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Have YOU been ON PAUSE?

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I have never liked tea as a young child. We were given tea if we were sick. Bad association, huh? Besides, the tea given to us were different from the tea that is available right now. The tea then were tasteless ... nope, not Lipton. The Lipton brand arrived a few years later. I just felt like I was slurping on hot water with black leaves! Being an obedient child, I always drank the whole cup. Couldn't say if it made me better or not, though. 😉

Now as an adult, I must say I enjoy drinking tea more than coffee or any other beverage. My current fave is Twinings (Green Tea and Cranberry). I have always liked green tea, but the addition of cranberry makes it so much more interesting! Plus the health benefits of both the green tea and cranberry are awesome, too.

Sipping tea whatever time of the day always makes me pause. And makes me feel good. 🍵

This is not a sponsored post; but I honestly wish it is sponsored! lol.

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