butterflies (behind the flowers, onto the pot), and when it's not so hot (cooler weather) they seem to 'spread', making them look like butterflies in flight.

Will take a shot of the leaves next time... when it's not so hot anymore. These days the sun could be quite merciless! :D

Playing ...

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Recently I got introduced to playing online games, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Nope, I didn't have to pay or anything just to play, and I need not register, either. It was actually a site for those who don't want to think much, I suppose. lol. It definitely made me forget about the household chores (is that a bad thing?), or even the idea that we need to be paying our son's tuition fee next month! I had a wonderful time. I guess some people could say the same thing about playing Casino, whether it's online, or not.

A friend who used to work at a casino said that these days some people are now more comfortable playing online, at the comforts of their own home, so there were times when they had less customers. They would still be seeing the regulars, though. It wasn't the case all of the time, though. At times the casino would be so full!

I guess being online is different, since you have to be concerned about the software, as well as the site, where you'll be playing the game. This is where comes in; having played and reviewed online casinos for years, they know which ones are the best and they can help you in choosing the best sites.

So don't go and play without doing some 'research' first ... you'll save lots reading first! :)

Personal thoughts ...

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Hubby's gone off again on another business trip, but he'll be back tomorrow. I guess I'll just have to get used to the idea that he'll be doing that more often these days. Kind of ironic; he's been assigned back to the area where we used to live before. The company has it's reasons, I guess. He has been promoted, but still I am not in favor of the location.

Oh well ... beggars can't be choosers, huh? ;P

Staying in Touch

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Back when my sister used to live abroad, and internet wasn't such a big thing then, the only option that was really available to us if we wanted to know immediately how she was doing was through long distance calls. We had to schedule it, of course, since her time there was vastly different from ours. What happens usually is that we either call her late at night or very early in the morning (in our time, of course). Since we were around half a day ahead of her time, we had to schedule our calls. But that was a minor inconvenience for us, since we all wanted to know how she was doing.

Those days we didn't have any phone cards like the ones that are available today. If we call from our place it was a tad more expensive, but from her place since phone cards were easily available, it was cheaper. So usually she does the calling. But now that phone cards are available, even through the internet, it's now so easy to call or contact family and friends living abroad. Definitely a great way to save money while renewing family/friendly ties! :)

Of course, the internet these days is available, too, but not everybody's got a computer and internet connection. A phone is more readily accessible in most areas.

What about you, do you use phone cards to keep in touch, too? :)

Wordless Wednesday: Too Close

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Wordlwide Link Love!

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Worldwide Link Love

Got this tag from Liza (A Simple Life)

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Am not tagging anyone, but if you want to join, just tell me after you've posted it, and I'll add your link here! :)

My thanks ... :)

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I remember, while I was buying my 450D (or Rebel XSi in Northern US or Kiss X2 in Japan), and while hubby and I were examining the kit, another buyer arrived also looking for the same camera. It looks like he was going to buy one, too ... We left before we actually saw him pay for it, but I was reminded by that incident while I was looking for some canon lens at the mall; the sales lady said that they no longer have the 450D in stock. She said that they were selling like hot pancakes! I really never knew, until the saleslady told us. I mean, sure, people buy new cameras but I had no idea that it was in such demand! hahaha.
canon 450D
Am glad hubby encouraged me to buy the camera that day. If left on my own, I wouldn't have. lol. :D

Staying At Home

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Today's a Tuesday, and since hubby's got a sort of workshop going on which will last for two days, it seems like my son and I will just stay here at home. Told hubby that I would love to go out and go on a park somewhere to test out the new camera, and he said that if he can, he'll take a leave next week Monday. It was a nice gesture, but I must admit that got me guilty. hahaha.

Anyway, here's a shot taken here at home ... using the dslr. Would love to get additional lenses, but the canon lens are so expensive! Have thought of other brands, but that will have to wait. :)


Furniture Site

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I have visited this site before,, and have honestly found their site to be quite good. I have even recommended them to a friend who needed a queen bed for herself and additional bedroom furniture for her kids. The last I heard from her was that she did visit the site and planned on getting something from them real soon. Am not sure, though, but it could have been a home office furniture, since she tends to work both at home and at her school office.

Hubby and I are thinking of getting some furnitures of our own, too, but maybe after we pay our son's tuition next month. Or maybe after we both buy the gadgets that we've been dreaming of having for so long. lol.

Sleeping Late

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Last night I slept late. Want to know why? Because I got kind of addicted playing online! lol. I normally don't sleep late because of that, but somehow I still wasn't sleepy, so I decided to play an online game. It was kind of tetris, but different. What's funny is that I found it while just browsing through different sites. What I really liked about it was that I didn't need to think much (hahaha), and I didn't need to register, or anything (it was optional).

Sad thing, though, is that I forgot to bookmark the site! Oh well ... maybe next time. :)

Summer Business

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It's summer here once more, definitely a time when the sun's at it's peak. Here in my country, the sun's always up and about (except, of course, when there's a typhoon, lol) most of the time, so having a decent pair of sunglasses is more of a necessity. That's why I think it's a great idea if you want to go into business selling Wholesale Discount Sunglasses. With you will be buying directly to the company, and not through any middleman, so there are no additional costs. Selling Wholesale Replica Sunglasses is really interesting, something which a person with great entrepreneurial skills (or those willing to learn) can take some good profit.

I know some friends who are so into collecting sunglasses, and they don't really mind if it's expensive, or not. They do own some expensive ones, but they said that if it feels (and looks) good, then they'd buy it! As for me, I already wear eyeglasses (though it's prescription, lol) so I only have those clip-on thingies. It's ok, I guess, and it serves it's purpose well.

So, are you interested? If you are, then do go and check them out! :)

Getting Help

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When I was still in high school we had some batchmates who were in the lower section suspected of using illegal drugs. I wasn't really concerned much then, since I never could understand why they would do such a thing! And another matter was that it costs money to get those drugs, something which my father wasn't very generous with his kids. I admire my father for that (though believe me, I didn't like it that I didn't have enough money for junk food during those days!) and have since realized that what he did was the right thing. Most of my batchmates suspected of drug abuse were those who had lots of money to spare. I always thought that maybe they were bored stiff with their lives, and so they decided to do it; or maybe they just felt like being rebellious. I would never know their reasons.

I just hope that one (or all) of them went to a Drug Rehab center. Those days while in the province the idea of sending your kid to Drug Rehabs wasn't really taken lightly. I mean, people talk, you know. It wouldn't do good for your reputation. But I believe that it's a fact of life, and if you (or your kid) need help, then you should do it. is one such site where you can get help.

Personally, it doesn't matter what type of treatment you get (just not the type that gets you traumatized, of course!) as long as you recover. For life. :)

Sunset (in Cubao)

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Sunset while in Cubao

Took that shot using my 'old' point and shoot camera (powershot S3 IS); didn't have my dslr back then. Am not sure if I could have taken something like that with the dslr ...what with the learning curve and everything! lol. :)

The sunset during summer is really awesome, so while we were cruising somewhere in Cubao, I happened to notice the sun setting. Since we were on the road, I had to be 'creative' and took shots whenever I can, while the car was moving (or not).

I think this one's quite ok. Not great, but ok. :D

Online Games

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I know I posted here a while ago something about my views regarding online casinos. Well, to refresh the readers mind (or to let the 'new' ones know), I must say: I think they are interesting. Some people don't like the sites, but honestly, responsible players should know what they are up against, when they do decide to enter a game. If it's time to stop and end the game, then they should. It is actually only the irresponsible gamers that give them a bad name. But that's just my opinion, and other people might think differently. We are all entitled to our own opinions, aren't we? :)

Anyway, my online friend who first introduced me to online casinos have told me over and over again: stay disciplined. I think that's the best advice he has given me, and I have taken it to heart. So, whenever I visit directory sites like UK Online Casino, I make sure I browse through the site first. Nope, I haven't tried actually betting money online. The contents on my purse is just not enough, yet. I just like reading the advices and which sites have great reviews.

For now I'm not into the actual gaming myself, but I like the idea that every time I visit a site I get to learn something new. :)

Meeting Online

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Some people like having company, so if they can't find that wonderful person offline, they try finding him/her online. I actually know some girlfriends who did just that, and even if they didn't imagine or expect that they'd find the man of their dreams online, they were surprised to find that a person actually existed for them. Quite romantic, I know, and I'm happy to say that after five years of being married they are still as romantic (and happy) as ever! I believe some of them tried those Dating Services, while others were just introduced online through family and friends.

I even have a cousin who got married to the guy after they became friends online for almost four years; she certainly wasn't in the mood to get married, since she was the one responsible for her aging parents. She just liked chatting with him online, and I guess it really started there. He began asking her about her family, and being sympathetic with her situation. He, on the other hand, was a divorcee and had to take care of his two teenagers. To make a long story short, they decided to get married. It was something that they were thinking about (after all those years of communicating), and it's great that things seemed to be going smoothly for them. For now they are here in the country, together with my cousin's parents. They are taking each day as it comes, and just having a wonderful time being together.

Of course, not every life story is the same; some ended in divorce, or separations. I just hope, though, that there are less divorces or separations, compared to those who decided to stick together and make their marriage work.


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Wasn't able to go online earlier today because I felt so tired! Maybe it had to do with what we did yesterday ... went to the mall and 'walked' and 'walked' and 'walked'. Well, we did some shopping, too, but of course we had to do that walking! lol. No regrets; I loved it! :)

That was a nice way to get the much needed exercise, too! lol. :D

Cleaner Air

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A few years ago hubby and I bought an air humidifier and cooler, and together with that purchase came an air cleaner. We were told how to use the air cleaner, but never did get to use the thing. We gave it to a friend who needed it since she was suffering from allergy-related asthma. I found an ultraviolet air cleaner in the internet and I think it's really great. Am not too sure if we'll use it, though, so I'm doing some more research regarding similar products.

I think it's great, and who knows, pretty soon my family and I just might get one for ourselves! :)

Slow Connection

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The last few days have really been quite tiring: the internet connection seems to be slow! At times it's ok, while during those times when you want to watch videos online, it's so slow and irritating! Am not sure why it's been like that the past few days, but I really hope that whatever is causing it will be fixed soon!

Hope you're not having a hard time with your internet connection like me! lol.

Site Submission

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I must admit, the first time I made my blog I submitted my site address to some free web directories. The idea of your blog getting more traffic is indeed tempting, though of course I know that you must have something interesting posted in your blog so that your visitors keep coming back.

Some blog owners hosts contests or offer advices which are relevant to their visitors and that would indeed keep the visitors coming (or returning). I think that's really cool, though hosting a contest would be too taxing for me. I mean, I don't have the luxury really of taking a peek at my blog twenty-four hours a day, so hosting a contest doesn't seem feasible for me. Well, I guess it would depend on the type of contest, but somehow the thought of submitting my site to different free web directories is more appealing. More convenient for me.

What about you? Do you submit your site to different free web directories, too? :)

Late for the meme ... but

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like spring

Was supposed to join Weekend Snapshot today ... but I think am already late. :(

Anyway, that's a shot taken not on a weekend, but during a weekday when I noticed that the plants who had wilted (after I couldn't water them because we left for a few days) were sprouting new leaves!

I think it's great ... now I don't feel so guilty anymore! :D

Interested in Franchises?

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These days having a business of your own is more appealing for some, compared to being employed in another company. Personally, I would prefer to be having my own business, too. Hubby and I have thought of getting a Franchise through one of the locally available franchising businesses, but we are still not totally decided on it. We have read some Franchises that are really booming, and I think it's great. I mean, if you are determined and you have the budget for it, then I think it's a good idea to grab those Franchise Opportunity that's within your reach. Of course, you have to be really interested in the business, or else it will be just like throwing money around.

I have read some magazines about franchising, and I think it's a good idea. It is a major decision for my family and I though, so that's the reason why we still haven't jumped into the bandwagon. We definitely see ourselves managing our own business in the near future, though. :)

What about you? Are you interested in managing your own business, even if it is a franchise? If you're quite new with the idea, then I suggest you visit some sites and get yourself familiar. It's a great way to start a business of your 'own' with lots of help from the franchising company. You will always have someone helping you out while you make business decisions. :)

PhotoHunt: Twist(ed)

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twisted metal

I bet it took something strong to bend and twist those thick 'wires' like that! :)

Lensbaby 3G Teddy Shot

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lensbaby shot

Took that shot a few days ago, while experimenting. Not too satisfied, but I think the lighting there wasn't enough, plus my handling the lens. It does take a bit of a learning curve to learn the lensbaby. But the results could really be fun sometimes. IF you know how to get your desired result. hahaha.

Am still learning ... :)

Summer Sales

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It's summer once more, and it's great that I've been seeing sales not only in the malls but also online! We can find promo codes and discount specials for, Dell Computer, and these days; and if you're like me, who wants to find great deals in a notebook (or laptop), then it's time to look for them! :)

Well, last weekend hubby and I went to the mall, trying to look for the gadgets that we are thinking of getting, like a webcam for our desktop, or maybe something more expensive, like camera lens for my new camera. Hubby just wanted to know how much a pda costs these days, and when he noticed that there doesn't seem to be more stores selling them, he got a bit discouraged. I laughingly told him that maybe it's because less and less people might be using them these days; he agreed, but still continued looking for them anyway.

That day we ended up buying some camera bags instead. Some stores had great deals (for a notebook and some camera lenses), but quite a bit out of our budget for this month. I just hope that the offers will still be available till next month, but I seriously doubt that. Nothing wrong with my wishful thinking though, is there? :)

Summer 'Woes'

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It has been a couple or so of days now that I noticed that our internet connection's going slow. Dunno why. My son and I have been joking, saying maybe it's because of the intense heat that summer seems to be bringing these days. The wires/cables are too lazy to move (transfer info) because of the heat. lol. It's quite irritating, though, specially if we want to watch video online. I hope that this will be resolved soon.

And yesterday our cable tv went off, too! That really got us laughing, and we kept saying that maybe now the cable tv's affected by the heat, too! It was a good thing the reception came back after around an hour.

Summer, huh?! :)

Keeping Fit

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I used to really love running around when I was younger. My knees have the scars to prove it, lol. But somehow when I got older I got lazier and lazier. Not a good thing, I know. I have thought of buying myself a treadmill, and have even scouted the treadmills located in sport stores, but they are just so expensive! I found one that fitted my budget, but somehow it didn't seem to fit our room (it was a tad big).

Anyway, I know there are other means of staying fit out there, and I hope I get enough will power to go out and find (and try) them! :)


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Do you have car insurance? Hubby and I have been thinking of buying a new car and we forgot to consider insurance at first. But now that we're really serious about getting a new car we have to think about the additional cost (car insurance). He told me that there are different options and when he gets back this weekend (he's away on business right now) we'll talk more about it.

Not really a great topic to discuss, but something that's necessary. :)


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Actually, the bird wasn't hiding. lol. More like going out of the hole. I believe that there's a nest inside that hole. Have seen some sparrows going in and out of that hole, specially during the early morning. That hole is actually on a tall old electric post .... used my camera's maximum optical zoom to get this shot. :)

Elyn Saks

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These days you can find almost anything on the internet; admittedly, some of the information may not be to your taste, but as a responsible adult you should know which sites to avoid and which are the safe ones. If you want to do some research, or just want to know more about some topics, like one's mental health, then I suggest you try checking out Your Mental Health Talk Radio.

One of their guests will be Elyn Saks and she will be talking about her book, The Center Will Not Hold: My Journey Through Madness, wherein she tells about her bouts with schizophrenia. If you want to know more, you can visit Your Mental Health Talk Radio Home Page, which is hosted by Jacqueline Foreman.

Something as personal as mental health is a sensitive topic, specially for those who are affected. But this shouldn't deter you from trying to learn more, specially if you want to help a loved one. We should do all that we can to help! :)

Foot Pads

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Have you ever heard of the brand Kinoki? I only found out about it while I was surfing the web and that's how I found out that there are Kinoki Pads as well as Kinoki Foot Pads that help detoxify your body. Interesting!

What about you? Interested in trying to use something like that? Personally, I would be willing to try it and learn how toxic my body has become after all these years! :)

What we got yesterday: Lowepro bags

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Yesterday we went to the mall to buy these:
camera bags
I did search the internet for camera bags, and thought of either lowepro or crumpler, but we couldn't find the latter. So opted for lowepro instead. My first digital camera bag was from lowepro and I have been more than satisfied, so that's why I thought of getting them again. As for the crumpler camera bags, would love to have one, too, but didn't find them at the mall yesterday (and I was desperate for a camera bag! lol).

The two bags I got for around Php4,400.

micro trekker
Have thought of getting the bag on the left (another lowepro micro trekker), at first, but got hesitant since it's quite bulky. I still don't have the 70-200mm lens, too, so it would be a shame getting that bag and no lens yet. Maybe I'll buy that (costs around Php5,000) when my camera's got more accessories. :)

Thoughts this afternoon ...

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I know it's somebody's birthday this month, but am not so sure if she'll be sending out birthday invitations soon; she's not the type to go out and have a party for herself. lol.

Some people love giving out parties, though, and I must say some of them are really quite good at it! I mean, you come out of the party feeling so good and you know that you had loads of fun! :)

What about you, do you like giving out parties and sending invitations? :)

Looking for Conference Call Services?

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I remember those days when we had to go to a long distance call provider office in our province before we can call my sisters who were studying far from home; we had a phone line at home, but long distance calls from homes were not that popular, then. Us kids didn't view it then as inconvenient, because it gave us time to go out as a family. We usually call at night, though, so by the time we finished the calls we would be so sleepy already. But those are the pre-internet days. Now we can make Conference Calls to any part of the world! Isn't that convenient? Definitely a plus factor, specially if your business requires that you must be on top of the situation always.

If you want to know more about conference call and how it might help your business, then do visit They offer conference calls and web conferencing, where you can even share powerpoint presentations! Isn't that amazing? So different from those days when you had to wait for so many hours before you can get a feedback. No wonder businesses these days are so competitive, specially if they utilize the latest in technology! Don't be left out; if you believe that you need conference call services, or something similar, then go and check them out! :)

Party tomorrow... :)

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My son's invited to a birthday party tomorrow, and it's great because it's going to be located at a nearby mall. That means I'll just leave him there and come back for him when the hostess sends me a text message (informing me that the party's all done). The same thing happened a few months ago when another classmate had his party at the same mall. :)

I think that's great; definitely a wise way to 'host' a party outside the house!

Below's a shot of what some of their party food might be .... or maybe they'll just have pizza and ice cream. :)

Pardon the slightly pixelated shot ... took the above shot using my SE k750i.

Another Lensbaby 3G shot

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lensbaby shot

Yup, another lensbaby 3G shot which I took yesterday. Am definitely getting the hang of those lenses. I also have the macro lens for the lensbaby since I found out that they had this promo (free macro lens for every lensbaby that you buy) last December; took the promo and ordered them online. Took a bit to reach our shores, and I had to pay a stiff amount for the tax dues, but am satisfied with it.

Not so easy to get used to, though. In my own opinion. Maybe other lensbaby users out there find them easy the first time, but definitely not me. Am enjoying it, though. :)

So humid!

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These days it's so humid, even during at night that it gets to be quite impossible getting a good night's sleep. I guess that's why after lunch I usually take a nap. It's really so frustrating, but I guess I can't do anything about it. Maybe try wearing less constricting shirts (which I usually do anyway, lol), and more shorts instead of long pants.

So hot and humid, I wish we'd have a chance to go on a long vacation; something like a month-long vacation from this heat and humidity!

Day dreaming, I know. :)

Choose an Online Florist You Can Trust

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Choosing an online florist that can guarantee that your arrangement will be delivered on time and to your exact specifications can be an arduous task. Online florist shops with no accountability come a dime a dozen taking your money and your patience in exchange for poor products and lacking customer service. That’s why when you send flowers, you must do your research and choose an online florist that delivers your arrangements on your terms, at great prices, and with guarantees you can take to the bank.

Vogue Florist has a long history of satisfying customers looking to send roses, fresh arrangements, and gift baskets online. With their wide selection of arrangements, baskets, and balloons to choose from, any occasion is made better when you send flowers through Vogue. Check them out online at Send flowers from an online florist you can trust!

*I recommend Vogue Flowers for their unsurpassed floral arrangement quality, values, and unique designs. Check them out online at

Chicken Recipes!

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Not sure what to make for dinner? Poultry dishes are a good start and you can find hundreds of chicken recipes at You can find recipes for preparing chicken in dozens of ways - fried chicken recipes, chicken soup recipes, roasted chicken recipes and many more. Still looking for an incredible chicken wing recipes for your next party? There many to choose from as well as marinades and grilling recipes for chicken.

Staying Fit ... Naturally.

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WE all want to stay healthy and live longer quality lives, don't we? Well, I know I would! I guess getting enough exercise (something which I am definitely lacking!), trying to learn how to relieve stress, and eating right are just some of the ways. I do believe that it's important we know what we eat (or drink) and try to find other ways of getting fit, naturally. I read that goji berries can help in that aspect.

A goji berry (Lycium barbarum) is rich in antioxidants, polysaccharides, and is even said to enhance glycogen storage as well as boost the immune system. Quite impressive, huh? :)

If you want to know more about goji berries and their benefits, am so sure you can find plenty of online information about them. As for me, I am sold to the idea of trying them myself. Will see if we have them here in our supermarkets, or maybe I can buy a sample product online. :)

Lensbaby 3G summer shot

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palm leaves

Taken using lensbaby 3G ... still trying to get the hang of it. Does need time to get used to, but it's fun. Definitely not one of the best shots there is, using the lensbaby, but I think it's ok. hahaha.

I remember a blogger once said that you can get the lensbaby effect using photoshop, and I believe her. I mean, with photoshop we can do almost anything! As in ANYTHING! hahaha. However, I am lazy when it comes to dabbling with photoshop, except when it comes to digital scrapbooking. :)

Usually I use picasa2 first when I try to view and edit my shots. Photoshop comes much later. Don't get me wrong; I believe that photoshop is great! Sometimes it just takes too much 'thinking' for me, though. I am lazy. Sometimes. :)

Simple and Elegant

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flowersIt's summer (or spring, wherever on earth you might be) right now, definitely a great time for flowers! I just love flowers, specially when I get the chance to take their pictures. Sometimes I buy them just to liven up the house; though that doesn't happen as often as I want it to. :)

Most girls would love to receive flowers, too, and if you can't physically go to your favorite flower shop to buy her some gorgeous flowers, then you can get them online, over at 1800flowers! Their flowers are fresh and their arrangements simply elegant! What's great about the site is that you can send flowers to other countries, too! So convenient! It would certainly brighten up somebody's day when they receive their flowers!

I remember a friend who was so down since her mother was just diagnosed with a lingering disease; we tried treating her to her favorite restaurant, watched a movie, and even visited a massage spa (though I didn't accompany them to the spa since I am so ticklish .. I wouldn't survive there!lol)! Her being depressed sort of lessened, but what really made her day was when we visited her mom, bringing flowers. Her mom loved gardening and flowers, and that really cheered her up. That just shows that something like a simple flower can make a difference! :)

450D on YouTube

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Got this last week ... it's great for a first-time dslr user (like me, hahaha). Am not that satisfied with the lens that goes with the kit, though, so am thinking of getting myself a telephoto lens. Some bloggers mentioned that there's a canon promo on it's lenses, so I just might check that out ... hopefully the promo is still ongoing! :)

Colloidal Silver Online

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The first time I heard of colloidal silver I really had no idea what that was. I don't think we used them when I was younger, though, and that's why I never really knew what it was, and how beneficial (or dangerous) it could be to our body.

I recently found colloidal silver online, though, when a friend told me that when they were younger they used to take them as a remedy for something like a runny nose. They didn't take much of it, though, since she said that her mom preferred hot chicken soups and rest when they got sick. That got me interested, and that's why I thought of searching them online.

I learned that argyria has been associated with it (your skin turns silverish, which becomes permanent), but it's actually because of the mild silver protein found in some of the so-called silver colloid preparations. True silver colloid preparations should be 0.9999 pure silver in colloidal form, in order for it to be really safe for human use.

It really depends on the person if they choose to use colloidal silver, or not. After all, they get to decide what they think is best for their bodies! :)

In Need Of Answering Services?

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People these days are really trying to think of ways to start their own businesses, and some of them have really gone a long way already. I believe that they are so engrossed in their businesses, too, that sometimes they no longer have time for their family (one of the main important things in life). But that doesn't have to be the case! One thing to do should be to learn to delegate some of the responsibilities to an assistant, or maybe they could just hire an Answering Service, if their business is that big already!

Answering Services is definitely a convenient way to go if you want to have more time; maybe more time for yourself and more time to devote to your family. is one such site where you can go since they know how to deliver excellent answering service.

I have a former classmate in college who decided to start her own business a while back, and since it was really her favortite thing to do, she excelled in it. She got many customers, but sadly less time for her family. Her family understood, though they felt sad. I mean, she was doing it for them, after all. After some time she did realize that she was missing out a lot on her family, though, so she thought of an answering service offered by a client. They talked out a deal and finalized it; pretty soon she was having more time for herself and her family! :)

PhotoHunt: Glass

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wine glass

That's a shot of a wine glass taken months ago while I was experimenting. I believe the liquid's a juice of some kind. Nope, am not a professional photographer. lol. I just love experimenting with my shots every now and then, specially if I have lots of time available.

It's fun, I guess. :)

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