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Weekly Questions (#45)

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weekly questions

WQ #45: What is your favorite ice cream flavor or ice cream concoction?

Everybody Most of us love ice cream and I am no different! I love different flavors ... chocolate, vanilla, mocha/coffee, green tea, durian, langka, pistachio, etcetera ...!!! obviously, any ice cream flavor pleases me ... :D

pistachio and cashew ice cream
...we just had this two days ago... :)

Weekend Snapshot: ANT

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It's almost summer here and these ants are getting to be quite aggressive with their search for food and home! Kind of reminds me of the human population. LOL. :D

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Weekly Question ( #44)

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weekly questions

WQ #44: What graduation memories do you hold dear in your heart and why?

My high school graduation was probably the most memorable; some batchmates were crying while we were singing our graduation song! ... I don't remember much my preparatory and grade school graduation (playing was always in my mind, then ... until now) while during college I decided to 'go against the crowd' and didn't attend our graduation. LOL.

Congratulations to your daughter, T. Julie! :)

Still awake ..

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Again, it is already past midnight and I am still awake! I think I need one of those sleep number beds which you can see being advertised on the internet. lol. Well, we do have a pretty decent bed here in our bedroom, but sometimes it just annoys me when it creaks (we have a double-decked bed; our eldest gets to sleep on the upper bunk) every time somebody moves. I feel like the whole barangay could hear it! lol. Oh well, as long as it is big and everybody's comfortable then it's fine. We do need an air conditioner in the room, though ... specially now that summer already almost upon us! Sometimes the huge electric fan is just not enough ... ;p

Weekend Snapshot: Choices

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Went to the mall last weekend ... lots of choices! :)

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Weekly Questions (#43)

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weekly questions

WQ #43: So let’s try to be a little showbiz this time and write down our thoughts when BB said that Rustom is dead when he came out.

Am actually quite 'late' with this bit of news. Never knew that Rustom has changed his name and that he's now in Wikipedia!!! LOL.

I actually admire him for 'going out of the closet' and showing everybody what he really is inside. I mean, being the brother of some tough guys out there, it could be pretty hard accepting and admitting something like that! Maybe his brothers already knew about his preferences, and just kept mum about it. I can just imagine the pressures the family has to go through (including Carmina V!). A showbiz family at that!

Lots of luck to Rustom ... errr, to BB Gandanghari! :)

food ... food ... food ...

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already past midnight here ... i need my sugar fix! :D

Weekly Questions (#42)

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weekly questions

WQ #42: What are fun summer activities you do with your family?

Usually during summer we go visit my parents in the province (Leyte) and we stay there for a month or so, since my eldest feels like he can never get enough of staying there and playing with his cousins. The rest of the summer (after returning from the province), is spent visiting my MIL and going on short trips (like to Subic). But I guess that this summer it will be slightly different (no more short trips, for now) since we have the little one to consider. It is going to be different since he's just a baby and we do plan our vacation with that in mind; but he is growing fast (like most kids these days!) and who knows, maybe one of these days he'll be up and about playing with a KVM switch sooner than we think. LOL!!! :D

Weekend Snapshot: Flowers

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This plant had flowers again! ... and an insect. :)

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Weekly Question #41

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weekly questions

WQ #41: Do you love your job?

LOL ... i must admit i have this love-hate relationship when it comes to my situation. Is being a stay-at-home-mom a job? It's a full-time job, I say! Good thing it comes with a lot of perks! :D
I love being a mom, but there are just times wherein I wish that I could just pack up my bags and go wherever my whim takes me! LOL, that's never going to happen, of course. I always have to consider my sons, in whatever I do. Specially since they are still young. Hubby can needs to go and travel most of the time since it's his job, and I am almost always the one left to take care of the kids. Good thing we have household help. lol. If not ... I dread the thought! :D

Being and feeling secure ...

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We all want to feel secure at night when we turn in to sleep, so some (if not most) of us have one or two (or more!) lights still on just to discourage anyone who might want to forcibly enter our homes. Am not sure if led home light can help, but I guess some of them do use them. As for my family and I, we usually leave our porch light on overnight. We hope that it might discourage those "unwanted visitors". :)

Weekly Questions: (#39 & #40)

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weekly questions

WQ #40: If you were asked to recall the things that you do, what were the things that you think should be improved and worked on for you to be a better person?

I believe that I should have been more patient and less harsh with my words. There are certainly times when I just tend to blurt out whatever it is I feel at that time; when in fact I shouldn't have said them at all since I know that deep inside I really didn't mean it. I just wanted to get back at that person for hurting me, and so .... out came those hurtful words. I know I can't take back what I said back then, but thinking about it, it has made me realize that this is really true:

I know most won't agree with me ... but everybody has their own opinion, and this is mine. Anybody needs an air purifier? :D

WQ #39: What are the love songs that touched your heart the most?

Oh my ... there are lots! Mostly those sad love songs, though. I love songs by Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli (even if i don't understand much of what he says! lol), Julia Fordham, and even some of those songs by the Carpenters. lol. :)

Playing Online

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People these days are more concerned with how they spend their hard-earned money. That's why some rarely want to go on far vacations, or buy that expensive gadget, or even go gambling, like in one of those us online casino. I believe that there is nothing wrong with that, since you really need to "go with the times". Sure, some people can still afford to visit those online sites and bet money. Nothing wrong with that, too. In my opinion, anyway, since I think that everybody has the right to do what they want, as long as they are not hurting anyone. ;)
Or maybe I am just biased, since I myself am interested in playing online games. Though I tend to stay away from gambling sites since I just don't have the money to spare for such a hobby. I have a friend, though, who is so into playing in those online casinos that sometimes he even stays up late just so he can play! The good thing is that he knows when he needs to stop (that was the first thing that he told me I should do! lol). He said that you can easily lose money there, as well as gain them, in a jiffy. I believe him.

Don't you? ;P

*photo courtesy of hubby ... :)
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