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Food Friday

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Happy New Year!

I have finally found a baklava that I liked... :P
Every time we go home to hubby's place we always pass by this restaurant (Manos Greek Taverna in Tagaytay). It seems to have been there for ages and so we decided to have dinner there last Dec.26th, after attending Holy Mass. The restaurant is not that big and good thing it wasn't as full either...service was fine and here are some of the food that we ordered:
So sorry, forgot some of the names...had to call them by their generic names. ;P
Appetizers: Greek Salad and something that resembles fried lumpia except that it had spinach and feta cheese inside ( think it was called Panokopita)...
Main Course: grilled pork (i think it was named Souvlaki), grilled pork chops, moussaka (dish that resembles lasagna but had eggplants), grilled tilapia, and spaghetti (though of course it was named differently because it was mixed with beef and other
...and lastly, we just had to have their baklava and Greek coffee...!!
We paid around Php2,000 for the meal (five adults and two kids). Honestly, I think it was pretty expensive (am stingy like that, lol) but since we all enjoyed the meal, then I guess it was well worth it. Would we go back there again? Yes, we would. I would love to try their yoghurt shake real soon... :)

ps.THANK YOU so much for a wonderful year! Hoping and praying that everyone will have a great 2011! Stay safe, healthy, and blessed, everyone! :)

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ps. should have done this EONS ago: adding a backlink to those who played as my way of saying thanks for linking back. :)

*I don't think my other blog will be 'operational' real soon...and I don't think I have the time to make another blog, so Food Friday is here to stay. For now. I think. Many many thanks to those who have kept on playing! :)

16 shared thoughts:

blankPixels of Certified Foodies at: Fri Dec 31, 12:03:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Ooohh.. I just listed Manos Greek Taverna as one of the places we should visit when we go to Tagaytay. Everything looked good, especially the moussaka and baklava.

My diet is ruined every Friday because of our foodie meme. :D

I wish you a blessed 2011, sis! *hugs*

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☺lani☺ at: Fri Dec 31, 12:10:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Yummy Food! Happy New Year!

Unknown at: Fri Dec 31, 12:40:00 AM GMT+8 said...

ah, feta cheese--i almost bought one last night. pero ako lang ang kumakain non sa amin, kaya wag na lang.:p oi, it's not expensive.

happy new year to you!

Unknown at: Fri Dec 31, 01:47:00 AM GMT+8 said...

here's another one for he New Year!

maiylah at: Fri Dec 31, 05:56:00 AM GMT+8 said...

thanks, blankPixels
...yup, you should check them out when you go to Tagaytay. My diet is always ruined everyday, kaya I no longer stick to any diet. LOL!!!

Happy 2011 to you and to your family too, sis! *hugs back*

thanks, Lani
...Happy New Year to you and to your family, too! :)

thanks, LM
...naku, dito sa bahay any kind of cheese we like (except for the blue cheese which takes some getting used to). paying that much was already expensive for me, (kuripot, no?)lol. but it was worth it. :P

Happy 2011 to you and to your family, too! :)

♥peachkins♥ at: Fri Dec 31, 11:39:00 AM GMT+8 said...

WOW! I love greek food. i have to tyr eating there!

maiylah at: Fri Dec 31, 02:47:00 PM GMT+8 said...

thanks, Peachkins
...yup, the next time you go to Tagaytay do try eating there. I read from some blogs, though, that their lamb isn't as tender, so we steered away from that. but who knows? maybe it's changed now. :)

get well soon, and have a great 2011!

Jenn at: Fri Dec 31, 08:20:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Wow... another reason to travel back to Tagaytay. I still haven't tasted Greek foods, I hope I'd like it.

My post for this week:
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Madz at: Fri Dec 31, 11:18:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Wow, good for you sis! I promise myself I will get to try Baklava by 2011. Happy new year Maiylah! Quite late again in posting, but hopefully I still made it! :)

Kung 5 adults and 2 kids for Php2,000 that's sulit na rin, ako kasi with BF or my BFF, 2 lang kami pero same amount na rin when we dine out. Haha, we are matakaw like that.

maiylah at: Sat Jan 01, 05:35:00 AM GMT+8 said...

thanks, Jenn
...i hope you'll like Greek food;it's different, but tasty and healthy. :)

Here's to more food adventures this 2011! :)

thanks, Madz
...baklava is different, sis, and i hope you'll like it! naku, siguro kuripot lang talaga ako..hahaha.

Happy 2011 and more food adventures for us this year! ;)

agent112778 at: Mon Jan 03, 01:34:00 AM GMT+8 said...

me want that: lumpia; chops and the coffee yum yum

happy new year to you ms.Admin

heres my 1st share for the year

maiylah at: Mon Jan 03, 02:07:00 AM GMT+8 said...

thanks, Jay
...Happy New Year! :)

annalyn at: Wed Jan 05, 12:11:00 PM GMT+8 said...

I cooked moussaka at my employer's when I was still a nanny, its funny how they liked it when they do not eat eggplant.

Aren't you a food junkie? lol! What does your husband says when you take photos of the food first before eating them?

maiylah at: Wed Jan 05, 03:56:00 PM GMT+8 said...

thanks, annalyn
...hahaha, yup, am a food junkie indeed! :D
my family knows i love taking pictures of food, kaya alam na nila that i just have to take pictures first. if i can't, well, then i can't. no biggie. hehehe...

ps. hubby is quite supportive about my hobby (kasi siya rin, though his fave subject is not food, lol), buti nalang! :D

Wendy at: Wed Jan 05, 04:03:00 PM GMT+8 said...

yung Administrative Vice President ng Assumption College dati laging may dala nyan sa office.. at home made! ang sarap!!

I wish I can go to this place on March when I get home.. Mura na nga sya in fairness eh.. oo nga.. you're so stingy! lol

maiylah at: Wed Jan 05, 04:14:00 PM GMT+8 said...

thanks, Wendy
...hahaha, super stingy! but not when it comes to my gadgets, though...hehehe. :D
thanks for visiting!
have fun during your March vacation! :)

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