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Am not much of a car fan (though I do find them quite useful and convenient most of the time), but it is important to know the basics. Like changing the tires, or maybe get an idea what brake rotors are and how they function. I have never changed a tire, but have watched people change them countless of times. I must admit, I don't find it appealing, though. lol.

I guess it's because of the grease...when I was young we had this empty lot beside our house and that was where my father parked his three trucks. There used to be a garden there before, but when the trucks arrived...well, the garden had to go. For the life of me I never got interested in the trucks except when we were playing hide and seek. But we had one playmate who was so interested he used to tag along with the drivers and mechanics all day long! Last I heard was that he became a mechanical engineer...good for him! :)

Nothing really...just wanted to blab tonight. ;)

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