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Weekend Snapshot: Stray Cat

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Stray Cat

Last weekend I had the chance to see this stray cat washing it's fur that saturday morning. I used to see lots of them around (even kittens) on top of one of our neighbor's roofs, but I guess some of them have moved away. Or maybe didn't make it.

They are considered as pests by some, but I guess our neighbors don't; since I've seen them feed these cats a couple of times already.

Dreams ...

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Some friends have always wanted to visit Las Vegas and try out those authentic games! I say "authentic" like how one of my friends describe it, since she said that it's really different there, than just playing online!

They finally went there and stayed in a Las Vegas hotel where she said costs so much, but definitely worth the price.

I'm glad they finally went there; one of her dreams have finally come true! :)

Fans Online

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Have you heard of They are a modern fan company where you can have lots of choices when it comes to fans! Living in the tropics, having a fan in the house is a necessity. Unless your house is fully air-conditioned, of course. :)

But for me, I really prefer ceiling fans or even craftmade fans, compared to air conditioners. There's just something about those monte carlo fans playing around with the air while you take a nap or read a book on your favorite sitting chair. :)

Wordless Wednesday

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Applying for a credit card ...

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These days credit cards are the normal mode of payment for some people, since most establishments accept them. Indeed, I think it's pretty convenient, too. No more fumbling around for cash (coins tend to fall sometimes) when you can have your credit card right on your wallet!

But do you know where you can apply for a credit card? No need to look further, try visiting and see the different credit cards on their site, including those interest free credit cards!

So, if ever you want to try applying for a credit card and you want to compare the different companies offering them, then go and give a visit! :)

Henry Ward Beecher quote

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I never knew how to worship until I knew how to love.
Henry Ward Beecher

I guess that that could really be true for most of us.

For someone to be taught about religion while still young, though, I guess you also need to learn about love before you learn to worship.

Some feel liberated learning about the bible, while some try to avoid it. To each his own preferences, I suppose. :)

Just my thoughts ... wandering this Wednesday morning. :)

Web Host Guide

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Do you feel like you need a website all your own? If you do, then you need help with your web hosting choice!
Just visit and see for yourself which web host will fit you better! From personal sites to e-commerce, you can choose which will work best for you and your needs.

As for me, I am interested, so I will go and check their site some more! :)

Yenny's Questions

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1. What did you want to be when you grew up?
~At first I wanted to be a nun (yeah, blame it all on my school ... it was run by the Benedictine Sisters, then. lol), but later on wanted to be a veterinarian. :)

2. Did you follow through? If not, what happened?
~hahaha ... yup. am a veterinarian, but haven't practiced in like a million years! LOL

3. Is your life turning out the way you thought it would when you were a kid? If not, is it better or worse?
~I guess it has ... not really perfect, but I'm happy where I am right now. :)

4. Paradoxes aside, if you could time-travel back to when you were 10 years old, what would you tell your 10-year-old self?
~I dunno .. maybe to have more self confidence? I was a really shy kid back then. ;P

5. Do you think the child you were, would like the adult you’ve become?
~I guess so. I know I do. :)

Got this from {Me and Mine} ... thanks, Yen! :)

VoIP Services

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Do you make lots of long distance phone calls? If you do, then you must have seen your phone bills rise, too! But you know, there's another alternative to calling long distance the "usual" way: try Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). is one such site which can help you. Their services include broadband telephone and videophone service, which could really be helpful specially to those who wants to call his long distance colleagues (or clients) most of the time. You use the broadband phone adapter that will send you, and that's it. You use the phone like any ordinary phone, but the route this time will be different. That means your phone bills won't be rising, too.

So, want to know more? Then do visit at their Contact Center.

Lost Horizon (Burt Bacharach)

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Too bad this isn't the one from the movie, but I think this is also nice... I really like the lyrics.

"....have you ever dreamed of a place, far away from it all?
where the sound of guns, doesn't pound in your ears

This is really one of the movies that I've seen as a young child with music that really caught my attention. We really loved it so much that we bought this cassette tape (yeah, cds were totally unheared of during those days! lol) and wrote down the lyrics in our notebooks! LOL.

It would be nice getting a copy of this movie someday. :)

Meeting Somebody Nice Online

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Are you interested about internet dating services? Have you tried visiting one? I must admit, I have visited some sites but haven't actually tried them. I guess it's because of the time constraints. However, I think it would be great meeting somebody nice online.

If you're like me who's an absolute newbie when it comes to things like this, then we should visit! They have a list of the ten recommended sites which they have personally visited and tried themselves. I think that's why their reviews on each site that they recommended are really thorough. Based on their reviews (like their Perfect Match, and Yahoo Personals reviews) we can then get the idea how each site runs and if it's the one for us, or not. Cool, huh?!

So, are you interested? Then go for it! :)

Crumpled ... again.

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Took this shot one early morning ... the light wasn't perfect but I guess I was lucky enough to have gotten this shot while the car was moving. Of course, it wasn't originally crumpled like that. Did that crumpling thingy using photoshop ( i know i downloaded a free crumpled brush somewhere ...).

Still, i think it looks ok. :)

Stuck Into Structured Settlements?

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Do you know what's a Structured Settlement? Some of you might not know what that is, but for those who want to get out of it, then this is something that you should know! Take for example you won in the lottery; usually the money will be given to you little by litte, and not as a lump sum. Of course, this might work for some, but if you need the cash right then and there (like to pay for hospitalization or a credit card), it wouldn't be enough. What happens is that you could develop additional financial challenges. Know what to do? Try finding a company that could help. Good thing there's an online company who can help:!

They can help turn Structured Settlements into lump sum cash. You can then use the money that you need to pay for something and not wait for some time before you can get it! Besides, the money that you might be receiving after a few years might not seem so big anymore, considering the way prices are going up each year (and the amount that you are receiving is the same).

Still, it's understandable for us to have doubts about receiving lump sum cash instead of structured settlements. If you want to know more, then call 1-800-LUMP-SUM (800-586-7786) right now.

Looking for a Website Optimization Firm?

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If you've just started a business online, and nothing seems to be happening, then I suggest you try checking out what a website optimization firm can do for you! Sure, you can always wait and see if internet surfers will be able to find your site, but if you're in a hurry (time is precious, some would say) and want to push your site up a notch, then sites like is the one for you!

Do you know what a website optimization firm can do for you? They will definitely help your site get noticed (and the visitors will definitely follow, as well as possible links!), and teach you how to start earning from your website. They could also help you get additional revenue once they have checked out your site, as well possibly making suggestions regarding your website's design. What's great also is that if they are experts when it comes to SEO marketing strategies, then your site will soon be on it's way up sooner than you think!

So if you think that you need a website optimization firm to help you boost sales, and you can't wait for your site to start earning, then there's no need to hesitate: check out now! :)

Silhouette Sunset

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I liked the silhouette here ... too bad it was slightly drizzling, hence those "spots" from the car's windshield, seen together here with the shot. Sure, you can take those using photoshop, but am just too lazy! LOL.

Besides, it doesn't seem to harm the shot much. yeah, am just too lazy, no excuse, really. But that's me. Or part of me, anyway. :)

Need An Answering Service?

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Some companies, specially those who wants to let their clients know that they are always available for follow-ups and questions, think that it's a good idea to have an Answering Service. I think that that's a good idea too, so that when questions arises, answers will always be available, immediately.

But of course, it is also important to find good companies who offer good Answering Services, since if their receptionists are not well-trained for the job, then your company might instead get a good beating. is one such site where you can find well-trained receptionists who can take your calls and answer them accordingly. If you need more than the usual answering service (because your company is so big and handles plenty of products), then you can check out their call center outsourcing site, where they also have a team of software developers and programmers. Either way, their answering service can help you free more time for you to do other more important things.

I have noticed that there are more companies who actually use answering these services, and some have said that it has helped their business move forward. That's really great since I believe that the call centers are now more equipped to handle different industries and so they are now available to most businesses!

Looking for More Website Traffic?

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If you want to succeed online, the most important thing is that you have more website traffic. Meaning people (or internet surfers) come to visit your site and as much as possible, link to your site. Of course, I believe that nobody would actually want to link to another site that they don't like, so those internet surfers must like your site enough to link to you! Or they can refer your site to those who need what you have. But the first thing that's important is to generate traffic, once your website is up. Know who can help? is one such site who can help you! They are a website optimization firm which can help your website go to the top, with their SEO expertise. Aside from that, they can also help you develop alternative revenue streams from your site so that you will be able to maximize your site's potential. For those who's business depends large on their website(s), I really do believe it's a good idea to see how else you might be able to generate more funds through your site.

So, if you feel like your website seems to be lacking something and you want more, then do check out and see what the experts over at can do to help you out! :)

Just One Peso ...

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I took this shot because I was intrigued by the texture that I can see on this one peso Philippine coin. Of course, I had to use the super macro feature of my camera to get this close (and the shot to remain clear and sharp).

Just imagine the number of hands that has held this coin ... and what stories it could tell!!

Hahahaha ... yeah, me and my overly active imagination again! :D

Finding House Plans Online

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These days if we can get something online right away, we prefer that route. Trying to find something online and finding it almost immediately makes us feel like we've accomplished something right away. There is definitely something about finding stuffs online, like plans for a new home.

When we lived in the province a few years back, we wanted to find some nice house plans since we were planning on having our house renovated. Unfortunately, we had no steady access to the internet those days, so we had to rely on the magazines we can find in the malls. It's a good thing that these days you can get different house plans online; such as some Log Home Plans, some Ranch house plans, and our favorite, those bungalow house Plans. But, since we've moved from the province since then, we have to hold the plan temporarily.

Occasionally, if we find a good plan, though, we try to keep it (or in the case these days, we bookmark it!). If you want to find house plans, blue prints, or special architectural designs, then you should visit!

Robert Frost quote

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I go to school the youth to learn the future.
Robert Frost

Indeed! Kind of like the circle of life, huh?! Learning not only from the past, but teaching the present to make sure that there will always be a future. :)

Nice ...

Scrubs and Beyond

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When I was still in college and we had to perform surgery on the animals, we were required to wear those "green uniforms" which we call as scrub suits. Those days we thought that it should only be in one color (green, or it's variants) so you can just imagine us all colored green everytime we needed to perform surgery. It's a good thing the Medical Scrubs these days are different!

My sister, who's a nurse, also needed nursing uniforms and since we had no idea where to buy them those days, we learned to befriend the local seamstress. The school would just give us the design and the materials needed, and then it will be up to us to deliver them to our seamstress, and hope that the uniforms will be ready soon!

But do you know that you can get stylish peaches scrubs these days, online? Yes, you can! What's great about the medical scrubs these days is that the designs are more or less the same, but the prints are definitely different! I just love those cute prints on some of them! If only we had these during my time! :)

Maximizing Profits

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These days we all know that if you want to stay in business for long you must know how to take good care of your equipments. Some things that are critical are the point of sale systems, barcode scanners, and other point of sale products. Of course, nothing really lasts forever, specially after a few years, so good maintenance is required, aside from the occasional updates. is one such site where you can get quality point of sale system (and products), like the Fujitsu pos systems, ibm surepos pos and NCR point of sale products. You can be assured that they will supply you with new or expertly refurbished point of sale products, which will undoubtedly help you with your business management. They will not only help you find the products that you want, but they are also willing to help you learn the proper process in maintaining the system and it's products. Now isn't that just great!

So if you need a new (or an expertly refurbished) point of sale system and it's products, then you should check out!

Weekend Snapshot: Clouds

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QC Circle

Last weekend we passed by this area and I just couldn't resist taking a shot because of the clouds and the blue sky. I think it looked kind of grand and I admit I liked the different patterns.

It was a pretty sunny morning, but after a few hours it rained. But that was ok. We enjoyed the weekend! :)

Need Help?

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If you (or a friend) need a good offer for your financial problem(s) but your credit reputation isn't that great, then you need not despair! There is always a solution to every problem, and when it comes to bad credit, well, you can always check out!

They are a free online resource site for those who need the best online credit offer that will fit their needs. They not only have a list of those credit card companies that might help you, but also if you need help with your personal loans and even credit repair!

If you are in a very difficult sitution, then that could be the time to admit that you really need help. So start thinking for solutions, and if you believe that their recommended systems will work for you, then do go and check them out! :)

Stop when you need to ...

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Online Casino is something that some people don't really like, while for some it's something that's fun. My online friend certainly find it entertaining, and he's actually the reason why I, too, find it entertaining! Of course, I'm just a newbie, so I really haven't started betting real money!

The first thing that my friend told me was to just do some "researching" (in other words, try visiting those online casino sites, get myself familiar with the different games, and try reading those reviews) then later on maybe download those free games and try playing for fun. I think that's a good advice, since I certainly am not ready to try betting using real money yet! Besides, I don't have the "extra money" yet to spare. :) is one such site which was recommended by my friend just recently, since they not only have a list of the reputable online gambling sites these days, but also some great tips. I really like those sites that give realistic tips, like to remember to keep yourself in check (stop when your budget runs out). That's exactly what my online friend has been telling me, since sometimes the player just keeps on playing, even if he's already losing!

I'm not sure when I'll finally try betting online, using real money. Maybe not just yet. I still don't have sufficient knowledge; so for now I will instead try visiting different sites and learn some more! :)

PhotoHunt: Important

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The theme for this week is important, and I think that getting lots of exercise (which involves stretching!) is great, but this one seems to be too much! I do admire the girls for accomplishing something like this, though. I couldn't do that! :)

Lara Fabian: Broken Vow

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I know Josh Groban also sang this song ... and I like them both. :)

So why I'm posting her version? Simply because I heard her version first and immediately loved it! :)

Camping ...

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We have always thought about buying camping gear for ourselves, but somehow it hasn't really been a priority. Pretty soon my son and his classmates might need them, and maybe that will be the time when it becomes a priority. :)

For now, since most of us are busy with our respective "stuffs", I guess we have no time for camping out. But honestly, I think I'd love the idea of experiencing camping again! :)

Play(ful) thoughts ...

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When I had my son we bought him this cute (also durable and safe, which we think are really important, if you buy something for a young child) table where he can learn to play as well as eat (by himself). We thought of getting him swing sets, too, but he said that he liked the ones in his school better. We agreed since the ones that we found were not that solidly built compared to the ones at his school, then. :)

Burt Bacharach: Alfie

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I really like his music ... reminds me so much of those "golden days" type of movies. :)

Just me and my nostalgia. LOL.


Watching ...

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When I was still in college, my roommates and I used to watch some of the plays and concerts being offered by the university. We usually bought our tickets ahead to get good theater seating as well as to make sure that we get tickets.

I think that it's possible to buy ahead at cinemas right now, too! I still have to try it, though. :)

Choosing ...

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Since hubby travels most of the time, we have decided to invest in some traveling bags. So last weekend we went to the mall and saw some bags, such as the travelpro, in our favorite luggage store. We liked the designs as well as the colors of the bags available; we opted for the dark-colored ones, though, since we know that it would look good with most of the ones that we already have right now. :)

About gambling online ...

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My online friend who has been teaching me about online casinos have been giving me some valuable tips and possible strategies about online gambling. I really admire him for his dedication when it comes to playing and his discipline when he needs to stop. He hasn't won big money (yet!) but he says that he's not hoping for something really grand. Right now what he likes is that he really enjoys playing the games and doesn't see himself stopping anytime soon. :)

Online Casinos have always intrigued me ever since my online friend introduced them to me, but I must admit I really don't know much about them. He was the one who told me that is a site where you can get casino tours while in the United States! I should have told that to my Aunt and Uncle who used to live there! They said that they have always wanted to take a tour of those gambling sites, but never had the chance.

As for me, I'm sure that I won't be betting on any online site just yet. I'm still a newbie and for now all I really need to do is read some more, or visit additional sites, which may be able to help me understand these games some more! :)

Living Together, Growing Together (Lost Horizon)

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OH MY GOODNESS! I really do feel lucky finding this at YouTube today ...
watched this while I was still small and we just loved the movie together with the music.

One of my fave movies ... ever! :)

Learning Some More ...

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Lately I have been seeing more advertisements for online casinos and if some of the internet browsers are irritated by them, well, I'm not! That's because I think they are interesting, and I'd like to know more about them. Not everybody might share my thoughts, but I know an online friend do! In fact, he was the one who told me about online gambling and how much fun he's been having playing on some sites!

I haven't tried playing yet since I know that I will just lose since I am still a newbie when it comes to these kinds of games. I don't intend to be a professional with this, but I think it's great if I get to know a bit about them, including those casino slots. I really didn't know at first that you can play online slots, too! Interesting!

And you know what's great about some of the sites? You can download their games and have fun playing without using real money! I think that's really great! :)

Tea Leaves ...

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tea leaves

Yup, those are tea leaves ... decided one time to "see" what I was drinking. LOL.
Honestly, they didn't look so nice like that ... but it tasted great! :)

Friday's Feast

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Friday's Feast


What is your favorite beverage?

plain water ... ;P

Name 3 things that are on your computer desk at home or work.

i usually have here my little notebook (yeah, i take notes sometimes!), pencil/pen, and some cds.

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how honest do you think you are?

I try to be honest all the time ... but sometimes I do make white lies. LOL. I guess I'd like to think that I'm a 9. ;)

Main Course
If you could change the name of one city in the world, what would you rename it and why?

Oh my ... no idea!

What stresses you out? What calms you down?

People who don't do as they say really stresses me out ... while listening to music or reading a good book calms me down. :)

Online gaming ...

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Admittedly, I see on the internet lots of online casinos, but I have no idea which ones are really the good sites because I haven't tried them! Some sites offer poker, slot machines, and blackjack, just to name a few. If you are interested about them (like an online friend who's really crazy about them!), then I think it's a good idea to try and read up those reviews being offered.

Of course, that doesn't mean you're going to be a pro once you've learned a bit, so you should just read/do some research if you have the time, before going all out and betting. is one such site that can help since they not only have a list of some of the trusted online casinos to date, but also related topics about online gambling.

As for me, I will always remember what my online friend told me: don't bet unless you're sure that you want to! That's a pretty neat advice, don't you think so?

Just be careful ...

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Have your inbox (or comments section) been spammed by viagra or similar types of medication? Well, if yours haven't, then mine have! It's a good thing most of the blogs/emails are now equipped with spam boxes or else my inbox would be swamped with senseless emails!

I don't plan to use viagra any time soon (gender thing? lol), but just in case some of use didn't know: some of those medication being sold online could be fake! Yeah, you read that right. I think if you see that the price is way than the one that you see on your local pharmacy, then you have reason to doubt the source.

Some people may balk at the idea of selling viagra, but I think it's good business. It is a touchy topic for some, though, specially if your culture is not that open discussing about such things. But of course, it is best that you sell real ones, and not those fake ones. After all, you also have a responsibility to the people who are going to buy your products! :)

James M. Barrie quote

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Life is a long lesson in humility.
James M. Barrie

That is definitely one way of looking at life. :)

I think it is only partly true, though. I mean, that's looking at life from one point of view only. Life actually depends on the experiences you've made, and how you react to them.

But that's just my personal opinion. :)

Don't Just Bet Anywhere, He Said

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I have always wondered about those online casino that you can see around the internet. Yeah, they do interest me, but since I'm a newbie I am sure that my decision to know/learn more those sites (where you can actually play using real money) is a good one. :) is one such site where you can see some reviews about most of the current leading online casinos. I think it's a great site to visit, if you want to learn more as well as get some news which relates to online gambling.

My online friend who's so into these online gambling has been giving me some tips here and there, but since I feel that I am still a newbie when it comes to matters like these, I have never ever tried betting. Besides, it was him who told me that I shouldn't bet just about anywhere when it comes to online gambling; and betting/playing requires strategy planning, too! The last part of the sentence definitely surprised me! Well, I guess he knows what he was talking about! Bue information like those definitely is good, specially for newbies like me! :)

About Betting ...

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An online friend who's such a fan when it comes to online gambling has been telling me that I shouldn't start betting on just any online casino out there in the internet! At first I thought it was a pretty weird advice coming from someone who just loves those online casinos that I had to laugh. Really laugh. But of course, that was one of the best advices he has given me (there were more after that!) and I have listened to him since!

Trying to find the best online casinos out there could be daunting for a newbie (like me!). It would be a good idea to start reading up or read some reviews about those online casinos, and is one such site. The site also features news items which revolves around online gambling and which could be helpful.

As for me, I will abide by my friend's advice regarding not betting at just about any online casino. Besides, I still don't have the money to spare! But I believe that it's always a good idea to be informed. :)

Thursday Challenge

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Took this lucky shot around two months ... am not so sure, but I might have posted this before. lol.

Yeah, I must say: that is really a LUCKY shot since I think that the place and time that day was perfect! My point and shoot camera (canon powershot S3 IS) behaved well that day, too! (Ok, it's actually a well-behaved camera; I'm the "delinquent" one.) :)

I hope to be in the same situation again ... :)

To visit/view other Thursday Challenge participants (or to post your TC shot), do click here.

Tried Playing Online Blackjack?

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These days you can do lots of things while connected to the internet, and playing online blackjack can be one of them! Unfortunately, though, I am a newbie when it comes to online gambling; but it's a good thing I have a friend who's a pro (well, he is, in my view)! My internet friend who just loves games like this have been trying to teach me the different strategies needed depending on each game (yeah, games like these needs strategy, too! I never knew ...!!), and I must say I am a very diligent student! :) has been one of the sites that he has mentioned, and he pointed out that you can play there even without spending money! Meaning, you play just for fun (and no betting) at their flash casino black jack game. Quite nice, and a fun way to learn, too! Of course, if you feel that you are ready, you can play using real money!

What's great about site is that they also have other games, like their three-dimensional (3D) horse racing! I think that's really pretty cool, and quite a different attraction when it comes to online gambling.

As for me, as soon as I know that I am ready, well, I just might try betting online. But like what my online friend has never failed to remind me: I should be disciplined enough to stop when necessary! I think that's a really sound advice, don't you think so? :)

Doris Day: Secret Love

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Oh my ... first heard this when I was really quite young. I think my parents like her and her music. Or maybe it was an uncle ... LOL. Been so long already, am not so sure anymore!

But seeing this in YouTube brings back great memories...yeah, those really "good-'ol days!"

Tried Online Backgammon Yet?

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Have you ever tried online backgammon? I honestly have no idea how to play the game, but that doesn't mean I don't want to know. On the contratry, I think it's pretty interesting! I first saw a backgammon game set when I was young but since my companion then had no idea how the game was played, I never did get to learn. It's a good thing I can learn about them online these days!

If you love playing backgammon, then you can download the game software over at! Downloading is relatively fast (of course, depends largely on your internet connection; but the file is around 10MB) and easy. Immediately after installation you can go ahead and play! What's great about it is that you have the option to either play just for fun, or to play with real money!

I'm not sure if my online friend who enjoys games like these have already found out about the site ... if not, then I guess I was faster this time! :)

Marshmallow for Two!

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I must admit: this is not a recent shot ... :)
I just suddenly thought about this marsmallow shot since I distinctly remember taking that shot while I was blogging and saw this great afternoon light by the door.

Personally, i think it's great that you utilize normal lighting, if you can. Getting the effect that you want using artificial lighting needs more considerations (like how far the light should be, and hoping that it won't look too artificial). But since I am not a professional photographer (i just do this because it's fun! LOL), then don't take my word for it! :D

Here's to more food shots in the future! LOL

On Drug/Alcohol Dependency

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It is a fact that sometimes a family member, or a close friend, have this habit of taking in illegal substances (or drinking alcohol too much!) without us knowing a thing! I guess it's because we feel that we trust the other person so much that it's unthinkable for them to be doing something like that! Still, that happens, and that's why I personally think it's important we notice those little things (more white lies, waning interest, for starters) that seems to have changed.

But what's really important, for someone who is already in the habit, is to get himself/herself to a reputable drug rehab center. Getting to admit that there is actually a problem is the hardest part, even for some of the family members; they always think that it's just a "phase" and it will be over soon. But that's not always the case; most of the time, if left unchecked, it will progress to somthing more sinister, and death might just be the only one that will end it!

We wouldn't want that option, of course, so it's best to find a reputable drug treatment center or an alcoholism rehab center for them. is one such site that can help!

You can call them toll free at 800-663-7847, or local phone at 231-314-5252. Help save a life today ... don't hesitate to extend your hand! :)

Finding That House ...

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Having our very own house is a dream come true for us and that's why hubby and I have been thinking about looking around for a good realtor. I'm sure we're not the only family out there that has this dream and if you're like us, then I suggest we do something about it!

One good online site to look for a place of your own would be at They not only have a list of real estates for sale, but also Home for rent, as well as Mortgage quote for those who need it! Or if you want to have your house rented out, or if you are moving, they can help, too! The site actually have lots to offer when it comes to housing matters.

As for hubby, our son, and I, we do want to have a place of our house soon; but since this is something that really takes a lot of careful planning, we aren't rushing into things. We are trying to take our time, making sure that our house purchase will really be worth it! :)

Amos Bronson Alcott quote

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To keep the heart unwrinkled, to be hopeful, kindly, cheerful, reverent that is to triumph over old age.
Amos Bronson Alcott

I think this is real nice ... :)

Hmmm ... maybe i should put quotes on some of my shots and post them here. Nice idea (personally, hahaha), but could be a bit tiring since I have to do some editing ... as well as find the time to take more shots!

Things have been a bit hectic these past few weeks ... anyway, lets see. :)

How about Online Slots?

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Everytime I see or hear about Las Vegas, those slot machines always comes to mind. Sure, there are other gambling games there (honestly, I haven't been there yet, but just watching those movies can sure fire up one's imagination!), but I guess the slot machines are the ones that are easily accessible. They featured as such in those movies, anyway. :)

But if you want to play those slot machines, you can also get them online! Yes, there are now online slots for those who are attracted to this type of game! Just visit and see for yourself the different sites that offer these games!

I'm sure my online friend who is familiar with these type of games (online gambling) has heared about this site, so pretty soon I will be asking him all about it. Or if he hasn't heard about this cool site yet, then I'll go tell him! :)

Want to try Online Backgammon?

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I first heard about backgammon when I was a kid. I didn't know what it was until I read something about it! The book was actually a do-it-yourself manual about how to make some crafts and backgammon was right there! It didn't mention how you play the game, though. But if you do know how it starts (and ends!), and you have this itch to play again, then you should try an online backgammon game over at!

You can actually immediately download their software to start playing online! You can either play their backgammon games for fun or play for real money! All you need to do (after downloading their software) is create an account with them and then you're all set to play! So easy!

I'm not so sure if my online friend who loves these type of games have already tried this site, but for sure I will be telling him all about this site, soon!

Wordless Wednesday: Droplets

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Online Betting ...

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Online Gambling is something that we see on the internet almost daily (if you are like me who just loves browsing the internet for great finds and buys!), but honestly, I really don't know much about it. It's a good thing that there are sites out there that can help, like!

Over at, they have a list of some of the best online casinos and gambling sites. Not only that, the reviews that they make of each online casino are based on their actually playing on the site! That's really great since you will know which casinos are reputable based on their actual experiences!

An online friend who loves playing his online games (and that includes both those strategy types, as well as those online casino sites) have been giving me some tips about how these games go, but so far I still haven't had the courage to bet in any of those sites. I guess it's because I don't have that extra money to splurge on something like this!

Know what's the best advice he has given me? He always reminds me to stop when I need to stop! Not to keep "hanging on", but to withdraw from the game if you see that you are losing more than your alloted amount. I guess that that's a sound advice, don't you? :)

Josh Groban: To Where You Are (2)

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This is actually the same song as the one two postings ago ... But I think that this video is much better ... I like how everything seems to be "normal". :)

This song just somehow tugs at one's heart ... doesn't it?

An Online Casino Guide

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Do you know much about online casino? Well, I don't either, and that's why I think it's really great visiting some of those sites that make reviews about online casinos. is one such site where you can learn a lot! The website's design is filled with plenty of information, and just because they have lots of those (information) doesn't mean that you'll get lost browsing the site. On the contrary, it is well categorized, so most probably you'll find what it is you want in a snap! They also feature some casino reviews, their recommended casinos of the month, and even the latest online casinos and online gambling news! Definitely a place to visit for newbies like me who wants to learn more about online casinos!

What about you? Want to know which sites to go for an online fun? Of course, before you enter into any of those online casino sites you have to be prepared! It's not a good idea to be betting if you need the money yourself! But if not, and you're prepared for what's going to happen (good or bad!), then go ahead and visit their recommended sites! :)

Josh Groban: To Where You Are

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This was actually the first video I saw of Josh Groban ... a friend sent me the link and even if our internet connection then was just dial-up (yeah! hahaha), I immediately liked the song. The music/lyrics then was more or less legible, but the video kept freezing every now and then (at that time) ... due to the poor connection, I suppose.

So great to have a broadband connection now! :)

Audio Ads!

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If you were given the opportunity to earn, and you know that you can do it (and that it's perfectly legal, of course!), then it's normal for you to take the offer! I know I would, as long as it won't be in any conflict with other opportunities. :)

Net Audio Ads Pay Per Play advertising is one such opportunity that can help you earn! Like other advertising schemes, you place their audio ads on your site, but unlike the usual advertisements, you don't need to have someone click something on your site just so you get paid! What happens is that everytime someone visits your webpage, and the 5-second audio ads play, you get paid! Isn't that cool? Really a new way of advertising; for me, at least!

Actually, they are not technically new, since they have been running for around 2.5 years now. They now boast of having over 66,000 advertisers, and over 550,000 websites listed! With that much advertisers and websites, they say that their 5-second audio ads have had over 43 million streams each month! Amazing, isn't it? Think of how much you yourself can earn! :)

A friend actually told me about this yesterday. She said that she has just signed up for a new way to increase her blog's earnings. She gave me their website and told me to check them out. I bookmarked the site, and plan to visit them today and do some more "snooping" around.

This sounds like a great way to earn more from our blogs! :)

Mornings ...

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These days sometimes the thought of just getting up early in the morning is quite daunting. Maybe it's because sometimes I sleep late and my body's telling me to get some more rest! I have exactly been doing that ... and that's why my blog sometimes don't get updated as much as I want to.

Besides, after finding out about digiscrapping I feel like I want to go on creating stuffs! hahaha, yeah, it does kind of lessen my time for bloghopping... but digiscrapping is so much fun! :)

Don't Panic!

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If something bad like failing to pay for you loans happen to you, there's no need to despair, really. There are lots of sites on the internet that can help you with bad credit loans. is one such site that can help you pay off your loans. Not only that, you will have lots of choices when it comes to deciding which will best fit you and your budget. They also have a Credit Repair section where debt consolidation or debt assessment is being offered.

Don't panic when "it" happens to you; instead, try to be more positive and see what else you can do about it! :)


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Took this shot a while back ... it was actually my son who saw the moth on the curtain. It was really a good thing the moth didn't fly away when I tried to take some macro shots (you know you have to get in real close during macro shots ...!!).

I think my camera's quite ok, but I hope I can save enough to buy myself a dslr SOON! Hopefully, before the year ends. Hoping and hoping ... and wishing. LOL.

I won't be holding my breath, though. :D

Online University

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Getting a Masters Degree these days is not just a luxury, but a necessity if you want to move up the corporate ladder. It's a good thing that you can get one online these days!

Yes, getting an online master's degree is now possible these days, thanks to Capella University. Founded in 1993, they currently offer 104 graduate and undergraduate specializations and 15 certificate programs. Not only that, they also offer their online services to more than 20,000 students in the 50 states, including 56 countries! That's a staggering number for an online university, which, by the way, is the first and only online university that is accredited by CACREP (Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs) for it's two master's degree specialization.

It's really great that we can now have the opportunity to study online. This is convenient, too, for those who want to study but does not have a university nearby. :)

“This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit”

Photoshop: Adding Decorative Border

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I think this is nice, though a bit fast if you're not really used to using photoshop. I mean, for extreme newbies this would just sound like a whole lot of gibberish! I guess that's understandable, since he seem to be promoting a book, so he wants you to buy it (and am assuming that he has explained everything there). :)

Still, I think it makes for a nice tutorial.

More thoughts ...

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These days there seems to be more work to do than the usual. Or maybe it's just because I am tired most of the time. LOL. I should take a rest.

Yeah, I think that that's a good decision. Taking a rest, I mean. Sometimes I get so caught up in what I'm doing that I forget to eat, exercise, and basically just forget the time!

Not good, I know.

I should really be resting right now. Not blogging. Though I must admit, blogging is fun! :D


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Did you know that since 1990 world demand for silver is now greater than it's production? I certainly didn't know about that, until I visited! is a place where you can trade silver and other precious metals. Unlike gold, which is another precious commodity, silver is being used in large quantities these days. Not only in the industrial area, but also in health areas. Yes, you read that right: in health areas. That is because silver has been known to have bactiricidal effects, so some wound dressings are lined with silver to prevent bacterial infection.

At you can buy and invest in silver bullions (as well as other precious metals), and being one of the best dealers for precious metals, you can be sure that they will take care of your investments for you!

A Mall ...

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This shot was taken on the day we decided to buy my son's Wii game console. These guys were singing Il Divo style. They were pretty good, actually, if you like that kind of music. :)

About the game console, yup, we got one that day. But we had to go from one store to another, since some of the stores no longer had them and their stocks were not yet replenished! I should have listened to some blogger's comments ... some were saying they had difficulty buying one ... even online!

Well, the good thing is we found one that day; the bad thing? It was definitely overpriced!

Angst ...

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Don't you just hate it when you've already done something which you know is right and then somebody makes reasons just so they can postpone whatever it is that they are supposed to be doing?

Oh well. I guess some people are really like that ... trying to make up reasons just so they can postpone their responsibilities ...!

Anyway, hopefully they will see reason. Soon.

I'm not holding my breath, though. LOL. :D

On Credit Cards ...

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We all know that credit cards nowadays are more of a necessity. There would be times when you won't always be having enough cash with you and no ATMs nearby, so having the credit card on your wallet is always a welcoming thought. Credit Cards can be used almost everywhere these days, too, including internet purchases. is one such site where you can apply for a credit card online. I think that's really convenient! Not only can you apply at the site, but you can also make comparisons before deciding on which type of credit card suits you the best.

But like anything else, once you get your credit card, you must learn how to use it wisely. Charging for everything that you need to buy is convenient, but you must remember that you are responsible for your credit card payments, too! :)

Weekend Snapshot: Blue Skies

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It was really drizzling the whole day last Saturday, so seeing this blue sky on Sunday felt real nice. We stayed at home the whole day during Saturday, but on Sunday we went out. Not really just to eat out and have fun, but also to buy some groceries. Sunday is usually the day we get the time to buy those "necessities"! :)

Online Playing

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Casinos could be a fun place to be, if you really do enjoy gambling! An online friend who enjoys playing/gambling frequents those Online casinos and he has never failed to tell me all about his experiences in each site!

I must admit, some Online casino sites could really be tempting, but I guess I still want to hold on to my hard-earned money. However, if you are like my friend who loves playing, then do check out where you can find online casinos that are safe, secure, and offers some of the highest payouts!

But remember, like what my online friend never fails to remind me: be disciplined; stop when you need to stop! :)

On Home Issues ...

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These days getting that dream house for yourself can be quite difficult, specially because of the rising house costs as well as the growing number of people who would also love to have houses of their own.

One of the first steps to consider, of course, would be where you want to stay and have your house. Sometimes if you have no idea, but just a vague one, you can get stumped trying to find a house. It's a good thing there's this site:! A friend told me about the site, since she is interested about finding a house for herself and her family.

So far, they have searched for San Francisco Real Estate, including Houston Real Estate and Austin Real Estate, since these are areas where most of her cousins can be found. Since it is going to be a long-term project for her and her family (they have decided to migrate there), they are taking their time and not rushing into something as important as this.

Hopefully, when they've finally decided, they will tell me all about it and send me pictures, too! :)

Stray Cat

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That's one of the stray cats found in our neighborhood. I like cats, but we just don't have the place for them here at home. Even if you don't really need to take care of them the way you do dogs (they are somewhat more independent compared to dogs), they are still a big responsibility, for me.

This particular stray cat was just passing by when I happened to be fiddling with my camera; of course, I just couldn't resist taking a shot (and playing with photoshop!)!


Driving Secrets

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Secrets are intruiging, don't you think so? Of course, some secrets are really meant to be as secrets; but if it's a good thing, why keep it to yourself, huh?! As long as nobody gets hurt, I think it's absolutely great sharing good secrets.

If you want to know some good secrets that might actually be helpful, then go and check out! It's a pretty interesting site which can help you understand why speed camera photos may not be accurate. Not only that, you can also avoid being disqualified from driving, or get the duration cut by half if you've already been disqualified!

Want to know more? Then do go and check out the site for yourself! :)

Friday's Feast

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Friday's Feast

What is your middle name? Would you change any of your names if you could? If so, what would you like to be called?

I like my name right now ... :)

If you were a fashion designer, which fabrics, colors, and styles would you probably use the most?

I like velvet, satin ... but it really depends on what type of clothes/style I'm going to use it for; like for summer, cotton would be great! :)

What is your least favorite chore, and why?

I absolutely don't like ironing clothes ... ! Maybe I just don't like the heat too much ... i live in the tropics. lol.

Main Course
What is something that really frightens you, and can you trace it back to an event in your life?

I think I don't like losing friends/family to death ... seeing my cousin inside a coffin (yeah ...!!) when I was young really brings bad memories.

Where are you sitting right now? Name 3 things you can see at this moment.

Hahaha ... am sitting in front of the desktop right now! I can see the leaves which I plan to take a shot later to add to my digiscrapping materials, a Carpenters cd, and a rosary given by my sister. :)

Newbie player

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After noticing all these advertisements in the web regarding online casinos, it realy got me interested! I am still in the process of assimilating all these information that I have picked up along the way, including some great tips from an online friend who enjoys this type of acitivity: online gambling.

I guess it's a good thing that he recommended I visit Casino Newbies since it's a site for those who are a newbie (like me!) when it comes to online casinos and the games involved in it. The site explains the different games involved, including some tips and strategies. Definitely helpful for people like me!

Unfortunately, though, I am low on cash this time (because of the Christmas season! LOL), so my illusions of betting are somewhat going to be postponed. Besides, am not so sure if I am already equipped with the proper education; I still need some more studying!

I'm really fortunate that my online friend who do enjoys this kind of online gaming has been giving me valuable tips and telling me which sites to visit for more information. He also told me only to go ahead with betting and all that, if I know that I am ready; and to learn to know when to stop.

Really valuable counsel since this is after all not just plain gaming ... it involves money, too! :)

Buying Gold Online

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I know that you can buy gold if you have the right finances, but I guess I never really thought that you can buy gold bullion online! Really interesting!

There's this site,, where buying gold or trading gold is possible. They say that gold has doubled in value over the past five years, so I guess that if you have the money, investing in gold is good business!

You can not only buy, trade and store gold over at, but you can also take a look at their gold price chart as well as their research section.

If you are interested about investing in gold and learn about the current gold market prices, then you should give a visit! :)

Castles In The Air ...

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Passed by this big shopping mall yesterday while we were going to the medical clinic for the physical check-up, and I saw their Christmas decoration ... it was really nice and made me feel kind of nostalgic. :)

That's just a partial shot since we were moving and there were lots of barriers (banners/ads from other companies, trees, people ...); i believe i was even lucky to have gotten that shot! LOL.

Christmas is officially over ... but I think that Christmas really can be anytime of the year! Just don't expect me to be handing out gifts every day, though.


Keeping Cargo Safe While In Transport ...

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Nowadays it is pretty common to be sending off packages to wherever in the world, so it is very important that your packages are bundled safely as well as being transported safely from one place to another.

Do you know what an etrack is and how it relates to shipping your packages? Well, it's used for cargo control while in transport; usually they are inside enclosed trailer, making sure that your cargo stays where you want them to stay, no matter how bumpy the road might be. However, trying to install an E Track (which are made up of high strenght 12 GA steel) needs welding, so you must make sure that the area is well ventilated before welding, to avoid accidents. E Track straps, though, are mostly made of polyester material; they help keep the cargo stay where you place them, making them more secure.

I really had no idea before that cargo management is not something to be taken lightly, but after reading something about etrack and how they are helpful, I have learned to appreciate those that make sure my cargo stays safe!

What about you? Want to know more about them and where you might be able to get some supplies? Then do go and check out!

Getting a broadband connection

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We used to utilize dial-up when we first started (I guess that that's usually how every internet user starts, huh?!), and at first I was really happy about it. All I did pretty much then was just answer emails. Simple, huh?! But now that there are videos and music downloads online, having a dial-up connection just isn't enough anymore.

Know where you can find cheap broadband plans? Try BT Total Broadband; they offer one of the most flexible and competitive prices when it comes to subscribing broadband internet connections. Not only that, they also offer wi-fi connection, which is really convenient for those who bring their laptops with them and want to get connected to the internet wherever they might be at that particular time. Aside from that, they also offer broadband speedtest at their site, making sure that you know you are getting what you are paying for.

So why take chances with other broadband subscriptions? Go and check them out now! :)

personal midnight thought ...

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It's almost 12midnight here right now ... really way past my bedtime! Hubby will be flying to the province in a few hours (business reasons), but he'll be back on Saturday.

At first we really had to adjust to not seeing him around most of the time ... it's a good thing my sisters live just nearby. Very near, in fact. :)

And I'm really and truly glad!


Fascinating Rome

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Wouldn't it be great if you can get to choose wherever you want to have your vacation? I know some people would prefer going somewhere where there's a beach or a snowy area where they can enjoy those winter sports. But me, I would love to visit Rome! Yup, you read that right!

Rome just seems so different from those other places; or maybe it has something to do with my background as a youngster, too. My family is quite religious and I studied at a Catholic school, so I guess that could be one of the reasons why Rome fascinates me. :)

Finding Rome hotels, though, could be hard for newbies like me. I mean, for some, trying to locate decent and good Rome accommodation might be easy, but for me who has never been there before, I have to rely on the internet.

I found out that you can get good Rome apartments at Their accommodations are of good quality and found in the center of the city! Now that would really be convenient! It would be a shame trying to stay in a place far from the historic centers and waste time trying to navigate through the traffic just to get to the place where you want to go.

So if ever we get the chance to travel to Rome, expect me to check out those Rome hotels and accommodations through! :)

Photoshop Top Secrets

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yeah. LOL.

Anyway, I looked up the "source" of this video, and it's Photoshop Top Secrets. Really cool effects! Would have loved to get a copy of their dvds, but my funds are quite low these days ... besides, am still waiting for that lensbabies that I ordered online last month!

Hopefully three months from now i'd have enough money to spare for those dvds. Won't be holding my breath, though. I mean, anything can happen. Specially if you've got a kid! ;P

Living Better ...

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Would you like your life to improve? Want to be a better person? Want to learn how to cope with stress? Or do you want to be a basketball genius? How about if you just want to be everything that you want to be? All of these might sound impossible to achieve for some, but with the proper help and training, they are not that impossible.

There's no need to look far, just visit, and see and learn for yourself how their subliminal CDs may be able to help!

If you want, you can go check out their site and try their new four-part mini-course! :)
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