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Staying online for most of the day has made me realize that there are really numerous (as in LOTS!) of sites out there. Sometimes new ones come and get popular for some time, then another site comes along and manages to "bump" it off the line. There is really a whole new different world when it comes to the internet. There are good sites, and those which I personally consider as noxious sites.

Having fun while staying online can be different for each one of us. For example, an online friend loves to join sites where he can bet and win money. is one of the sites where he usually frequents, when he manages to stay online long enough. He says that at that site he can do some tennis, soccer, cricket, and even football betting. Well, they do have lots of choices, and I guess that's why the site is popular.

Think you're like my friend and you'd like to have some fun while staying online? Then check them out and see for yourself!
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