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Food Friday

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This week's Featured Food Friday player is ....

Mr. Nicholas, with his post "Quinoa Tabouli", on his site: Intelliblog

I bought a pack of red quinoa a couple of weeks back, but had no idea what to do with it! This recipe looks like something that I'd love to try! Click on the shot to check it out!
------------ oo000oo ------------

My post for this week: Pancit Bihon

I know, I didn't cook it. Our neighbor have nothing but praises for this eatery/restaurant, so we decided to buy one small bilao (originally a winnowing basket for removing rice chaff {source}) of pancit bihon earlier today. Their smallest bilao was actually good for 8-11 persons.

There was a line when we arrived, and we had to wait again after ordering (they cook your order only after payment). Waiting wasn't really that long (we waited for more or less around 10-15mins, depends largely on the number of people ahead of you), and their waiting area was air-conditioned and separate from the dining area.

I liked their pancit, even though I must admit it tasted a bit bland. I would love to add cilantro, or maybe some more veggies into the noodles; my youngest loved it (he ate more than a plateful, and he kept asking for more!).

Would we buy from them again? Oh yes. Definitely. :)

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5 shared thoughts:

Winnie at: Fri Mar 28, 03:53:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Great Tabouli salad. It's very popular salad here
This Pancit Bihon sounds like something I'd like :) I'm intrigued :)
Thanks for the party Maiylah and have a great weekend

Hazel at: Fri Mar 28, 09:42:00 PM GMT+8 said...

"Pakibalot" ahh.. how charming! I fancied bihon a few days back. Now the fancy is getting serious :) I'll probably get some this weekend. Their smallest bilao is good for that many huh... well, at least to me. I'm used to having a few people around. I would probably add more greens and meat in there if it were up to me. Glad to know you would buy from them again. That means the experience was okay? Have a great weekend Maiylah.

Intelliblog at: Sat Mar 29, 05:10:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Thanks for featuring my recipe, Maiylah, and for being a good host of this blog!

Sumee at: Thu Apr 03, 10:05:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Thanks for choosing my recipe to be featured Maiylah. Just liked your page on FB. WOuld love to have you over @SumeesCulinary FB page too.

maiylah at: Thu Apr 03, 11:48:00 PM GMT+8 said...

@Winnie: would love to try this salad! oh yes, you can make the pancit bihon vegetarian, too. hope you can try it sometime. :)

@Hazel: same here, I would love to add more greens and meat. i really liked the taste of their bihon, kasi tama lang. yup, it was a wonderful experience. at least now I know where to go when and if I get a bihon craving and cooking is not an option. :P enjoy your weekend, too!

@Nicholas: many thanks to you too, NIck!

@Sumee: am happy inlinkz chose your blog! i enjoy browsing through your recipes, and I love that they are mostly fast and easy! Thanks so much for liking my FB page! It has been some time since I updated it; no longer have that much time ever since my youngest started school.
Liked your FB page, too, and joined your GFC (google friend connect). :)
thank you!

thanks so much to everyone who played!
much much appreciated! <3
happy weekend!

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