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Christmas is definitely getting nearer and nearer. I like it because it means more family time as well as lots and lots of food! Of course, we must not also forget why we celebrate Christmas, right? We must give thanks for all the blessings we've received as well as try sharing what we have to those who need it most... :)

On a lighter note, have you been to the malls lately? We have (and honestly, I am getting a bit tired of it...sigh), and we braved going to the mall last weekend since our eldest son needed to get a Barong Tagalog for their Anklung performance. We accomplished the task hurriedly, but we just couldn't resist looking at some of the creative point of purchase displays around! I mean, talk about brightly splashed colors and innovative designs just so your attention will be caught! The Christmas decorations as well as the displays were eye-catching! That's a good sign, I guess. LOL

Where will we be going this weekend? Well, we were supposed to go to the province, but can't, since hubby needs to leave quite early (around 4am) and I don't feel like getting up at such an early we stay here at home! hehehe...

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