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Sick, Again

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Last weekend, when hubby arrived, our youngest got sick. The past few weeks I have been supplementing his food with camu-camu, acai, and spirulina. So far, his health is great compared last year (when he started kindergarten). He still gets the sniffles, but most of the time he gets over it. However, last weekend it started with him vomiting, then getting petecchial rashes on his face. Plus he had fever, too. We brought him to the hospital and found out that he had tonsillopharyngitis. Dengue was ruled out after a blood exam, so he was discharged and sent home with a prescription for antibiotics and an antipyretic. The rashes was because of his fever, we were told.

Sigh. I am hoping (and praying) that next school year wouldn't be as bad. His current school is air-conditioned (whole building) and I can just imagine the thingies floating all around whenever someone gets the sniffles! Ugh. But am being pessimistic here. lol. It's just that I hope their air conditioners are being regularly cleaned and they also let the air inside every corner of the building every once in a while.

Oh well. Next year they will move to another building (this time, only the classrooms are air-conditioned, thank heavens); or he may move to another school all-together. Let's just wait and see. :)

He's responding well to the antibiotics, though am still on the alert. Mom, huh?! :P

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