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People these days are more concerned with how they spend their hard-earned money. That's why some rarely want to go on far vacations, or buy that expensive gadget, or even go gambling, like in one of those us online casino. I believe that there is nothing wrong with that, since you really need to "go with the times". Sure, some people can still afford to visit those online sites and bet money. Nothing wrong with that, too. In my opinion, anyway, since I think that everybody has the right to do what they want, as long as they are not hurting anyone. ;)
Or maybe I am just biased, since I myself am interested in playing online games. Though I tend to stay away from gambling sites since I just don't have the money to spare for such a hobby. I have a friend, though, who is so into playing in those online casinos that sometimes he even stays up late just so he can play! The good thing is that he knows when he needs to stop (that was the first thing that he told me I should do! lol). He said that you can easily lose money there, as well as gain them, in a jiffy. I believe him.

Don't you? ;P

*photo courtesy of hubby ... :)

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