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Weekend Snapshot: Birds

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Saw these birds again one weekend while I was at my parents house ... :)

Tempting ...

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I know I gained weight when we went home for a vacation the last two months ago. I must admit I prefer our homecooked meals there, and that's how the additional weight came about. And looking at the shot below doesn't help. lol.

ice cream

I think my siblings living there have the same problem, too, and that's why they all have one or two exercise equipment in their homes. That doesn't guarantee that they use them, though. lol. I just know that their favorite equipment is the bike. My sister enjoys using it while watching television or reading a book.

As for my family and I, well, we don't have any exercise equipment. Too little space around the house; though I'm sure hubby would have loved to get one of those ab-toning machines. :)


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I know I'll be needing the best weight loss pills available on the market these days if I eat lots of the "lumpiang sili" below!

lumpiang sili

That dish was cooked by my mom's cook when we went on a vacation last month. Actually, we introduced the dish to them and they all liked it! Well, except for the kids since the dish could be quite hot and really pack a punch. Really. Specially if you fail to take out all the seeds inside.

Hubby tried cooking that dish here at home and I must admit I was the one who ate most of dish. I couldn't help it. I just love the taste of the chili together with the ground meat and cheese inside!

Yummm ... I think I can hear my stomach growling. LOL


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I have always wondered about the best diet pills there are in the market these days. Nope, I know that I won't be needing one (I am satisfied with my weight now, thank you. lol), but I do know that that is big business, specially now that there seems to be more obese people in the society.

Being considered obese is a serious problem since it can be the start of other ailments, such as heart problems. The heart just can't take that much work supplying oxygenated blood around the huge body, so sometimes it is the first to go.

Such a shame, really.

All her own ...

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dancing ladies orchid

I was surfing through the internet a while back, and I can't help but be amazed at all the types of diet pills out there! I even came across some phenphedrine reviews, and it immediately got me thinking about a friend who thinks she has a weight problem. I think she looks fine, but she always insists that she is FAT. I know she was slightly chubby when she was younger, but during her college days she has grown more svelte and graceful. Thanks to all her physical education classes (she tried tennis, swimming and even track and field!).

Kind of like my shot above. Some might view it as "usual", but I think that the orchid has a beauty all her own. Like each and every one of us. :)

Me ... Rambling

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Thinking of going away on a vacation? If I were asked that question, then my answer would be a big resounding "YES"! lol. I know, we just came back from our vacation, (but we didn't stay in any grand place, like maybe the Stratosphere hotel; lol), but it sure would be great to be going away from the city again. Sure, I love going to the mall and seeing the "new" things, but it isn't really my thing. I would rather go to the province and taste the different cuisines and traditions that they offer.

But since my youngest is still a baby, then we have to cut down on our leisure trips for a bit... maybe when he's older. It sure is fun letting go of my imagination, though. :D

Personal Opinion

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We all deal with our problems differently, and sometimes people just break down when faced with difficult problems. Some seek help, while others deal with it a different way: through drug abuse. I know, it seems so common nowadays, but it is a reality. There are lots of drug rehab center out there, but sometimes there are relapses. I do believe that since it is a personal problem, then the treatment differs with each person. I mean, one treatment could work for a hundred persons, but it might not work with one. Or at least that's what I understood from an infofact about the treatment of drug addiction.

For sure, different people have different opinions about drug addiction and it's treatment. I believe that it's because it's a personal thing; different people react differently to different stimuli. But, am not an expert on this. Just a personal opinion. :P

Buying in bulk

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I don't know much about wholesale clothing, but I believe that you can get them online these days. Imagine the savings that you can get if you buy your clothing in bulk! Though of course it would be a good idea if you have a store where you can sell the excess clothing that you'll be getting ... it would just be a waste of money if you buy in bulk and you don't get to wear them yourself!

Unless you plan to give most of them away ... :)

Am glad she left ...

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After arriving from our vacation, we're now back to our "usual" routine, except for the fact that our helper ran out on us. lol. Yeah, she just left and even took some of my son's cash with her! We still owed her that amount for her monthly salary, but that money was just not for her, so I guess technically speaking she stole it. We have no intention of trying to get her back (she seldom sweeps the dust behind the tv stand unless I tell her!); in fact I must say that I felt relieved she has left. She was getting quite old (56 years old) and just wouldn't listen to some of the work I ask her to do; kind of like teaching an old dog new tricks, huh?! lol.

Anyway, that's all over and done with.

On to the next chapter. :)

ps. the month wasn't still up when she left ... so if you want to be strict about it, she still wasn't supposed to get her monthly salary. just for clarification; i was never late in giving her her monthly dues. some people ... sigh.

Nuthin' much ...

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Rained the whole day today ... it stopped every now and then, though. Still, the day was really wet; not good news for those who hang their laundry outside the house! lol.

My youngest and I were the only ones left ... we spent the afternoon sleeping. :P

Don't dabble

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bird's nest fern

When I do take shots I want to utilize outdoor lights as well as natural lighting. I must admit I don't dabble much with the dslr's settings (am just sooo lazy!!!), and I guess that's why sometimes I prefer using my canon powershot S3 IS (almost like a point and shoot camera). The shot above was taken using the dslr (canon eos 450D), though. No flash or anything, and I didn't mess with the settings (it was on "P" mode, which hubby said is like point and shoot, LOL) since am satisfied with the result.

Well, sometimes. ;)

... post for:

Rambling ... again.

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I wrote something a while back about being sick (like being diagnosed you have mesothelioma!) and how it can make life depressing. It is one hurdle that is hard to overcome and I'm not even sure if I can go past that if that happens to me! I have seen some friends overcome difficult trials and indeed they seemed stronger after their ordeal. Some just simply seemed to fade away...

I'm not sure which path I would choose, but I know that if I have my friends and family to support me, then I will have more chances of reaching the finishing line. :)
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