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Weekly Questions

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My 'compilation' of missed WQ ...

#19: What man jobs can you do?

I would like to say that i know how to chop wood, but i can't. hehehe. The division actually between what a man and woman can do is actually kind of vague, for me. That's because as a veterinary student, we (both girls and boys) were expected to learn how to rope and tie down a cattle, as well do some rectal palpations (yup, we really had to do that messy job; funny thing, i enjoyed it, lol). And of course, clean the corrals, too. Our teachers always used to tell us that the messy jobs are part of being a veterinarian.

I guess some would say that being a veterinarian is a man's job, right? ;P

#18: What were the worst or weird food (for you) that you have ever eaten? What were your reactions?

I guess when I was younger I considered eating snails really gross ... i associated them with the common garden snails (which, I think, can actually be eaten ...) we normally see in our garden. However, after we cooked them (kuhol) at home and I tasted one, I was surprised that it tasted pretty "nice" ... getting them out of their shell is kind of tiring, though. Or is there a trick to it? :)

#17: One day, a friend told me about her trip to a nearby province that is known for its culinary arts and expertise. She, together with her family visited a cousin who got married to a wife from that said province.
Filipinos are being known for their hospitality so we could just imagine how scrumptious the food served to them.
As this friend was well into her second serving of the very yummy and creamy lasagna, she happened to comment to her cousin’s wife (who cooked all their food) how the beef in the lasagna is so tender.
She got really surprised when her cousin’s wife replied that she did not use beef in the lasagna.

She used pig brains.

I would not say how my friend reacted so I am going to ask you this question:

If it were you in that situation, what would you do?

My mom used to cook pig brains omelette before (and surprisingly, we liked it; she had to stop because of the cholesterol, though), so I would just take her comment in stride ... besides, it is indeed creamier compared to beef. I don't think they'd be considered as one of the best acne treatments, though. silly idea. lol.

#16: What makes you cry?

Oh my ... i hate to admit it, but I am a cry baby, actually. Little things have the power to make me shed a tear (like a really generous gesture from anyone), or like when I'm reading a book. Or when i get frustrated ... i cry. I don't shed buckets of tears, though. Just a tear or two, and then i try to control the emotion. But there are just times that I can't help but bawl ... to my embarrassment! :(

2 shared thoughts:

Anonymous at: Sun Sep 28, 12:25:00 PM GMT+8 said...

You are a vet? Well, that is quite a surprise :D

Snails are one of my favorites foods and yes, we had pig brains then ala omelet.

I'm a cry baby too that's why I don't watch shows that are tearjerkers :)

Thanks for playing and answering the questions, Maiylah :)

Have a great week!

Anonymous at: Sun Sep 28, 03:05:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Onga sis, you are a vet pala! You compiled the WQs you've missed na lang. Ako 2 na na-miss ko hehe... Will post it later din.

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