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D for Determination

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One time while hubby and I were watching television together (doesn't happen much these days, since he is almost always out of town due to the nature of his job), he kept changing the channel until he stopped, to watch some people playing poker. I wasn't really watching, since I was also doing something else (preparing lunch, lol) but I was surprised when I found out that he was interested in poker! I jokingly told him that he should check out Casinos and Players, an online casino guide. They've got rules, tips, guides, and list of great online casinos which would be quite helpful. ;)

He then admitted that he is interested, though he has been curbing the temptation to play online since he knows that it can be quite risky. Besides, he said, we just don't have the budget for something like that these days. We're saving up for a month-long vacation to my parent's place in the province and the travel expenses could be a bit high. Not only that, we will also be needing cash when we get there.
It has been more than a year since we went home and my son and I are pretty excited about it. It would be awesome seeing my parent again, as well as see the "old house". Such wonderful memories our eldest son and I had when we stayed there for around three years. :)

*ps. the manipulated shot (couldn't resist tampering with my shot, hehehe) has really nothing to do with the topic. I just wanted to post it here ... lol. :D

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