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Life ...

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Families these days get separated for lots of reasons, and the sad thing really is that the kids are the ones that get affected the most. Am not saying that the parents aren't affected also, of course. Everybody is emotionally affected, including friends and other members of the family. It's just that the kids (specially if they are still small) can't fully grasp right away what happened and so sometimes they might think it's their fault. It's sad, really. For everyone.

I have a friend online who divorced her husband because they just couldn't stand being together anymore. I was shocked when I learned about it since they were all so lovey-dovey before. I guess you just can't really tell, specially when trials/challenges comes along. She was given custody of their child, and her husband also had father's rights when it came to their son's well-being.
I know my friend had a hard time adjusting to her life back then, but she felt that she wasn't happy anymore, and so had to do what was for her the right choice...

Honestly, am not sure if I would have done the same thing. I guess it also depends on one's culture and beliefs. Divorce is unheard of in my family and the couple just weathers everything that comes their way ... together.

Life isn't all a bed of roses. We just do what we feel is right. And as much as possible without hurting others.

All of us. :)

good thing

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it's a good thing i have "lots" of time right now ... this way i can update all my blogs! lol.

Hmmm ...

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My son recently stopped his taekwondo lessons because he wanted to learn basketball instead. So we stopped frequenting shops that sold self defense products. Hubby and I were not dismayed when our son made the decision; we were just wondering what made him change his mind (to enroll in taekwondo this school year). He has already achieved the red-belter (is there such a word?! lol) level. He's enjoying his basketball lessons, though, and that's a good thing.

Care to join us as we sip one of our fave drinks together? :D

Hobby ...

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I have a friend who loves cars and he's so into them that it's no wonder his girlfriend is interested in cars, too! Am sure they know where to get Ferrari parts online if ever you need one! lol. Hubby is also interested, but I'm afraid he doesn't have the luxury anymore; he is almost always busy.

As for me, sad to say it's not my cup of tea. I'd rather stick to my cameras! :)

violets in sepia

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Love tweaking my shots! :)
*the overlay being used as well as the "holders" aren't mine, though. bought them through some digiscrapping sites online.

Things to consider ...

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My family and I plan to go visit my parents this summer, so we are making plans. We will be bringing along the baby (of course! lol), so there are lots of things to consider, like sufficient bags. We actually have our old travel bags hidden away in the closet, but we're not sure if they are still appropriate. I believe that we need more space. :)

I must try to find my watch, too. It has been some time since I wore one, primarily because I usually carry the baby myself, and wearing a watch is inconvenient. Besides, usually hubby wears his watch so there really is no need for me to wear one whenever we go out. But when traveling for long periods, well, that's another matter.

Proper shoes is also something to consider. It has been ages since I last bought a pair of sneakers, am sure it's about time I buy one again! Sneakers will be pretty handy (and good for my feet!) while traveling.

If I start preparing early am sure our trip will be a breeze, even with the baby around. There are still lots to consider, of course. But it feels good to be able to start early! For me, anyway. lol. ;P

Weekend Snapshot: Old Toy

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Had some quiet time playing with these ... am sure some of you are familiar with this toy! ;)

For those of you who are not familiar with this, it's sort of a brain twister thingy wherein you form those four pieces into the shapes shown on the paper on the left... quite challenging and fun, actually. lol. :D

Weekend Snapshot: Sweet ...

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Last weekend hubby and son went out, and when they got back they got this cheesecake for me. Just had to take a bite before taking a shot. ;P


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looking defiant ... :D

Weekly Questions (#35)

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weekly questions

WQ #35: If you were to “reinvent yourself” what would you do?

Honestly, I don't know. Hydroxycut is not one of those, though. LOL. Lots of things should be considered first; priority for me would be the family. Knowing that they are safe and content spells happiness for me. But if I have my way, I would love to have more time to dabble with my hobby as well as do some more traveling (i do so envy hubby because he gets to travel all the time... though i don't want the pressures that goes with his job! lol).

Weekend Snapshot: White Christmas ... :)

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Shot taken a few weekends ago ... this plant turns white only during the latter part of the year (around Christmas time).
Love the Christmassy feel! :D

just a rose

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... the rose from the shot below.

nothing much has been happening... and i think that that's a good thing! :D

Weekly Questions (#34)

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weekly questions

WQ #34: What are you looking forward to in 2009?

The first thing that comes to mind is summer. lol. We plan to go home to the province this summer so that my parents will see the newest "apo". It's going to be my father's birthday, too, so that makes it more special. We normally go home every summer but we couldn't last year because i was preggy. lol. i doubt if the airline would permit me to board the plane!

As of now i am not really planning much. i am just enjoying each day as it comes. :)
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