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Weekend Snapshot: Dancing Lady

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dancing lady
Took this shot last weekend ... a flower from my sister's dancing lady orchid. It does look like a lady that is dancing, huh?! :D

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Summer ...

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Another flower shot experiment again ... am really almost getting the hang of this. LOL.
It's almost summer here in our place and if we can, am so sure it would be a great idea to go rv camping! But we plan to go to the province this summer, and we're already pretty excited about it. We will be bringing along our helper, too, but since she doesn't like to ride the plane, she has decided to take the bus. She says she's more comfortable with her feet near the ground!

Quite ...

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I really do enjoy seeing tattered pictures that are not really tattered but were just manipulated through any photo editing tool. Everybody doesn't like it, I know (lol), but I do. That's why I am trying to learn through photoshop how to do those effects. I do use some digiscrapping materials to achieve the effects that I like, though. See what I did, below:
It's not really perfect, but I it's a good start. I think. :P

Weekend Snapshot: Red

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red rose

Am sure there was a surge in flower sales last weekend! :D

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Special Valentine’s Love Meme! *

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Got this from my other blog, Maiylah's Snippets ... :)
Spreading the love!

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Valentine's Love
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Weekly Questions (#38)

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weekly questions

WQ #38: What are your favorite romantic movies of all time?

Well, am not really much of a "romantic movie" fan ... so i can only mention a few.
They might not even be romantic for some! lol. Here goes:
  • Lost Horizon (i'd like to think this is romantic, lol. love the soundtrack!)
  • Sabrina (am an Audrey Hepburn fan ... hehehe)
  • Somewhere In Time (love the story!)
  • An Affair To Remember (tear jerker ... *sniff*)
tattered rose
... there might be some more, but can't remember them right now. As you may have noticed, those are 'vintage' films; there is a certain 'atmosphere' to the way they were made, back then. Kind of like our own old Filipino movies ... :)

Wordless Wednesday: Boring, but Peaceful

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*as usual couldn't resist playing with my shot again! ;P

Weekend Snapshot: Early Gift

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Early Valentine's Day present. Beating the rush. LOL

*couldn't resist tampering with my shot! ;)

D for Determination

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One time while hubby and I were watching television together (doesn't happen much these days, since he is almost always out of town due to the nature of his job), he kept changing the channel until he stopped, to watch some people playing poker. I wasn't really watching, since I was also doing something else (preparing lunch, lol) but I was surprised when I found out that he was interested in poker! I jokingly told him that he should check out Casinos and Players, an online casino guide. They've got rules, tips, guides, and list of great online casinos which would be quite helpful. ;)

He then admitted that he is interested, though he has been curbing the temptation to play online since he knows that it can be quite risky. Besides, he said, we just don't have the budget for something like that these days. We're saving up for a month-long vacation to my parent's place in the province and the travel expenses could be a bit high. Not only that, we will also be needing cash when we get there.
It has been more than a year since we went home and my son and I are pretty excited about it. It would be awesome seeing my parent again, as well as see the "old house". Such wonderful memories our eldest son and I had when we stayed there for around three years. :)

*ps. the manipulated shot (couldn't resist tampering with my shot, hehehe) has really nothing to do with the topic. I just wanted to post it here ... lol. :D

Weekly Question (#37)

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weekly questions

WQ #37: What would you do if you see this in a restaurant?

(shot taken by T. Julie)

Downright inconsiderate, indeed! I guess I, too, would take a picture.

I used to get irritated easily, but after years of constant "struggle" (LOL) I have finally decided that it (the situation as well as the people causing my discomfort) is not worth the effort. I mean, I won't give them the satisfaction of giving me another line on my face! lol. I have learned to be more tolerant on others, but sad to say, not on myself. ;P

I'll learn ... just giving myself time. :D

Grungy and Vintage

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Yup, am still into the vintage/crumpled/grungy style these days and that's what I did with my shot below. Though of course it has nothing to do with Indian meal moth traps! lol.
grungy dragonfly

I took that shot last year when my nieces spotted the dragonfly above a neighbor's plant. I was doubtful if my zoom could take it, and I guess it was ok. For me, anyway. lol.

Don't know why, but the grungy and vintage look has really got me hooked. Specially now that I have an idea how to achieve the effects. Though of course it is with the help of some of the digiscrapping stuffs that I got from the internet (both bought and free). The pictures are all mine, of course.

Since am still hooked on this look, I guess you should expect more similarly manipulated pictures! ;P

Gawk ... lol.

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Sometimes one can't help but just gawk at some of the most expensive stuffs around, and the Rolex Yachmaster is just one of them! Nope, I don't have any fetish for watches, but I do admire people who can spend that much amount of money just for an accessory. Still, I can't help but think of how that much money can help some of the starving people and animals out there. It's their money, of course, and I guess that's how they want to spend it! :P

Just a thought. ;)

Weekend Snapshot: Stray ...

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stray cat

Saw this cat sleeping on top of our vehicle. :)


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Am still in the "grungy phase" ... love anything with that vintage and grungy feel! :D

Those days ...

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Before I got married, my job consisted mostly of being out in the field and jostling with the cows. Yeah, literally. I was given the task of managing a cattle farm and things were pretty rough most of the time. I loved my job, though what I didn't really enjoy were the people who made our job difficult. That would be some of the bosses and farm hands who had a mind of their own; no team spirit. When life gets to be quite distressing, my colleagues and I would go out of the farm and "have a party". Biosecurity wasn't really an issue at the farm since it wasn't that big and few salesmen/saleswomen ever ventured there. Blame it all on it being a government-owned farm, where the buying of equipments and other necessities are being done in an office far from the farm. I liked it that way; less hassles.

Billiards was certainly one of the things we enjoy, though for the life of me I haven't really gotten the hang of the game. All I did then was just drink and watch them play. I have often wondered where they got their billiard supplies; maybe from I noticed that that site carries most brands and offers competitive prices, too.

But all that is behind me now. No regrets. I enjoyed the time I stayed with the company and have learned a great deal! It was just time to move on ... :)
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