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A former high school classmate, who tried working abroad after she graduated college, arrived home last year, and since then we have been keeping in touch, through the internet. She is in the province, while I am here in the city (trying desperately to keep house, lol). She is now on her second course in college (she loves going to school!), but she told me that she still dreams of getting a job abroad again.

Having no child, and her husband taking care of their family business, I think that her uncle (who's in London right now) would be able to help her. He is certainly more knowledgeable when it comes to finding jobs in London since he himself is currently working there. I know also that he mentioned once about London jobs which can be found on

For now, my friend is enjoying herself being a student again; though she is eagerly waiting when she graduates and then gets to have a job abroad again. I honestly hope that she will get her wish someday.

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