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I know I gained weight when we went home for a vacation the last two months ago. I must admit I prefer our homecooked meals there, and that's how the additional weight came about. And looking at the shot below doesn't help. lol.

ice cream

I think my siblings living there have the same problem, too, and that's why they all have one or two exercise equipment in their homes. That doesn't guarantee that they use them, though. lol. I just know that their favorite equipment is the bike. My sister enjoys using it while watching television or reading a book.

As for my family and I, well, we don't have any exercise equipment. Too little space around the house; though I'm sure hubby would have loved to get one of those ab-toning machines. :)

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anya at: Tue Jun 30, 07:53:00 PM GMT+8 said...

the pistachio ice cream look so appetizing. you take great photos and i envy you *grins*.

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