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rainWATER ...

lately it has been real dry in this part of the world ...
that one night when it rained, i was real glad when i woke up and saw this sight! :)


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Beware of Falling Branches

empty benches ...

could the sign be the reason why nobody's sitting here? :)

**took this shot at a botanical garden ... actually, the place was quite big, and there were plenty of chairs and tables for everyone. guess they were more interested in roaming around, and looking at what nature has to offer, rather than just sitting around. but me, i just had to sit after going up and down some steps! lol ... :D


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softdrinks ...

most people like them, but honestly, not me.

of course, i occasionally indulge in it, but not too much.

not really sure why ... maybe it's because when i was younger, i remember, i drank too much of it; nobody was watching, hahaha. however, i think i was punished enough when i ended up with a not-too-comfortable feeling of having a bloated stomach!


happy weekend!


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This design has been dubbed the tulip pulpit since it kind of resembles the flower …

This was where the priests originally held their sermons and homilies.

Pulpits are quite common in old churches here in the Philippines, but are seldom, or not used, anymore. It is now more convenient that the priest stay in front and utilize the microphone and speakers.
Modern day conveniences, huh?! :)

St. Gregory the Great Church is located at Indang, Cavite, and is said to have been completed before 1710.


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while taking a short walk

weed flower along the road ...

actually, i believe that any plant/flower could be a weed, if you don't want it in your garden plot! lol.


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something salty .... SALTED EGGS!

i know this will probably sound weird to others, but this is one of our side-dishes (usually mixed with tomatoes) and eaten together with grilled/broiled dishes, or the local tinapa (smoked fish). of course, you can get more "creative" and eat this with whatever food you like. ;)

here's a recipe by Manang Kusinera complete with pictures, if you're interested how it's made.
i just bought mine at a grocery store. lol ...


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My Blogrolling Friends ... :)


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