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Food Friday

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Whenever we order pizza I almost always choose the one with the most 'plant(s)' on it. LOL. This one's from Yellow Cab, their Garden Fresh Pizza with extra toppings of cheese and bacon (had to satisfy our craving for bacon). :)

What's your favorite pizza?

*so sorry for not visiting last week's posts ... our internet connection here at home started acting up and blog hopping was sooo frustrating! grrrr...

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food friday

*will be posting Food Friday here until my other blog is up and running ... many thanks to everyone for being patient and understanding. :)

13 shared thoughts:

agent112778 at: Fri Dec 18, 12:24:00 AM GMT+8 said...

me too since the day i said no to oily foods about more than a year ago.

my entry is here

Great day for us Food Friday Eaters :)

Thanx for the Visit :)

Unknown at: Fri Dec 18, 12:47:00 AM GMT+8 said...

great pic! how'd you that?!:p

i had Yellow Cab pizza overload a few nights ago, may natitira pa sa ref.:p

Arlene at: Fri Dec 18, 01:50:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Wow! Sarap, very creative ang scrap mo sis! The pizza + ice cold soda, I am in heaven.

My entry is posted here.

Ibyang at: Fri Dec 18, 07:21:00 AM GMT+8 said...

my favorite pizza is pepperoni with olives and lots of cheese :)

here's mine:
Cashew Nut Sugee Cookies

Ladynred at: Fri Dec 18, 07:50:00 AM GMT+8 said...

looks yummy I love hawaiian b/c of pineapple! love seafood too!

julie at: Fri Dec 18, 08:24:00 AM GMT+8 said...


i got lotsa cheese in my entry for you :D

are we going to have FF on Friday?

Lynn at: Fri Dec 18, 12:39:00 PM GMT+8 said...

I love pepperoni pizza. I usually want it with lots of cheese, onion and green bell pepper. I love it in thin crust. I never liked pan pizza.

I'm back in my food blogging. :)

♥peachkins♥ at: Fri Dec 18, 02:05:00 PM GMT+8 said...

my fave pizza from yellow cab is the tribeca mushroom with extra anchovies of course!

foodiejenn at: Fri Dec 18, 03:21:00 PM GMT+8 said...

One year na ako di nakakatikim ng yellow cab. :(

Mine's up HERE.

Race at: Fri Dec 18, 05:22:00 PM GMT+8 said...

yellow cab's pizzas are yummy!

my favorite? i like sbarro and pizza hut pizza but almost any pizza will do, i remember i also love Don Henricos'. Anyway i love mine with lots of toppings complete i mean lol!

here's my entry for this week, getting late in submitting these past few weeks :-)

Sheren-May at: Fri Dec 18, 05:40:00 PM GMT+8 said...

i love also veggies in pizza rather than all meat. I will post mine on monday. happy weekend...

Dj MariƱas at: Fri Dec 18, 09:40:00 PM GMT+8 said...

i love pizza. dyan ko pinaglihi si marianna. my fave is shakey's thin crust managers choice. sarap :-D

my entry for this week:

have a great weekend Mai.

God bless

maiylah at: Mon Dec 21, 01:08:00 AM GMT+8 said...

many many thanks again to everyone who took the time to post their FF entries! really really do appreciate it!

and regarding T. Julie's question if I will post my FF on the 25th: Yes, i will post my FF entry on that day. I normally finish my post around a day earlier and then have it scheduled to be posted on friday ... thank heavens for scheduled posts! :)

Happy Holidays to all!

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