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Alone ...

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Saw this young sparrow one morning after opening our front door ... it looked lost and it must have wandered far from it's home. We didn't see any other bird hovering nearby, so we decided to put the bird in my sister's garden where birds are always around (as well as other insects)...


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Our Weekend Memoirs

Not much ...

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i know... haven't been around much these days. would have loved to continue with some of the memes that i've joined, but i just can't find the time! I still get to go online ... but not for long. Oh well ... "win some, you lose some". Adjusting could be quite hard ... just have to make do with what i can (and with what i have). :)


*only the picture and the paper's mine ... the rest (fonts and gears) i got from different online sites.

Dental Appointment ...

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My eldest son had a dental appointment last weekend, and they found out that he needed to have some teeth extracted. Not because they were hurting him, but because he couldn't wear his braces unless some specific permanent teeth are already present. Am sure the same procedure would also be done at some orange nj dentist abroad, but what really got to my son was the idea of having his tooth extracted. He said that the injection didn't hurt, but the actual pulling of the tooth was horrifying. Oh well, good thing the dentist told him to think about it and just get back to her clinic when he's decided ...

Locks and Such ...

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It's already way past midnight in my part of the world ... and I am still awake! Somebody's celebrating a birthday outside and we can hear them belting out their favorite songs; now who could sleep easy with that noise? Everybody else except me, I guess. lol. Anyway, being awake at this hour is fine with me, ever since that incident happened wherein I saw somebody (a would-be burglar) outside our bedroom window! It was kind of scary, knowing a burglar's outside, that's why we are thinking of reinforcing our fence and gate, and putting on additional locks. It might seem like an overkill, but I believe that it's better to be safe than sorry. I wish we can have something similar to a school alert system, but that seems to be way out of our budget. We'll make do with what we have, and hope it will discourage future would-be burglars! :)

Less Cost, Same Quality

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For those who are in a Medifast diet, getting the meal itself can be quite costly in the long run, so it is a good idea if you can get them at a discounted price. There's definitely nothing wrong with trying to stay eat healthy, but if you can achieve the desired results at a lesser cost, then so much the better! You will only be paying less but still get the same quality!

It's a good think you can now get discount coupons online. :)

Wordless Wednesday: Flower

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Before I go to bed ...

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My family and I enjoy playing with our gadgets every now and then; my son has his game consoles (he's go the Wii, PSP, and PS2) while hubby and I both have our own computers and cameras. I also love playing with the Wii occasionally, but not much with his other two game consoles. Honestly, I'd rather have the PS3. LOL

Enough said. It's almost midnight here on my side of the world, and I believe that it's already way past my bedtime. So ... nighty-night! :D

Cute and Cool

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I remember, before I decided to get my laptop there were already netbooks being sold in the computer shops. They were fairly new, then, but I wasn't really tempted to get one because I wanted one with a bigger screen. Now I am having second thoughts; ever since my sister got one for herself, actually. I thought that I needed one with a bigger screen since I would be dealing with lots of pictures ... but I think that the netbook can handle that pretty well, too.

Oh well. Maybe next time when it's time to get myself a new personal computer ... :D
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