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This coming weekend

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This coming weekend we might be going to the province... but am not so sure if I'll be able to tag along. Long trips are not my "forte" anymore these days. lol. I really prefer visiting areas closer to home, and the thought of staying in the car for around two hours (or more) is not that tempting for me.

But, let's just wait and see ... :)

3 shared thoughts:

Anonymous at: Tue Aug 12, 01:01:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Hi sis, that's exciting. I love to travel ke malayo ke malapit :)
New site mo? How about the snippets?

Zeee at: Tue Aug 12, 04:26:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Bakit naman sis? Nice naman yung traveling. I usually stock up on chips and bring my ipod and my portable DVD player. :)

Nice shot by the way. I love how you captured the droplets!

maiylah at: Tue Aug 12, 05:08:00 PM GMT+8 said...

@ nona:
hi sis! hehe, napadpad ka dito ... naku, mas nauna to na site, sis. andyan pa rin yung snippets ko. :)

@ z'riz:
dahil sa "condition" ko ngayon, sis ... medyo mahirap bumiyahe ng malayo.

thanks for visiting, sis! really appreciate it! :)

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