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Am glad she left ...

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After arriving from our vacation, we're now back to our "usual" routine, except for the fact that our helper ran out on us. lol. Yeah, she just left and even took some of my son's cash with her! We still owed her that amount for her monthly salary, but that money was just not for her, so I guess technically speaking she stole it. We have no intention of trying to get her back (she seldom sweeps the dust behind the tv stand unless I tell her!); in fact I must say that I felt relieved she has left. She was getting quite old (56 years old) and just wouldn't listen to some of the work I ask her to do; kind of like teaching an old dog new tricks, huh?! lol.

Anyway, that's all over and done with.

On to the next chapter. :)

ps. the month wasn't still up when she left ... so if you want to be strict about it, she still wasn't supposed to get her monthly salary. just for clarification; i was never late in giving her her monthly dues. some people ... sigh.

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