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Life Is Hard. Crazy. But.

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Most of us have experienced being let down or been disappointed at some point. Nobody is immune from being disappointed, but we certainly have a choice how we react.

Don't be like me. I sometimes - well, honestly, most of the time - get defensive and reactive. Instead, I should just mull over it for a while...and, or do nothing. Because...

People react towards us based on their feelings. NEVER on how we feel. So, if someone intentionally or unintentionally did something specifically to me and it hurt, then I should just let it be. I mean, if that is how they want to treat me, then that is their decision. If that is their perception of me, then so be it. That doesn't mean that I will just do nothing, of course.

One thing that helps: boundaries.

I was taught this the hard way. I was too deeply immersed,  and hurting real bad because of the lying and cheating. I needed to distance myself. If regaining my peace meant staying away from certain persons, then... so be it.

It was hard at first. But smiles are more genuine and heartfelt. Sometimes I still feel like I am not being my authentic self, but smiling (the physical act of smiling itself), helps. Big time.

I don't know why. Maybe I am slowly adjusting to my situation. Or maybe I am just crazy. Crazy in love with my life right now. There are still lots of ups and downs, that's for sure, but there is a certain "free-ness" about it, too. 💖

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