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Like you, I really love to travel (I am assuming that most, if not all, would love to travel when given the chance)! I can just imagine myself going on a safari ride, or just lazing around on a rattan-made chair somewhere in an exotic setting. Dreams, huh?! Traveling for me need not be somewhere really far away, as long as I have my family together on the trip. I think it would be a bit lonely traveling alone.

To do that, what I need would be a travel guide. Good thing there's this site,, where you look for the place where you want to go and see real people blogging about it! I think that's really a good idea, incorporating a traveling site together with a blogging community, so that potential clients can see what they can really expect on the trip that they plan on choosing. On the site you can compare hotel, flights, cars, and packages, too. So neat and easy to browse through!

The next time my family and I plan on going somewhere that requires a travel guide, you know where I'd first look:! :)

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